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Big Conversations with Haley Hoffman Smith

Author: Haley Hoffman Smith

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If you’re ready to step into the BIGGER version of yourself and your destiny, then you’ve found the right podcast, because we’re about to have some BIG conversations about just that.

Hosted by entrepreneur, author, manifestation coach and Forbes most influential speaker Haley Hoffman Smith, the Big Conversations Podcast helps people of all ages and backgrounds amp up their motivation, manifesting abilities, and subconscious breakthroughs. With content aimed at obliterating limitations, connecting with the Universe, and sparking profound inner contemplation, each episode will help you level UP into the biggest version of you and your life - right to your pipe dreams.
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Join me for a convo on how I am currently redefining faith. Apply to Dreamaway:
"I'm Not There Yet!!"

"I'm Not There Yet!!"


We've all been there. Or maybe we're ALWAYS in this state...that one of complete discontent because WE AREN'T "THERE" yet. We aren't where we want to be.  This episode is a pep talk to bring you back to center and help you deepen into the NOW. Because maybe it's truly all happening in the perfect way, RIGHT ON TIME.
This episode is a semi part 2 on the DETACHMENT / REDUCING IMPORTANCE episode from a coupel weeks ago... in the theme of Reality Transurfing and all the juicy tidbits I'm learning from the book, let's talk about how to manifest your BIGGEST goals and dreams using the principles of detachment! These concepts have helped me so, so, SO much so I can't wait for you to hear them as well.  Dreamaway Doors are now OPEN, and the July theme is on exactly this! All sessions are recorded and available as replays in the Dreamaway membership vault. Apply now:
I've been LOVING ChatGPT, especially with its new voice feature! In this ep., I share the ways I've been using ChatGPT to get some profound spiritual insights, including for dream interpretation, the symbolism of signs and physical symptoms, and interpreting tarot spreads. Can't wait to hear what you think of this with your own playtime + DM me and let me know if you have your own favorite hacks! @haleyhoffmansmith on IG  Join the Dreamaway Membership, doors open again on the 1st! Apply here:
I've been reading the book REALITY TRANSURFING and absolutely loving it. One of the core tenets of the book is the concept of reducing the importance of what you want - in other words, DETACHING. THIS is actually the key secret to calling in your manifestation at rapid speed. I get into why that is in this episode. Apply to Dreamaway, as this is our July tapping theme --
How would it feel to just...procrastinate nothing? To do it ALL? To follow the urge? How would that change your life? Here's a pep talk for ya. There are some AMAZING mini tapping videos to help to kick that icky, resistance, swampy feeling that often keeps us procrastinating in the Dreamaway Membership. Apply now:
It's Uplevel Summer baby, and let's talk about how we can RAPIDLY timeline shift. In this episode, we'll be talking through ways to change up the energy in your life and feel undeniably that you've shifted to a whole new timeline.    Dreamaway Membership doors are CURRENTLY OPEN, and June's theme is releasing the unconscious attachment to the current level so we can uplevel easily & naturally.
When the motivation JUST isn't there anymore...and the goals feel more intellectual ("I know I want that because I've always thought I wanted that") than instinctual...let's subconscious breakthrough it.  JOIN THE DREAMAWAY COMMUNITY 🌙 to connect with other spiritual dreamers and access a MASSIVE vault of manifestation and EFT tapping programming! DOORS OPEN THE 1ST-7TH of every month!  Dreamaway is a membership and community where miracles, manifestations and continuous upleveling are the norm. In Dreamaway, you'll deepen into your subconscious mind, understand the patterns that have kept you stuck, and rewire through highly accessible and fun EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) sessions. You’ll experience real, immediate internal breakthroughs and, as a result, undeniable shifts in your external reality (keep reading to see member testimonials to get excited). 
Let's talk about the energetics of going after our big, big dreams. And, the most important part: the JOURNEY. We must allow ourselves to have fun as we get there...or what the heck is the point?! I decided after recording this episode to host a 1 hour bonus tapping session in the Dreamaway Community in the next few weeks. Be the first to join when doors open again on the first of the month:
Let's talk about PEOPLE PLEASING! How do we know we're doing? What is it, REALLY? And how can we start to set boundaries? We get into all of it in this episode. There are many root causes of people pleasing that we'll be identifying and releasing via EFT Tapping in the next round of Slingshot Sessions: Deeper Peace Era - we have an upcoming session called PEOPLE PLEASING: FEAR OF BEING DISLIKED!    Get tickets here by 3.25 -
In this episode, I share a very magical story that has unfolded over the past several months of my life in relation to my big dreams. This one is REALLY chilling and has super re-affirmed my faith in the Universe, and how divinely supported we are when we want something big for our life - especially when facing setbacks / not feeling sure how to bring it to fruition. I hope it brings you faith too!  JOIN THE DREAMAWAY MEMBERSHIP 🌙 to connect with other spiritual dreamers and access a MASSIVE vault of manifestation and EFT tapping programming! 
Welcome to our first episode of GROUP big conversations! In this episode, hear some magical voice messaged stories of times this community has received CRAZY signs from the Universe. This covers requested signs, the Universe making a next step very clear, incredible stories of abundance, and more! This is the faith boost you need!  Thank you to those who contributed your beautiful stories, listed in order of how the stories are played in this episode:  Dema @demarayemusic Kali Francois @MissFrancois2u Neha Oberoi Disha B Aanchal @aanchalxchadda Kyriaki (who also suggested the title 'BIG COLLABORATIONS' for this type of episode!) Kyla Tritz Manasvi Sarah Wardlaw @sarahhwardlaw Natalie Lakshta @lakshtasoni_ Megan @mscarlett01 Savanna @savssoul Beate Kuhn @richandchill Alyssa Xouris @lyssx_888 Elisabeth Jackie @soulfull.of.sunshine Diandra Rollan @diandra.rollan from Toronto, Canada Lydia Schneider   TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE NEXT COLLABORATIVE PODCAST EPISODE, “Signs from the Other Side,” click here: and submit by March 15th, 2024!F
Let's dive deep! In this episode, I pose the best questions you can ask yourself to achieve a major subconscious breakthrough. If something feels BLOCKED in your goals/life, and you don't feel like you're progressing as much as you'd like, these questions will help you deepen into your understanding of yourself. Spend some time today journaling on these questions to enhance clarity in your beautiful life! Self-partnership is KEY! 
In this juicy episode, we discuss the most common patterns in romantic relationships and how to bring awareness around them and rewire them. This is rooted in the concept of ATTACHMENT STYLES, which is the February 2024 theme in the Dreamaway membership (see events below). This episode will help you start to unpack the root causes of your main relationship patterns and learn how to rewire and heal them so you can experience more improved patterns - and a whole lot more peace and joy. Also, learn more about how your brain has conceptualized relationships and why the pattern occurs in the first place. Doors to the Dreamaway membership open the 1-7 of every month.  JOIN THE DREAMAWAY COMMUNITY 🌙 to connect with other spiritual dreamers and access a MASSIVE vault of manifestation and EFT tapping programming!    February events: 90 MINUTE WORKSHOP: Healing Attachment Styles (Anxious/Avoidant) | Saturday, February 24th, 1-2:30pm ET In this transformational 90 minute tapping workshop, we’ll be identifying and clearing the root case of any anxious or avoidant tendencies in relationships. Usually, these tendencies stem from early childhood experiences with our parents/caregivers that influence how we show up to relationships. Anxious attachment is classified by frequently feeling ‘needy,’ anxious in a partner’s absence, and needing extensive affirmation, validation, and reassurance of the relationship. Avoidant attachment is the opposite; a strong need for space, independence, and fear of intimacy marks an avoidant. Usually, the two attract each other, and we all tend to have aspects of both in different scenarios. We will be healing core memories in this powerful workshop to return to a space of more stability and security.    MONEY DATE: Healing Attachment Styles in Money | Monday, February 19th 11:00-12pm ET Just like we have attachment styles in relationships, we have them in MONEY, too! Anxious attachment with money can result in feelings of excessive worrying about money (even when all is well), continuous chasing of money, and feeling deeply insecure with money matters. Avoidant attachment with money may result in keeping money matters at an arm’s length out of fear of deepening intimacy with our financial situations, budgets, or money management. In this money date, we’ll be clearing these tendencies to return to a space of stability and peace financially. The goal is ALWAYS security and peace!    VISUALIZATION: Inner Child Security | Monday, February 26th at 7:00-7:30pm ET Because attachment styles are usually derived from early life experiences, it’s important to befriend our inner child and give them security as we heal! In this warm and healing visualization, you’ll be guided to be there for your inner child, which will create powerful transformation. 
The Uplevel Threshold

The Uplevel Threshold


We all want the uplevel. But there's a threshold we inevitably cross to get there - one that creates some resistance, fear, and setbacks. Luckily, there are ways we can move through this threshold with ease. This episode unpacks ALL of that.  Join us for the LIVE REPLAY of Dreamaway Camp II: Crossing the Threshold over February 9-11th! If you can't make the live replay, purchasing gives you full access to all four sessions to do at ANY time. Lifetime access. $111 off sale through 1/31 only. Join the Dreamaway Membership:
Everything comes from our IDENTITY. But what does that really mean? And how can an identity shift change everything? Let me help you re-center your perspective and motivation back onto the most important identity you'll ever embody: who you really, truly are at the core. In this episode, we talk about how to start to shift your identity this year to be in full alignment with your biggest dreams, core values, and greatest passions - even in small ways.  JOIN THE DREAMAWAY COMMUNITY 🌙 to connect with other spiritual dreamers and access a MASSIVE vault of manifestation and EFT tapping programming! DOORS OPEN THE 1ST-7TH of every month! 
HAPPY NEW YEAR! In this episode, we'll be discussing the epic quote, "old keys won't open new doors" - with a consideration for how we can install NEW KEYS to open NEW DOORS. I take this from a neuroscience standpoint of how we can regulate our nervous systems, build out new neural pathways, integrate new habits in order to really step into a NEW state of being and invite in a lot of NEW as a result!  JOIN THE DREAMAWAY COMMUNITY 🌙 to connect with other spiritual dreamers and access a MASSIVE vault of manifestation and EFT tapping programming! DOORS OPEN THE 1ST-7TH of every month! 
23 Things I Learned in 2023

23 Things I Learned in 2023


WOW. What a year. In this podcast episode (probs my longest solo episode EVER!), I share 23 things I learned this year - and let me just tell ya, it was A YEAR (as I say, a DOOZY of a year)! This one is chocked full of stories, realizations, spiritual principles, hard-learned lessons, fresh perspectives, and a lot of healing. I can't wait to share this one with you.  Happy New Year! THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE.  And, stream my new song The Snow, now out everywhere!
If you struggle with your perception of REST, let me offer a few new ways to look at it - because truly, rest is one of the most productive things you can do. The more you use this as a superpower, the more you'll see and experience more ease and buoyancy in all you do. 
So excited to share this BIG conversation with one of my best friends, V. Honestly, this began as a podcast episode about vision boarding, which completely switched gears and became about how V met her soulmate/fiancee, Raj. If you're manifesting The One, you NEED to hear this podcast episode.  Follow V @victoria.wellness
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Excited to dive into these big conversations with you! Sounds like just what I need to amplify my motivation and manifesting skills. Looking forward to tuning in.

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I needed to hear this! Thanks Haley, I’m happy for you ❤️

May 8th
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I needed this. ❤️❤️❤️thanks Haley

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