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Big Conversations with Haley Hoffman Smith

Author: Haley Hoffman Smith

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If you’re ready to step into the BIGGER version of yourself and your destiny, then you’ve found the right podcast, because we’re about to have some BIG conversations about just that.

Hosted by entrepreneur, author, and Forbes most influential speaker Haley Hoffman Smith, the Big Conversations Podcast helps people of all ages and backgrounds amp up their motivation, business acumen, and inner work. With content aimed at obliterating limitations, providing a roadmap for various ventures, and sparking profound contemplation, each episode will help you level UP into the biggest version of you and your life.
44 Episodes
I am so honored to have Morgan Harper Nichols @morganharpernichols on this show with me, which centers around a quote of hers' that helped me immensely during a very uncertain time in my life:  “You are allowed to show up fully in this life even before you know what tomorrow looks like.” We discuss: -self-doubt and overcoming it -the creative process and developing confidence in creativity -how we've been doing 'deep work' during this unexpected year   Follow Morgan on YouTube:
At our core, we all want to be seen and appreciated. But over the years, we may have developed a FEAR of being seen. The internet and haters/trolls have made it harder than ever for us to show our authentic selves, and putting out content or sharing our lives also opens us up to judgment from those from our pasts or in our lives currently. I talk about all of that at length in this episode, with some considerations that can bring you into newfound bravery.  I recommend EFT to help you with the core fear like always. My EFT practitioner is Tiffany Jeffers:
Meet Bo Ahaneku: one of my dear friends, and the lead singer of a band called Mr. Atomic. In this episode, we have an honest discussion about what it's like to pursue your passion, and to balance your passion as a side hustle alongside a different career. This is for anyone hoping to GO AFTER THEIR passions, but without quitting their jobs or devoting their life to it. Music in this episode is by Mr. Atomic, Bo's band! Find them on Spotify and iTunes. Follow Mr. Atomic on IG at @mratomicmusic
One of the most frequent questions I'm asked if how I've found such dear soul sisters / best friends. The conversation on friendships is such an important one, because our friendships determine so much about our mindset, energy, disposition, and more. This big, important conversation covers that in depth, with advice on how to find your people, how to disseminate which friendships to prioritize, a rumination on how our friendships reflect how we feel about ourselves, and what you should no longer tolerate in your friendships.
When you're launching a product, program, or service, landing on a price can be intimidating -- especially if you have your eye on a HIGH TICKET number. In this episode, I sit down with high ticket empress Tara Mullarkey to talk through the ways in which feelings of worth are so intertwined with pricing. We also talk about money mindset and wealth consciousness. POWERFUL!  Connect with Tara at
Can you communicate with the universe at any time? In my experience...yes! This episode covers how to ask for signs, epic stories that prove that the universe is always listening, and offers direction on how you can strengthen your connection to all that is. (Psst... you already are connected! All you have to do is start the conversation!) Join my November Big Dreams Loading Manifestation Mastermind at Follow on IG & TikTok: @haleyhoffmansmith
13 time Emmy-winning news journalist Linda Hurtado joins me for  to talk about a very important theme: fear. Hurtado started out her career in TV journalism by accepting a job with a $13,000 salary - and that's just the beginning of the number of scary things she's done in pursuit of her dreams (listen for a cool story about her decision to fly in a thunderbird despite her fear of flying!). We have an honest conversation about why fear is so important, which will motivate you to do more of what gives you 'thrills and chills' - after all, that's what life is about! 
"I shudder to think of all the opportunities we missed out on in our lives because we didn't follow up." To go out there? To follow up? To ASK...? This solo episode is all about how to use BOLDNESS to go audaciously after what you want and to do the scary things... of course, we. break it down step by step, but if you've been feeling nervous or afraid in your life or your career, this episode will be the jolt you need!  Follow me on IG & TikTok at @haleyhoffmansmith.
Meet Tiffany Jeffers - my EFT practitioner! I continuously credit Emotional Freedom Technique with changing my life and being THE best way to release limiting beliefs. In this episode, Tiffany fills us in on what EFT is, how it works, neuroplasticity, building new neural pathways in the brain, and some client success stories -- including mine!  Learn more about Tiffany at For free tapping resources, I recommend The Tapping Solution or Brad Yates YouTube videos! 
In one of my all-time favorite episodes, I'm joined by Teddy Longordo to talk about best practices for tapping into the magical forces of the universe! We talk about the importance of shadow work and understanding our subconscious, "goosebump joy" to bridge the left and right brain hemispheres, the mystique of our spiritually-influenced lives, and manifesting, manifesting, manifesting! Connect with Teddy on Instagram at @witchtastica    
In the first episode of Season 2: Big IMPORTANT Conversations, I get vulnerable about a time in my life last year that I felt totally & completely stuck. We explore the reasons WHY we feel stuck, how 'stuck' is just an illusion, why bravery exists in these droughts, and of course - how to move through it and into action!   
This one is interesting - and worth a consideration! In each of our lives, we go through redundant patterns or cycles. How to break free? First, we have to recognize them! I'm joined by my friend Immy Tariq to talk about patterns in health, money, friends, motivation, and more. These patterns comprise your LIFE, so they're certainly worth a look!   
It doesn't matter how 'spiritual' or 'evolved' we are... we all sometimes struggle with believing that everything will work out for our highest good. Especially right now, it can be easy to feel discouraged by the world's stagnant and sad energy, and to feel down on our luck. And yet, now is an incredible time to tap into faith. I hope this episode will help you feel a bit better! I cover: Considerations that will help you remember that you're constantly guided Proverbs and quotes that help me personally Real stories of rock bottom becoming better-than-your-wildest-dreams An exercise to help you feel more rooted in faith Listen with a warm latte and a journal. 
Chat with me and Audrey Peters about all-things confidence. Audrey is the TikTok creator behind the “Let’s Do It” series, and shares all about her own journey with confidence to embrace herself fully & entirely. We get real, we get vulnerable, we get FUNNY, and we get tactical. If you’ve struggled with what others think and stepping into your full confident power, this episode is for you. Connect with Audrey at @theaudreypeters on TikTok & IG.
In the final ep. of Season 1, we break down how to start your own podcast! Learn how to come up with a podcast topic, make your podcast artwork, record an intro jingle, brainstorm content, and market your episodes, ft. conversations around consistency, your value, and building an audience. Recommended podcast platform: Libsyn Recording software: Audacity + Blue Yeti microphone
In this fiery episode, I'm joined by speaking coach, speaker, and (accidental) TV show host Jam Gamble. We discuss: Jam's journey to becoming a speaker and how she accidentally got her own TV show How to stop eating humble pie How to 'step into character' (and what that means) How to 'shift characters', depending on your audience  Owning your voice to #SlayTheMic Connect with Jam on socials at @iamjamgamble  
Michael Jamin has 25+ years of sitcom screenwriting experience, with credits that span from shows like Beavis and Butthead to Rules of Engagement. In this episode, we talk about breaking into Hollywood, how Michael became a screenwriter, pushing past writer's block, and what it really means to commit to your craft. Whether you're an aspiring screenwriter or just a creative dream chaser, you'll love this episode!  Plus, he gives listeners three modules of his new screenwriting course for free. Visit
This episode unpacks every step I took behind self-publishing TWO books, including a critical assessment of why self-publishing is so worth it. I also share five tips on how to market your book on your own! You don't need a major publishing house to make your book dreams come true. Let me prove it to you!
Daria Tsvenger joins me to discuss the neuroscience behind manifestation and the four steps to manifesting the life of your dreams. Daria is a Forbes-featured mindset expert and founder of a self-discovery program “The Dream Sprint”. Her work has helped 1000+ people tap into the power of the brain to gain clarity and turn their dreams into reality. She shares her own story and how she learned her power, as well as tactical strategies you can begin to implement! -What the brain looks like when we’re under stress (and how it factors into our manifestations) -How to determine which fears are running the show and limiting your manifesting power -How the brain can be blind to opportunities (and how to change that) -A surprising way that we make peace with our fear  
Many of us dream of landing traditional book deals with large advances and a prestigious publisher. But, the process to get there can seem nebulous. In this episode, Neil Gordon comes on to share all his knowledge and advice on just that. Neil works with executives, influencers, and thought leaders to help them get six-figure book advances, and be seen on shows like Ellen and Dr. Oz - plus double their speaking fees. Prior to becoming a communications expert, Neil worked on the editorial staff of Penguin Random House where he worked with New York Times bestselling authors.
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