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Be part of a new story that came out of the 6 Story Challenge (1/5/22): The Midnight Ship. Send comments to Plus a new brainstorm based on the zany word game of Exquisite Corpse. Push your creative writing skills to the limit! Listen, join in and be inspired! 
Okay, this episode is going to be a bit different... A non-stop brainstorming session using 6 Exquisite Corpse results!  If you've sent words to, perhaps they are about to become part of a new story idea. Why not join in, and pause the show as you try to come up with story ideas of your own? Difficult, challenging, zany and sometimes hilarious... brace yourself for a 6-story challenge!
Another insightful and unexpected discussion about inspiration, followed by a ZANY round or two of Exquisite Corpse.  This time, part 1 is all about how to vary the tension in your creative writing, drawing on some unusual tips and principles... drawn from the world of acting. Part 2 is as bizarre as ever: Anna Tizard brainstorms story ideas mixing up YOUR words and phrases.  Tune in, be inspired - and laugh your head off! And don't forget to keep those words coming in. The Socks of Destiny need you at:!
Are you interested in the psychology of creative writing and the enigma of inspiration? Would you like to hear some unique writing prompts that can really enrich your storytelling? Try this week’s episode of Brainstoryum: Writing Around the Secret.  Stick around for the game of Exquisite Corpse at the end – this is story brainstorming in its rawest and purest form! As ever, this is profound, deep-thinking content, with a solid helping of humour too! Don't forget to subscribe my Deeply Weird newsletter and send words and phrases for inclusion in the Exquisite Corpse game at
Last week's show was all about finding your unique creative purpose. But did the original Surrealists have a creative purpose, and what can that tell us about inspiration and creativity? Another deeply weird and philosophical exploration, followed by 3 rounds of Exquisite Corpse. Keep those words coming! - Please submit words at You never know when they'll crop up in a Brainstoryum, to inspire a new story idea.
Have you ever considered why you write or create? Is there a deeper reason? Just thinking about this topic can inspire you and enrich your writer’s journey.  Then, of course, it’s time for another brainstorm using Exquisite Corpse! Seriousness and silliness never held hands quite so tightly as they will today… Don't forget to send me some words and phrases at - you may inspire the next Brainstoryum!
Introduction to the game of Exquisite Corpse. This first ever episode of Brainstoryum begins with a bit of background about Surrealism and its origins - and what the Surrealists can tell us about inspiration.  Then: time to play Exquisite Corpse! Brainstorming story ideas doesn't get more wacky, or creative, than this. A note for writers: If you'd like to use the game section for your own writing prompt/ creative brainstorming exercise, just pause the podcast after the words are selected and see if you can come up with any story ideas. Or - just listen and enjoy! After the show, please feel free to submit words and phrases at You never know, it might be your words that turn up in the next episode's game of Exquisite Corpse!
Welcome to Anna Tizard’s Brainstoryum! Awaken your inspiration with a little help from the Surrealists... and play the word game of Exquisite Corpse to brainstorm new story ideas. Great for creative writers, odd bods and thinkers everywhere.
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