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The #1 global fintech radio show and podcast. Every week we explore the personalities, startups, innovators, and industry players driving disruption in financial services; from Incumbents to unicorns, and from the latest cutting edge technology to the people who are using it to help to create a more innovative, inclusive and healthy financial future.
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If you have any U.S. currency in your wallet right now, there’s a good chance that you have the signature of today’s guest in the lower left corner of the bills. In the first segment, JP hosts Rosie Rios who was the 43rd Treasurer of the United States, serving during the darkest days of the financial crisis. They talk about “Unicorn Hunters”, her business reality show that is on a mission to democratize access to wealth and why visibility and value are the keys to making this happen. After the break, Jason Mikula joins me from his fintech perch in Amsterdam to talk about fees, the future of fintech business models and my dim future in rapping.This episode is also brought to you by FintechDevcon. In the fintech world, developers often feel overlooked. With hundreds of conferences in the fintech space, there's never been a place dedicated to the brilliant minds building fintech. That is, until now, Fintech Devcon, the first-ever fintech conference for developers, by developers. Join renowned developers from companies like CashApp, Plaid, VISA, Dwolla, Chime, and more in Denver, Colorado, September 8th & 9th. Attendees will experience hands-on workshops, hear technical talks, and actually get to rub elbows with the best and brightest fintech developers. That's Fintech Devcon. Tickets go on sale June 30th. Discounts available for students and pre-series A startups. Visit for more information.
What's more interesting than Blazing Saddles? Open Finance. Plaid is Blazing new trails on the the path to open finance. In this episode, Brett and I talk with Plaid, the market leader in freeing data from their silos, and US Bank about their partnership to make open finance a reality.
In this special episode of Breaking Banks, Jason Henrichs was joined by Dino Lewkowicz Director at 4ARTechnologies AG to break down the NFT ecosystem and discuss the impact that NFTs have had on the art world.
Join us for this legendary episode of Breaking Banks! Jason Henrichs hosts two of the biggest names in the industry Angela Strange, general partner at Andreessen Horowitz and Wade Arnold, founder and CEO of Moov, to discuss everything from development to embedded finance. Then stay tuned as Jason is joined by Cokie Hasiotis, Founder & CEO of Lasagna Consulting, and Matthew Harris, venture capitalist with Bain Capital Ventures.  The group explores the origin story of BaaS.
Welcome to Breaking Banks; this week, we have a hot topic that we will be discussing with leaders in the financial services industry. Recently, California regulators said Chime and other neobanks have to stop using the term ‘bank’ in all advertisements. But if these neobanks aren’t indeed ‘banks,’ what are they? Tune in as Jason Henrichs and Brett King  are joined by friend, regular contributor, and host of Tech on Reg, Dara Tarkowski. Also joining the show is true pioneer Shamir Karkal, co-founder of  Simple before its acquisition by BBVA. He is now CEO-CoFounder of Sila; Sila offers ACH, KYC and digital wallet APIs.
Welcome to this very special anniversary episode of Breaking Banks. Don’t miss our 8th anniversary extravaganza to hear friends of the show discuss the greatest moments in Breaking Banks history. A few of the most incredible minds in the industry like Richard Turrin, Jo Ann Barefoot, David Birch, Ron Shevlin, Chloe James, Paul Ark and Jim Marous explore the past, the present and the future of banking and fintech.
Tune in as Brett King hosts Scott Sanborn, CEO of LendingClub, the only full-spectrum fintech marketplace bank at scale, to discuss LendingClub’s decision to buy Radius Bank earlier this year – why it's transformative and how it changes the company. Plus learn why LendingClub went the acquisition route and more.Stay tuned, as JP Nicols hosts Beth Bafford, Vice President of Syndications and Strategy at Calvert Impact Capital and an architect of the new SOAR Fund. That’s S-O-A-R for Southern Opportunity and Resilience, to discuss the fund and learn why a group of nonprofit community lenders in the South have teamed up with national philanthropists, corporations, investors and others to launch a multi-million dollar fund aimed at helping small businesses and nonprofits across the South.
Join us for this epic episode of Breaking Banks! Brett King is joined by Andrea Jung, President and CEO, Grameen Grameen America, the fastest-growing microfinance organization in the United States and Eugene Danilkis, Co-Founder and CEO, Mambu, the core engine powering digital first banking and lending. We are discussing how their partnership has powered each other’s growth and improved the lives of underserved/underbanked customers. Plus stay tuned for the next segment featuring the honorable Lord Mayor of London, William Russell, exploring the latest in fintech and highlighting the Kalifa report.
Join us for this next-level episode of Breaking Banks, where Jason Henrichs and Brett King host Anil Aggarwal Founder and CEO of Fintech Meetup. What does the collaboration element of the future of events look like? We explore Anil’s latest event and the role it'll play in catalyzing the modernization of payments and banking.
In this episode of Breaking Banks, Brett King hosts Matt Dooley and Benjamin Quinlan. Explore the intersection of comedy and banking as Brett speaks to Ben about his life as a stand-up comedian and a financial services consultant. Stay tuned as they discuss how Hong Kong’s appetite for innovation in fintech has evolved and hear about the report from Quinlan and Associates titled Branching Off: The Outlook for Hong Kong’s Virtual Banks, exploring in detail the outlook for the Hong Kong virtual bank ecosystem in coming years.
In this episode of Breaking Banks, Brett King is joined by Dr. Leda Glyptis, Chief Client Officer for 10x Future Technologies in the co-host chair and special guests Ryan Halstead, Vice President Sales North America for Jumio and Vincent Bezemer, Head of Strategy North American with Backbase. In the first half of the show, we explore the shift in consumer digital banking expectations and highlight why challengers are able to scale more quickly than traditional financial institutions. Then, tune in for the second half to learn about the rise of the buy now / pay later economy and frictionless credit.
Join us for this next-level episode of Breaking Banks, Brett King and Ajit Tripathi are joined by Do Kwon co-founder & CEO of Terra, a price-stable cryptocurrency powering the next-generation payment network and growing the real GDP of the blockchain economy. We discuss why mass adoption of blockchain technology has been a challenge for years, and explore how Terra has achieved user growth in Korea and the rest of Asia.
This week JP Nicols and Brett King were joined by friends of the show Theodora Lau and Bradley Leimer, founders of Unconventional Ventures and authors of Beyond Good: How Technology is Leading a Purpose-Driven Business Revolution. Our guests share advice and inspiration on how to change the power dynamic at a company level, a market level and a world level. Then stay tuned as Jason Henrichs hosts Aaron McCreary, Climate Fintech Lead with New Energy Nexus. Jason and Aaron discuss the meaning of climate fintech and highlight fintech and decarbonization.
In This Episode In this AI episode of Breaking Banks, JP Nicols hosts Alfred Cowger author of The Threats of Algorithms and A.I. to Civil Rights, Legal Remedies, and American Jurisprudence: One Nation Under Algorithms. JP and Al explore AI and algorithmic models and the intense policy debates surrounding the legality of, and liability for, these advanced machine learning applications. Then enjoy a special compilation of the best AI moments in Breaking Banks history. We begin with AI and Robots- Brett King hosts Ben Goertzel to learn about Sophia the social humanoid robot. We hear from Greg Cross of Soulmachines to learn how AI can be used for good and are digital humans the answer? To close, we discuss fintech and the Forth age with author Byron Reese to explore smart robots and conscious computers.  Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Spotify | Blubrry | RSS
In this episode of Breaking Banks, Brett King hosts Head of Product, Financial Access at Plaid Niko Karvounis, Jess Romano Plaid Exchange Lead, VP of Digital Innovation and Strategy Ben Maxim MSFCU. The group discusses how the newly launched Plaid Exchange enables small-mid and regional banks to meet customers where they are while ensuring connectivity is part of their digital strategy.  Take MSFCU, for example, in an era where an increasing number of bank and credit union customers are digital natives, MSFCU recognized they needed to meet their customer expectations by enabling secure and reliable connectivity to digital tools and services like Venmo, Robinhood, and Betterment.
Our guests today are trailblazing a path forward towards a more financially inclusive and healthy society. Our first segment features the founders of Junior Wallstreeters Kevon Chisolm and 13-year-old Kamari Chisolm. Kevon and Kamari join Jason Henrichs to discuss Junior Wallstreeter’s mission of empowering youth with financial awareness and explore why it’s vital to create a safe and affordable space to learn finances for underserved youth.  Then stay tuned as Jason Henrichs hosts Melissa Gopnik SVP at Commonwealth, a national nonprofit building financial security and opportunity for financially vulnerable people through innovation and partnerships to change systems. Jason and Melissa deep dive into A New Framework for Positive Financial Futures: Money, Mindsets & Social Networks. You can learn more about our guests here:
In this episode of Breaking Banks, we are going global! Tune in to hear Brett King host Alastair Lukies CEO of Pollinate Networks and Chairman of Fintech-Alliance, as well as Matt Dooley, changemaker and fintech influencer. Our guests discuss the origin story of fintech in Hong Kong and the UK and tell stories of the journey through regulation challenges and fusing the old with the new.
In this week’s Breaking Banks episode, Brett King is joined by Howard Boville, Head of IBM Hybrid Cloud Platform, and  Judith Pinto, Managing Director Promontory. Brett, Howard, and Judith discuss how banks can unlock the promise of public cloud and accelerate the pace of innovation, Then stay tuned as JP Nicols sits down with Judy Samuelson. Judy is the founder and executive director of the Aspen Institute Business and Society Program. JP talks with Judy about Judy’s recently published book, THE SIX NEW RULES OF BUSINESS: Creating Real Value in a Changing World. Hear Judy’s advice to executive leadership on how to pivot during tough times and more. IBM Cloud for Financial Services™ is uniquely designed to help financial institutions and their ecosystem partners unlock the promise of public cloud and accelerate the pace of innovation, without compromising security and regulatory compliance. It has been designed with the demands of the world’s largest and most complex organizations in mind. It uses the same cryptographic technology that financial institutions rely on. Data that a client stores on IBM Cloud belongs to that client and can only be accessed by them. Clients can bring their own key that no one else can see—not even IBM—and can build and run core business applications and workloads with single-dashboard visibility and multiplatform portability, and provides: End-to-end data encryption with extensive controlWorkload-centric security by defaultIBM Cloud Security and Compliance Center
In this thought-provoking episode of Breaking Banks, JP Nicols hosts Amber Buker, Director of Insights for the Alloy Labs Alliance, Casey Christopher, Chief Empowerment Officer at Quontic Bank, and Mary Ann Sculley, CEO of Howard Bank. Join us as we delve into Amber’s recently published research report titled Why Women Innovate: 3 Common Experiences That Create Remarkable Leaders, which explores the correlation between the experiences of women leaders and innovation. You don’t want to miss this episode!
In this new episode of Breaking Banks, JP Nicols is joined by friend and regular contributor Jo Ann Barefoot, Chair of the Alliance for Innovative Regulation, CEO of Barefoot Innovation Group, host of the Barefoot Innovation podcast, and former Deputy Comptroller of the Currency to discuss a new era ushering in Joe Biden’s White House. What does this mean for fintech and banking?  Then stay tuned as Jason Henrichs hosts Jacob Haar, managing partner of Community Investment Management, an impact investment firm that provides debt capital to fintech companies to support underserved small businesses. Jason and Jacob explore the role of impact investors, responsible fintech, and public policy in financial inclusion during the time of COVID-19.
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