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Author: Dave Asprey

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Bulletproof Executive Radio was born out of a fifteen-year single-minded crusade to upgrade the human being using every available technology. It distills the knowledge of world-class MDs, biochemists, Olympic nutritionists, meditation experts, and more than $1M spent on personal self-experiments. From private brain EEG facilities hidden in a Canadian forest to remote monasteries in Tibet, from Silicon Valley to the Andes, high tech entrepreneur Dave Asprey used hacking techniques and tried everything himself, obsessively focused on discovering: What are the simplest things you can do to be better at everything? Welcome to being Bulletproof, the State of High Performance where you take control and improve your biochemistry, your body, and your mind so they work in unison, helping you execute at levels far beyond what you’d expect, without burning out, getting sick, or just acting like a stressed-out a-hole. It used to take a lifetime to radically rewire the human body and mind this way. Technology has changed the rules. Follow along as Dave Asprey and guests provide you with everything you need to upgrade your mind, body, and life.

582 Episodes
LipoFullerenes for the Longevity Win – Ian Mitchell : 586
In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, you’ll learn about cellular enhancements that regulate mitochondria, stop inflammation and inhibit metastasis. We’re welcoming Ian Mitchell back to the show to talk about his exciting new patent that could have important implications for human cancer treatments.Who knew that reconfiguration of the carbon atom or molecule could have such profound effects on cellular activity? Ian did. As the vice president of Research at C360 Health, his focus is on using natural products to impact a wide range of health issues and on innovative health supplementation through the use of LipoFullerenes™.He and his team have been researching and developing supplements and therapeutics using Carbon nanoparticulate as a backbone for complexed molecules and solutions—things ranging from joint renewal, to hair regrowth to anti-metastatic therapies for cancer. A fullerene is a molecule of carbon in the form of a hollow sphere, ellipsoid, tube, and many other shapes. A fullerene dissolved in olive oil has anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, anti-pollution, skin brightening/lightening, hair growth-stimulation, anti-inflammatory, pore-tightening efficacy. It also helps with the improvement of the skin barrier and acne. Dissolved in coconut oil, it is beneficial for your eyes.Ian’s team discovered that LipoFullerenes™ up-regulate mitochondrial function at the same time they decrease inflammation. Specifically, cellular enhancements in biological systems through the use of LipoFullerenes™ and peptide group combinations. And their newest research is even more profound: “We've developed something that does, in fact, entirely inhibit metastatic behavior of cancer,” Ian says. “That's pretty cool.”LipoFullerenes™ used on a daily basis play a big part in cellular health, as well as a ketogenic diet. “That's the apex of the whole thing,” he says. “Get on a keto diet. Just stop feeding the problem.”So if you want to learn how to enhance your cellular function and put your body back in line so that your immune system can do what it’s supposed to do, we invite you to listen to today’s episode.
Radical Regeneration: Neurosurgery Meets Energy Medicine – Marcella Madera : 582
In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, Dave talks with neurosurgeon Dr. Marcella Madera about innovations in the field of integrative, regenerative spine care, and how she’s using stem cells in her treatments. She’s currently one of the only spine surgeons in the country to offer stem cell treatments using a patient’s own harvested cells to promote healing.Listeners may remember that she was the third set of six hands during Dave’s whole-body stem cell makeover. (For those new to the show, more on that here and here.) In today’s episode, Dr. Marcella describes—in detail—what she did with stem cells along Dave’s spine. She also makes exosomes fun: “They are little nanoparticles full of awesome, regenerative juice,” she says.Understanding and treating spinal disease is the focus of Dr. Marcella’s professional medical practice. She approaches that work by combining surgical and holistic perspectives. Her expertise comes from rigorous training and background, including a Johns Hopkins fellowship, as well as extensive travel throughout Europe and the U.S. to learn progressive techniques and regenerative medicine practices.Today’s conversation also pivots into preparing patients for surgery and caring for them afterward in ways that are unconventional, and this is where Dr. Marcella’s integrative approach really shines. She addresses sleep, inflammation, nutrition, movement, stress management, and energy modalities for pain management—not just the nitty gritty of the surgical procedure.You’ll be captivated by Dr. Marcella’s viewpoint: “We're on the verge in the next 20-50 years of having a totally different understanding of the biology of the body,” she says. “I think that's where we're going—figuring out how to use external energy plus regenerative medicine together.”
Merchants of Truth and Light: Losing the Nobel Prize - Brian Keating : 581
In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, astrophysicist and cosmologist Brian Keating, Ph.D., talks about the high-pressure world of science. He knows that world well and gives a firsthand account of his experience of loss, failure, resiliency and humility in his book, “Losing the Nobel Prize: A Story of Cosmology, Ambition, and the Perils of Science's Highest Honor.”Brian’s childhood fascination with the night sky has led him to build and deploy some of the world’s most advanced and powerful telescopes and detectors. He does this so he can search for the literal edge of our universe and cosmic origins. His work takes him to some of the most extreme environments on the planet. You’ll learn about the high-performance hacks he and his team use to manage these conditions.Today’s episode covers topics designed to fire up your thinking. Here are a few teasers from Brian:Science and business: “Science is messy, and science is chaotic, and then oftentimes, unknowable, and it has many of the same features of the business world.”Brains and computers: “The brain is the most phenomenal computer in the world and in the known universe.”Time travel: “If time travel is possible, it would beggar a lot of questions.”Infinity: “It's the most baffling concept that we think it's only accessible to human consciousness.”The end of the world as we know it: "Keep paying your taxes just in case."Life’s secret weapon: “Curiosity. Be interested in literally everything.”
Meditation is the Ultimate Rest Hack – Light Watkins : 580
In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, we get real with Light Watkins about meditation and why it’s so hard to get your body and your thoughts comfortable doing it. You’ll learn there’s no “right” way and no “wrong” way to meditate—just the way that works for you and keeps you coming back to it.Light has been immersed in the meditation space for nearly two decades, first as a practitioner, then as an apprentice to his Vedic Meditation teacher, and finally as a teacher himself. But in the beginning, he spent several years sitting in uncomfortable positions with whirling thoughts and feeling like he was failing at meditation. He couldn’t settle his body or his mind.He had to find his own sweet spot of comfort: “When I did that, it completely upgraded the quality of my experiences, and that's where I first had the tangible experience of bliss,” he says. And you can, too. Light explains how to put meditation in your life’s “rest” category, so it becomes both relatable and a practical application.Another life category that’s a feature of today’s podcast is happiness. Light travels the world giving talks on happiness, inspiration, and meditation, as well as leading meditation trainings and retreats. He’s been featured in major media, taught celebrity clients and written two popular books. So, prepare to get comfy—with meditation and happiness—and learn how to incorporate more of both into your life. 
Slow Down Aging with Stem Cells – Dr. Harry Adelson & Dr. Amy Killen : 578
In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, you’ll learn about the stem cell theory of aging and what stem cells can do for you. They essentially have two superhuman powers and you’ll find out why that matters.Back on the show are Dr. Harry Adelson and Dr. Amy Killen of Docere Clinics. In previous episodes, they’ve discussed the use of stem cell therapy for healing, pain conditions, erectile dysfunction and other health concerns. They are at the forefront of clinical stem cell use and treatments. On today’s show, they focus on the benefits of using stem cells to slow down the aging process.“The two main contributors to aging are inflammation and oxidation,” says Dr. Adelson. “Your body's biologic aging really is a response to how well you can cope with and respond to inflammation and oxidation. Both of those processes are entirely controlled by stem cells.”Dave recently underwent a “six-hands” full-body stem cell makeover and has the video to prove it on YouTube. He shares the specifics of those procedures — from injections to topical application and microneedling — with listeners and discusses the healing and change he’s experienced since the treatments.“There's something called healthy aging … and that's the thing that I'm looking for,” Dave says.So, listen in to find out more about the different types of stem cells, stem-cell mediated events, exosomes and growth factors, and how to turbocharge your own stem cells.
The Nuance of No – Adam Grant, Ph.D. : 577
This episode of Bulletproof Radio features organizational psychologist Adam Grant, who brings a dynamic acumen to all of his work. He has been recognized as one of the world's 10 most influential management thinkers and named to Fortune's 40 under 40 list.In today’s show, you’ll learn why burnout is thriving and people aren’t, and why burnout matters from a gender perspective. You’ll find out how doing more five-minute favors allows the 30,000-foot view of life to come into view and how nailing “no” frees you up while still allowing you to help others.Our conversation about job design covers a lot of interesting ground, from earning “idiosyncrasy credits” to pitching your ideal role, to companies with no bosses. Adam poses the questions: “If you're an individual with creative ideas, how do you champion them effectively? And then, if you're a leader, how do you build a culture that welcomes original ideas, and then, makes them a reality?”Adam’s a researcher, a top-rated professor at The Wharton School, a New York Times columnist, a TEDtalk favorite, and the author of three New York Times bestselling books. He’s also considered to be a leading expert on how we can find motivation and meaning in our work and live more generous and creative lives.If you want to learn how to design work that works for your life, this episode is filled with practical value from beginning to end.
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Niclas Daniels

#creativity #weightloss #meditation

Apr 25th

Niclas Daniels

#parenting #genderroles

Apr 25th


they mention the dreem headband for improving sleep. tried it for a month and it did nothing zilch.

Apr 24th

Niclas Daniels


Apr 23rd

Wes Anderson

Amazing discussion! Deep learning opportunity about the role of lectins.

Apr 15th

Lee Bryan

love the message but I had to stop listening because the guest's audio was so glitchy and sped up

Apr 3rd

jewels bach

Lee Bryan lol, I thought so too.

Apr 4th

Garth Brewin

Thank you Dave for bringing Dean on your show, what a fantastic interview. I recieved some great new distinctions and belief in what I am doing as I wouldn't call myself an academic genius but I sure as hell have grit and the willingness to try different things. I have seen this as a weakness in my life and to some extent it is as I find it difficult to commit to one single thing and on the other hand I am able to see the similarities in principles accross fields and industries. Who knows... maybe some genius will come out of it all yet. Thank you sooo much I am a long time listner Dave, the work you do is so worthwhile and I appreciate you and your work so much. Garth Brewin

Mar 25th

Maryse Jensen

listened to this pad cast while sunbathing naked (15mins each side) Perth Australia!! As a very fair natural blonde I've always sunburnt very quickly. the last couple of years I haven't burnt once and have developed a lovely healthy looking natural tan. I put it down to losing all the commercial shower gels and soaps out of my lifestyle and using baking soda and vodka as my shower scrub. But after listening to this podcast and hearing the benefit of infrared rays I'm thinking it might have more to do with the fact that I get into my far infrared sauna at least four days a week! I really love the information in these podcasts helping me inspire me to make new and improved choices in my lifestyle. I'm working my way through listening to every single one!! love your content please keep it up! Kind regards and many thanks Maryse 🙃☀️

Mar 19th


I have an astigmatism and strabismus. They patched my dominant eye as a boy so the lazy one would map and work. Dave I would love to know how to work on these things.

Mar 6th

Robin Brook Urton

This was the BEST episode. Really quality content. Thank you!

Mar 4th

G Scott

Amazing innovations... Great episode

Feb 24th

Theodore Williamson

Using Castbox. Ads are playing over the actual podcasts' audio track. Repeatedly. Useless.

Feb 20th

Kevon Lindenberg


Dec 10th


like a boss

Nov 7th

Garth Brewin

Thanks so much for this episode Dave and Andrew 🙏 I am super interested to hear what comes from the studies concerning diving as I am a free diver and after a big day consistently diving to deep depths I definitely feel as though I have some cognative impairment. Thank you for all your work Garth

Nov 2nd

izennah hogan


Oct 30th

Hamza h

plz open up the YouTube comment section, so we can converse and ask questions !!!!!!!!

Oct 28th

Christine Jean

this was a really great episode

Oct 23rd

Siddharth Shah

A. X. N

Oct 22nd

Brittany Wigginton

This is an amazing episode! MUST LISTEN

Oct 21st
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