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Author: Chad Lawson | QCODE

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Helping you calm the mind in a world full of noise.

152 Episodes
Ever felt alone even when you're around lots of people? In this episode, we talk about feeling lonely and how to make real friends. Let's dive in and find ways to feel more connected and part of a group. Let's figure out how to turn feeling alone into feeling supported and connected together as we Calm it Down in 3...2...1. This episode is sponsored by Factor. Check out Factor Meals for easy, tasty, and healthy eating. Get chef-crafted meals delivered to your door, ready in minutes. Perfect for any diet, including Keto and Vegan. Use promo code calm50 for 50% off your first box at Make eating well simple and delicious!
Have you ever thought about where our grief goes when we're trying to feel happy again? In this episode, I'm going to talk about a special place in our minds called "The Whispering Garden." It's a place where grief and hope meet. We'll walk through areas that help us accept our grief, reflect on our memories, and find ways to heal and grow stronger. How can understanding our grief help us find strength and hope? Join me as we search for answers and learn how to grow from our grief as we Calm it Down in 3...2...1.
Ever wondered how the people and places around you affect how you feel about yourself? This episode digs into how our environment and friendships can really make us feel valued, kind of like finding where we fit best in the world. I'll share insights inspired by an intriguing story about an old pocket watch, showing us why it’s important to pick and choose what’s in our lives carefully.  This episode is sponsored by: Earth Breeze Our friends at Earth Breeze are here to show us a simple way to make everyday tasks, like doing laundry, better for the planet with their Eco Sheets. Use the code to get 40% off and start making a difference.
Have you ever felt overwhelmed, like you're carrying a weight that's just too heavy? As if little by little your sinking deeper into an ocean without realizing?  In this episode, we explore the often-hidden struggles of burnout, its gradual grip on our lives, and its impact on our everyday well-being. Join us to learn practical strategies for lightening that load and rediscovering balance. What steps will you take to lift the weight of stress and journey towards a more peaceful state of mind? Tune in to find out how to regain control and ease in your life as we Calm it Down in 3…2…1. This episode is sponsored by Green Chef. Discover the joy of stress-free, healthy eating with Green Chef! Their delicious, easy-to-follow recipes cater to all lifestyles, from Keto to Vegan. Use code 60calm at for an amazing 60% off plus 20% off your next two months. #EatWellWithGreenChef"
Have you ever felt like there's more to your story than you can see? In this episode of 'Calm It Down', I'm taking you on a journey to uncover the bigger picture of our lives. We're going to try out three different ways to look at ourselves, ways that really change how we understand who we are. Let's put down the magnifying glass and look at our lives with a wider view, to find the beautiful, complicated parts of our stories. Come along and discover a new way to see your life as we Calm it Down in 3...2...1.
Have you ever thought about how much you change in ways that you can't see in photos? Today on 'Calm it Down', we're going to talk all about change. We'll look at why we change, when it usually happens, and how to deal with it. This is especially important for the changes that surprise us or that we didn't want. So, get comfy and take a deep breath. We're going to learn how to accept changes in our life and grow from them. Ready to calm down and learn about change? Let's Calm it Down in 3…2…1. This week’s episode sponsors: Honeylove - Shapewear Honeylove offers revolutionary, comfortable bras and shapewear, eliminating the need for underwire without losing support. Get a special 20% discount on Honeylove products at Miracle Made - Sheets Miracle Made provides silver-infused, self-cleaning sheets for a comfortable, hygienic sleep, now available with a special offer including 3 free towels and over 40% savings at
In this Calm it Down episode, we explore the power of our inner thoughts through Olympic skater Dan Jansen's story. It's absolutely captivating, incredible, and even educational all at the same time, offering insightful lessons on how to transform our self-talk from self-doubt to self-confident. Learn how changing our self-talk can turn pressures into triumphs, and discover simple strategies to shift your mindset. Listen in as I share some insights on embracing life's challenges with a gentler, more effective approach. Episode Sponsor: Babbel Get 55% off your Babbel subscription at
In this episode I invite you to join me in a journey beyond the usual New Year's resolutions. We dive deep into understanding what really makes us happy and how to find lasting joy in our lives. At the core of the episode is the reflective question, "When was the last time I felt truly at peace, not just content, but truly at peace?" Listen in as I share insights on how small, daily actions can lead to big changes and help us stay true to ourselves. It's a not so subtle deep-dive into our personal self-discovery as we step into the new year together.
In this episode, I take you on a journey through the unexpected surprises of life, much like those surprise gifts we find under the Christmas tree (socks, anyone?). I share some insights on how to turn those moments of disappointment into opportunities for growth and creativity. Listen in to learn how to embrace and find joy in life's unexpected turns. Trust me, it’s something you’ll want to unwrap as we discover how these surprising moments can become the most valuable gifts we never knew we needed. This episode is sponsored by For those interested in exploring the benefits of microdosing THC for a more balanced life, visit and use the code CALM for free shipping and 30% off your first order. That's, code CALM, for 30% off.
In this episode of 'Calm it Down,' we explore a less-traveled street: the street of hope. I dive into how hope is an everyday choice, not just a fleeting emotion. We'll look at creative ways to nurture this vital feeling, like building your own 'Hope Chest' and envisioning conversations with a future, wiser you.  This episode isn't just about finding hope; it's about practical, relatable ways create & see it in our daily lives. And even though Theodore Roosevelt was somewhat inspiring with his quote “When you’re at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on.”, I offer some insights on doing more than just hanging on when times get tough. Join me for a journey that promises to be both enlightening and heartening, as we discover the power of hope in everyday moments as we Calm it Down in 3…2…1. This episode is sponsored by Lume Deodorant. Control Body Odor ANYWHERE with @lumedeodorant and get $5 off of your Starter Pack (that’s over 40% off) with promo code CALM at! #lumepod & use promo: CALM
When was the last time you did absolutely nothing, on purpose? In this episode, "The Sweetness of Doing Nothing," I explore how taking time to just be can actually boost your creativity and calm your mind. From the joy of reading slowly to the peace of mindful movement, I'll share simple ways to embrace rest in your everyday life. Tune in and find out how doing less can surprisingly bring you more as we Calm it Down in 3…2…1.
This week we pick up where we left off in last week's episode, "The Echoes of Yesterday: Living in Memories vs. Moments." We take a long hike into the world of regrets. We learn how regrets can actually be our hidden guides, teaching us valuable lessons instead of weighing us down.  So, if you are ready to turn those 'what ifs' into a path forward, listen in and find out how to transform your yesterday into a brighter today as we Calm it Down in 3...2...1.
In this episode we dive into the art of balancing our cherished memories with the beauty of living in the present. I discuss how our past experiences shape us and share practical tips to help you fully engage with each moment. Join me on a journey of self-discovery, where we learn to appreciate every day, not just as a memory but as a part of our ongoing story. Listen in as we explore making the most of the now while honoring our past as we Calm it Down in 3…2…1.
Ever found solace under a cloudy sky? In this episode of Calm it Down, we delve into the hidden beauty of life's grayer days. Discover how embracing these moments can bring unexpected growth and tranquility. Join me for some reflection into understanding and appreciating the quiet, profound lessons hidden in the clouds. Tune in to uncover the strength in stillness and the wisdom in life's softer shades as we Calm it Down in 3...2...1.
Ever thought you could find some real-life wisdom in Harry Potter? In this episode of 'Calm it Down,' we're getting into just that. It's all about finding your own light, even when things feel kinda dark. I’ll share with you some ways to ‘shed some light’ with ideas like 'Shadow Mapping' and making a 'Gratitude Nightlight' to spot the happy moments hiding in everyday life. So, come hang out, find out how to brighten up your world a bit, and grab some ‘bright’ ideas (pun intended) on riding out the ups and downs as we Calm it Down in 3...2...1.
In this episode, we dive deep into the maze of decision-making. Ever felt stuck at a crossroads or questioned a past choice? Together, we'll navigate through moments of doubt, find strength in every twist and turn, and uncover the beauty in every decision. Join me as I continue the dialogue from a listener's question “What are you to do when you’ve committed your whole life to a passion and you’re no longer passionate about it?”. Well, let's look for some clarity in the chaos of our journeys as we Calm it Down in 3…2…1.
In this episode, I explore the balance between sticking to what's familiar and trying something new. We all face crossroads in life, but I had a listener write in and ask “What are you to do when you’ve committed your whole life to a passion and you’re no longer passionate about it?”, something I think we've all gone through at some point. We try to understand the emotional tugs of change and how to make decisions with clarity with this Part 1 of a 2 part series on Passion vs Persistence. Join me as we delve into life's twists, turns, and the beauty of choice as we Calm it Down in 3...2...1. This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at and get on your way to being your best self. 
The Flavor of Humility

The Flavor of Humility


Ever swapped salt for sugar in a recipe? I’m sure you’ve had better moments than these. Join me as we navigate through the lesson of baking a humble cookie. Together, we'll knead through the tender courage it takes to say, “I was wrong,” finding humor and growth in our little oops moments. This episode is an invitation to embrace life’s missteps and bake them into our stories with a pinch of self-amusement.. Tune in, and let's bake up some insights together as we Calm it Down in 3…2…1.
Ever felt life's moving too fast, like you're guzzling down a mug of instant coffee? Today, I chat about this rush we're all in, what’s actually known as "hurry sickness". Join me as I explore some ideas and ponder why we're all glued to….everything. Take a minute to slow down and hear what a good cup of coffee can teach us about soaking in the moment. Let's appreciate the moment of now as we Calm it Down in 3…2…1.
Deflate the Sunday Scaries with this special bonus episode of Calm it Down. Join me as we dive deep into the art of breath work and discover how your breathing patterns can be your personal emotional barometer. I'm SO excited to be using the incredibly soothing accompaniment of my album Breathe: Endel Meditation Edition in this episode. Together, we'll journey to turn each of your 23,000 daily breaths into a moment of mindfulness. Say goodbye to Sunday Scaries and hello to a serene start to your week in this very special bonus episode.
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This was a beautiful episode. I'm sure so many people out there need this perspective right now. Blessings 🙏

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thanks for making this podcast:)

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