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We normally hear something like this when we're dealing with something negative. But is it true? Is there a reason we're experiencing something difficult?Co-host Annette and I explore the many tentacles of this attempt at sharing peace, and we're not sure that EVERYTHING happens for a reason.What do you think? Share your ideas with me at
Adam Miller has been making the podcast circuit lately, talking about his new book, "Original Grace."I am a few chapters in, and already, I've been thinking that maybe I could be thinking about some things with more grace.This week, I share a few of my thoughts about what it means to receive the grace of Christ. I'm learning that I don't know nearly as much as I had assumed.
We're on a roll talking about Missions, so we spend this episode talking to Carissa, who had the unique opportunity to serve on Temple Square.The mission boundary is Temple Square. One city block. But the reach of the Temple Square missionaries is literally without boundaries and borders.Listen in as Carissa shares some of her mission experiences.
My nephew Brig was a COVID mission casualty. He was informed after just six months as a missionary, that his service was ending early, and he would not have the opportunity to continue.How does a young missionary deal with that? Brig shares his perspective and some lessons with us
We may not admit it, but the unspoken hierarchy of missionary service is:Best: Foreign mission/foreign LanguageThen: Foreign mission/native languageNext: Domestic mission, foreign languageThen: Domestic mission, same language, andFinally: Service/alternative/non-traditional missionsWhy do we think this?This week we talk to Katelyn (Young Performing Missionary at Nauvoo) and her mom, fan favorite co-host, Annette to discuss these culturally-imposed Mission Hierarchies.Do you agree? Have a different experience?  Share with us at
I don't know about you, but my life is hard sometimes.I have to cover other people's responsibilities at work.I have callings that stretch me in uncomfortable ways.I have conversations or relationships that can be difficult.And guess what? Normally, in my experience, anyway, things end up being not as hard as I imagined they would be.So when your only option is to go through (because avoiding it won't work), go through with courage. And then when you learn something, be kind to yourself for not learning the lesson sooner. Or better. Or faster.You deserve to be kind to you.
I love this question!There are so many things that I think I know, and I think it can be valuable to at least ponder this question."How does what I know get in the way of what I don't know?"Liz Wiseman is an author and teacher about leadership. Magnifying versus Diminishing leaders.You should check her out. But in the meantime, think about her quote from a BYU Forum address. You should check it out.
Ep. 61: Just Journal

Ep. 61: Just Journal


What happens when a couple of guys start having a conversation with no agenda?We end up talking about how we're not very good at journaling.Yeah, I didn't see that one coming either.Meet Greg, new (and somewhat reluctant) co-host, as we start talking about stuff and end up deciding that we should challenge ourselves to better document significant things in our lives.Feedback on how we can do better? Let me know at
This week, we listen to a fireside I did a couple of months ago for Our Turtle House.I believe it's more important to Be something than to Do things.As we BECOME who God wants us to be, we naturally DO things that we should do. And sometimes, I believe, God uses those things to bless the lives of others.
Ep. 59: What is Love?

Ep. 59: What is Love?


Co-host Harrison taught Elders Quorum last Sunday and started by asking "What is love?"I loved the question and invited him to continue the discussion.So, what is Love? Share your thoughts with us at
We're supposed to be completely honest in all of our dealings, right?But what about when telling the truth will be unnecessary? or harmful? Or illegal?Mark and I explore options that might exist when being completely truthful might not be a great idea.
God required that Gideon reduce the size of his army to a mere 300 people.This was so that God could show His power.Where is he doing this in our lives? Where might we feel like the bulk of our support has vanished, and how can we recognize the hand of the Lord in these instances?
Ep. 56: Feeling Deeply

Ep. 56: Feeling Deeply


Imagine your feelings as a number line. Zero is neutral.I think that if you're capable of feeling "bad: (which is really "uncomfortable")) at a -3, you can only feel "good" at a +3.If you're afraid to feel uncomfortable, aren't you also afraid to feel too positive?This week, it's just me sharing some of my thoughts I've been having over the past few weeks.Thanks for listening. You can reach me at  I love hearing from you!
Ep. 55: Feelings

Ep. 55: Feelings


"You have to feel it to heal it."I think there's truth in that. Having "bad" feelings (not really bad, but uncomfortable feelings) is a part of our life.But what about "Men are that they might have joy"?Yeah. That's true. But we're not supposed to have joy ALL THE TIME. There's a time for happy and a time for sad.Listen as Eddison, Allison, and I talk through when and why we should feel our feelings.
Family friend Catie (who is Latter-day Saint Friendly, but not a member herself) raised an interesting question.What if my blood relatives aren't people that I want around in my life? What does that mean for "forever families?"In this episode, we talk about ways that we can navigate some of those complicated relationships that--at least as we see them now--we don't want to have for eternity.
We are commanded to be a peacemaker, but what does that mean?How can we be a peacemaker without sacrificing our own needs and resorting to people pleasing?Is there a way to follow the command and be true to ourselves?
This week, we talk with Whitney (Sister) Durtschi, who is currently serving as a Service Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.Her experience from preparing for her mission, to receiving her call, to loving her mission has been a journey in learning how God is aware of His children.Listen in to learn part of Whitney's story
Life is hard.Sometimes we're confronted with mourning with others who mourn, or comforting those who stand in need of comfort.But interacting with someone who is needing comfort can be...well...uncomfortable.How do we put off our own discomfort and truly *comfort* others?
Ep. 50: But If Not

Ep. 50: But If Not


In an unrelated but totally related conversation with Carissa, she asked a question that tied in perfectly with last week's conversation with Heidi. So I told her to stop talking so we could record the conversation.Having "But If Not" faith may be a next step for some of us. What does that look like, and what does it mean?This is our attempt to address those questions...and more!
Ep. 49: Prayer

Ep. 49: Prayer


During a Family Home Evening lesson, favorite niece Heidi made a very insightful comment about prayer.As I tend to do, I asked her if we could have a more in-depth conversation and record it for the podcast.She's a recently-returned missionary, and hasn't learned to say "no" yet, so here is our chat.
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