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The road to ecommerce success can get bumpy – we talk to some of the world’s best-known brands to help smooth your direct-to-consumer journey. Learn from the experts on how to build your digital marketing strategy using best-of-breed solutions for a superior customer journey.Ecommerce expert Digital River brings you the inside scoop from industry leaders who are innovators in expanding into new global markets and masters at creating successful direct-to-customer channels. Together we’ll show you how to create exceptional customer experience and profit maximization for your online store and brand.
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After spending years on the agency side helping brands spin up online stores, Jennifer Peters decided it was time to work full-time on just one brand. As Direct to Consumer Manager for OLLY, Peters jumped in right after OLLY became part of the Unilever family – giving her a brand with a start-up mentality, and […]
Astound co-founder Igor Gorin has seen a fair amount of change in his life. His family immigrated to the Bay Area from the former Soviet Union in the 1980’s, specifically the region that is now Ukraine. Gorin clearly saw opportunity on the horizon as he met other entrepreneurial students who, once in college, created a […]
General Mills has been around for nearly 100 years, and the food giant has been innovating all along the way. Carter Jensen is the Global Lead for Direct to Consumer at General Mills. His team works with the company’s incubator program, focused on emerging brands, using digital strategies to gain insights and test theories to […]
Kelly Goetsch is Chief Strategy Officer for commercetools, a German-based company changing the way we think about ecommerce. commercetools (spelled with a lower-case c) is an API-first multi-tenant SaaS commerce platform dedicated to the idea of modern composable commerce. Headless commerce started with commercetools. Goetsch says commercetools’ solutions are based off a catalogue of around […]
Mike Schmid considers himself a start-up kind of a guy, which is one reason he decided it was time to leave his high-profile gig at Apple to try his hand at a company he’d been eyeing for some time, Seattle-based Rec Room. With more than 37-million users worldwide, the free-to-use platform allows creators to customize interactive rooms, and build experiences for others to share. Late last year, the company announced $145-million in new funding, bringing the company’s valuation to $3.5 billion. Heady stuff for a start-up that first got off the ground in 2016. The pandemic pushed growth even further. Learn more about Rec Room's plans for self-publishing, and how Schmid views Rec Room's place in the so-called Metaverse.
Becoming a fraud fighter was not on Mark Michelon’s radar when he interviewed for a finance job at a new company called Orbitz. He got the job and was asked to look at a problem the company was having with chargebacks on its new website. It turned out to be a fraud ring. Soon, Michelon […]
Explore the future of ecommerce with Phillip Jackson and Brian Lange, former competitors turned co-conspirators. Together they founded Future Commerce, which helps ecommerce brands create a strategic vision that will shape the future of their retail and digital channels. Not content to leave it there, Jackson and Lange want to help brands bring about change […]
Uday Kotla, vice president and global business head for Infosys Digital Experience joins Digital River's Jason Nyhus for a look forward after a blistering two years of growth in the ecommerce industry. What are companies looking for now? Which industries are seeing the most transformation, and how is Infosys addressing the global demand? It's been a wild ride for ecommerce, and Uday suggests the most interesting changes are still to come.
Jim Herbert is an unabashed cheerleader of the Open SaaS approach at BigCommerce, Herbert now finds himself in the middle of the biggest product announcement for BigCommerce in recent years, it’s new Multi-Storefront solution that will give merchants even more flexibility and ease of use. Digital River’s Jason Nyhus recently spoke with Herbert about Multi-Storefront, Open SaaS and how flexibility is key for brands striving for long-term success.
If the idea of getting a late-night delivery of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to your doorstep sounds appealing, you can thank Unilever’s Amy Brix for making it a reality for European customers. Now Director of Ecommerce in Germany for Unilever, Brix is responsible for the overall execution of Unilever’s ecommerce strategy in Germany. Brix sat down with Digital River’s CMO, Ted Rogers, to talk about ecommerce trends, and what that means for shoppers craving convenience.
Dave Tu is president of DCL Logistics, a Bay Area company with 40 years in the business of delivering for clients with complex distribution requirements. Dave sits down with Digital River's Jason Nyhus to talk about how his company is navigating the challenges brought by a global pandemic, and what steps ecommerce brands should be taking to meet customer expectations in 2022.
Jared Blank is Chief Marketing Officer for VTEX – North America, a digital commerce platform for enterprise B2B and B2C ecommerce brands. From his early days in ecommerce at Tommy Hilfiger to now helping some of the world’s best-known brands set their D2C ecommerce strategies, Jared knows what it takes to create true innovation. In […]
When Paul Rios first started selling into Latin America for HubSpot several years ago, he remembers that customers were surprised and delighted that he could speak in their preferred language, Spanish. Nowadays, the game has changed, and customers expect communication in their native language. In this podcast, Rios, director of sales, Latin America direct, sits […]
As cross border commerce continues its skyrocketing growth, governments around the globe are focusing intently on getting their share of the pie in the form of taxes and tariffs—even for low-value transactions. That’s why brands must make tax compliance a key part of their cross-border strategy, says Evan Wright, director of growth, cross border at […]
The digital revolution has made its way to B2B purchasing, and no one knows that better than TreviPay CEO Brandon Spear. Far from simply being in the right place at the right time, Brandon has been working to build a company that offers businesses a way to exceed their customers’ expectations. In this episode of […]
As one of the world’s earliest ecommerce brands, Dell has always been a D2C innovator. From its earliest days of selling custom-built PCs through mail-order catalogues to being the third-largest PC vendor in the world by market share*, Dell has learned lessons applicable to just about any ecommerce brand. In this podcast, Harsh Acharya, vice […]
Vaimo’s Brian Dearth and ecommerce expert Jason Loehr talk with Digital River’s Jason Nyhus about the challenges and rewards of going direct to consumer in the highly regulated spirits industry.  Why company culture is key to any digital transformation.
In ecommerce, the rules of the traditional sales funnel no longer apply. That’s why CPG brands must make the maximum Return on Effort (ROE) for everything they do, from creative campaigns to the brand’s digital platform, says Surabhi Pokhriyal, global head of digital commerce for Colgate-Palmolive. In this podcast, Pokhriyal sits down with Jason Nyhus, […]
Organizations in the healthcare industry aren’t typically early adopters of new technology and business models, so it’s taken them some time to figure out a way to leverage a subscription-based model for medical equipment. But GE Healthcare has recently developed healthcare subscription models that work well for providers as well as patients. In this podcast, […]
From sophisticated rings that dupe unwitting consumers to so-called “friendly fraud”, Digital River’s Jason Cheung has built his career on stopping the bad guys (and gals). As a member of the Merchant Risk Council, Jason lives and breathes fraud mitigation. In this episode, Jason lays out the fraud landscape for host Natalie Wires, and shows […]
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