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Author: Catherine Knibbs

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Creating connections through candid conversations about issues in cyberspace. The show will speak with specialists and knowledgeable people in and around the world of cyber based issues. Ranging from e-safety and cybersecurity through to the darker side of the internet, web and electronic devices.
Important information for parents, teachers and anyone who needs to learn about cyberspace
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Getting Gamers- why, when, where, how and what, 10 years of expertise crammed into one episode!
Today I'm joined by Dr Jamie Madigan who is the host of a podcast called The Psychology of GAMES (not gaming as I called it in the chat #fail). He and his podcast will be such a great addition to your podcast library and knowledge bank - all of the questions you have about gaming have likely been answered on his podcast/site or in his book! See below for all linksJamie speaks about his website which has 10 years worth of work behind it so again any answers you are seeking are likely to be found on there, we have a quick tour of some gaming issues which include those biggies that have appeared on previous episodes such as Violence, Addiction and Jamie shares his views around these topics. Overwhelmed/starstruck (& with tech issues on the day) meant lots of questions I wanted to ask fell out of my head as I didn't have my notes with me- I'm still learning on the job, so this episode is the first of a few focusing on games/gaming and I'll hopefully get Jamie back this year to converse about the in depth issues as we hopefully move away from the media driven hype and myths around games.... I hope!!!Jamies website is: www.psychologyofgames.comHis book is Getting gamers and is here for UK peeps: You can also find him on Twitter: @JamieMadiganLet me know if there are any questions you would like answering going forward and SUBSCRIBE!!LIKE!!SHARE!!etc...
Are young people acting as mini-therapists online?
Today I'm joined by Aylssa Cowell who is working in Brunei in an International school and works with young people as a school counsellor. Aylssa was also previously a Youth worker here in the U.K and we met through the topic of teaching Sex -education for young people.We talk Young people and sexuality, young people and peer pressure and Instagram stories, identity and how young people are seemingly staying on their devices to 'be there' for each other and how this can mimic the job that Aylssa and I do, ie are young people 'Counsel' for their peers?We contemplate that in our roles we are expected to have supervision as vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and burn out are a real threat to our profession, yet young people are managing the Mental Health of their peers, who can be almost anywhere in the world at any time.Young people really are doing their best for each other, however this is not a role they can be expected to keep fulfilling at this volume if they are to thrive in their own rights? More adults needed to help them manage this please, adolescents need to concentrate on being adolescents, so get talking to them and see how many peers they feel they need to look out for and you might just be amazed. They are tenacious, caring and supportive and perhaps thats why they are on their smartphones as much as they are?Head over to to learn more about topics like this. Parenting tips and how to speak with your child/young person about issues such as this and more will be added over the coming months. Sign up for as little as a £1 per month.
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