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Welcome to EECO Ask’s Why – A podcast that dives into industrial manufacturing topics and spotlights the heroes that keep America running. On this weekly podcast, we do not cover the latest features and benefits on products that come to market. Instead, we focus on advice and insight from the top minds of industry because people and ideas will be how America remains number one in manufacturing in the world.
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Our hero Chung-Chee Tai shared his story and it was an absolute treat.  When he decided to pursue engineering he chose Iowa State University.  Believe it or not coming straight from Asia and not speaking English wasn't the biggest culture shock for him.  The winters in Iowa was a completely different story!  Chung-Chee is full of life and was one of the most fun guests ever on EECO Asks Why.Chung-Chee shares what young engineers should embrace to grow their careers by not drawing a box around yourself.  He fully embraces mentoring young engineers and is intentional about investing time in others.  Every two weeks he sits down and coaches these individuals and loves to help others achieve their goals.  Chung-Chee has many passions outside of work and shares about his amazing family.  He's an avid runner and loves to play music as often as possible.  He enjoys playing piano and even taught himself drums.  Cello is next on his list and we're sure he'll master that!   He loves visiting national parks and has visited 13 so far (50 to go and we're certain he'll hit that goal).  His why sums up this conversation perfectly - he wants to know the unknown.We are delighted to share this hero conversation with the EECO Asks Why listeners and are humbled for the time Chung-Chee devoted to share his amazing story. Guest: Chung-Chee Tai - VP Engineering at BluePrint AutomationHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsVideo Editing: Andi ThrowerResources for BluePrint Automation:Facebook PageLinkedIn PageTwitter AccountYouTube Channel
What drives our hero Greg Paulsen is the opportunity to build a better tomorrow.  As the Director of Application Engineering at Xometry Greg leads innovation and has a passion for aligning client needs to the providers with expertise to meet the necessary requirements.  His passion for industry is contagious and he shared how he was able to fine tune his communication skills as a wine educator during his days at James Madison University.Greg speaks to the importance of work ethic for the next generation of industry leaders.  He also makes a unique tie to people who have served in the hospitality industry and what that teaches you in order to be able to work with others.  While these experiences are beneficial he encourages others to stay focused on humility throughout their careers.Greg is a new dad and shares a lot about his family and his passions outside of work.  For those watching on YouTube you'll have the opportunity to meet Greg's home work partner - Cocoa the cat wanted to be featured on this episode and made his presence known.  We are grateful for Greg taking the time to share his story and after hearing his story you'll quickly see why he is one of our heroes. Guest:  Greg Paulsen - Director of Application Engineering at Xometry Host: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsAudio/Video Editing: Andi Thrower
So how do you market to engineers in a meaningful way?  Wendy Covey is the expert in this area and literally wrote the book to help bridge the gap. In this exciting episode Wendy unpacks what content marketing is and discusses how to conduct it effectively to help engineers and industry get better. She also covers the importance of brand and overall strategy that can be impactful in helping others get on the right track. Most people have heard the term of being sticky with material but what really matters to the leaders in industry these days? In Wendy's eyes it about creating content that provides meaningful and dependable information. Something that sets you up as the expert in that space. Not having the right strategy can hurt companies that are trying to grow and by following Wendy's advice many of the common headwinds can be avoided.For the listeners that want to help engineers grow and support them in achieving their goals this conversation is a gold mine of information. Wendy has a great way of painting practical steps anyone can take to truly make an impact in the exciting world of engineering.Guest:  Wendy Covey - CEO & Co-Founder at TREW Marketing Host: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsAudio/Video Editing: Andi ThrowerResources:TREW Marketing on LinkedIn TREW Marketing WebsiteContent Marketing, Engineered (This is a MUST have in your library!)
Tessa Myers has a heart for helping others and her career has given her many opportunities to do just that. Since her days at Purdue, Tessa has been serving industry at the highest level and shares about her amazing journey. She's traveled the world and opens up about some of the amazing places she's called home such as Singapore, Canada and California. One of the areas that she sees as a hurdle for industry is the ability to attract the best talent possible. This inspires her to support many areas of STEM and is where she is intentional about supporting the next generation of innovators.Tessa isn't afraid to take risks and offers great advice to those wanting to advance their careers. She encourages others to be willing and open to try new experiences as it may be those opportunities that you find your true passions and set a new course for your career. Tessa shares some of her personal favorites in the lightning round and talks about the time she enjoys at the soccer field cheering her two sons on. She loves helping others achieve what they have been striving for.  After hearing her story you'll quickly hear why Tessa is our hero! Guest:  Tessa Myers - Global Vice President, Software & Control at Rockwell AutomationHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsAudio/Video Editing: Andi Thrower
In a world where so many things are shifting to wireless we asked an industry expert to share their knowledge on wireless ethernet. Victor Parangelo breaks down how this technology has evolved and is now being utilized in many industries across the world.  Some of the trends that are discussed are eye-opening to reveal how far the evolution has come. For those new to industry Vic does a phenomenal job of breaking down the core of the technology and makes a great comparison to the wireless routers most people have in their homes. From an industrial standpoint, there can be headwinds that should be considered and Vic speaks to the engineers that insist that a blue hose has to be in place for their systems to work as desired.Vic opens up the thinking around where wireless ethernet can be used and provides outstanding examples of where most people have experienced it in places such as theme park rides. He even covers items such as cybersecurity and explores ways to enhance your security position with this technology.This episode is packed with information designed to help others learn about wireless ethernet and build their confidence as more industries adopt this technology in the future. Guest: Victor Parangelo - Regional Manager ProSoft TechnologyHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsAudio/Video Editing: Andi ThrowerProSoft Technology WebsiteFuntime Skyfall - World's tallest mobile drop Tower (Albanifest 2016 / Winterthur / Switzerland) - YouTube 
Try new things and don't be afraid to fail!  That's the type of wisdom that our hero Bill Migirditch provided in this fun hero conversation.  Bill has served industry in many capacities and his passion for making complex solutions possible is amazing.  He offers advice to those out there is to try new challenges more frequently as they may be the opportunities that stretch your abilities into new heights never dreamed of before.  Bill is an avid sailor and loves to get out on the water as often as possible.  He also is a thrill seeker and enjoys getting on the trail on his mountain bike.  If he's outside he's happy! His why revolves around trusting his gut and driving for positive change in the world.  In this episode you'll quickly hear why Bill is one of our heroes! Guest:  Bill Migirditch - Manager of Manufacturing Systems at RovisysHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsSpecial Note* -  Since recording this episode, Bill took a new position as the Digital Pursuit Desk Consultant of Rockwell Automation. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.
Renee Eddy is the first in her family to go to college and she has been making an impact in the world ever since.  She has the opportunity to work on F22 Joint Strike Fighters right out of school and learned quickly the importance of delivering on a solution and the importance of the system to meet all requirements.  Her career has led her through Defense, Data Analytics, Commercial Systems and now she's leading innovation at Eaton!  Renee has wonderful advice for those considering industry and she says to be willing to take a chance on a company you may not know everything about.  Do your research as you may find they are highly innovative and align to areas that you are looking to grow in professionally. Her intentionality around mentoring others is inspirational and she speaks to several ways that she is able to help others.  Renee is very active in the Society of Women Engineers and worked through task forces with that organization. The why Renee shared was truly impactful.  She is passionate about helping people achieve their goals.  She also LOVES the opportunities she has been given to work with some of the most innovative products and solutions that make such a huge impact on the world.  This is an exciting conversation from our hero Renee Eddy!Guest: Renee Eddy - Director, Innovation, Methods & Operations at EatonHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsAudio/Video Editing: Andi ThrowerResources: Harvard Business Review Wall Street JournalBBC  Podcasts NPR
What better way to hear about why Ethernet/IP is a great way to enhance your VFD solutions than directly from the engineer himself that designs these systems daily.  Matthew Simmons is a brilliant controls engineer and walks through how he utilizes this communication protocol to improve his systems.  He is joined with Harvey Eure who is the VFD specialist in NC for EECO and they talk openly about why this solution works for ANCO Rendering and what benefits they are seeing.Matthew gives direct examples about process improvements and how he's been able to utilize data to make enhancements to the systems he designs.  He shares common headwinds that he's faced in the past and these are areas that may help others in their pursuit of this solution.  The conversation is packed with meaningful advice and for those that say this guy sounds familiar Matthew was featured as a hero in an earlier episode of EECO Asks Why and we are blessed that he is always willing to try new concepts with us to bring the most meaningful information possible to those that want to succeed in industry.  Guest: Matthew Simmons - Controls Engineer at ANCO RenderingGuest: Harvey Eure - Product Manager at EECO Host: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsAudio/Video Editing: Andi ThrowerMatthew's Hero Episode 
Jay Flores is a hero to many and is inspiring young minds everywhere he goes.  He's focused on educating people about the wonderful world of STEM and is using extremely creative ways to reach people.  In this hero conversation he discusses how his passion got started and some of the twists he's taken along the way.  From creating amazing videos that are heavily consumed on YouTube and Tik Tok to giving inspirational TED talks he's living out his passion daily. For those that love America Ninja Warrior you'll want to hear about this passion of Jay's and we hope that one day he'll take on the challenge head on and be successful in his pursuit.  He could be the first STEM Ninja Warrior and that's something he's training for rigorously. Jay's "Why" is extremely personal and he shares about his childhood friend who was diagnosed with cancer.  Jay wants to make sure that the young mind that holds the cure to cancer has all the opportunities and education about STEM to make a huge impact in the world.  Guest: Jay Flores - Global STEM AmbassadorHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsResources:EECO's Inspire Blog: STEM Invent the ChangeJay's WebsiteJay's YouTube ChannelJay's Facebook PageResources:FIRSTGary VaynerchukEric ThomasSimon SinekSpecial Note* -  Since recording this episode, Jay took a new position as Founder and CEO of Invent the Change, LLC.. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.
What happens when you mix passions of manufacturing, rock bands, adult beverages and seriously amazing content? You get an industry leading show called Manufacturing Happy Hour and it's stellar host Chris Luecke.  In this episode Chris steps away from being a host and shares his personal story with us.  At his time at Rockwell Automation he was always trying to find ways to change the game and did so through many videos that helped many people understand about some of the changing technologies in industry.  He added a coolness factor to that by doing it over a pint of various beers and from there his leading podcast was born.  He made the jump to full time in his new adventure in 2020 and is helping industry find new ways to spread their messages and create content that makes an impact. He talks about the need of marketers to become salespeople and vice versa to really help others the most. Chris shares about some of his personal passions such as punk rock an how much music means to him.  He's also a HUGE roller coaster junkie and talks about some of his favorite coasters that will get your heart racing.  We learned a ton about Chris in the lightning round and his personal why was outstanding.  He wants to help people create!  He's doing a phenomenal job of that and we thoroughly enjoyed talking with our hero in this conversation.  We highly encourage all the EECO Asks Why listeners to subscribe to Manufacturing Happy Hour and check out the great conversations Chris is creating weekly.Guest: Chris Luecke - Host of Manufacturing Happy HourHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsAudio/Video Editing: Andi ThrowerResources for connecting with Chris and Manufacturing Happy Hour:YouTubeLinkedInTwitterInstagramManufacturing Happy Hour Website 
If you change the oil in your car or replace the filters in your home HVAC system you're doing preventative maintenance.  It makes sense as you're trying to extend the life of your assets.  The same philosophy exists for electrical distribution equipment and in this episode Dan Leeman walks us through tips and best practices to give you the most reliable and safe equipment possible.  Dan breaks down how to start a preventative maintenance program to yield the best results out of the gate.  He also discusses the nuances of outages and how to best maximize the time spent in those situations to do maintenance that is difficult to perform during normal operating times.  Dan provides a great example of how a PM on a medium voltage transformer prevented a catastrophic failure and how the end user was able to react in a non-emergency state and resolve the issue. Dan is an expert in industry and shares meaningful insight and wisdom to help others get started with compressive and robust preventative maintenance program.  Remember what Benjamin Franklin said "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"! Guest: Dan Leeman - District Services Manager at EatonHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsAudio/Video Editing: Andi ThrowerResources:EECO Inspire Blog: Preventative Maintenance for Switchgear and Electrical Distribution Systems EECO Inspire Blog: Why Preventative Maintenance on your Electrical Equipment is a Good IdeaEECO Inspire Blog: How Close to My Electrical Equipment Can I Get?EECO Inspire Blog: What Testing is Important for Electrical Distribution Systems?EECO Inspire Blog: What Testing Should I Do? 
Daniel Vaughan loves the family atmosphere he found at EECO and has a passion for serving others.  Whether he's at home, church, hanging out with friends or with the customers he supports his heart is happiest when he's helping others.  Daniel shares about his journey and how he is able to support so many industries in Virginia.  He's seeing a big increase in how vendor managed inventory is being utilized and recognizes that many industrials will be adopting more partnerships around this space in the future.Daniel also shares some of the challenges he sees for industry around workforce attrition and how industry is trying to respond.  As a front line supporter of many businesses he has a unique perspective and offers tremendous insight.He is a family man and shares about his first year of marriage where he got married, bought a house and had his first child!  Daniel has a ton of energy and enthusiasm for industry and you'll quickly hear why he is one of our heroes! Guest: Daniel Vaughan, Product Service Specialist at EECO.Host: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsAudio/Video Editing: Andi ThrowerWonderful quotes from Daniel:My key focuses is to really find what you love to do and what you love to read about and study about.I love being creative. I love finding problems and be able to try to find solutions.
Paul Van Metre is the Co-Founder of ProShop ERP and offers insight to areas that make a significant impact for those supporting industries.  Paul specializes in helping machine and fabrication shops grow and support the changing market needs around them.  Many of these businesses begin through the industry knowledge that the owners themselves have and bring to the table.  Scaling that is where it can get tricky, and Paul unpacks many areas to consider to get past this headwind and onto the road of success.He speaks to what indicators and data are important for businesses to understand and how to use that information to make better decisions in the future.  Tying areas such as quality, sales and customer service together can be challenging, and Paul covers areas to focus on that could move the ball down the field.  Those are areas that most shop owners aren’t trained in and creating a way to support these items are critical for future growth.  Think about this – how can a shop know its profitability on every job?  This is a common struggle area and in Paul’s recipe he uncovers how with the right processes and platforms in place every shop can have accurate and to the minute data available to be successful.  Helping others see how a system could improve their process and help in business growth are all areas that Paul expands upon.  This is a thought-provoking recipe for differentiation and one that we feel could help many out there that are supporting the growing world of manufacturing. Guest: Paul Van Metre, Co-Founder of ProSoft ERP Host: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsAudio/Video Editing: Andi ThrowerProShop Resources:LinkedIn YouTubeMaking Chips Podcast
Understanding variable frequency drives (VFD's) can be difficult and in this episode Chase Boehlke does a fantastic job of breaking down this technology.  He shares the general design differences in a VFD and other motor starting devices.  Understanding variable and constant torque applications are areas that Chase unpacks.  Ever heard of an IGBT? Chase's explanation of that technology is sure to clear the air.When it comes to applications the selection process can be complex to ensure the right VFD solution is selected to meet the required operation.  Chase reviews several applications that are common to industry to help listeners understand some of the variables that need to be considered before investing time and resources to ensure success. This episode is full of nuggets to help the industrial end user make more informed decisions with VFD technology.  Other areas such as heat, control, coordinated systems, reactors and multi-motor applications are all topics reviewed.  Guest: Chase Boehlke - Motion Control at SiemensHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsAdditional Resources: EECOonline.comHow to Select Between a Soft Starter and VFDWhat to consider with a VFD StartupWhat is a VFD
095. Season 3 Recap

095. Season 3 Recap


What an exciting season for EECO Asks Why.  It had multiple series, brand new heroes and ideas that are cutting edge.  In season 3 we began releasing 3 episodes per week due to your wonderful feedback and enthusiasm.  The idea episodes covered many new areas and highlighted several discussions with innovators of industry.  We started releasing all episodes on our YouTube channel and started and Instagram account to find new ways to reach others with the wonderful world of industry that we are proud to support.Season 4 will continue to focus on the heroes and ideas that make this country great. You can expect more direct manufacturing feedback as we want to take you inside many of the different industries that make up this exciting world.  As always we would love your feedback on what you like and areas we can modify to bring you the most impactful information.  Thank you for taking the time to listen to these powerful conversations and if you know someone who has an amazing story and/or a cutting edge topic that could help others please reach out.  Remember - keep asking why!!!Host: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsVideo Editing: Andi ThrowerEECO Asks Why YouTube ChannelEECO Asks Why Instagram Account
TW Controls is an innovative panel builder with a heart for teaching others about the exciting world of automation. Tim Wilborne is taking his passion for industry and is creating quite an impact.  He and his wife Amber began creating outstanding how to videos on various industrial automation topics and posting them weekly.  Together they have grown to over 25K subscribers on YouTube and are reaching people all over the world.  Tim talks about how he determines the topics that will help people the most and how their focus is on helping the technicians understand these topics in such a way to immediately support industry.  He speaks to the importance of working with middle and high school aged kids to introduce this exciting world to them early.  Their son competed in the “You Make It Challenge” and he speaks to the lessons learned through that experience and how it made such an impression on his life.  Tim’s approach to supporting industry is fun, impactful and is creating true value for those new to industry.  This is an action-packed episode and one we feel that could help so many people on their personal journey’s in life.  Automation is fun and Tim brings it all together.Guest: Tim Wilborne - Industrial Sorcerer at TW ControlsHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsVideo Editing: Andi ThrowerResources
Santa Thangavel is one of the sharpest minds in industrial networking.  He's accomplished great things in his career and shares about his journey to industry.  He attended the University of Texas and after graduation has served in several roles supporting the evolution of technology in industry.  He offers great advice to others around not limiting your thinking about your career.  As he puts it if you have the skills and experiences you can land wherever you desire.He is an avid outdoorsman and a bit of an adrenaline junkie!  Santa once zip lined over 150 live alligators and is always trying to find ways to get in the great outdoors.  He is a proud new father to a beautiful baby girl and is a dedicated family man.  Check out this episode to hear why Santa is one of our heroes! Guest: Santa Thangavel - Automation Network Engineer at ABBHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsSpecial Note* -  Since recording this episode, Santa took a new position as an Automation Network Engineer at ABB. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.
Dan Carnovale is the Power Systems Experience Center (PSEC) at Eaton and he has been taking a unique approach to helping others learn about the exciting world of power.  On an average year Dan hosts 7000-8000 people at the PSEC and the engagement with others is what he loves.  Through these interactions he noticed consistent themes around power topics and began addressing these areas with outstanding videos.  The topics can be complex, and their team has been extremely creative in developing ways to explain these areas in fun and meaningful ways.  He's been able to work with an amazing team at the PSEC and even found ways to have his daughter involved with several of the videos.  Dan shares lessons learned along the way and provided practical advice for those that want to learn about sharing their industry knowledge with others through videos.  These days it’s about meeting others where they’re at and as the skills gap and workforce attrition continues to be an issue its support from industry experts like Dan that will make a tremendous impact for the next generation of industry leaders.  We highly encourage a trip to the PSEC and checking out the great videos Dan and his team are generating to expand industry knowledge.  Who knows you may even find a Jurassic Park scene or two along the way!Guest: Dan Carnovale - Power Systems Experience Center Manager at EatonHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsVideo Editing: Andi ThrowerConnect with Dan: on YouTube Harmonic FAQ’s YouTube HarmonicsFalse energy savings is here:  (Full version) version (capacitor only):
Our hero Brandon Mendoza has a passion for engineering and helping people. He found a great intersection to be the exciting world of sales engineering. He first got exposure to this world working with Rockwell and now leads Oden Technologies as their director of sales.  Brandon offers up many areas of advice for those wanting to pursue their passions and practical tips for making those dreams a reality.   He emphasizes how important it is to find mentors that care about your success.  He refers to his personal board of directors and those are the individuals that he trusts to speak truth into his life and help guide his path.Brandon loves to get his adrenaline rushing outdoors and spends quite a bit of time mountain biking whenever he can in the beautiful state of Utah.  He has a personal passion around technology and innovation which you'll hear in his story.  You'll quickly hear why Brandon is one of our heroes!Guest:  Brandon Mendoza - Director of Sales at Oden TechnologiesHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsBooksThe Compelling Communicator How to Win Friends and Influence PeopleAligned to AchievePodcastsJoe Rogan podcastManufacturing Happy HourQuoteThat's what puts a smile on my face...helping people innovate and take their manufacturing operations to the next level is fun for me.
If the topic of Machine-as-a-Service (MaaS) is new to you this conversation covers the model in detail. Michael Cromheecke is the CEO of Steamchain and he unpacks this exciting new approach to industry. Essentially it is a business model that uses the data from the machinery to establish a contractual relationship.  In traditional business models OEM's build equipment to a designed set of standards and once the solution is running the manufacturer owns it from there. In the MaaS model end users are funding desirable outcomes of the asset.  OEM's benefit in this model also as they can establish recurring revenue streams tied directly to machine performance. Their partnerships strengthen with the businesses they support as they have monetary incentives to reach premium efficiency of a given asset throughout the life of the equipment.  When improvements are found and implemented both the manufacturer and OEM will reap the rewards.Mike is extremely passionate about this topic and feels it could be a new way for manufacturers and OEM's to grow in the future.  This is an exciting idea and one that we hope will help business owners and leadership as they think about the future of capital assets and meeting market demands. Guest: Michael Cromheecke - CEO & Co-Founder of SteamchainHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsVideo Editing: Andi Website
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