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Paula Courtney has an amazing journey that is full of inspiration for others to learn from.  As the CEO of Verde Group she is leading the way in improving the customer experience by providing insightful market research consultation services. Paula shares about her entrepreneurial journey and how taking risks was something she always leaned into and the results have been incredible. She take time to unpack several items that are sure to aid others in their journey including:What it takes to find success as an entrepreneurHow women can support each other for successWhy nurturing confidence is key for a growth mindsetWho we can learn from to grow (the power of mentors)Paula is a phenomenal leader and finds true joy in helping others find success.  It was a blessing to get a peak into her amazing world.  This is a powerful conversation that is full of insight to help anyone grow in the future.Be the hero you have inside and keep asking why!Guest: Paula Courtney - CEO & President at The Verde GroupWebsiteVerde Group BlogHBR ArticleTwitterIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsPodcast Editor: Andi Thrower
What if you could look at your operations holistically and marry your energy data to the production data?  Welcome - you just entered the world of energy intelligence! Natalie Birdwell is leading the way in this sector and helping industrial users everywhere make an impact with the energy they are already consuming.  In this conversation Natalie unpacks items such as:How to move from energy monitoring to energy intelligenceAreas of low hanging fruit to get a quick win and build advocatesTypes of individuals involved with energy intelligence initiatives Potential headwinds that exist and how to adjustMeasuring what matters - how to speak the right language to show real resultsAs Natalie highlights energy intelligence provides the industrial user the ability to look out of the windshield and make decisions that will positively impact operations based off the energy being utilized.  That is a huge leap forward and one that many can start taking advantage of now.To learn more about this fascinating topic we encourage you to connect with Natalie and the great team at as they are leading the way with helping industry make a true impact with energy intelligence!Guest: Natalie Birdwell - VP of Strategic and Corporate Development @ ndustrial.ioIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsPodcast Editor: Andi Thrower
At the core of who Tanuj Thapliyal is a desire to help people.  That has driven him to great lengths and ultimately founding Spot AI.  Tanuj put in the work to learn the skills needed to serve others so much so that he completed a double masters program at Stanford.  Having a passion for entrepreneurship he has great advice for those wanting to pursue their own path.Some of his advice included finding those that are a few steps ahead of where you are to help push you to achieve what you never knew possible.  He correlates being an entrepreneur to playing a game of croquet versus golf.  In his view it is not so much about the long drives that make a difference in business as much as it is the little steps you take every day to get better. Tanuj is helping industrials all over realize the power they have at their fingertips in utilizing video technology to enable better business decisions and improve processes.  He has a great practice where he tracks what brings him energy and what takes it away.  From reviewing those results he tries to lean in on the items that help him grow and also brings fulfillment to his journey.  That is a cool tip many can learn and start implementing today.  From sausage McMuffin's to video enabled AI this conversation has it all.  You'll quickly hear why Tanuj is our hero and we highly encourage others to connect with him and the team at Spot AI for support in turning video into decisions on the plant floor.Guest: Tanuj Thapliyal - CEO at Spot AIIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsPodcast Editor: Andi Thrower
Do not leave culture to chance because it influences everything!  David Friedman literally wrote the book on how to design company cultures that make an impact and he shares some of the insights he's learned over the years that are sure to help you move forward.  David leaves no ground uncovered and reviews areas such as:How culture can drift and what to do to correct itWhat a "culture plan" is and why most organizations miss this Eight step framework for creating a winning cultureThe incredible power of ritualsHow to create fundamentals (behaviors) that you'll actually have buy in withImplementation and putting culture into practiceDavid is an award winning Vistage speaker and has poured his heart into the topic of culture.  It can be what separates the best from the rest and is now more critical than ever when it comes to attracting and keeping talent.  As industry evolves the importance of company culture keeps rising as a key differentiator and conversations like this are sure to set you on a path of success.  So will you design your culture or are you letting the environment around you define it for you?We highly encourage others to connect with David and the team at CultureWise as they are the industry leaders in helping businesses take control and begin acting with intent to build a culture by design! Guest: David J. Friedman - Founder/CEO at CultureWiseDavid's Resources: WebsiteCulture By Design - BookIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsPodcast Editor: Andi Thrower
Every journey is unique and what makes Bob Meads so special is the passion in which he unpacks his creation story that led him to the amazing world of augmented reality.  Beginning with his career in the Navy, Bob always had a passion for technology.  That love for technology presented many opportunities for him to grow his skillset which included items such as computer and PLC programming.  From C++ to Java he never backed down from the challenge of mastering these platforms.  At the heart of what he always loved was software.  So when the opportunity presented itself to solve problems that industrial manufacturers were facing with a technology like augmented reality Bob leaned in and hasn't looked back.  He's literally on the front lines of many industry 4.0 initiatives and helps people every day accomplish some of their most challenging modernization goals.Bob's happiness comes from serving others and that resonates loud and clear in his story.  For fun you can find him brewing some of his favorite beers while manning a smoker full of seasoned meat.  Bob is hands down a hero of industry and we know his story will leave you inspired and ready to chase your passions.We hope you enjoy and remember to keep asking why! Guest: Bob Meads - President at iQagentAugmented Reality DemoIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsPodcast Editor: Andi Thrower
To create visibility for your business you must be able to position yourself and your company as expert resources.  Through that process you can earn attention, trust and visibility.  But how is that accomplished?  Welcome to the party industrial marketing!  In this idea episode Joe Sullivan from Gorilla 76 breaks down ways that manufacturers can take the lead and be in control of so much of their destiny in the future.Joe covers many areas including:Knowing your audienceHow to talk about and overcome "resistance" New ways to conduct market researchMarketing and sales convergence How to engage subject matter experts to build valueKnowledge extraction dayDeliver value without sellingThe true purpose of marketing for manufacturingJoe brought his A game in this conversation and it is chocked full of wisdom and insight that you can act on today.  The bottom line is that if you are trying to reach new levels of growth you need to know how your audience consumes information, how they make buying decisions and then meet them where they are rather than forcing the way you want to sell on them.We highly encourage others to connect with Joe and the team at Gorilla 76 as they are making a significant impact on industry and their solutions could be the next move that sets you apart in the market.Guest: Joe Sullivan - Thinker & Founder @ Gorilla 76 Joe's Recourses:Gorilla 76 Industrial Marketing Learning CenterThe Manufacturing Executive PodcastIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsPodcast Editor: Andi Thrower
As the industrial world evolves more and more attention is centering around data.  These days the plant floor has access to more data than ever before.  But it's not enough to simply have data - you have to use that to make better business decisions.  Enter the world of industrial analytics!  In this episode Matt Hussey unpacks ways in which those in the industrial sector are acting to make more informed decisions and ultimately improve their processes.  He covers items such as:The four basic quadrants of industrial analyticsUse cases that bring theory to applicationHow predictive analytics has migrated from hand held routes to diagnostic systemsDemystifying "Prescriptive" analytics - it's easier than you think!Sifting through the "fluff" to get to the heart of what mattersHeadwinds and ways to avoid themCompany culture and the impact (good/bad) with this methodologyThis was full of insight and tips that you can apply right now in your facility to start taking advantage of the data at your fingertips.  For support and to continue the conversation reach out to the EECO team as we would love to learn about your goals with industrial analytics and can help with resources to support your journey.Enjoy, lean in and keep asking why! Guest: Matt Hussey - Industrial Digital Sales Manager at EatonIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsPodcast Editor: Andi Thrower
Entrepreneurship, video and ministry - this hero episode covers it all!  Jeff Long is absolutely crushing it at True Focus Media and he stopped in to share his story and encourage others to pursue their passions.  As a fresh graduate from a Bible College Jeff quickly learned that his calling would be in digital marketing and he has never looked back.  He is a natural problem solver and shares how stair-stepping an entrepreneurial journey helps you grow as your confidence and abilities do.  He shattered the mold that you cannot purse careers outside of your "degree" field and recognizes that ultimately businesses are looking for people that have passion and that can add value.  As a life long learner Jeff is intentional about investing in learning new skills as if we are not constantly challenging ourselves we are never moving forward.  We talk about mentors a lot on EECO Asks Why and while Jeff finds value there he leans hard into mastermind groups and speaks to the value they can bring for those wanting to connect with others and to be challenged in their careers.  He shares about an amazing 360 degree video project of a manufacturing site and how his love of helping manufacturing with marketing drives him everyday!  We talk about life outside of True Focus Media and Jeff shares about his amazing family and things they enjoy to do together.  The lightning round was a blast and we bet you'll never guess what his favorite music is...Christmas!!  Sit back and be ready for an inspirational story from our hero Jeff Long!   Guest: Jeff Long - Owner of True Focus MediaTrue Focus Media:WebsiteLinkedInIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsPodcast Editor: Andi Thrower
Get ready for serious truth as Mike Weinberg shares his insight on how to simply sales for industry.  Mike is a consultant, sales coach, speaker and author on a mission to simplify sales. His specialties are New Business Development and Sales Management, and his passion is helping companies and salespeople win more new sales!   Forbes named Mike a Top Sales Influencer and other publications list him as the #1 Sales Expert to follow on Twitter. Mike has spoken and consulted on five continents and is the author of three Amazon #1 Bestsellers. In this episode he peels off several layers of the onion when it comes to sales and provides great insight to help both sales professionals and sales management in the pursuit of their personal best.  Some of the areas unpacked are:Why "Sales" gets a bad rapHow many overcomplicate the sales processImportance of realizing that "Sales Follows Strategy"Power of storiesIs the art of asking questions dead?What is active listeningIs CRM a dirty word!Irony - COMPensation and COMPlacency start with the same 4 lettersBlurring the lines between selling and managingValue of coaches and mentorsThis is just a taste of what Mike unpacks and this is one you will want to be ready to take notes with as there are so many areas covered where you can take action today.  As industry continues to evolve it is extremely important to remain grounded on how to best serve others.  With the right mindset, training and attitude sales can be an extremely fulfilling career.  We thank Mike for sharing so much wisdom and we hope this helps others grow their skills and confidence to master the critical art of sales in industry! Guest: Mike Weinberg - Consultant, Coach, Speaker, and AuthorResources:Mike Weinberg's WebsiteNew Sales. SimplifiedSales Management. Simplified Sales Truth Industry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsPodcast Editor: Andi Thrower
The skills gap is a real issue in industry and there is a great opportunity to improve by encouraging and supporting women to join this sector.  To help explore this idea we brought in a power house panel of ladies to listen and learn from.  Mayuri Dahibhate, Alexus Hancock and Meaghan Ziemba are all EECO Asks Why Heroes and they brought a ton of wisdom and insight into what they see first hand and what should be considered in the future.  They unpack many areas including:Why this topic matters to them!What can women do right now to make an impact in industry!Some of the biggest moves forward that are moving the needle!Advice for the next generation of ladies that will help them see the many different opportunities that exist and ways to start their journey!So much more!The reality is that to improve the skills gap in industry will be a collective effort of both men and women working together.  This is a powerful conversation that will serve industry leaders, advocates and the next generation as we strive to make an impact on the critical issue of skills gap in industry! Lean in, support others and keep asking why! Guests:Mayuri Dahibhate - Manufacturing Software Engineer at P&GAlexus Hancock - Plant Support Engineer at Dominion EnergyMeaghan Ziemba - Creator and host of Mavens of Manufacturing Host - Chris GraingerExecutive Producer - Adam SheetsPodcast Editor - Andi ThrowerIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagram 
Guests:Mary Bruce Clemons - Industrial Controls Technician @ TW ControlsTaylor Smith - Creative Marketing and Sales Specialist @ PSNERGY Linda Freeman - Industry Manager @ Rockwell AutomationEECO Asks Why is still celebrating the incredible women of industry! This week we discuss the families. There is a tremendous impact that industry has our family.  We brought in three heroes to unpack how they feel that impact firsthand.  Mary Bruce Clemons, Linda Freeman and Taylor Smith share their hearts as they explore areas such as:Family constructs and how the dynamics have evolvedHeadwinds that women in industry face directly regarding their familiesAdvances forward that are supporting women in industryAdvice for dads that want to support and be present moreHow leadership can embrace new ideas to attract more womenThey also provide great examples of how their companies are embracing flexibility and trust within their employees to create a work environment that you want to be a part of. At EECO we fully support and recognize the importance of family.  It is an honor to present this thought-provoking discussion from true industry experts as it is through these conversations that we grow together.Remember, keep asking why and share this with others for encouragement for industry and our families to flourish in the future. Guest Mentions:First Robotics CompetitionRachel Hutter - SVP Worldwide Safety, Health, Engineering & Sourcing @ Walt Disney ParksAshleigh Walters - President of Onex Rupi Kaur - Canadian Poet Ram Dass - American spiritual teacher, guru of modern yoga, psychologist, and authorHost - Chris GraingerExecutive Producer - Adam SheetsPodcast Editor - Andi ThrowerIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagram 
Whoever said "It's a Man's World" needs to pull up a chair and listen to these heroes of industry!Libbie Harrison and Stephanie Brantley tackle the topic of "It's a Man's World" head on and their candidness, insight and wisdom is something we all can learn from. They unpack many items including:☑ Their general perception of how women are viewed in industry.☑ The biggest headwinds women face.☑ Some of the biggest moves forward in the recent years for women in industry.☑ Tips and advice for ladies considering this path in their future.Libbie and Stephanie both are leaders in their crafts and we hope their message provides encouragement and assurance for others to kick the old mindsets and perceptions to the curb and come join an industry where your talents are needed and where you will have the ability to make an impact on the world🌎 around you.Guests:Stephanie Brantley - Regional Customer Service Manager at Electrical Equipment Company (EECO)Libbie Harrison - Associate Director of Client Services at MerckHost - Chris GraingerExecutive Producer - Adam SheetsPodcast Editor - Andi ThrowerIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagram 
Get ready for one of the most impactful conversations ever on EECO Asks Why!  In 2020 we had a series that focused on Women in Engineering and those stories resonated with so many people.  In 2022 we wanted to serve you by bringing panels of women together to share their insight on topics that are critical to industry.  The panel featured in this episode focused on the topic of leadership and their insight was nothing short of spectacular. Joining the panel we had returning guest Natalie Birdwell, Megan Samford, and Lee Chapman. These ladies covered it all and gave a true behind the scenes look at what leadership looks like for women in industry.They unpack items such as:What is different for women in leadership positions?Is it a level playing field?What are some of the biggest moves forward industry has made?What does work/life balance look like?This conversation covers it all and we hope it provides hope and inspiration for the next generation of women leaders that industry desperately needs.  Share this message with your daughters, nieces, aunts, and mothers as there is a great opportunity in front of us to support women as industry continues to grow and thrive in this country.Guests:Natalie Birdwell - VP of Strategic and Corporate Development at Megan Samford - VP and Chief Product Security Officer - Energy Management at Schneider Electric Lee Chapman - President at TREW MarketingResources:Dare to Lead by Brene' Brown Influence by Dr. Robert CialdiniBlink by Malcolm GladwellOutliers by Malcolm GladwellThe Hard Thing about Hard Things by Ben HorowitzTweetable quotes:"Define success on your own terms. Achieve it by your own rules. And build a life that you're proud to live." "The first rule of any game is to know that you're in one." "There's a lot of things that sometimes happen that are out of our control and it's how we choose to respond to that."Host - Chris GraingerExecutive Producer - Adam SheetsPodcast Editor - Andi ThrowerIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagram 
The world of business is constantly changing and as technology has evolved the importance of video to serve others has risen.  Jeff Long is a leader in industry by helping manufacturers create valuable content that engages potential buyers as they evaluate available solutions.  With nearly 70% of the buyer journey being completed before sales is contacted it is becoming more and more critical to have valuable content ready to serve when the questions arise.This can be a daunting statistic and often leaves people feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start.  Jeff unpacks the wonderful idea of "Video Value Bombs" and shares how they can make a significant impact for any company.  He explains this process and how many of the subject matter experts you already have on your team are the prime candidates to share ideas and topics that clients need support in.  Jeff lays out a process that is sure to set you on a path to success:Develop a content roadmapMultiply the contentSupercharge the content distributionHe shares tips, hardware considerations, key performance indicators to measure success by, the power of the different forms of media and who can lead the charge for great content that serves the clients you want in the future.  This is an intense conversation full of action items that will change the way you view content.  Grab a pen and paper for notes and get your camera ready as when this is over you will be equipped and ready to start dropping your very own Video Value Bombs!  Guest: Jeff Long - Owner of True Focus Media True Focus Media: WebsiteLinkedIn Industry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsPodcast Editor: Andi Thrower
The best way to learn about the next generation of heroes is by talking to them directly.  Michael Wilborne is well on his path to a future leader of industry and already has some incredible experiences that he unpacks.  Growing up around automation and controls provided him a unique opportunity to see first hand the amazing paths that exist for his future journey. He is an Industrial Sorcerer in training and his dad Tim hold the title now.  Michael explains how his high school offers technical courses and the perception around them.  There are items that many schools could consider to enhance these programs such as marketing, funding and awareness.  As he points out too many high schoolers simply are not aware of the great potential that exists when you learn these skills.Michael shared about an incredible experience he had at the "You Make It Challenge" hosted by Rockwell Automation.  He finished third in the country with his project and grew leaps and bounds throughout that process.  Job fairs and internships are explored on ways that they could be enhanced to give a better experience for the student.  With the connected world of Social Media he explains where his generation consumes content and what they are looking for.  He shares some great tips on how any business could engage and create value and inquisitiveness to learn more.  Michael Wilborne is a stellar young man with a future that has no limits.  We highly encourage everyone to share this with teenagers, parents and industry leaders as there is much to learn from this future hero of industry! Guest: Michael Wilborne - The Industrial Sorcerer in Training at TW ControlsHost: Chris Grainger Executive Producer: Adam SheetsPodcast Editor: Andi ThrowerIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!Facebook Instagram 
Video technology is right at the center of many Industry 4.0 initiatives.  However, many industrial owners struggle with implementation in a way that makes a meaningful impact to the business.  Tanuj Thapliyal unpacks how any manufacturer could start this process and it is as easy as utilizing existing equipment.  He explains that the key to getting these initiatives moving is by lowering the barrier of entry and finding wins early to build advocates.  Video can be the ultimate ground truth to what's happening on the plant floor and it provides context like no other.  From evaluating items that affects the overall process such as down conveyors to enhancing safety programs through robust training programs, the human side of technology is something that should be embraced as businesses grow in the future.  Tanuj leaves no stone unturned as he reviews potential headwinds with technology such as identifying proper work flows and user cases that will make an impact.  He speaks to the importance of engineering simplicity into these systems and how to tie everything back to measurable results of improvement.  As the industrial world evolves technologies such as video will become more and more integral to the success of manufacturing.  Sit back and learn from the expert himself and increase your awareness and confidence in starting down your own path of integrating these technologies in the future. Guest: Tanuj Thapliyal - CEO at Spot AIIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsPodcast Editor: Andi Thrower
Talk about passion for your career!!!  Allie Donnelly is our hero and we are convinced that she will quickly become yours as well.  Allie's passion for her trade pours out of her in this conversation.  As a young apprentice electrician she recognizes the amazing future that lies ahead and walks us through some of the steps she's taken along the way to pave the path.  Allie always had a high level of curiosity and she shares how her mother always had her around trades which exposed her to a multitude of career opportunities.  Ultimately she landed on the electrical trade and hasn't looked back for a minute.  Allie lays out advice for those coming up behind her on how to learn about certain trades and tricks she used along  the way to make meaningful connections.  She is an avid LinkedIn user and often shares her masterpieces (yes we do mean masterpieces) as she is pushing to bring awareness to this trade and we think she is doing a phenomenal job.  Outside of her network she shares how mentors have helped her grow and the importance of being able to seek wise counsel from others. For those that want to know her favorite tool in her arsenal you'll have to check out her feedback!  She is a lover of the great outdoors and is always looking for an adventure.  Anyone making a visit to Canada will not want to miss her suggestions on the best waterfalls she's visited.  Allie lights up any room that she enters (no pun intended - or maybe so...) and you will quickly hear why she is our HERO! Guest: Allie Donnelly - Apprentice Electrician and Panel BuilderIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsPodcast Editor: Andi ThrowerAllie Mentions:Canadian Electric CodeIndustrial Control PanelsJames and the Giant Peach
So many industrial companies are struggling with their industrial network especially with the increased demand on data for process improvement. Ron Thompson shares the experience he had at Lampe & Malphrus Lumber Company as he led a massive overhaul of the complete network.  Their needs started to include areas such as video and the infrastructure that existed simply could not support the demands.We've all seen the "network closet" and Ron shares how that too was a reality when they started the journey.  He found value in focusing on a comprehensive assessment to get started and that laid the base for critical decisions they needed to make in the future.  He unpacks how hardware was evaluated and the overall network design considerations that made an impact.The beauty of Ron's story is how it clearly demonstrates what can be accomplished with the right mindset and process.  From small/midsize industrials to large corporations the outline that Ron adhered to will set you up for success.  We suggest that you grab a notepad and get ready for the wisdom and insight that Ron lays out as he details how they went from a network that wasn't reliable to one that is poised to support their business for years into the future.  Ron Thompson -  Controls and HMI development manager at Lampe & Malphrus Lumber CompanyIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsPodcast Editor: Andi Thrower
Our hero Michael Manzi loves a challenge.  From serving our country in the Navy working in nuclear submarines to designing world class MIS systems his journey will have you on the edge of your seat.  He shares story after story of how he had challenges land at his feet and the methodical way he approached them all to reach the ultimate solution.  He offers advice for those wanting to pursue a career in industry and he leads with you should always be an advocate for yourself.  Those are powerful words and he explains why that is important as you need to stay focused on integrity and accept blame when items happen.  There's nothing quite as upbuilding as owning a problem and leaning into it to find a solution.Michael loves seeing people that he enables do great things.  He is a teacher at heart and loves to pass knowledge to others.  He's also a big gamer and loves to do pretty fun projects around the house to destress.  There are lots of twists and turns in Michael's story and all of them make him our hero! Guest: Michael Manzi - Manufacturing Information Systems Practice Lead at Feyen ZylstraIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsPodcast Editor: Andi ThrowerMichael Mentions:Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig  Irrational Man by William Barrett
Augmented reality is no longer chasing around Pokémon!  It has made it to the plant floor and we unpack how you can start utilizing this technology in your facility immediately. Bob Meads shares a ton of insight on the evolution of augmented reality technology and how he is helping industrial users leverage it in their everyday operations. Bob reviews the impact technologies such as this can have on the culture of a company and the best approach for desired results. He explores practical applications that all industrial facilities have and how implementing augmented reality could improve the efficiency and safety across the board.  The technology is changing fast and the ones that lean in and begin building solutions will be leading the way.So stop chasing those Pokémon for now and see what possibilities exist for augmented reality at your facility in the future!   Guest: Bob Meads - President at iQagent Augmented Reality DemoIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsPodcast Editor: Andi Thrower
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