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Welcome to EECO Ask’s Why – A podcast that dives into industrial manufacturing topics and spotlights the heroes that keep America running. On this weekly podcast, we do not cover the latest features and benefits on products that come to market. Instead, we focus on advice and insight from the top minds of industry because people and ideas will be how America remains number one in manufacturing in the world.
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Imagine 20+ years ago, a pharmaceutical facility operating with 8 computers on the entire site. Now imagine the facility of today with an extreme level of connectivity. In this episode, Joe Barton walks us thru the evolution he's experienced as the IT leader at Merck, from those initial 8 PC's to the hyper connected plant they have today.  Joe shares how standards impacted the evolution and provides sage advice for anyone that may be self evaluating their career. Joe began his career as a chemist, took a radical turn towards IT and never looked back.  His personal "why" will leave you speechless as he talks about his dad and the many ways he was impacted by watching him serve others from his military service to being there for his spouse when needed most. This was a truly inspirational story and cements why Joe Barton is one of our heroes. Guest: Joe Barton - IT Plant Site Lead at Merck & CompanyHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam Sheets
Megan Samford unpacks the core of product security and addresses why this should be important for everyone to understand in industry.  She speaks to the two primary lenses that product security identifies with.  Secure development life cycle and actual product design are covered in depth and she does a great job of relating these areas to how they impact the manufacturing environment. IT/OT convergence is covered as the need access data across many levels of network infrastructure is something industry is facing right now.  Her goal is to define the areas to be aware of and what steps you can take to protect your facility from unwanted outsiders.  This is an action packed conversation and will have you taking notes to put the proper walls up that will keep your industrial environment safe and secure!Guest: Megan Samford - Vice President, Chief Product Security Officer - Energy Management at Schneider ElectricHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsResources:Trainings & CertificationsIdaho National Lab (ICS 301 Course) - Ethical Hacker Certification - Certification - Certification - Peterson's S4 Conference - YouTube Channel -
Santa Thangavel does an excellent job of relating how security can be compromised in an industrial environment.  Often security breaches are not intentional by the one who allows access but they are always intentional by the outsiders trying to get in.  Santa breaks down the delineation between OT and IT.  He highlights how cybersecurity impacts OT more directly as the need in the industrial floor is centered around availability and time impacts manufacturing at great lengths.  For those that aren't familiar with the CIA Triad Santa unpacks this including Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.  He emphasizes the need for manufacturing to begin focusing on a more secure journey and in this episode gives great insight on steps to take to get started. Guest: Santa Thangavel - Automation Network Engineer at ABBHost: Chris Grainger.Executive Producer: Adam Sheets.
Cyber security is becoming more important as digital transformation impacts industry. With the development of technology connectivity and access to data is growing by leaps and bounds.  With that growth there is a growing risk in terms of security.  In this episode Bill Medcalf breaks down the areas you should be aware of in the industrial environment and actionable steps that can be taken to be proactive in your security position.  Security assessments are reviewed to highlight how to establish a clear baseline from a security risk standpoint at which it also helps define the roadmap for improvement.  Bill reviews the importance of education and taking it as an individual responsibility to keep yourself and your workplace safe and secure. Guest: Bill Medcalf Director of Information Systems at Global Process AutomationHost: Chris Grainger.Executive Producer: Adam Sheets.Audio Engineer: Luke Yntema.Resources: NIST Framework.Connect with GPA on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, or visit their Website.
It's rare to cross paths with someone that exudes true humility.  That's exactly what happened with the conversation with Tim Woodson.  In this inspiring story Tim explains how he worked his way from an entry level welder to the president of Sentry Equipment. Tim explains the importance of helping others and how throughout his career many people have positively impacted him. He explains how the landscape is changing in his industry and the impact technology is having on the future which includes exciting items such as robotics. Tim's story highlights how kindness, compassion and humility are attributes that we all should be more intentional about implementing in our daily lives. Guest: Tim Woodson - President at Sentry EquipmentHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam Sheets
As WiFi enters the industrial sector it can be hard to understand some of the specific impacts. Scott McNeil is an expert in this industry and clears the air on what this means and areas to understand to ensure your WiFi system is designed properly.  Scott addresses areas such as packet loss, latency and data throughput.  The industrial environment presents new challenges and knowing how to address these items head on will ensure the industrial WiFi network will perform as desired. OWN YOUR AIRSPACE!  The areas that Scott addresses shows step by step areas to focus on that will lead to success! Guest: Scott McNeil - Senior Network and Security Engineer at GPAHost: Chris Grainger.Executive Producer: Adam Sheets.Resources: Industrial Wifi ShopEECO Article on Industrial WiFi
In this episode Dan Leeman shares his personal journey and provides insightful professional wisdom. Dan states that in life you should seek a mentor and at the same time be intentional about mentoring others.  He addresses workforce attrition as a hurdle and areas he sees that industry should respond. A highlight in his career was tied directly to an innovative solution that revolutionized safety in MCC design.  That led to several patents and something that Dan looks back on fondly.  He's passionate about industry and his career at Eaton has evolved to many different areas. Dan is one of our heroes and is a walking testimony to the wonderful opportunities that exist in industry when your personal passion and talents combine. Guest: Dan Leeman - District Services Manager at EatonHost: Chris Grainger.Executive Producer: Adam Sheets.Audio Engineer: Luke Yntema.
To wrap up our amazing Women in Engineering series we asked Christine LaFave Grace to explore with us the idea of "now what?" Christine unpacks a ton of wisdom and insight on how the landscape is changing and what individuals as well as companies could do to create more positive strides moving forward. She shares ideas around diversity and inclusion that are thought provoking and actionable. The women in the series each had unique paths and experiences that led them to where they are. Christine has a way of finding the red thread to tie us all together on how we can grow as a culture to support each other in the pursuit of our personal best. Special thank you to Christine for bringing such wisdom, insight and inspiration to cat off this wonderful series. We hope you enjoyed the Women in Engineering series and if you would like to see this again please let us know and submit potential candidates that we should contact. Guest: Christine LaFave Grace - Writer, editor, storyteller. Move and be moved.Host: Chris Grainger.Executive Producer: Adam Sheets.Audio Engineer: Luke Yntema.
Megan Samford had one of the most heartfelt conversations we've experienced on EECO Asks Why. She shares her personal testimony on why she pursued her career path in security which is extremely moving. Her career has accelerated fast and after hearing her story you'll understand why. She has a heart for helping others and is always approaching each situation with empathy and compassion. Her personal drive is incredible and proves that if you are willing to put in the effort great things are possible. She believes in being transparent and always owning your situation (good and bad) - 99% truth is a 100% lie. This episode is full of wisdom and insight that is sure to provide inspiration. Megan is doing great things and she hopes this conversation will speak to the listener out there that is ready to take that most important first step. Guest: Megan Samford - Vice President, Chief Product Security Officer - Energy Management at Schneider ElectricHost: Chris Grainger.Executive Producer: Adam Sheets.Audio Engineer: Luke Yntema.
Amanda Elliott is pursuing her passion in the paper industry. Prior to recording Amanda was supporting the mill on the top of a 10 story crane! She's making it happen and loving every minute of it! In her story she shares her passion for engineering and how it led her to industry.  She's a natural story teller and brings truth to many myths out there when it comes to manufacturing. Pulp and Paper is a demanding industry but with up and comers like Amanda on the scene it's one with a very bright future. Listen for her passion in this conversation and you'll quickly hear why Amanda is on of our heroes!Guest: Amanda Elliott - E&I Reliability Engineer at International PaperHost: Chris Grainger.Executive Producer: Adam Sheets.Audio Engineer: Luke Yntema.Resources:Books:7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleLeaders Eat LastYou Don't Need a Title to be a LeaderClassic Literature Authors:Jane Austin Bronte SistersPodcasts:This American LifeInvisibilia Radio Lab
Linda Freeman fell in love with manufacturing after watching Dawn dish detergent being made. From there she found a wonderful opportunity to support industry across the country with Rockwell. She has a passion for supporting STEM programs and inspiring the next generation to pursue their dreams in engineering. Items such as volunteerism is something that often gets overlooked and she shares how the act of supporting causes can impact your career. She loves solving problems and appreciates how each day brings a new challenge. Linda encourages everyone to learn how their role impacts the greater vision wherever you are.  From on the plant floor to in the executive room everyone has the opportunity to make a positive impact in this world. Linda is a wonderful advocate for women in engineering and you'll quickly see why she is one of our heroes. Guest:Linda Freeman - Entertainment Industry Specialist at RockwellHost: Chris Grainger.Executive Producer: Adam Sheets.Audio Engineer: Luke Yntema.
Mary Burgoon has a passion for manufacturing and inspiring others to consider industry. She speaks directly to the importance of finding mentors and how to network to further your career opportunities. She's had the opportunity to visit some of the most advanced manufacturing plants in the country and shares about items she's experienced that could ignite a fuse in the next great generation of engineers. Her passion for supporting STEM programs is evident and at her current role she's impacting the lives of our military service men and women. Mary's energy is contagious and her "Why" is compelling - she gets to change peoples lives every day through AAM and giving back is at the heart of who she is.  This is a can't miss conversation and may provide the inspiration you've been looking for. Guest:Mary Burgoon - Business Development Manager - Academy of Advanced Manufacturing (Rockwell)Host: Chris Grainger.Executive Producer: Adam Sheets.Audio Engineer: Luke Yntema.
Rebecca Diederich is making a huge impact at NC State as an Energy Project Engineer. She shares with us how she got started in Energy and the opportunities that she took advantage of when they presented themselves. While at NC State she was able to get started thru an internship and that led to a full time role upon graduation at which she's continuing to grow.  She shares several resources that she finds valuable which could be helpful for women entering industry.  Most of all you'll hear her passion for what she does and how she's looking ahead to the changing needs of energy management systems.  She is one of our heroes and this episode is full of inspiration for those ready to take that most important first step into something new. Guest: Rebecca Diederich - Energy Project Engineer at NC State UniversityHost: Chris Grainger.Executive Producer: Adam Sheets.Audio Engineer: Luke Yntema.Resources: Girl Wash Your Face
Molly Murphy talks with us about her passions in business.  Molly is the Senior Vice President of Eaton's Electrical Sector supporting North America. With such responsibility she is constantly trying to understanding the changing needs of the market. Molly shares about areas that others should consider when coming to industry and also the importance of building and caring for your personal network.  You'll instantly hear how genuine and caring Molly is throughout this conversation and see how her career has evolved to the areas she's responsible for currently. She opens up about areas she supports outside of work and why they are so near and dear to her heart. Also, if you've ever wondered the correct pronunciation of Gonzaga you don't want to miss this!!  Get ready to be inspired as you hear Molly's exciting story unfold. Guest: Molly Murphy - SVP North America Sales, Electrical Sector at EatonHost: Chris Grainger.Executive Producer: Adam Sheets.Audio Engineer: Luke Yntema.
Libbie Harrison is on the front lines and making it happen at Merck. She takes us through her personal journey to manufacturing and talks a lot about why she is so passionate about manufacturing. At her current company she supports life saving drugs and she shares how you should try to align your career with areas that you are passionate about to find complete fulfillment in your work. Libbie wants to impact all of those around her and after listening to her story you will be move. Hope you enjoy hearing one of our heroes in this exciting conversation. Guest: Libbie Harrison - Associate Director Client Services at MerckHost: Chris Grainger.Executive Producer: Adam Sheets.Audio Engineer: Luke Yntema.
Krista Beyhaut is making a tremendous impact in industry. Working with Siemens she supports many industries in achieving many of their automation goals. Krista shares with us her unique journey that involved supporting another industry at one point in her career and what she learned from that experience. She talked about several resources she recommends for those that want to gain other perspectives and insight to grow not only their careers but as individuals.  Krista is one of our heroes and this conversation is full of insight and inspiration. Guest: Krista Beyhaut - Mid-Atlantic Sales Manager at SiemensHost: Chris Grainger.Executive Producer: Adam Sheets.Audio Engineer: Luke Yntema.Resources - Society of Women Engineers, National Association Electrical Distributors Podcasts - TED talks, TED Business, Oprah Podcast Books - Dare to Lead, Daring Greatly, Lean In
Lauren Arnold is a rising star in engineering. She shares her story on how she chose engineering and why she loves the career path she's on.  Lauren offers great insight to those wanting to enter engineering and speaks to areas that impacted her directly.  She also provides ideas on areas to volunteer that truly help young women pursue their dreams of being an engineer one day.  She is poised to do great things and will make a major impact throughout her career! Guest: Lauren Arnold - Management Engineer Duke University Health SystemHost: Chris Grainger.Executive Producer: Adam Sheets.Audio Engineer: Luke Yntema.Resource: Future City Competition
Miranda Shope has one of the most interesting stories you'll hear. She's been in hands on roles inside manufacturing all the way to executive leadership in major corporations.  Miranda shares some of the areas she focuses on to keep moving forward and offers great insight to those aspiring to enter industry.  She's traveled the globe and shares some wonderful stories about how that impacted her personally and developed her into the leader she is today.  Get ready to be inspired!  Guest: Miranda Shope - VP Operations at ChemTreatHost: Chris Grainger.Executive Producer: Adam Sheets.Audio Engineer: Luke Yntema.Resources: Hostage at the Table Mindset Note: Miranda transitioned roles from Avid to ChemTreat after recording this episode. We wish her the absolute best in her new adventure. 
What a season! We were blessed to have many wonderful guests and covered a multitude of topics. We'll recap some of the lessons learned with starting EECO Asks Why and give you a behind the scenes look at how things have evolved.  Upcoming in Season 2 we come out the gate with an amazing series that highlights Women in Engineering.  The guests we had for this series are sure to inspire and their stories are amazing.More great idea episodes are in the works and we would love your feedback on topics that you want to hear about.  Thank you for listening and remember to keep asking WHY!Host: Chris Grainger.Executive Producer: Adam Sheets.Audio Engineer: Luke Yntema.
Brian Logan is one of the most dynamic leaders in distribution. Brian shares his personal journey to industry and his passion for supporting others. He leads a highly talented group of sales professionals and walks thru areas that he focuses on for success. If you are in a leadership role or aspire to be Brian's insight will be beneficial.  He truly is one of our Heroes! Guest: Brian Logan, Regional Sales ManagerHost: Chris Grainger.Executive Producer: Adam Sheets.Audio Engineer: Luke Yntema.
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