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Fitter, Faster, Stronger

Author: Sunanda Wong

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Health, Fitness and well-being.
15 Episodes
In this In-depth, solution-oriented & interesting chat with Couch & Expert - Giles Dsouza about  Fitness, Rehabilitation & Longevity, we discuss the most frequently asked questions about Health & Fitness and some streamlined targetted questions about training the Special needs population, Senior citizens, & and people struggling with obesity. Enjoy! 
Yoga might be a car crash waiting to happen if not done correctly under expert supervision and care. In this episode, I am in conversation with Sunaina Rekhi an expert Yoga Practitioner and Psychotherapist about Yoga and what if could mean for your life.
On this episode of Understanding Inflammation we discuss:What is Inflammation?Why does it happen?What are the stages?The difference between Acute and Chronic Inflammation.Its link to Diseases.Testing and prevention.
On the 2nd part of Why Ayurveda will save your life, my guest Dimple Jangda - Ayurveda coach, Gut Rebuilder & Founder of Prana, answers some pertinent questions about Gut and Colon health, why and how we need to build a healthy gut to stave off mental, physical & psychosomatic disorders.
Part 1 of this week's episode is a study on how the practice of Ayurveda will save your life. I survey and inquire about the Preventive and curative abilities of an Ayurvedic lifestyle with Dimple Jangda an Ayurvedic Health Coach and Gut Rewiring Expert. We explore what the integration of Ayurveda can do to change the face of our life as we know it. It an absolutely unmissable episode. 
In this week's episode, I take a deep dive into the most important aspect of human life, One's Mental health with Japneet Anand - Psychologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Master NLP Trainer. We talk about fundamentals and ways to improve and sustain our mental health, realize our goals and ways to maintain the best mind-body connection to live our best lives possible.
In this episode Nutritional therapist, Avni Kaul answers some relevant questions about PCOS and PCOD as a condition, its management, and more. 
In this episode we discuss :-The foundation, practicality & sustainability of the Diet.Prerequisites one should take into consideration before going on this Diet.Benefits, and who should go Keto.
Kyon aur kaise karein Intermittent Fasting .
A crash course in the fundamentals of healthy eating, making smarter choices and possible disease reversal.
When you know better do better. Insulin resistant to Insulin sensitive.
Should we Fast during Covid times. 



Can Autophagy help you remain disease free.
Popular methods of IF , which one is for you and fits your life and needs.
A beginners guide to the healing world of Intermittent Fasting . Why should you do it ? Is it safe ? Is it sustainable ? 
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