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In Episode 125, #GODandMatter host, #ArleneJMGrant chatted with #PaulJohnDear while he was in Kuala Lumpur. Paul is a Rhythmic Bridge connecting people through music. He is also an ally and activist supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. On his website,, Paul states, "My life has been enriched by my encounters with BIPOC and by the cultural connections, learning and inspiration they have afforded me. I recognise the privilege with which I walk through this world and I will always stand against Racism." Paul is from the United Kingdom and the spelling may be a little different to those accustomed to American English, but the sentiment is and was heartfelt.Paul also connects people through his photography and poetry. Visiting Paul's site, provides a closer look into the beauty of his thoughts and spirit.During this Episode, Paul shared his original music produced in Scotland and also the poem, Community, from Starhawk, which he considers his go-to poem.For more information about GOD & Matter, visit our website at #ArleneJMGrant #attorney #podcast #blacklivesmatter #GOD #drummingcircle #PaulJohnDear #music #musician #ally #antiracism #education #black #woman
GOD & Matter is back with The Hempress, #KylaHill! #ArleneJMGrant, our host, interviewed Kyla, a trailblazer, vegan, leader of the Hemp Revolution and its legalization, and entrepreneur. This is episode 124!Kyla and I chatted at the beginning of the taping of GOD & Matter. We addressed the importance of nutrition and wellness, permaculture, sustainable fashion and lifestyles, her involvement in the hemp reality series, which led to her leading the effort to legalize hemp farming and use in products. Kyla is modest and truly a heroine among us. She and her dog, Sebastian offered great tips and advice for those looking for a sustainable lifestyle. You can learn more about Kyla and her products through and on Instagram @hempresshilPlease listen, share and subscribe. To learn more about #GODandMatter, visit our visit at Feel free to follow us @iamarliespeaks and @godandmatter Have a great day and Be Well!Much LUV and Respect!
GOD & Matter host, Arlene J.M. Grant, Esq., interviewed Tim Ellis, a musician, singer, songwriter/composer, producer, mixing and mastering engineer from the UK. Tim connected via Zoom from Spain.Tim is a prodigy, forming his first band at age 8 and building his career to wok solo and with other artists for many major and independent publishing and record companies as well as doing backing vocals, co-writing, remixing and mastering for Julian Lennon. He has also mixed, mastered, written and produced major hits in Asia and Europe for himself and other artists.Tim’s influences have always been varied. Having a musical family exposed Tim to many different genres of music. Early influences included classical and orchestral music of Stavinsky, Prokofief, Beethoven and Mahler as well as the Jazz world with Oscar Peterson, MJQ, Duke Ellington and Charles Mingus. In addition, Jimi Hendrix, Tangerine Dream, Jacques Brel, Roxy Music, Walter Carlos, Fats Waller, Pink Floyd, Hoagy Carmichael and The Sex Pistols shaped his perspective as a musician. Tim's influences have now widened to anything and everything.As well as recording and performing with the band "International Freak Machine," Tim composes music for film and TV worldwide and has also released two solo albums as well as ArlieSpeaks Media, LLC. Arlene and Tim's current single, "Choose Love" is available on streaming platforms and highlighted in this episode. Listeners also sample a highlight from Tim's song, Homeland, with International Freak Machine also streaming.Tim and Arlene came to know each other through a post on Julian Lennon's Facebook page, asking for "More Love Please." Arlene, a fan of Julian Lennon, reached out to thank Tim for such a considerate post in 2013. The connection led to a friendship and collaborations.#TimEllis #GODandMatter #ArleneJMGrant #podcast #music #singer #songwriter #producer #prodigy #chooselove #education #inspiration #musicpublishing #internationalfreakmachine #homeland
Arlene J.M. Grant, Esq. chatted with Philippa P.B. Hughes - today's Wonder Woman who has a passion for connecting people. Philippa and Arlene met several years ago sharing a passion for arts. The connection continued as Philippa evolved from art contrarian to social sculptor with The Pink Line Project, podcast host, and now on a mission to use art and conversation to preserve democracy! Interestingly, Arlene and Philippa share a legal background and similarities discovered in the course of this conversation. This episode underscores the importance of communication to prove that we are more similar while different. We also addressed how love of self and the knowing of self are key to raising the World's LUV vibration. Philippa is a fascinating person to learn from and listen to. Her cat Frankie also makes an appearance or two and completes an enjoyable experience. You can find out more about Philippa at and LookingForAmerica.usTo learn more about GOD & Matter or our host, Arlene J.M. Grant, Esq., please visit Also, we'd love your support - share this episode if you enjoyed it and subscribe to our channel - ArlieSpeaks Media, LLC.Copyright 2020 ArlieSpeaks Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved#GODandMatter #ArleneJMGrant #PhilippaHughes #socialsculptor #WonderWoman #LookingForAmerica #democracy #blueberriesandcherries #art #protest #connect #humanconnection #curiosityconnects #love #selflove #podcast #pod #entertainment #inspiration
Our host, Arlene J.M. Grant, Esq. recently chatted with Ceasar Kiveli, a 23 years old rapper, born and reared in Toledo, OH. GOD blessed Ceasar with the gift of music and he's using it to bring people closer to GOD. In all of his music, Ceasar gives GOD the Glory while sharing his testimony in hopes to inspire the people of GOD. His philosophy is, "You can make it if you prat and believe." Pursuing his passion in music, he just completed his first mixtape, "4Given" on June 29, 2020. This date is of significance as it is also his 23rd Birthday! During this episode we address faith, family and overcoming trauma to use one's gift. Ceasar and Arlene met through Devon Franklin's Instagram Live. She was struck by his strength, authenticity and spirit.This interview also features a performance - impromptu and also polished - from Ceasar's song "Hope." It is the "Eyes on Him" feature on the song.Stream Ceasar Kiveli on on all streaming platforms. Ceasar's website is and he's on at Ceasar Kiveli - Topic and on Instagram @ceasarkiveli. To learn more about GOD & Matter, please visit Also, please support us on by subscribing or on our YouTube channel.GOD & Matter is produced by ArlieSpeaks Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved Copyright 2020.#faith #GODandMatter #ArleneJMGrant #CeasarKiveli #podcast #ThroughTheValley
The Nappy Ninja, Piankhi Zimmerman, chatted with our host, Arlene J.M. Grant, Esq. in the first of a two part interview to discuss his life as a martial artist, mentor to children through as well as entrepreneurship. Piankhi called MMA fighting the Art of Dance in the ring - a beautiful description for a contact sport. But, this is a defining characteristic of the Nappy Ninja. He finds beauty to dance in an outside of life's ring. GOD & Matter is produced by ArlieSpeaks Media, LLC. Visit to learn more about GOD & Matter and Arlene J.M. Grant, Esq. Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved#GODandMatter #ArleneJMGrant #Podcast #NappyNinja #MMA #Fighter #inspiration #mentor #cyberninjazkids #faith #inspiration #PiankhiZimmerman
Episode 119 of GOD & Matter features Arlene J.M. Grant, Esq., our host, and Violette de Ayala of FemCity®.Violette is an empowered woman, wife and mother who launched her first business at the age of 22 and hasn't looked back. She is a social and serial entrepreneur with an obsession for business growth. Violette is seasoned in the rocky road of self-employment and understands the challenges and obstacles women face when creating their own vision of success. Her latest passion led to the creation of one of fastest growing International Business Organizations for Women - FemCity®.Violette is also the Author of The Self-Guided Guru, Life Lessons for the Everyday Human which is an International Amazon Best Seller Top 50 in the US and Top 10 in Canada for Self-Help and Spirituality. Arlene and Violette chatted at the beginning of the current pandemic and prior to the current civil unrest. To learn more about Violette, visit learn more about GOD & Matter or our host, Arlene J.M. Grant, Esq. please visit #ViolettedeAyala #ArleneJMGrant #podcast #inspiration #entrepreneur #cuban #jamaican #women #pandemic #empowerment #inspiration #femcity #meditation #selflove #whitelight #startingover #rockbottom #rebuilding #strongertogether
In Episode 118 of GOD & Matter, Arlene J.M. Grant, Esq. chats with Coffey Anderson - Mr. Red, White and Blue - a father, dedicated husband and Country Music singer. He is a genius!Arlene and Coffey discuss his path to the music industry, the impact of the death of George Floyd upon his family, Black History in America, and the importance of conversation as well as faith. This episode is the product of a social media exchange between Arlene and Coffey concerning police officers. The conversation was lively and heartfelt. Coffey offered great insight and information.In two months, Arlene and Coffey will continue the discussion.For more information about Coffey Anderson, please visit his website at: and his music is available on streaming platforms. You won't be disappointed!To learn more about Arlene and GOD & Matter, visit GODandMatter.comGOD & Matter is produced by ArlieSpeaks Media LLC. All Rights Reserved.©2020 ArlieSpeaks Media, LLC.#GODandMatter #ArleneJMGrant #CoffeyAnderson #conversation #blacklivesmatter #police #BlackHistory #faith #music #countrymusic
In Episode 117 of GOD & Matter, Arlene J.M. Grant, Esq. chatted with Arniece Greene, a realtor at serving Southern Maryland. Arniece offers twenty years of experience in the Real Estate and Property Management industry. She became a licensed Real Estate Agent in 2017 and actively tearing up the market to benefit buyers and sellers. She is a lifelong resident of the District of Columbia Metropolitan Area of which is versed in its "surroundings, culture, and inter-workings." Arniece identified her passions to include serving her community and fulfilling her client goals.Arniece, a twin, is a mother of three and married to an African-American police officer. Since, recording this episode, the United States experienced the horror of George Floyd among others. In follow up discussion, prior to publishing today's episode, Arniece explained that they remain in prayer for the protesters, his fellow officers and her husband. In addition, Arniece's husband supports the protesters and their call for justice.The School Parade video discussed during this interview is available separately on our YouTube channel. ArlieSpeaks Media, LLC.Visit for updates on StoryTime.Visit to learn more about GOD & Matter and our host, Arlene J.M. Grant, Esq.©2020 ArlieSpeaks Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved.#GODandMatter #ArleneJMGrant #ArnieceGreene #prayer #faith #realtor #AfricanAmerican #black #host #attorney #inspiration #mother #wife #police #blacklivesmatter #GOD #newpodcast #homeschooling #essential #pandemic #stayathomeorder
Arlene J.M. Grant, Esq., host of GOD & Matter, chatted with James Beale, a publisher and owner of a small business selling books. James has been in the publishing and bookselling industry for over 25 years and founded his own company, Russia Online Inc, back in 1999, Since then he has also started a publishing house, Bergstrom Press, to print a wide variety of titles from textbooks and readers for students of Russian, to Curly Girl, an English language children’s book about one girl’s struggle with and acceptance of her crazy, curly hair. Before working in publishing, he also previously served in the US Air Force and taught Political Science at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock. He completed a Master’s in Soviet and East European Studies at the University of Kansas and also studied with a Fulbright at the University of Hamburg in Germany. His hobbies include learning foreign languages, photography and jiu jitsu.This episode addresses the change resulting from the pandemic and James navigating the change for the sake of his book store and family. We taped two months ago when the pandemic was not as serious and the current civil unrest for social justice was not on our radar.Since this episode, James received his loan, pivoted to sell greetings cards in addition to books. James is hosting a fundraiser for his birthday benefiting the Equal Justice Initiative, For those wishing to support James, please visit: For those interested in taking action to promote equality - please look at For those seeking small business assistance due to the impact of the pandemic, visit and Matter is produced by ArlieSpeaks Media, LLC. © 2020 ArlieSpeaks Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved.#ArleneJMGrant #GODandMatter #JamesBeale
Arlene J.M. Grant, Esq. host of GOD & Matter, chatted with Linda Babulic, who encourages people to celebrate the "Zest" within to live authentically. Linda is an Executive Life Coach, public speaker, trainer and best selling author helping others zest their lives and businesses. Arlene and Linda discussed the power of intention and love, bringing order to chaos and helping others, They also addressed the coming wave of change to end injustice and inequality. Our conversation took place two weeks before the current unrest in the United States. Linda is a visionary.Visiting, you may receive her free eight page e-book, Discover Your Dreams and Desires.Please subscribe and share. #ArleneJMGrant #LindaBabulic #GODandMatter #thesecret #universe #GOD #goddess #podcast #inspiration #overcomingadversity #newbeginning #intention #dreamuniversity #blacklivesmatter
Tykee James of the National Audubon Society chatted with our host, Arlene J.M. Grant, Esq. to discuss the environment and how birds are messengers to be protected, lobbying, constitution, an importance of exercising one's voice and perspectives.Tykee, a political millennial and birder, is an insightful young man. Arlene and Tykee met during the Citizens Climate Lobby Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference in which Arlene chaired its Arts Committee and Tykee was a conference participant and speaker.Tykee is one to watch as he chooses love and helps to save our planet. He co-hosts Brothers in Birding available at #tykeejames #arlenejmgrant #GODandMatter ##CitizensClimateLobby #lobbying #constitution #blacklivesmatter ##nationalaudubonsociety #environment #vote #votingrights #birder #faith #inspiration #thetruthabouthumptydumpty #chooselove #racialinjustice #Education #BlackBirdersWeek #brothersinbirding #wildlifeobsevernetwork
Arlene J.M. Grant, Esquire, host of #GODandMatter, interviewed #DenitaNeal, a former nurse, present attorney and always phenomenal woman regarding #Authenticity. You can find Denita living her best unscripted life in Alexandria, VA when not traveling and acting on stage or screen.Arlene and Denita addressed the message of being at Home, which Denita experienced during her "Return" to Ghana in 2019. Denita's feeling of Home is one desired by many and is relevant to today's cries of those seeking to be at Home in their own country - the United States. #BLACKLIVESMATTERArlene and Denita also addressed the power of giving and the impact of helping others - professionally and personally.This episode, recorded in April 2020, was prior to the current chaos and during the lockdown, but it it relevant today.#ArleneJMGrant #faith #travel #ghana #giving #inspiration #home #law #female #attorneys©2020 ArlieSpeaks Media, LLC
Arlene J.M. Grant, Esq,, the host of GOD & Matter interviewed Rabbi Sonya Starr regarding Human Rights. Rabbi Starr is a graduate of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in Wyncote, Pennsylvania where she received her Ordination, as well as her MA in Hebrew Letters in 1994. She is currently active with The Faith Network of the National Association of Mentally Ill and also ISHUT (“Identity”), which works to determine the boundaries of Reconstructionism and Judaism.She is passionate about Jewish study believing that learning informs our actions and the meaningfulness of our lives. She focuses on a mix of spiritual practice and community activism guided by Jewish values, especially tikkun olam. Rabbi sees community work as providing a context for “thinking globally and acting locally.” This commitment is reflected in her work with immigrants. Listeners may contact Rabbi Sonya Starr at columbiajewish.orgGOD & Matter is produced by ArlieSpeaks Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
GOD & Matter host, Arlene J.M. Grant, Esq. chatted with Carla da Vila Crespo, a self-described "Spanish chica" and psychologist able to play the trumpet. But, Carla also recognizes "I'm much more than that." Carla has a sensitive spirit, which she attributes to her love of art. "I feel in equilibrium when expressing myself through photography, fashion and poetry." Carla is also an adventurer and traveler. Arlene and Carla met in Rotorua, New Zealand. In this discussion, we address self-love, artistic expression and art as ways in which to embrace self to achieve equilibrium. Carla, a vegan, offered an interesting perspective on strength to counter myths that being vegan results in weakness. In addition, Carla shared moving poetry in Spanish and English from her Instagram series, #haveyoueverlovedyourself.You're invited to listen in to this fun, lively discussion. GOD & Matter is available on and distributed through Visit our website: for more information and please consider subscribing. ©2020 ArlieSpeaks Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved.#ArleneJMGrant #CarladaVilaCrespo #psychologist #travel #NewZealand #selflove #inspiration #photography #fashion #poetry #instagram
Episode 110: Dreams Come True features Petunia Thulo, a publicist, author and professional coffee drinker. Petunia founded the Leadership Institute for Girls in 2014 to offer girls in rural areas throughout South Africa access to a ‘Big Sister’ mentor network. Since its inception, over 50 mentors have mentored more than 500 high-school students across South Africa. Under the motto 'Stronger Together', Dare to Dream and The Leadership Institute for Girls joined forces in 2017. In 2020, The Leadership Institute evolved to include all children.Arlene J.M. Grant, Esq., the host of GOD & Matter, met Petunia through Google Plus and their friendship has continued for nearly 10 years. In this episode, Arlene and Petunia discuss the Dare to Dream Project, Petunia's passion for helping others and how she unwittingly became an author.Petunia has a certain kindness and beauty to celebrate others - she brought Arlene to tears. Follow Petunia @daretodreamproject on Instagram and on Facebook, The Dare to Dream Leadership Institute. Their website is the GOD & Matter on at the ArlieSpeaks Media Channel or through, our distributor. Keywords: GOD and MatterLearn more about GOD & Matter at our website, & Matter is produced by ArlieSpeaks Media, LLC. ©2020 ArlieSpeaks Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Arlene J.M. Grant, Esq, host of GOD & Matter, chatted with Dyesha and Triesha McCants after the publication of their latest book in the Tarah and Darah series.Dyesha and Triesha McCants are educators with 17+ years of experience. The ladies are proud graduates of Morgan State University, located in Baltimore, MD, where they received their bachelor’s degrees in Elementary Education. The ladies went on to receive their master’s degrees in Early Literacy from Cambridge College, Mass. They are currently working on their doctorate’s degrees in Educational Leadership at the University of MD Eastern Shore. After graduating from Morgan State Univ., Dyesha and Triesha went on to work in Baltimore City Public Schools for a couple of years, then went to work in Prince George’s County Public Schools where they have been for the past 15 years.We conducted our interview via ZOOM. Triesha and Dyesha McCants are excellent storytellers and educators committed to helping children. Their books - Tarah and Darah, The Switch and The School Play - are available at and Amazon.Our theme music, Running Waters, is by listen and subscribe to GOD & Matter through your favorite platform,, or YouTubeAnd, visit our website: GODandMatter.comGOD & Matter is produced by ArlieSpeaks Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved.#GODandMatter #TarahandDarah #ArleneJMGrant #podcast
Arlene J.M. Grant, Esq, host of GOD & Matter, chatted with Manuella Mavromichalis recently. Arlene and Manuella met in Lourdes, France as each embarked on spiritual adventures. As they catch up, Manuella candidly discussed adventures and adversity to inspire others to live authentically. Manuella is anartist, writer, educator, spoken word & slam poet. She has exhibited herartwork in the Middle East and has recently completely her first novel. Sheplaced 2nd in Poetry Slam, Cyprus in 2019 and has performed her poetry inAthens and Cyprus at literary festivals, poetry conferences and various otherevents and venues. She has also run Intuitive Art & Storytelling workshopsfor refugees in Greece, specifically unaccompanied minor girls, giving them anopportunity and platform to be seen and heard and to tell their story. Shemoved to Cyprus six years ago with her family, cat and an obscene number ofbooks and paintings and holds regular workshops in Intuitive Art and Intuitivewriting and is especially passionate about working with women, teens, artists,writers and poets. Connect with Manuella at We conducted ourinterview via ZOOM. Our theme music, Running Waters, is by Please listen andsubscribe to GOD & Matter through your favorite platform,, orYouTube And, visit our website: GOD & Matter isproduced by ArlieSpeaks Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved. #GODandMatter#ManuellaMavromichalis #ArleneJMGrant #podcast
Stories and Singles, Episode 107 of GOD & Matter features Elijah "LX" Harvey, a self-taught musician defining himself through music since the age of five. LX is also the artist and producer of "Oh Queso", a youtube series. LX joined our host, Arlene J.M. Grant, Esq. for a conversation about the creation of art, his faith and how he chose the best for himself following trauma that led him to alcohol. LX continues to create and has many accolades.2017 Producers Academy Winner2017 iStandard Award WinnerSouthern Entertainment Award Winning Producer (Nappy Roots- Pursuit of Nappyness 2010 ) Produced for Def Jam/Disturbing Tha Peace, Interscope, Rostrum Records, UGK Records, Universal/Fontana Records, Flipmode/Deepfreeze, and more!DC Grammy Chapter Voting Member/The Code/EmpireEternity: The Rebirth, Eternity: Not of this World, and Rockstar Killa Mixtape I & II in stores now!Social Media:Website: www.LXisMusic.comPandora: Channel:"Support me as I go, not when I get there"- LXM.B.N. Media Group/Eternity Rebirth Publishing (ASCAP)Please listen and subscribe to GOD & Matter distributed through and For more information about GOD & Matter, visit our website at us @ #iamarliespeaks and #godandmatter.Our Theme Song, Running Waters, is by Audionautix.comArlieSpeaks Media, LLC produces GOD & Matter. ©2020 ArlieSpeaks Media, LLC. All Rights
GOD & Matter: Stress Less, Episode 106, features Carlee Myers, an artist and coach, of The Stress Less Company. Carlee addresses the important of stress management and the power of storytelling with our host, Arlene J.M. Grant, Esq. Carlee learned the power of storytelling as she recovered, from PTSD associated with the trauma of her Mom being shot. Carlee was only 12 years old at the time of the tragedy. The conversation was both vulnerable and "delicious". And, we invite you to listen in.GOD & Matter is available on YouTube and is distributed by Castbox. Keywords: god and matter.Please subscribe and share.For listeners seeking assistance from Carlee, visit Also, visit our website to learn more about GOD & Matter: the Podcast for You!GOD & Matter is produced by ArlieSpeaks Media, LLC. ©2020 ArlieSpeaks Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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