DiscoverGOD & MatterEp. 123: Prodigy with Tim Ellis
Ep. 123: Prodigy with Tim Ellis

Ep. 123: Prodigy with Tim Ellis

Update: 2020-07-081


GOD & Matter host, Arlene J.M. Grant, Esq., interviewed Tim Ellis, a musician, singer, songwriter/composer, producer, mixing and mastering engineer from the UK. Tim connected via Zoom from Spain.

Tim is a prodigy, forming his first band at age 8 and building his career to wok solo and with other artists for many major and independent publishing and record companies as well as doing backing vocals, co-writing, remixing and mastering for Julian Lennon. He has also mixed, mastered, written and produced major hits in Asia and Europe for himself and other artists.

Tim’s influences have always been varied. Having a musical family exposed Tim to many different genres of music. Early influences included classical and orchestral music of Stavinsky, Prokofief, Beethoven and Mahler as well as the Jazz world with Oscar Peterson, MJQ, Duke Ellington and Charles Mingus. In addition, Jimi Hendrix, Tangerine Dream, Jacques Brel, Roxy Music, Walter Carlos, Fats Waller, Pink Floyd, Hoagy Carmichael and The Sex Pistols shaped his perspective as a musician. Tim's influences have now widened to anything and everything.

As well as recording and performing with the band "International Freak Machine," Tim composes music for film and TV worldwide and has also released two solo albums as well as ArlieSpeaks Media, LLC. Arlene and Tim's current single, "Choose Love" is available on streaming platforms and highlighted in this episode. Listeners also sample a highlight from Tim's song, Homeland, with International Freak Machine also streaming.

Tim and Arlene came to know each other through a post on Julian Lennon's Facebook page, asking for "More Love Please." Arlene, a fan of Julian Lennon, reached out to thank Tim for such a considerate post in 2013. The connection led to a friendship and collaborations.

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Ep. 123: Prodigy with Tim Ellis

Ep. 123: Prodigy with Tim Ellis