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Hosted by Tony Nash, this podcast brings together current service members and veteran high performers to share their methods, strategies, and ideas delivered in an informative way and, most importantly, actionable ways that will help you lead yourself and those around you better from the battlefield to the boardroom.
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“The quality of questions you ask in life results in the quality of relationships you have.” 6ers, this episode tackles how finding shared adversity can bring people together and create unbreakable bonds. From brain trust to creating to having emotional intimacy with your colleagues and brothers in and out of the military, shared adversity plays a huge role in the quality of your life. Michael Sarraille is a United States Navy SEAL veteran, founder, and CEO of two executive search and talent consulting firms – Talent War Group and EF Overwatch. He is also the senior leadership instructor at Echelon Front, a veteran-owned leadership training and consulting firm. He is a co-author of the book The Talent War: How Special Operations and Great Organizations Win on Talent. Part of his leadership philosophy is to surround himself with positive-minded, humble, renowned experts in their respective fields. He lives by the mantra ‘iron sharpens iron.’ You will learn how brain trust in an organization can scale and drive its growth, and how creating a culture that puts the bull’s eye to the front nurtures an organization where failure is embraced and learning is promoted and it all results in building stronger relationships. You’ll understand why the highest form of love and compassion is accountability and how this mindset promotes learning and developing a growth mindset. This episode also emphasizes how valuing drive, passion, and effective intelligence over pedigree can help in nurturing talents within an organization. ----- 01:11 - Coming together and finding shared adversity 03:34 - The quality of questions you ask has a great impact on your life 04:53 - Creating a culture with a bull’s eye to the front 05:49 - Breaking down what emotional intimacy means among military members 08:34 - Mike’s story about Dr. Jonny Kim and how it was a lesson in humility 11:30 - The value of asking questions and building brain trust in an organization 14:44 - Finding talent in the business world is tough because of its lack of process 17:29 - Movement is key. Why taking one step at a time is important in the transition 19:46 - Finding a new tribe in the private sector who are warriors in their own profession 21:08 - The highest form of love is accountability ----- Here is how to connect with Mike Sarraille: Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Website ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast:   Website Instagram LinkedIn Twitter TikTok ----- Connect with Tony Nash: Website LinkedIn Instagram Twitter
6ers, Katie’s journey and inspiring story in this episode is a powerful reminder that following one’s passion and taking chances can lead you to incredible experiences. Whether you’re pursuing a career, a hobby, or a personal goal, they key is to approach it with enthusiasm, commitment, and sometimes, the willingness to take risks that will help you explore new territories and test your own limits. Katie Hernandez is a US Army Captain and a World Record holder. In 2021, she broke the women’s Guinness World Record for the fastest one-mile run (10 minutes and 23 seconds) in an 85-pound explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) bomb suit. Previously stationed in Hawaii, she completed the 25th Infantry Division's Pre-Ranger Program in 2016 and was the first woman to do so. Katie is also a massive supporter of the Military Family Program, which seeks to provide veterans and their families a free platform containing relevant programs and resources on different topics such as jobs, transition, education, and scholarships. You will learn that showing up every day with a sense of purpose and commitment is the key to experiencing success that can have a long-lasting impact that you can share with your community. It’s about gaining that momentum and being able to explore new territories to test one’s limits. Finding the strength to move forward is often times found in the relationships you build. By surrounding yourself with a community that supports your goals, you refine your objectives and you become more inspired to the best version of yourself. ----- 01:19 - Katie’s unconventional journey from push-up contest to the military 01:57 - Why it’s important to get into the military school for the right reasons 04:37 - What The Human Performance Project is all about 06:10 - Breaking 1-Mile Run World Record in an Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) bomb suit 08:35 - The power of showing up every day and gaining momentum 10:30 - Getting involved in the 7X Project in Antarctica and Tip of the Spear 12:11 - Self-reflection and the importance of calling your own bullshit 13:19 - Grace over quantity: Why doing less can lead to better success 14:44 - How to focus on breath control during peak moments 15:58 - Participating in Tactical Games where CrossFit meets combat 18:44 - Finding passion in CrossFit ----- Here is how to connect with Katie Hernandez: Instagram ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: Website Instagram LinkedIn Twitter TikTok Connect with Tony Nash: Website LinkedIn Instagram Twitter
6ers, gardening has long been viewed as a way to connect with nature. But for others like Sean, the benefits and rewards are more than that. As a PTSD survivor, Sean believes caring for plants gave him purpose and a sense of responsibility. It also taught one of the key skills cultivated through horticulture: tactical patience. Sean Fowler is a US Army veteran, program analyst (policy) at the Federal Emergency Management Authority (FEMA), home plant content creator/influencer on Instagram, and advocate for home plants/gardening as a treatment for PTSD. He is passionate about treating PTSD using house plants after sustaining a chronic injury in an explosion in Iraq. You will learn how Sean gained a sense of responsibility that was missing in his life through gardening. By being fully engaged tending to his garden, he learned the importance of being intentional with his actions and taking ownership of his life. Fostering deeper connections with our environment and to the people around us teaches us that we can rely on the support and feedback of others. In a world that often feels disconnected, gardening offers a reminder that we can all be part of something greater. Veterans don’t need to be islands and don’t need to struggle with the challenges of transition and reintegration. By finding activities that can bring you joy and sense of purpose, you can begin to heal and move forward with greater confidence and resilience. ----- Resources mentioned: Lively Root  ----- 00:58 - Exploring the practice of horticulture as a metaphor for a better life 02:05 - Sean’s discovery of a meaningful sense of responsibility through caring for plants 04:30 - The value of tactical patience in understanding your environment 06:26 - The importance of humility and listening to the observations of those who care about you 08:39 - The benefits of pursuing a hobby you’re passionate about 9:19 - Drawing parallels between the breadth of human experience and gardening 11:05 - Finding inspiration from others for content creation and adding a unique spin 15:07 - How meditation became a big part of his healing journey  16:59 - Sean’s personal struggle with maintaining integrity and accountability 19:14 - Integrity also means the overall workability of your life 20:16 - Veterans don’t need to have to suffer alone ----- Here is how to connect with Sean Fowler: Instagram LinkedIn TikTok  --- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: Website Instagram LinkedIn Twitter TikTok Connect with Tony Nash: Website LinkedIn Instagram Twitter
6ers, as you embark on your journey of personal and professional growth, let Glenn Gonzales, founder and CEO of Jet It, aid in some course corrections that will lead you to success. In this episode of the Got Your Six podcast, Glenn shares his unique insights on the power of positive friction, and how you can use it to your advantage. Glenn's 5Ds - Dream, Data, Discipline, Determination, and Decision-making - are a testament to his success in both the Air Force and the business world. By embracing these values, you too can overcome challenges and achieve your goals. But it's not just about individual success. Glenn emphasizes the importance of creating an inclusive workplace that values diversity of thought. By encouraging open conversation and sharing different points of view, you can get better results and make the environment more productive. Don't let mistakes or failures hold you back. Glenn believes that debriefing and learning from these experiences can lead to lifelong success. By taking the time to reflect and grow, you can turn a negative into a positive. Step into the breach with us, and embrace the power of positive friction to achieve your goals and drive lifelong success with Glenn's valuable insights. ----- Resources mentioned: The Art of Possibility by Benjamin Zander ----- 00:40 - Finding tenacity internally and talking about his faith 04:26 - Applying positive friction in your organization 05:48 - Keeping diversity in thought alive in the organization 06:58 - How not to take psychological safety in the organization NOT taken for granted 08:11 - Glenn explains Jet It company 09:23 - 5Ds (Dream, Data, Discipline, Determined, Decision-making) of Success 11:04 - Trusting your plan and making sound decisions 11:38 - Scale is all about your base and the fundamentals 12:47 - Life has a way of keeping you humble 14:18 - Mistakes can be fascinating 15:55 - The importance of debriefing is finding the root cause 18:07 - Balancing your values and not being allergic to bureaucracies 19:11 - Holding yourself accountable 19:43 - Failures are fascinating learning opportunities 20:35 - You can be better than yesterday when you do your own personal debrief ----- Here is how to connect with Glenn Gonzales: Website LinkedIn Twitter YouTube Instagram ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: Website Instagram LinkedIn Twitter TikTok Connect with Tony: Website LinkedIn Instagram Twitter
One concept that is critical when you are in a leadership role is the importance of having a team that follows you because they want to and not because they have to. When your team trusts and respects you, they are more likely to be invested in your success, give you honest feedback and go above and beyond their duties. Steven Nisbet is a US Special Warfare Airman veteran and the president/co-founder of Shields & Stripes; a non-profit organization dedicated to serving our nation's heroes; Law Enforcement, First Responders, and Veterans. He is passionate about helping others; as a pararescueman and founder of Shields & Stripes. Steven received a bachelor’s in Sports & Fitness Administration/Management from American Military University in 2022. You will learn that in the pursuit of professional success, it is easy to overlook the importance of investing in what truly matters to us. This episode will remind us of the significance of putting in the effort, making sacrifices, and allowing ourselves to focus our energy on what truly matters as well as tending to our mental and emotional well-being, to cultivate resilience that will truly benefit our careers. Steve’s insights on PTSD and self-forgiveness remind us of the importance of giving ourselves grace and by embracing our vulnerability and seeking help, we can discover new facets our ourselves that can help develop greater self-awareness necessary for our own growth and transformation. ----- 01:10 - Making your team follow you because they want to, not because they have to 02:39 - What are you willing to put in for things that matter to you? 05:44 - Finding ways to give yourself grace and permission to fail 07:35 - Taking a step back to avoid burnout 09:19 - Losing teammates and gaining perspective of what really matters in life 11:46 - How do you help yourself lift the invisible weight off? 13:47 - PTSD does not look the same for everyone 17:58 - Steve explains the Shield and Stripes program 20:50 - What led Steven to seek help with his PTSD 23:11 - Steven talks about how he lost his faith and rediscovered newfound faith 24:31 - Finding forgiveness for yourself for things you cannot control ----- Here is how to connect with Steven Nisbet: LinkedIn Facebook Website  Instagram YouTube -----  Connect with Got Your Six podcast: Website Instagram LinkedIn Twitter TikTok Connect with Tony Nash: Website LinkedIn Instagram Twitter
6ers, “service before self” is a core value ingrained in the military culture and is exemplified by the actions of Medal of Honor recipients. It’s a selfless attitude that encourages you to consider the impact of your actions on others and prioritize the greater good. It’s a value worth emulating in everyday life. Darrell Utt is a Green Berets veteran, the chief of business operations at the National Medal of Honor Museum, and sits on the Arlington Convention & Visitors Bureau board. He enlisted in the US Army in 1990, served in the infantry until 1996 when he joined the Army Special Forces (Green Berets), and served until his retirement in 2016. He believes in the quote, “Service before self.” You will learn about how Darrell’s background with a mix of military service and football coaching taught him the value of discipline, teamwork, and service before self. He is now bringing these lessons on a new mission to inspire future generations to understand the true cost of freedom by telling compelling stories. Overcoming his introversion and participating in more engagements, Darrell never stops in developing and improving himself as a leader. His personal failures as a partner despite being at the height of his career helped him change his trajectory and create his own definition of success. ----- 01:10 - How a football coach taught Darrell the values that align with military values 02:39 - That moment Darrell had an epiphany to try out for the Special Forces 05:44 - What the Medal of Honor represents and weaving it into stories that are wrapped around American values 11:47 - Overcoming introversion and striving to participate in more engagements 16:24 - Meeting with Charlotte Jones of the Dallas Cowboys 17:58 - Service before self after the uniform  20:50 - A story about the sneaker RDC shoes created after the 9/11 23:12 - Facing relationship failure in the midst of career success 27:04 - Have a little gratitude ----- Here is how to connect with Darrell Utt: LinkedIn ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: Website Instagram LinkedIn Twitter TikTok Connect with Tony: Website LinkedIn Instagram Twitter
6ers, in a culture where there is often an expectation to choose one career path or focus on a singular passion, you can dare to be a trailblazer. The reality is that many people have multiple interests and are actually capable of pursuing them. Kellie Sbrocchi is a U.S. Navy HR Officer, photographer/owner of Kellie Rene Photography, and host of the MissUnderstood Podcast. She is passionate about small-unit leadership, departmental leadership, sales, marketing, recruiting, public affairs, photography, writing, and public speaking. Kellie believes being “Miss” Understood by others and in passions means you're closer to understanding your OWN life. You will learn about the importance of prioritizing things that bring joy in life, even if they are a bit unconventional and not in line with society’s expectations. You only have this one life so if something no longer fills your cup, you’re allowed to turn your back on it and pursue something that aligns with your passions. Kellie’s journey is a testament to how it’s possible to navigate different paths and how there is a place for multi-passionate individuals to be successful. It is time that we become more open, celebrate individuality, even if in a rigid environment like the army, and encourage the people behind us to explore their unique talents and interests. ----- 01:14 - When something brings you joy, you prioritize it whatever that looks like 02:54 - Turning away from something that no longer fills your cup 06:03 - First experience with cyberbullying as a Naval officer joining a beauty pageant 09:27 - Kellie shares a candid moment 14:20 - Finding people and connecting them together 16:25 - How Kellie figured out how to pay for college and decided to join the track and field team 18:44 - A “What-If” mindset that challenged her to pursue the different things that bring her joy 20:54 - How Kellie hustled to get into the HR community in the Navy 25:32 - You will still mess up but just keep picking yourself up ----- Here is how to to connect with Kellie Hall Sbrocchi: Instagram MissUnderstood Podcast LinkedIn ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: Website Instagram LinkedIn Twitter TikTok ----- Connect with Tony: Website LinkedIn Instagram Twitter
6ers, we all know that physical fitness is a crucial component of the military culture. But to unlock our highest potential, we need to incorporate a broader range of metrics that will help us better understand how exercise affects overall health and well-being, leading to more personalized and effective training programs. Alex Morrow is a U.S. Army veteran and the founder of MOPs and MOEs brand and podcast. He is passionate about the Army’s physical fitness and believes soldiers can perform better if the Measurements Of Effectiveness (MOEs) of their training tasks are taken into consideration. Alex graduated from West Point in 2013 with a degree in International Relations and Affairs. He served as an intelligence officer and later a fitness instructor in the US Army until 2021. You will learn about the difference between measures of performance (MOPs) and measures of effectiveness (MOEs) and how they play a role in achieving a desired outcome. Alex shares how important it is to seek out things you’re not good at by being comfortable outside of your comfort zone so you can learn and grow exponentially. As a result, you’ll realize that more learning happens when you’re wrong than when you’re right, which is why it’s so important to have people in your circle that hold you accountable because it allows you to work on your weaknesses from a place of inspiration. ----- 01:21 - How Alex found his passion 02:47 - Gradual process of getting into the fitness and how he handled identity shift 05:19 - Working on your weakness from a place of inspiration 07:12 - Not all of your ideas will resonate with the audience 08:47 - How Alex combats impostor syndrome 10:28 - Convincing the leadership and framing up conversations in a productive way 11:49 - Rethinking the way we think about physical training and holistic health 14:05 - Measures of performance (MOPs) and measures of effectiveness (MOEs) 18:37 - The process of learning and the danger of getting to the peak of ‘Mount Stupid’ 20:19 - Having people that tell you, “you are being dumb,” is really important 21:38 - The fumbling phase of when you launch a project is a learning phase ----- Here is how to connect with Alex Morrow: Instagram  LinkedIn Website MOPs and MOEs podcast ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: Website Instagram LinkedIn Twitter TikTok ----- Connect with Tony: Website LinkedIn Instagram Twitter
6ers, being a successful organization is more than just having a great idea. In this episode, Ryan shares his experience transitioning from civilian work to building a team in the Navy and eventually founding one of the most successful subscription-based companies in the entertainment industry in the true crime genre. Ryan Hogan is a US Navy veteran, a US Navy reservist, and the co-founder/CEO of Hunt A Killer, an immersive murder mystery game that challenges players to catch a killer through interactive monthly membership boxes and premium one-time experiences. For Ryan, the name of the game is delegation. He believes in empowering his team by giving them autonomy, which leads to better decision-making, improved productivity, and focusing on improving the experience for the end user as everyone understands how they feel. You will learn the value of getting direct feedback from those inside and outside your team as a way to build trust. You will also learn how to delegate in a way that empowers your team and builds a strong culture where people leave their egos at the door so they can build a product or service that fits the company's values. ----- 01:08 - The name of the game is TEAM 03:53 - Transitioning from 10 year-civilian work to building a team in the Navy 05:31 - How they started with Run For Your Lives 07:50 - Ego checks in task delegation 09:37 - Investing back into the Run For Your Lives Community 10:53 - Building trust around what customers think 12:12 - The creative evolution of the Hunt A Killer 13:51 - Taking the feedback loop and applying it to his role in the Navy 14:54 - Learning more about assertiveness and being more direct with feedback 16:05 - Trust is earned in drops and lost in buckets 17:15 - How are you living the values of the organization in the products that you create? 20:25 - The team gets the wins, and as a leader, you get the losses ----- Here is how to connect with Ryan Hogan: Website  Instagram  Twitter LinkedIn ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: Website Instagram LinkedIn Twitter TikTok ----- Connect with Tony Nash: Website LinkedIn Instagram Twitter
6ers, we know that the Army values strength, determination, and perseverance, but sometimes this can lead to a culture that does not encourage vulnerability. Sidney Jaques’ experience demonstrates that balancing your grit with feminine qualities is a powerful antidote for this kind of culture. Balancing grit as a woman requires a more nuanced understanding of how to leverage feminine qualities such as nurturing skills, emotional intelligence, and empathy. Major Sidney Jaques is an Adjutant General Army officer, the 2nd woman to serve in the 75th Ranger Regiment, and the creator of Balance Your Grit, a network for trailblazing military women. Balancing grit is becoming increasingly important for women, especially in male-dominated fields like the military. There is a need for a supportive environment in any team environment as Sidney references her days on the hardwood at The University of Scranton to her time in the Amry, where one can maintain being persistent and tenacious in their goals while also seeking support when needed and prioritizing their mental health and emotional well-being. As a result, you will discover that feminine qualities, regardless of gender, can be a source of strength and resilience. By being more comfortable in how you express yourself, you can build stronger relationships with your colleagues and superiors, communicate more effectively, and inspire others. ----- 00:57 - Sidney ties in parallel methods and practices as a Collegiate basketball player and the Army community 03:13 - How great team support its members and how a sense of community gave her confidence 03:49 - Being outside of her comfort zone for the team and the younger generation of women in the Army 05:54 - This is what I have loved about the army: the selflessness. The ones that are great are very selfless. 06:32 - You can still make a comeback after a bad streak of games if you just keep going 07:57 - Growing up in a rough culture and not knowing how to process and communicate when something is wrong 09:16 - How her social media page allowed her to actually control gradually how much she can share and come back to its purpose 11:29 - Getting into a creative rut and how she deals with it and recenter 13:13 - Her growing focus on connecting and matching people that can help each other 16:06 - Taking the big sister role professionally 17:44 - How Sidney came up with Balance Your Grit 20:13 - The challenges of maintaining your identity as a woman 21:21 - Finding fulfillment in embracing her feminine side and how it liberated her true self ----- Connect with Sidney Jaques: Instagram ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: Website Instagram LinkedIn Twitter TikTok ----- Connect with Tony Nash: Website LinkedIn Instagram Twitter
6ers, like many of us, Austin had his own share of past resentments. Today, he strongly advocates for counseling and learning how to deal with conflicts constructively. Through his process of idea generation and pushing people’s beliefs, which creates his content, he has helped himself and others become better leaders. Austin von Letkemann is an active-duty US Army officer and digital content creator for the account MandatoryFunDay. He is passionate about exercise science and leadership. He posts short comical skits about military experiences, NCOs, officers, veterans, and military spouses on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Austin believes in changing lives by challenging others and themselves to get out of their comfort zones. You will discover that leading with empathy almost never results in mistakes; you will gain humility; and by adhering to this leadership practice, you will create a work environment where everyone can feel safe to be creative and a place people enjoy coming to, something that everyone is entitled to. As a result of applying these principles, you seek to understand people’s thoughts and emotions and how to use them for effective conflict resolution. You will have a happier and more productive workplace where your team can feel heard and valued, and you will become an approachable and effective leader. ----- 01:00 - How leading hard with empathy got him a breakthrough in making relatable content 02:47 - Vocalizing frustrations that make people feel heard 05:37 - A past full of resentment and understanding that you don’t need to die on every hill 06:59 - Austin explains how he is a massive advocate of counseling as a way to give empathy to your past self 08:51 - Austin’s process for idea generation in creating content 11:22 - The character development process for Tim was not deliberate 12:42 - Inspirations for putting out more leadership content 16:57 - Being an approachable leader as much as possible 19:37 - When you’re leading well, everybody’s happy 21:27 - Pulling back in stressful times and removing yourself from the situation 22:24 - Learning how to deal with conflict in the workplace 24:54 - How gaining a level of humility he didn’t have as a young soldier makes him a better person today ----- Here is how to connect with Austin von Letkemann: TikTok Instagram YouTube ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: Website Instagram LinkedIn Twitter TikTok ----- Connect with Tony Nash: Website LinkedIn Instagram Twitter
6ers, getting the big ideas right have the power to shape your strategy and direction. They serve as the foundation upon which everything is built but getting it right requires a process of building an environment where it is constantly refined, adopted by the people because it is inclusive, and be successfully implemented across the whole organization. GEN (R) David Petraeus is a former CIA director, retired US Army general, professor, and business executive. GEN Petraeus was named one of America’s 25 Best Leaders by US News and World Report (2005), and a runner-up for Time magazine’s Person of the Year (2007. He served as commander of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), commander of the US Forces in Afghanistan, commander of the US Central Command, and commanding general of Multi-National Force – Iraq, where he oversaw all coalition forces. He earned his doctorate degree in international relations and economics from Princeton University. Throughout his career, he earned numerous honors and awards, including the Bronze Star Medal for Valor, among others. You will know about the four tasks that strategic leaders must be great at, getting the big ideas right, communicating those ideas effectively, overseeing the implementation of ideas, and determining how to refine the big ideas. As such, you will learn that these have a structured process. What happens is that we may get hit with an idea like Newton’s apple during moments of reflection but those are just seeds. The reality is big ideas are formed in a more structured process. ----- 00:40 - His experience throwing out the opening pitch at the World Series and conducting the coin flip at the Super Bowl 02:28 - Growing up with his own sailboat and seven miles from West Point 04:22 - Building foundational military leadership experience with infrastructure projects and reconciliation programs in Iraq 08:29 - GEN (R) Petraeus shares what he did as a strategic leader understanding, communicating, overseeing, and refining the big ideas and getting them right 11:40 - Building a culture that welcomes constructive dissent and why it needs to be an iterative process 14:57 - The importance of repetition in the leadership process, promoting initiative, and implementing counterinsurgency guidance 17:24 - Culture of open communication within the chain of command and his rigorous physical fitness programs to enhance competitiveness 24:03 - How GEN (R) Petraeus faced major mistakes and setbacks, both at individual and unit levels 25:44 - The leadership qualities of GEN Grant as being brilliant in combat at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels 31:45 - Announcing goal to others to hold oneself accountable is a crucial factor in the success ----- Here is how to connect with GEN (R) Petraeus: LinkedIn ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: Website Instagram LinkedIn Twitter TikTok ----- Connect with Tony: Website LinkedIn Instagram Twitter
6ers, practicing the art of networking outside of your immediate social circle throughout your life in underrated skill. Building a professional network is not just about collecting business cards or having one off conversations. It’s about genuine connections and meaningful relationships you can form that lead to mutual success. Misty Cook is a veteran, CEO, and founder of Concierge On Call (positioning retiring military leaders as sought-after consultants), an advisory board member of Blue Star Families, and Military Protocol Consultant at the USMC Memorial Foundation. She joins Tony Nash this week to discuss her three mantras: - Be a good human - Make sure your WHY is aligned with your actions - Surround yourself with people that will mention your name in a room full of opportunities When you make an honest effort to understand the struggles of others and listen with compassion, you will find that real connections form naturally. The people you meet and connect with can provide you with invaluable opportunities, contacts, resources, and advice. You have an effect by being a helpful resource to others, which makes them feel appreciated. It's not just about getting what you want, but also about giving back to the community. It's not a give-and-take practice, but the benefits to your success from cultivating professional relationships are massive and long-lasting. ----- Resources mentioned: 12-Week Year by Brian Moran & Michael Lennington ----- 01:05 - How Misty suffered from an impostor syndrome 03:26 - Misty had prepared for her business 5 years before retiring from the military 06:25 - Ways for in-service members to assist retiring military members during the transition 09:38 - Why you need to build a professional network in the private industry 11:26 - The power of saying “Yes” in networking and how it can lead you to more opportunities 15:26 - The importance of having open ears to other people’s own pain points and staying engaged 17:46 - Learning about relationships as you actively seek new connections 20:11 - Nurturing relationships by using systems like CRM 23:14 - The importance of making people valued ----- Here is how to connect with Misty Cook: LinkedIn Concierge on Call ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: Website Instagram LinkedIn Twitter TikTok ----- Connect with Tony: Website LinkedIn Instagram Twitter ----- Badass Patches specializes in custom military PVC rubber and embroidery patches. We offer the best price and lifetime guarantee, and we are veteran owned. We’ve worked with USAF, USMC, US ARMY, and USN or Navy units to provide the best military uniform patches money can buy!
6ers, the significance of constant adjustments, or small but strategic changes to a system or process can unlock many of your hidden potentials. By identifying and resolving potential problems before they escalate and strategically making adjustments, you can drive significant improvements in output, returns, and risk management of your business operations or personal development journey. Jerry Flanagan is a US army veteran and a co-founder and CEO of JDog Brands, one of the fastest-growing veteran brands in the US. A junk removal operation a decade ago and has since expanded into a nationwide, multi-service franchise organization. JDog now has over 200 franchise contracts and continues to expand. Over the next 10 years, JDog Brands aims to have 5,000 new franchisees nationwide. You will learn that these small shifts in perspectives and practicing empathy in action can lead you to a more productive and positive journey where you become deeply aware of your own potential and have a jumping-off point to make better strategic adjustments. As time pass, you will realize that the cumulative effect of this has led you to achieve your desired outcomes. Thus, implementing this in your personal development, career progression, or business journey can have the profound effect of being able to transcend your own limiting beliefs as the results of that little progress you make manifest itself in clear outcomes that you have only once dreamed of. ----- 01:33 - How constant adjustments played a critical role in the growth of JDog 02:40 - Balancing team empowerment and guidance as a leadership tactic 05:24 - How the JDog brand started highlighting the unique value of military veteran experience in their business model 06:47 - Leveraging military experience to build trust and empathy in junk removal operation business 09:26 - From bankruptcy to success: how they started a military brand-focused junk removal franchising 11:57 - Building a purpose-driven franchise system 14:10 - How JDogs is supporting veterans by building an empowered franchise community 17:47 - Leaning on systems and the power of a military brand that differentiates itself from others through genuine empathy and respect 20:15 - How JDog is continuously building strong systems and its plans to achieve nationwide expansion ----- Here is how to connect with Jerry "JDog" Flanagan: LinkedIn Twitter Instagram Their reality TV show, Operation Hidden Treasures is also available on VET TV ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: Website Instagram LinkedIn Twitter TikTok ----- Connect with Tony Nash: Website LinkedIn Instagram Twitter
6ers, knowing the value of always pushing oneself to be better and more efficient is a skill that can be put to use everywhere, from the battlefield to the boardroom. Your company will succeed and make consistent growth if you commit to a strategy of continuous improvement, which is in line with the principles of tactical progression. Gordon Logan is a airmen, businessman, and philanthropist who joins Tony Nash on the show this week. SportsClips, which he founded and chairs, is one of the most successful and rapidly expanding hair care franchises in the United States. It has been named by Entrepreneur as one of the Top 10 "Fastest-Growing Franchises" and by Forbes as one of the "Top Ten Best Franchises" to buy for its investment category. Help A Hero Scholarship, which he founded, aids veterans in pursuing post-military education at universities or vocational schools. You will find out that the kaizen (or continuous improvement) mindset has the potential to teach you something new about running a company. Consistency, discipline, and the introduction of systems with defined procedures are essential when developing a long-term strategy for your company's growth and success. Thus, you will find that adopting military concepts with the kaizen approach to business leads to a more robust and effective strategy for enhancing operations. Focusing on gradual changes and sticking to established processes may help your business grow and thrive over the long run. ----- 01:03 - Gordon’s belief in self-reliance and the principle instilled by his father, “If you want some spending money, go out and earn it.” 02:55 - Learning independence by studying valuable lessons from other people’s negative experiences 03:59 - Gordon’s dual approach in creating his unique selling points 06:23 - Gordon’s experience as C-130 Air Force and how it shaped the company culture at Sportsclips 08:58 - How they maintained their commitment to preserving their original message and fundamental principles and values established 30 years ago 10:18 - How Gordon built an intensive quality control system for the franchisees 12:20 - Adapting mission accomplishment principles to his business operations 15:11 - How finding the right people is crucial in scaling business operations 18:52 - Gordon’s belief in the Japanese concept, kaizen ----- Here is how to connect with Gordon Logan: LinkedIn  Website Instagram Twitter ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: Website Instagram LinkedIn Twitter TikTok ----- Connect with Tony Nash: Website LinkedIn Instagram Twitter
6ers, to bet on yourself is the ultimate act of self-creation and personal accountability. It means you are staking your claim in the world. It is putting yourself on the line and telling the world you are willing to pay the steep price of success, to blaze new trails and chart a new territory. Mind you, this is a daunting task, but the rewards are great because as you do, you’re not only creating a better life for yourself but also for the people around you. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Kathy Hildreth, a US army veteran, who co-founded a Texas aviation maintenance company M1 Support Services in 2003. M1 Support, whose main client is the U.S. government, had an estimated $950 million in revenues in 2021 and specializes in maintaining military aircraft. She blazed a trail as one of the first women to graduate from West Point in 1983 and has since soared to new heights with a Master of Education from Georgia Southern University. Recognized as one of America's most successful and self-made businesswomen by Forbes since 2019, she continues to shatter glass ceilings and pave the way for future generations. You'll discover that becoming a successful trailblazer in your field requires building your experience bolt by bolt and developing your skills and abilities. You need patience, discipline, and the willingness to face failure and rejection. But through those years, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your values, and your priorities. As a result, you’ll understand that you need to bet on yourself because it is the only way you can truly take control of your life and create the future you want. It means having confidence in your abilities and taking risks, and sometimes going against the norm. It is recognizing your own unique set of skills and experience and using them to advance and pursue your dreams. ----- 00:38 - How Kathy combined her technical skills from the army with business acumen 04:42 - You have to bet on yourself 07:10 - Building a mission-first company with veteran workforce 08:43 - A good peer pressure system that encourages everyone to level up 10:29 - Set your priorities and focus on the most important 11:33 - Do your best every day, no matter what the task is 12:15 - Some failures are a gift in disguise 15:27 - How she deals with personality-dependent customer approach 16:52 - What she thinks of the veteran workforce 18:30 - Never fall for false assumptions. Sometimes people need to be steered in the right direction ----- Here is how to connect with Kathy Hildreth: Website LinkedIn ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: Website Instagram Discord LinkedIn Twitter TikTok ----- Connect with Tony: Website LinkedIn Instagram Twitter
6ers, your transition from being an individual contributor to becoming part of the management that oversees teams and organizations is a rewarding career journey. It will teach you to create meaningful relationships and as you take on bigger and more complex projects, these relationships can positively impact your success. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Chris Petkas, a US Navy SEAL veteran and head of the defense at Modern Intelligence; a company that builds AI for defense. He graduated with a B.S. in international relations from the US Naval Academy in 2010. He served in the Navy as a surface warfare officer until 2012 then moved to the SEALs branch and served until 2020. He was a member of the Naval Men’s Lacrosse team for 4 years. Chris obtained an MBA at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business with the class of 2020. You'll discover that increasing your leadership capacity and performance begins with knowing your own strengths and weaknesses as an individual contributor. The deliverables for which you become responsible increasingly grow which is why navigating relationships and professional networks, and how you engage will all contribute to having strategic decisions. As a result, you’ll understand that to get to a level where you become a leader in your own right, you must first aspire to be a true expert in your area of responsibility. Until then, you need to train yourself well in managing people, relationships, and resources before you become the person that will provide on-the-ground guidance as well as manage partnerships with different stakeholders. ----- 01:13 - Overview of Chris’ work Head of Defense of Modern Intelligence 03:08 - Leveraging on-the-ground experience for upper-level negotiations and bargaining 05:32 - Navigating the human network and pushing the ball forward 07:22 - Opening conversations from a place of empathy 09:18 - Strive to be an individual contributor before becoming a leader again 12:41 - Blame can roll downhill but it can always stop with you 15:19 - How Chris’ relationship with his wife has become so valuable 17:41 - Expectation management and aligning goals with life partner 18:00 - How TEAM continues to enhance his relationship 19:57 - ‘A hungry man doesn’t think about the past’ 20:32 - You can always improve your fighting position 21:52 - When you open up, there are people who are interested to help 24:28 - Comparison is the root of all sadness ----- Here is how to connect with Chris Petkas: LinkedIn Twitter ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: Website Instagram Discord LinkedIn Twitter TikTok ----- Connect with Tony Nash: Website LinkedIn Instagram Twitter
6ers, art therapy has long been studied to have the potential to assist anyone as a form of rehabilitation. The inner struggles that are often difficult to convey are, for some, more easily expressed in the form of art if you’re willing to be vulnerable and trust the process. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Richard Casper, a retired US Marine Corp, and the co-founder and Executive Director of CreatiVets. After surviving 4 IED blasts and overcoming PTSD using art as therapy, Richard is passionate about helping veterans with PTSD as well as creating and publishing music by veterans. He was listed as Time Magazine’s Next Generation Leader in 2017. You'll discover that while combat-related trauma is often difficult to express in words alone, art therapy offers a different approach. Creative therapy can lead and the people around you to have a better understanding of traumatic events, so you no longer have to suffer alone in silence. You can give yourself the opportunity to lead a great life. As a result, you’ll understand that to move forward with joy and build that quality of life you deserve, you need to bridge your painful memories and truly understand and communicate your experience, sometimes in a creative way, so you can relieve yourself of the mental and emotional baggage while still honoring the memory of it all. ----- 01:13 - How Creativets began and started gaining a foothold 02:10 - Richard learns about his brain injury and the loss of ability to learn new skills 04:16 - How art school taught him to understand structures in songwriting 05:26 - A small act of bravery at a bar that changed the course of his life 07:30 - Understanding the healing process behind writing music and how it can help other veterans 10:38 - How Richard deals with traumatic stories and integrating it with the creative process as a therapy 12:13 - How their programs can repurpose memory 14:49 - Getting the trauma out of your body while honoring the memory of the real heroes 15:52 - Transitioning your war brain into an artist brain 16:27 - The impact that Creativet has created and the response from veterans 17:48 - A tragic incident with Richard’s sister led to writing the song, This Is Your Sign 20:16 - Seeking new ways to tell a story ----- Here is how to connect with Richard Casper: Instagram LinkedIn Twitter YouTube TikTok ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: Website Instagram Discord LinkedIn Twitter TikTok ----- Connect with Tony Nash: Website LinkedIn Instagram Twitter
6ers, you are a constant work in progress which is why on days you feel less intensity towards what you’re doing, it’s okay to simply show up. A small productive step forward is still an accomplishment if done consistently. It’s a powerful habit that will serve you and improve your quality of life. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Aditya Sundaresan, a veteran, owner of Zuvier (Adventure x Travel Fashion Retail), and a TikTok content creator with over 4 million views. Aditya Sundaresan received a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of California, Santa Barbara, in 2012. He was commissioned into the US Army in 2017 and served in the 1st Battalion 5th Infantry Regiment “Bobcats” in Alaska until his honorable discharge in 2022 as Captain. You'll discover that showing up as a powerful habit is the key attitude you need to make a difference in your goals. It helps you be in the present moment instead of stressing out and worrying. Instead, you take things one step at a time and focus on what you can improve. As a result, you’ll understand that showing up improves your quality of life because it helps you focus on the process over the outcome. You avoid getting paralyzed by inaction because of perfection and you’re able to move on from setbacks easily knowing that you gained lessons and you’re better prepared for the next opportunity. ----- 01:13 - What led Sunny to spread lightheartedness and humor about the army 01:57 - A shift in perspective not to take things too seriously 04:08 - Creating the first win for the day by running 06:05 - Prepare and set your body up in the morning for a win 07:30 - It is harder to set a goal in business 10:34 - Why he chooses not to focus too much on the outcome or chase results 11:59 - Strike a balance and don’t just let life happen to you 16:04 - Inspirations for his comedy sketches 20:34 - Bouncing back from failures 21:52 - Not having plans but always showing up and grabbing a good opportunity 23:55 - Find the smallest thing you can improve on ----- Here is how to connect with Sunny: TikTok Website Instagram ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: Website Instagram Discord LinkedIn Twitter TikTok ----- Connect with Tony Nash: Website LinkedIn Instagram Twitter
6ers, your journey of leadership is a personal development like no other. It is a continuous self-exploration, and you work hard to strike the balance between listening to others as you take the opportunity to also share things about yourself, including some of your failures, and what you learned from them. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Michael Klemmer, a US Army veteran, founder of Aerial Resupply Coffee (Premium small-batch roasted coffee, roasted in America), and the Director, Military Affairs and Service Business at Bacharach Inc.- design, manufacture, and service of combustion gas analysis and refrigeration leak detectors, and monitoring instrumentation. He believes in enabling others by sharing life and business lessons from building Aerial Resupply Coffee with the public. He retired from the Army in 2020 at the rank of Major. You'll discover that by changing your mindset and acknowledging you don’t know everything, you’ll be able to gain more insights. You will be humbled quickly and you will learn a lot by having the courage to ask questions and field observations. This right attitude develops a leader mindset as you share the insights you learn with your peers and team members helping them build their skills as well. As a result, you’re building your own great team and you’ll avoid struggling as you scale your business because you have a capable team behind you. By making the purposeful choice to be transparent in your own journey, you empower the people around you and they avoid becoming the untapped potential. ----- Resources mentioned: Commit Foundation ----- 01:08 - How far Aerial Resupply Coffee have come in one year 01:57 - Focus on the system, not the outcome 03:39 - Building his business based on transparency and crowdsourcing information 06:21 - Learning about marketing by crowdsourcing information from his network 07:54 - A vulnerable military experience that immediately changed his mindset 10:41 - Looking at the blueprint strategy of organizations that came before you 13:20 - Having a clearly identified niche you want to focus on 15:53 - Giving yourself credit for the work done with a tactical pause 18:16 - Entrepreneurship is a self-exploration journey 20:21 - Why he recommends the Commit Foundation 21:30 - His transition from being task-oriented to being fully present in the moment ----- Here is how to connect with Mike Klemmer: LinkedIn Website Instagram Twitter ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: Website Instagram Discord LinkedIn Twitter TikTok ----- Connect with Tony: Website LinkedIn Instagram Twitter
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