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Growth Mindset University is where tomorrow's leaders learn the lessons they should have learned in school but didn't so that they can succeed in the new age of business and life.

Join author and serial entrepreneur Jordan Paris as he shares inspiring stories and valuable lessons in marketing, business, health, psychology, communication, human behavior, and more by talking with the brightest business minds, world-class athletes, and other influential thought leaders like James Altucher, Dean Graziosi, Robert Greene, Dan Millman, Mark Manson, Grant Cardone, Ryan Serhant, and other luminaries.
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One relaxing evening by the pool, I was listening to the music of one of my childhood heroes, Kevin Rudolf. I was jamming out, really feeling his music on a visceral level, head bobbing, and all. I related to the lyrics in a way I couldn’t as a young boy. As I dove deeper into his music, some of which I had never heard before, I was enthralled by how moving, upbeat, and positive his lyrics were. The songs were actually… I hate to use the word because it’s so cliché… inspirational. Kevin Rudolf had created the soundtrack to my life.In that moment, I thought, “Huh, I should reach out to this guy to interview him on my podcast.” I searched for his email, which was shockingly easy to find, and typed up my proposal to him. I had to talk to Kevin. I wanted this more than I wanted a girlfriend when I was in sixth grade. It was April 1, 2019, over a decade after discovering him, and I wasn’t fooling around. At 6:29 PM, I sent the email (I’ll share my email templates later).Now, the waiting game. If he didn’t answer, I would follow-up a few more times before letting it be.At 8:42 PM, I received my reply:Hey JordanThanks for reaching out. I’d be happy to do the interview. When are you thinking? I can check the schedule with my manager and we’ll make it work.Yes! I did it!I leaped up from my seat with the most child-like excitement I had felt in years, parading through my apartment, yelling, jumping up and down, the whole nine yards. If anyone saw this, they would have thought I just won the Superbowl.As soon as I calmed down a minute or two later, my good friend Savannah called me. I picked it up.“Guess what?!?”“What, Jordan?”"Kevin Rudolf just agreed to come on the podcast! Remember, Let It Rock?“No way!”I shared my excitement with everyone. I texted my little brother, my mom, posted it to Instagram, Facebook, and even LinkedIn. I couldn’t believe it. My journey was, in a way, coming full circle.Listening to Kevin Rudolf's music with my early generation iPod Touch on the bus on the way to school as an 11-year-old, never in a billion years would I have been able to conceive the thought that I would interview him a decade later for something called a "podcast." Wild.We recorded that podcast in April of 2019 and it went well.Recently, Kevin and I met up in Miami to record another podcast and have lunch.Please, enjoy.Connect with Kevin on Instagram.
Shay Rowbottom has grown to over 440,000 followers on LinkedIn. In her business, Shay Rowbottom Marketing, she turns founders and staff members into LinkedIn video creators that are generating massive revenue for their organization.Visit Shay on LinkedIn and's first appearance on Growth Mindset University:
Andreas Jonsson is the co-founder of Shield Intelligence, the first and only LinkedIn analytics platform.Connect with Andreas on LinkedIn.
Jim McKelvey cofounded payments firm Square with Jack Dorsey in 2009 after he had trouble selling a $2,000 art piece from his studio. He currently ranks #378 on the Forbes 400 list of the world's richest people.McKelvey remains on Square's board but has started a new company, Invisibly, which powers micropayments for journalism and publishing.A serial entrepreneur, he has started at least seven companies, ranging from a CD cabinet maker to a glass-blowing studio.He also sits on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and started a nonprofit, LaunchCode, to teach people how to program.In March 2020, he released "The Innovation Stack," a book detailing what it means to be a true entrepreneur and what it takes to build a resilient, world-changing company.
Kevin Zhang (@kevinzhangofficial) is a serial eCommerce entrepreneur and the CEO of Kreator eCommerce, a global eCommerce organization with over 60 team members and facilities spanning 3 countries. At age 23, Kevin achieved critical acclaim in the eCommerce and digital strategy community for generating $20M in sales during his first year as an entrepreneur.Visit Kevin at Growth Mindset University's new Facebook group:
Black Lives Matter (the organization, not the statement) is a sham. It is a Marxist cultural revolution that capitalizes off of black death and funnels millions of dollars to the democratic party. Today, I'm discussing this and how to support black people without supporting the BLM organization with my friend Amir Odom (@amirxodom). Amir is a gay African-American conservative who used to be liberal and attended Black Lives Matter rallies. He is a voice of reason on Instagram, an absolute must-follow.Please, enjoy.Connect with Amir: Instagram | YouTube | Twitter
Jeff Gothelf (@jboogie) helps organizations build better products and executives build the cultures that build better products. He is the co-author of the award-winning book Lean UX and the Harvard Business Review Press book Sense & Respond, and the upcoming book Forever Employable. Jeff works as a coach, consultant, and keynote speaker helping companies bridge the gaps between business agility, digital transformation, product management, and human-centered design. Most recently, Jeff co-founded Sense & Respond Press, a publishing house for practical business books for busy executives. Visit Jeff at
Patrick J. McGinnis (@patrickjmcginnis) is an international venture capitalist and the author of Fear of Missing Out: Practical Decision-Making in a World of Overwhelming Choice.  Patrick coined the term FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), as well as the related term FOBO (Fear of Missing Out) in a 2004 article in the student newspaper of Harvard Business School.  FOMO has since been added to the dictionary and FOBO has become an increasingly popular framework to describe choice paralysis. Patrick is the host of the hit podcast, FOMO Sapiens, which is distributed by Harvard Business Review, and the author of international bestseller The 10% Entrepreneur: Live Your Startup Dream Without Quitting Your Day Job. He has been featured in The New York Times, Politico, The Financial Times, The Guardian, and Inc, and gave a popular 2019 TED Talk on FOBO and decision-making.  Originally from Maine, he has visited 103 countries and now lives in NYC. More at Patrick: LinkedIn | Instagram | Twitter
Seth Godin (@ThisIsSethsBlog) is the author of 19 books that have been bestsellers around the world and have been translated into more than 35 languages. He’s also the founder of the altMBA and The Akimbo Workshops, online seminars that have transformed the work of thousands of people.He writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership, and most of all, changing everything. You might be familiar with his books Linchpin, Tribes, The Dip, and Purple Cow. His latest book, This Is Marketing, was an instant bestseller around the world.In addition to his writing and speaking, Seth has founded several companies, including Yoyodyne and Squidoo. His blog (which you can find by typing “seth” into Google) is one of the most popular in the world. His podcast is in the top 1% of all podcasts worldwide.In 2018, he was inducted into the Marketing Hall of Fame. More than 20,000 people have taken his powerful Akimbo workshops, including the altMBA and The Marketing Seminar.Join our new Growth Mindset University group on Facebook and meet other listeners: episode is sponsored by Tonor Microphones.
Blake Boles is a writer, speaker, adventurer, and advocate for self-directed learning. He has spent more than a decade working with unconventionally educated teenagers through the trip-leading company he founded, Unschool Adventures. Originally from California, Blake has lived and traveled across the world. His new book is called Why Are You Still Sending Your Kids to School?. His previous books include The Art of Self-Directed Learning, Better Than College, and College Without High School. His work has been featured in The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, Psychology Today, Fox Business, USA Today, NPR affiliate radio, and the blogs of Wired and The Wall Street Journal. Connect with Blake on LinkedIn and visit to follow Blake’s work and adventures.Join our new Growth Mindset University group on Facebook and meet other listeners: episode is sponsored by Tonor Microphones.
Blake Hutchison is the CEO of Flippa, the biggest marketplace to buy and sell websites, stores, and digital properties. Blake and his team at Flippa empower individuals and companies to take control and thrive in this new small business economy.Connect with Blake on LinkedIn and visit Flippa at episode is sponsored by Tonor Microphones.
Tim Saye is a former personal trainer who co-founded PT Distinction.PT Distinction is the highest rated coaching software for fitness professionals. It helps thousands of trainers coach hundreds of thousands of clients across the world.Connect with Tim on LinkedIn and visit episode is sponsored by Tonor Microphones.
David Perell (@david_perell) writes an excellent blog at with over 35,000 subscribers, runs a writing school called Write of Passage, and hosts a podcast called the North Star Podcast.This episode is sponsored by Tonor Microphones.
Alvaro Rojas (@WanderReds) has traveled to every country in the world and picked up 160,000 followers along the way.Follow Alvaro's Instagram for breathtaking photos from around the world.Get Alvaro's recently released book, Stories: From My Travels to Every Country in the World.Visit Alvaro at
David Burkus (@DavidBurkus) is a best-selling author, sought after keynote speaker, and Associate Professor of Leadership and Innovation. He’s delivered keynotes to the leaders of Fortune 500 companies and the future leaders of the United States Naval Academy. His TED talk has been viewed over 2 million times and he is a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review.Hear David's first appearance on Growth Mindset University, How to Hack Networking, at David's new audiobook, Pick a Fight: How Great Teams Find a Purpose Worth Rallying Around, only on AudibleConnect with David Burkus on LinkedIn.
Tasia Valenza (@TasiaValenza) is an Emmy winning voiceover artist.In the early part of her career, Valenza played the role of Dottie Thornton on All My Children from 1982 to 1986, earning a Daytime Emmy nomination for her work. She also showed up in a guest star appearance in the fifth season of The A-Team, and a recurring role as Lieutenant Winslow in Space: Above and Beyond. She also portrayed Jodie Abramovitz in Aaron Spelling's drama series The Heights. Valenza is best known to play female villains in video games such as Batman: Arkham Asylum and multiple Spider-Man games.Valenza appeared in the 1988 Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Coming of Age" as a Vulcan. She returned to Star Trek in 2017 with a voiceover role in the first two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery as the computer voice of the USS Shenzhou.Download Haven, Tasia's free guided affirmation meditation app.Connect with Tasia on LinkedIn and Twitter.Visit Tasia at
Feeling tired of the extreme virtue-signaling competition happening on social media, I tweeted last week, “I can’t wait until people get tired of cancel culture and the ‘woke’ mob.“My friend Don Wettrick replied, “I think many, MANY are. It’s just that Twitter pushes them to the top. I would like for people w principles and calm would speak out more. @naval ^ @ZubyMusic come to mind.“Zuby saw it and retweeted my original tweet with a comment, “Some of us have been for 5+ years.“A quick look at the comments showed just how many people are sick and tired of the virtue-signaling social justice warriors, cancel culture, and the woke mob.Yet, very few are speaking out against this because of how vicious social justice warriors are when you oppose them, or have any sort differing opinion (they’ll try to “cancel” you).I must do a podcast about this, I thought. If people don’t want to follow me or listen to my podcast anymore because of this episode, then so be it. I don’t exactly value people who are a part of cancel culture and the “woke” mob as listeners of my podcast anyway so I could care less if they “cancel” me. Plus, as one listener puts it, “I don’t see how anyone is able to absorb self-improvement info while maintaining a victim mentality which is essentially what creates cancel culture.”So, I emailed Zuby. He replied 59 minutes later: “Let’s do it.”We discussed…The mindless destruction of statuesWhy Zuby says black people actually aren’t oppressedSocialismThe media’s effect on peopleWhy radical feminism is a greater threat to humanity than climate changeWho social justice warriors really areThe truth about “Black Lives Matters” (the organization, not the statement)How to deal with cancel culture and the “woke” mob if they come after youRegarding Black Lives Matter, I thought the George Floyd killing was terrible. Everyone agrees on this. However, my first suspicion that something was a bit off with the whole movement was when I realized everyone saying something to the effect of, “If you say silent, you are a racist.” I disagree. Strongly. One virtue-signaler on LinkedIn went so far as to tag me and a few of my podcast guests like Grant Cardone and Mark Manson in a post with our follower counts attached to our names whilst pressuring us to speak out. Seriously. Check it out.“This is not to shame anyone,” she says, “but I’m simply asking you to say something.” Actually, shaming people is exactly what you are doing, “Whiskey”.At the time, I planned on staying silent for fear of the woke mob trying to cancel me.I live as the best person I can be every day, loving everyone. I don’t feel the need to shout from the mountain top about how great and virtuous I am. I don’t feel the need to prove that I am virtuous because I operate through a place of love and kindness every single day and prove it through my actions.But apparently I’m “part of the problem” for not posting about it. I treat people of all races and genders with respect in real life, I am against racism, and I don’t have to tell people about it on social media. For that, I’m part of the solution.Anyway, after doing more research about the BLM organization, I see that many of the founders describe themselves as “trained Marxists.” Interesting.Then, seeing people violently protest in the streets and mindlessly tear down statues of historic figures made me realize these are anarchists who, in the words of one BLM leader in a Fox News interview, “will burn down this system and replace it.” And by the way, socialism is what they really want. Also interesting to note here is the first amendment, which states that the people have a right to peacefully assemble. The first amendment does not include the right to violently assemble. Make no mistake: Those who violently protest in the streets, killing people and looting small businesses in the process, are terrorists.But I digress. The content in this post and my conversation with Zuby is only the tip of the iceberg regarding the truth behind the Black Lives Matters organization. I encourage you to do your own research about Black Lives Matters. It’s scary.While I am wholeheartedly for the immutable fact that black lives do matter, I am wholeheartedly against the “Black Lives Matters” organization._____Zuby(@ZubyMusic) is a British rapper, podcast host, and author. He was born in England and raised in Saudi Arabia. In March 2019, Zuby garnered worldwide attention by posting a video in which he claimed to have broken the British Women’s deadlift record of 238kg (528 pounds). Zuby claimed that he “identified as a woman whilst lifting the weight”. Zuby later declared on Twitter that he “took the UK women’s bench press record too”. He stated that “I don’t think trans women should be allowed to compete in women’s sport.”Follow Zuby: Twitter | Instagram | SpotifyListen to Zuby’s other podcast appearances that I enjoyed: The Joe Rogan Experience | The Candace Owens Show | The Ben Shapiro ShowListen to Zuby’s podcast, Real Talk with Zuby. I recommend the episode with Lauren Chen.Visit Zuby at
Kerwin Rae (@KerwinRae) is Australia’s leading business strategist and human performance specialist, helping over 100,000 businesses, in 154 different industries, throughout 11 countries world-wide, with his no bs approach to business growth and personal transformation.Visit Kerwin at and @kerwinrae on Instagram.Listen to his podcast, Unstoppable with Kerwin Rae.Mentions:Natalie Jill's interview with KerwinKerwin interviewing Larry King
David Newman is a Certified Speaking Professional.David is the author of the business bestseller “Do It! Marketing” and “Do It! Speaking: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Market, Monetize, and Maximize Your Expertise” (HarperCollins, 2020)He's the host of The Speaking Show, an iTunes Top 50 marketing podcast.David helps executives and entrepreneurs master speaking as the ultimate marketing tool, personal brand builder, and 1-to-many sales platform.As a speaker himself, David has delivered over 600 paid programs since 1992 and counts 44 of the Fortune 500 among his clients and audiences.David is also the creator of the Speaker Profit Formula mentoring program, which has over 800 successful graduates, ranging from brand new speakers to members of the National Speakers Association "Speaker Hall of Fame."Connect with and learn more from David: | | |
Jess Larsen, the chairman at Graystoke Investments (a real estate investment trust), interviewed me on his podcast to discuss the lessons I've learned from recording almost 200 episodes of Growth Mindset University. We talked about James Altucher, Robert Greene, Derek Sivers. Naveen Jain, Dan Millman, Amanda Slavin, Alex Banayan, and Rand Fishkin. This episode is a great recap of the podcast thus far.I've been interviewed on other podcasts over 60 times but this one is one of my favorites because Jess is a skilled interviewer that brought out the best in me, a best I didn't know I had.Links to the interviews mentioned are below.James Altucher: Greene: Sivers: Jain: Millman: Slavin: Banayan: Fishkin: episode was originally published at episode is sponsored by
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Jean-Philippe Borel

This episode is in my Top 5 favorites. Jordan has a great way of interviewing his guests! I discovered that Robert Greene has written great books on human nature, some of which I have put in my "to-read list". My key takeaways from this episode: ✅ Observe what people do not what they say ✅ There is a dark side to each of us, we need to acknowledge it ✅ Use your time to do something meaningful (learning or serving others) be aware of "dead time" (time that doesn't bring added value to you)

Sep 27th
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Jordan Paris

The joy of my life 💜

Aug 28th

Roger Welton

awesome show!

Jul 22nd
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