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Happy Writing Podcast with Vivien Reis

Author: Vivien Reis

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Happy Writing is a podcast for writers who want to reignite their love for writing and turn their passion into a sustainable and healthy relationship with words.

Hosted by Vivien Reis, a mechanical engineer by day and young adult author and YouTuber by night, this show is for any writer ready to reinvent and bring balance to their writing lifestyle.

Join Vivien each week for a dose of uplifting validation, thought-provoking inspiration, and practical ideas designed to transform your writing into Happy Writing.
13 Episodes
Today I share how I realized slowing down could actually make me more productive. We're constantly told to go go go but sometimes it's not worth the stress it puts on your body and your mind, and can end up slowing you down in the long run. I challenge all of you to try slowing down, and not be afraid to push back deadlines.
I talk about my past weekend celebrating my anniversary with my husband, and how a little tradition we started sparked the idea for this week's episode.
A lot of us writers don't match our physical exertion to our mental exertion in a day, and that imbalance isn't good for sustainable writing. Sitting at a computer all day can wreak havoc on our bodies, so it's important to keep moving as much as we can. Today I'm giving you some tips to help you get started and challenging you to get yourself moving this week! Don't be intimidated--it's all in the name of happy writing.
I've long battled with cleaning, but have come to terms with its benefits for improving my creative mindset. Having a clean space means you can focus on your tasks without so many distractions, and decluttering frees up mental energy that you can put toward your writing. This week's challenge also introduces you to the 1-minute rule--something that can dramatically reduce how long it takes you to clean your home.
Ever find yourself down about your writing or social media stats after looking at someone else's? Comparing yourself to others is a quick way to kill creativity, not to mention it's terrible for your mental health and sanity. Today's episode gives you 3 tips to help you jump off the comparison train so you can focus on your own writing!
Feeling sluggish or tired most of the day? Writing is so much harder when you don't have the physical energy to sit at your keyboard, much less when you don't have the mental clarity to write something of quality. Food is the most essential part of solving that! This week's challenge has five parts to it, so get ready to feel better!
Did you slay your NaNo goals? Did they slay you? I didn't meet my goals because of a lack of motivation, so today I'm talking about the two main reasons your motivation may take a dip, and how to overcome that! Find out more about me at!
This week I'm talking about why you should be more open to suggestions and to trying new things, as I've had a major epiphany in my own life. It may seem like a silly story, but trust me, it was life-changing! And had it not been for my husband, it never would have happened. Applying this to my writing, I've realized that my own insecurities have gotten in the way of me developing into a better writer. So lesson learned on my part. Learn from my mistake!
Are you adverse to investing in yourself and your writing? Don't feel like your business is worth it, or that you deserve to invest in yourself? After 6 months of debate, I signed up for my first course online, and I've already got my money's worth out of it! If you're interested in update on my future courses, visit
Want to increase your productivity? Six months ago, I didn't have a routine. I was scrambling every morning, trying to get my breakfast and lunch ready prior to work, getting to work late, and playing catch up for the rest of the day. After developing a routine, I'm able to prepare for tomorrow, and set myself up for a great day free from the anxiety of being constantly behind.  Need help developing a routine? I created a free workbook just for you! Get it here ->
Today I'm chatting with you about my crazy AC issues and how instead of fighting it, I adjusted my plans and ended up learning something from it. My expectations of how the evening were going to go did not match up with reality, and as writers, that can happen all the time. Learning to lower your emotional investment in expectations can keep you from getting down when your writing doesn't go as you imagined it would. Happy writing! Follow me on social media:
It's important to recharge as you go, and not wait until burn out happens. Happy writing means consistent, sustainable writing. Today I'm talking all about my own epiphanies and mistakes, and how I've found balance in my writing and work life by focusing on myself. In the end, I've been far more productive and happy in my writing business.
Thank you so much for checking out this episode, I hope you really enjoy it!   Today I'm talking all about comfort zones, how we accidentally hold ourselves back by believing the possible is impossible, and I give you a challenge to take on in the next week!   Follow me on: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter:  
Comments (7)

Richard Novel

Love that. Very good tips and yeah. Sometimes slowing down helps a lot to put things on the way. (listen to this podcast for the 4th tie XD). Success Viven.

Mar 7th

Sarah Matthews

You are amazing!

Oct 23rd


Really enjoying your podcasts Vivien! This was a great episode! Look into the Total Gym, since you like to workout at home, it's a great investment! Oh and the "angry running" had me laughing! All I could picture was Phoebe from Friends flailing her arms and legs when she and Rachel ran together...priceless!!! Thanks for the weekly motivational casts and videos, they're very inspiring!

Sep 4th

Matt Armon

What bugs me the most is the shitload of poor courses out there in my country. There's a high risk of wasting tons of money on something not useful at all. How to tell if a course is good or not, is a hard thing to do.

Aug 9th

Matt Armon

Woah, this one was like a round with a therapist, but for free. Thanks 🙏🏻 I don't have iTunes, but will share wherever I can!

Aug 8th

Light House Life Lessons

I really needed to hear this about now. I have been so unmotivated to work on any writing except blog posts since November 2017 when NaNo ended. My problem is editing and feeling like I have no idea how to edit the "right" way. Love the podcast! Keep it coming!

Aug 2nd

Kenneth Irizarry

I really appreciate these podcasts. These, along with the YouTube videos, have really fueled my passion to write. I probably wouldn't have begun my book on a story I've procrastinated on for years. I never pictured myself as a writer until I came across you. You unveiled a new chapter in my life. So thank you Vivien!

Jul 31st
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