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Health Uncovered with Cel Spellman

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Sex, self-harming, drugs, alcohol and more - Cel's lifting the lid on young people's health.

Life isn't always easy - and teenagers across the country have been helping us explore the issues that you're facing today. From online bullying to sexual health, body image to mental health. They've been asking the questions you want to hear answered, joined by NHS school nurses and other health professionals to provide solutions, support and understanding.

It's been revealing, amusing, occasionally rude and sometimes slightly emosh.
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S1/E1 Sexual health, STIs

S1/E1 Sexual health, STIs


Let's talk about sex (and STIs).Young people from Hertfordshire are helping Cel deal with the sticky issues of sexually transmitted infections - with NHS school nurses providing the answers you might want to hear, like can you catch STIs from a toilet seat? More than a million people worldwide get sexually transmitted infections every day, but how would you know if you were one of them? How would you feel - and what would you do about it? Recorded with the help of Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust.
Teens talk about being bullied.Cel's in Hertfordshire to share his own experiences of bullying and how it can sometimes be difficult to talk about - even if it's with someone you trust. We have two NHS school nurses, our experts Alice and Lynda, helping to answer questions about different kinds of bullying, how to cope with bullying, why bullies bully and what to do if you're being bullied. Online bullying is top of the agenda with our panel of young people, who've got some heartfelt stories to tell. Recorded with the help of Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust.Mentioned in this podcast:
Negative and positive, we all have emotions.They can be amazing, they can be strong, they can even be distressing - everyone has emotions and they aren't always helpful. So how can you tell if you are emotionally well, and what can you do to stay that way? Cel's visiting Norfolk to meet young people and NHS school nurses to find out more about how emotions might affect you - and how you can get support if they get out of hand. Recorded with the help of Norfolk Children and Young People's Health Services.Mentioned in this podcast:
What's your attitude to having sex?Cel's asking young people in Norfolk when is the right time to start having sex and how you might know you're ready. We have two NHS school nurses on hand to offer some help and advice. Choosing to have sex for the first time is a pretty big decision and there are a few things to take into account - like love, virginity, contraception, consent, STI's, talking to your partner, talking to your parents (or not) and, of course, whether or not to shave "down there". Recorded with the help of Norfolk Children and Young People's Health Services.Mentioned in this podcast:http://c-card.areyougettingit.com
How to tell if your mental health's poor.Everyone has mental health, and everyone's mental health is not always good. But what is normal and feels OK and what can be less normal and difficult to deal with? Our panel of young people from Herefordshire are speaking out frankly. They say that they have all experienced a mental health problem at one time or another. They also admitted to getting angry with people who can't eat a whole pie, confused by people who are happy all the time and worried on the days when they can't even be bothered to pour milk on their cornflakes.Do you talk about your mental wellbeing with your friends? And if not, should you? Cel has some health specialists advising us how to stay mentally healthy. And it sometimes starts with something simple, like asking a friend, "are you OK?" Recorded with the help of Herefordshire Council.Mentioned in this podcast:
Are your social media chats safe? When online behaviour starts to get really inappropriate, what are the tell tale signs - and what should you do if you think it's happening to you? Talking about internet predators is a tough conversations, but one that everyone ought to have. Cel's in Shropshire and young people are talking about the social media platforms they use and the steps they take to stay savvy about groomers. Recorded with the help of Shropshire Council.Mentioned in this podcast:
Get in charge of your emotions!Cel's in Bournemouth to talk about positive and practical ways for you to cope with feeling anxious or stressed. Young people talk about self-harm and their experiences of stress and anxiety, whilst NHS school nurses fill your wellbeing toolbox with useful tricks for keeping your cool and staying well. This could be life-changing stuff! Recorded with the help of Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust.For more coping strategies for self-harm check out Dorset Healthcare's "A Little Book of Self-Help": Mentioned in this podcast: online for your local ChatHealth school nurse messaging service.
About support for complex mental health. Cel takes a revealing look at what it's like to get intensive care from child and adolescent mental health services, meeting young people who've stayed in adolescent mental health hospital during extreme periods of depression, anxiety and psychosis. Our young panelists speak honestly about their experiences of complex mental health conditions and how they made their first brave steps towards asking for help. Supported by specialist from CAMHS they're discussing what it can be like to realise you are living with a condition like autism, Asperger's Disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, bi-polar disorder (BPD) or hair-pulling disorder. This eye-opening half-hour is a compelling insight into an often misunderstood aspect of teenage healthcare. Recorded with the help of Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust.Mentioned in this podcast:
Do you care how you're seen online?Cel's taking critical a look at your SM feeds. Our panel of young people in Nuneaton are checking out people's perfect looking lives. But is everything really what it seems, given the constant pressure to look like a super model be permanently super positive? We have a couple of school nurses joining the conversation, which touches on cute animal filters, individual style, social expectations, the increasing popularity of taking a smartphone break, how online affects sleep/depression/addiction - and the totally important matter of simply being yourself. Recorded with the help of Compass Warwickshire School Health and Wellbeing Service.Mentioned in this podcast:Search online for your local ChatHealth school nurse messaging service.
Discussing commonly used drugsCel and our panel of young people from years 8 to 11 are joined by substance misuse specialists from Compass in Warwickshire who want people to understand different substances so that they can make informed choices if they ever need to. We're talking about how pop culture influences young people's use of drugs and alcohol, the short and long term effects of substance use, where to ask for help if you need it and whether or not legal highs are actually legal!? Recorded with the help of Compass Warwickshire Young Persons Substance Misuse Service.Mentioned in this podcast: online for your local ChatHealth school nurse messaging service.
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Sexually transmitted infections, self-harming, drugs, alcohol and everything else - Cel's lifting the lid on young people's health. Coming Soon
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