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How'd You Do It?

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The “How’d You Do It” podcast speaks with digital mavens on how they gained their following, built their empires and turned their hobby into their job. In a world where millions of people are attempting it every day, we speak to the ones that have broken through and learn.. how they did it.
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This week on the show Elle Mills stopped by our studio and told us all about her weight loss, her new health and fitness changes, what goes into making each of her videos, what YouTubers she draws inspiration from and all about the video that was so embarrassing she had to put on sunglasses and close her eyes while filming.. Enjoy!
The Fat Jewish stopped by and told us his predictions on where influencer culture is headed, becoming the bad boy of wine, going to high school with Paris Hilton and a whole lot more.. Enjoy!
Denzel Dion stopped by our studio earlier this week and talked about his start on Vine, how he cut through the noise on YouTube, what people are most surprised about when they meet him in real life and his advice for everyone hustling in the content creation game. Enjoy!
Gabbie Hanna stopped by our studio to explain exactly what went down with the Genius session, how she feels about the viral memes, how she got her start in YouTube, mental health a whole lot more.. Enjoy!
This week we have the 17 year old wonder boy, Alex Lange. Alex is an established actor with several show credits to his name, a solid YouTube subscriber base, 2.5 million Instagram followers and is now focusing on his clothing brand called "Less Friends, Real Friends." Alex swooped in and delved into his experiences navigating the right people to surround himself with in Los Angeles, his time in Team 10, and gave us a lesson on the things you can and can't do on social media while you're in a relationship. This is a good one... enjoy!
This week on the show we have Mark Vins, one of the creators and founders of the extremely successful wildlife YouTube channel, Brave Wilderness. Mark dove into how he and Coyote Peterson came up with the idea, how it evolved into what it is today, and what they’ve had to go through to achieve the success they’ve now got. From tsunami’s in Costa Rica, bug bites and extreme heat to the business side of cracking YouTube algorithms, Mark gave us a really impressive run down on.. how they did it. Enjoy!
This week on the show we have the YouTube OG herself Jenn McAllister and the hilarious Rickey Thompson! They were out promoting the latest season of their YouTube series "Foursome" and luckily for us they spoke about a whole lot more as well. From what they were like in highschool, becoming full time YouTubers, transitioning into the acting world and the most awkward scenes they had to shoot on the new season of their show, this interview had a bit of everything. Enjoy
Brandon Rogers stopped by the studio and told us the REAL reason his channel blew up after ten years of struggling behind the scenes..
This week on the show we have a really talented 19 year old by the name of James Charles. If you haven't heard of him, James kind of exploded onto the scene after several of his make up videos and pictures went viral, and soon becoming the very first male cover girl in history. In only 3 years, James has grown a YouTube channel to almost 10 million subscribers, gained a cult social media following, runs his own clothing label and become one of the top beauty influencers in the business signing brand deals with some of the biggest beauty companies in the world.
We crashed a Streamy Awards press day to chat with The Try Guys! They told us all about their wild ride leaving Buzzfeed, starting their own production company and how they gained 3.7 MILLION YouTube subscribers in just three months. Enjoy!
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excellent. I love it.

Feb 21st
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