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Anyone who tells you women don’t need financial advice specifically for them is wrong. Women, whether they’re the caretakers, the breadwinners, or both, face a unique set of financial challenges. That’s where HerMoney comes in. In her frank, often funny, but always compassionate way, Jean Chatzky takes every audience of women through the steps they need to take today to live comfortably (and worry-free) tomorrow, offering the latest research, expert tips and personal advice.

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Although by now we’ve all found our new ‘COVID routines,’ we’ve also found our COVID ruts, with more drudgery and ‘adulting.’ Katina Mountanos, mindset coach and author of ‘On Adulting’ breaks down how we can all embrace our responsibilities without letting go of the joy in our lives. She offers formulas for getting off the hamster wheel of work-gym-sleep, and she shares some of her favorite ‘perspective shifts’ to make it through stressful times. In Mailbag, we talk about reinvesting after losing money in the stock market, saving for retirement in an HSA, and how to save for retirement after being laid off. In Thrive, job interview follow-up etiquette during COVID times.
Home sales are up, and you have real estate questions! We’re diving into all of them. First, we hear from a listener who is unsure whether or not to sell her condo, even though she’s losing money every month. We also tackle a question from a listener who was outbid on a home, but then the sellers came back to her and offered her the chance to buy the house. Another listener writes in with a question on doing IVF vs. building an addition onto her home, and one woman is seeking guidance on the different methods of financing large home projects. Lastly, we hear from a listener who just refinanced in 2018, and is wondering if she should refinance again.
Many women leave the workforce to care for someone they love. But how do we do it while compensating for our lost savings opportunity? Even a one year career break can mean $160,000 less by retirement. Kathy Murphy, President of Personal Investing at Fidelity Investments, offers real solutions for weighing the pros and cons of a career break, and shares concrete steps we can take to reduce the financial impact. In Mailbag, saving in an emergency fund, second act careers, and helping a parent save for retirement. In Thrive, getting reimbursed for work-from-home expenses.
We love saving money, but how much is too much? Bill Perkins, author of ‘Die With Zero’ argues that the more time and money we can invest in our experiences during our lifetime, the richer our lives will be. Bill makes the case that we should all be spending more of our time and money exploring the world, savoring our relationships, and pursuing our dreams. In Mailbag, we take questions from a listener who is worried that all she does is “work and save,” a woman who wants to diversify her investments, and a listener who is curious how filing taxes with her partner may impact his public service loan forgiveness. In Thrive, every financial document to gather in the event of an evacuation.
Ask any woman on the street today, and she’ll probably tell you she’s shouldering more worry, more responsibility, more of the invisible “mental load” than ever before. And. We. Are. Exhausted. But what’s to be done? Eve Rodsky, author of “Fair Play” walks us through the steps we can take to level the playing field in our homes, and change the dynamic of women shouldering the brunt of childrearing and domestic responsibilities. In Mailbag, Jean advises a woman looking for a lower management fee for her retirement account, and guides a mom on 529 investing. Lastly, in Thrive, Jean dishes on how to control financial clutter in four simple steps.
As appealing as an investment in real estate sounds, many of us don’t want to be landlords, which is why we’re talking about investing passively in real estate, via real estate syndications. Annie Dickerson and Julie Lam, co-founders of Goodegg Investments, walk us through exactly what real estate syndications are and how they work, the minimums needed to invest, and the typical returns expected. In Mailbag, we advise a woman considering a career as a financial coach, a single woman considering a hybrid life insurance policy, and a Seattle listener who is looking to purchase a floating house (just like in Sleepless in Seattle!) In Thrive, Jean breaks down which option is better — buying or leasing a car.
All eyes are on next Tuesday, Nov. 3 — Election Day. This year, women are expected to turn out in record numbers to have our voices heard. Why? Frankly, we’re worried. About coronavirus, paying for healthcare, the future of Social Security, our careers and our place in the economy, and whether or not we’ll be able to afford to retire. Nancy LeaMond, EVP at AARP discusses exactly how women voters will influence the election this year. In Mailbag, we talk about saving for a niece’s future, scaling back on retirement contributions to save more for a home, and how to invest large sums of money. In Thrive, a rundown on all the ways you can support female small business owners as we head into the holiday season.
Want to become an angel investor? Someone who provides funding for small startups or entrepreneurs? Brianna McDonald, President of Global Investment Network Keiretsu Forum, gives us a crash course in what an angel investor really does, and breaks down the different pathways to becoming one. We talk about finding successful rates of return, doing your research, and hidden “gotchas.” In Mailbag, saving for the down payment on a child’s home, rebuilding a credit score, and what to do when a card loses its 0% introductory rate. Lastly, in Thrive, where to find the best deals at Costco.
Does anyone have just one job anymore? This week, we’re diving into what it looks like to realize a dream while still working full-time. We’re learning from Jessica Goodman, an editor at Cosmopolitan who just wrote the book, ‘They Wish They Were Us.” Jessica talks about how she found the time to write, how she juggled deadlines, and made tough choices between work obligations and social experiences. In Mailbag, we discuss where women can thrive with a career in finance, ways to save on personal income taxes, and target date funds. In Thrive, what to do if you just gave a scammer your personal information.
When you think about the young women in your life, what comes to mind? What do you want most for them to realize and achieve, and how do you want to help them get there? We sit down with Illana Raia, founder of Être, a mentorship platform for middle school girls, to discuss how girls can raise their hands instead of lowering their standards. We talk about female leaders, diversity in boardrooms, and how to bridge the “confidence gap” that plagues women of all ages. In Mailbag, we talk Roth IRA conversions, maxing out a 403b, and financing a new car. In Thrive, we explore how to reign in our online shopping habit.
How do you connect with the people in your life who make it rich — with the friends who you love most?  We sit down with Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, hosts of the “Call Your Girlfriend” podcast, and co-authors of the book, “Big Friendship.” We talk about what it means to be a good friend, how to sustain friendships, and why society under-values friendships. In Mailbag, we talk about supporting aging parents in their retirement, leaving a stressful job and starting a family, and we clarify retirement target multipliers. In Thrive, how to talk to your boss about making working from home a permanent arrangement.
How long has it been since you applied to college? These days it seems every school wants something different, but the process doesn’t have to be anxiety-inducing, say this week’s guests, Eric J. Furda and Jacques Steinberg, authors of “The College Conversation.” The pair offer up a step-by-step guide to having some tough conversations, assessing the schools best suited to your child’s interests, getting financial aid, and making the final decision on a school. In Mailbag, we tackle alternatives to college savings accounts, the best financial books for women, and securing a financial planner. In Thrive, how to capitalize on the gold rush.
What are some of the ugly truths that keep women of color from having a seat at the table in corporate America? Minda Harts, author of “The Memo: What Women Of Color Need To Know To Secure A Seat At The Table,” joins us to discuss. Minda weighs in on microaggressions, what corporate America is doing wrong (and right) when it comes to advancing women of color, and what all women can do to secure a seat at the table in a remote work world. In Mailbag, we discuss long term care policies, how to recover $2,000 from a former financial advisor, and where to invest and give back at the same time. In Thrive, the four financial gaps that impact women when it comes to Social Security.
Financial success doesn’t come overnight, but it can come if we learn to retrain our brains to achieve our most important money goals. We chat with Barbara Huson, author of “Rewire For Wealth,” about how we can step into the driver’s seat of our money and our careers. Barbara discusses the differences between men and women in how we approach our financial lives, and how we can move past our fears. In Mailbag, we talk about saving for retirement, putting kids through college, and claiming your ex-husband’s Social Security benefits. In Thrive, Jean weighs in on the most essential skills you’re building while working from home.
When’s the last time you got a bargain? This week, we’re talking about negotiating BIG purchases, like houses and cars, with Tonya Rapley, founder and CEO of Tonya worked as a car salesperson, and just purchased her first home along with her first company. We talk negotiation skills, dealer discounts, no-haggle lots, and the best times of the month (and day!) to pull the trigger on a new ride. In Mailbag, we talk about target date funds, buying a home after living small, and whether it’s possible to hit a $1M savings goal. In Thrive, what to do if your company is reopening, but you’re just not comfortable going back into the office.
So many of us are struggling right now, and we're tackling listener questions on job loss. We hear from a listener who is unsure which source of income to tap if her job search takes longer than she'd like. We also hear from a woman who is debating a balance transfer and a 401(k) loan in order to manage her credit card debt situation. We also guide a couple debating taking money from their 401(k)s in order to pay off their house, and we advise a woman who is worried about being able to retire as planned. If you've suffered a job loss, the whole HerMoney team is rooting for you. Got a question for us? Email us at
Ree Drummond, best known as “The Pioneer Woman,” is one of the most loved chefs in America, and this week she sits down with us to talk about her favorite recipes, cooking for any budget, kitchen mishaps, her most-used gadgets, and how she stays organized. In Mailbag, saving for retirement in an IRA, market volatility, and the best places to save money. In Thrive, our biggest money regrets and how to avoid them.
We’ve entered into a new era of workplace communication, one in which we must offer empathy and transparency, and convey urgency and excitement, all without handshakes, lunches, or happy hours. Behavioral scientist Lindsay Kohler breaks down how to keep your productivity up, improve your communication skills, set boundaries, and challenge your own biases while working remotely. In Mailbag, we tackle refinancing a child’s student loan, a backdoor Roth conversion, IRA contributions, and whether $10,000 is best put towards paying off loans or investing in the stock market. Lastly, in Thrive, how Neflix can improve your credit score. (No, really!)
When invested the right way, your money can impact change while also earning big returns. We break down what it means to put your money where your mouth is, with Fidelity Investments’ Eliza Badeau and Nicole Connolly. Bigger ESG funds are up 10% year over year, far outperforming the DOW and the S&P 500. Eliza and Nicole dive into how we can get involved today. Eliza breaks down how Fidelity is addressing the inequalities that different underrepresented communities face, and how the social changes that we’re going through as a nation are impacting the investing landscape, particularly for Millennial investors. In Mailbag, we tackle questions on investing vs. paying down a mortgage, transferring a 529 plan to a different state, doing a ROTH IRA conversion, and getting a prenup. In Thrive, how to do a mid-year financial check-up.
What role does luck play in life? How does luck relate to fate, and how does all of this tie back into what we can and can’t control? We’re discussing it all this week with Maria Konnikova, author of “The Biggest Bluff.” She talks about what good investors have in common, and the truth behind the “illusion of control.”  We discuss emotions, and why they’re so critical to our decision-making process, and we get a crash course on how to bluff — and how to know when we’re being bluffed. In Mailbag, we talk aging parents, target date funds, and caring for a significant other financially. In Thrive, should you take a gap year if your college is closed this fall?
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