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IndieSider - indie video game developers interviews
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IndieSider - indie video game developers interviews

Author: Ken Gagne of Gamebits

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Go behind the scenes of the latest indie video games! In this series of exclusive interviews, Ken Gagne of Gamebits reveals the creative process of the developers, designers, artists, and musicians of the gaming industry's latest console, mobile, and Steam titles. IndieSider airs every first and third Wednesday and is also available on YouTube.
65 Episodes
Indie game devs are crafting compelling offline multiplayer experiences
A richly strategic shmup
A game about life, loss and hope
The frozen reaches of Canada hold deadly mysteries.
There is no tutorial — only the universe.
Will you gain sentience? Or cleanse the world in fire?
A geometric jazz puzzle game
Each step costs you a life
A time-bending, brain-breaking puzzle game
Nine years of development was worth the wait
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