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Viewing Grief Through a Holiday LensFollowing the death of his father, Richard Allen began an in-depth search to understand his grief experience. This led to him write three books, each book focusing on a different aspect of grief that he discovered through his own grief journey and through research. In this interview, he speaks about his experience and shares some of his wisdom, applying it to a holiday grief breadandwinemediallc@outlook.comFacebook page - - Calm and Cope With Grief - After This -'s Reach - homepage on Amazon -  
Holiday Grief

Holiday Grief


Jennifer Thom entered into the funeral profession as a result of a personal family tragedy. It drove her to consider the importance of communicating honestly about death, dying and grief.For two decades, she has helped hundreds of families in the midst of grief which led to her writing her book, When Flowers Are Not Enough.Jennifer offers her wisdom as it relates to Holiday Grief and provides some profound insights that will help lighten your grief during one of the most difficult times of the year, when so many people are experiencing joy – and you, sadness. Physical book
In this podcast, Anette Stanwick openly shares her personal grief journey following the murder of her brother. Listen to her powerful story and she moves from deep sadness and anger towards peace and forgiveness.You will be deeply touched by the events in her life that changed her heart and have now become her life’s message to help other people experiencing the hold that un-forgiveness has on their life.   
Infant Death… Times ThreeOne father’s story of the minutes he sharedJohn and his wife, Susan, were expecting triplets. The prospect of raising three children simultaneously was part of their everyday conversation and future dreams.Then complications led to the death of all three infants.John and Susan chose to honour the few minutes they had with each child. In this interview, John inspires us to look at each brief moment as a valued gift to be viewed with gratitude.John Sirpilla is a best-selling author who offers his listeners some important principles on how to live with loss. His words are sure to encourage and equip you on your own personal journey of grief. purchase Johnny's book:Life is Hard but I'll Be OK: The Power of Hope Emerging through Pain and Learning to Live with Gratitude please go to 
How My Daughter’s Death Changed MeThe death of her only daughter, Tiffany, pushed Sharon into a deep pursuit of God, as she searched for meaning and purpose.Following Tiffany’s tragic accident and death, Sharon chose to move intentionally into her grief in order to explore her future.Coming out the other side 27 years later, Sharon now shares what she has learned along the path of grief and how it gave her a new purpose, leading her to pen her latest book, Riding the Waves of Grief. 
Jordan was married for 12 days. Then tragedy struck. He died in a workplace accident.Listen to the deeply moving story of his mom, Shirley, as she describes the grief journey following her son’s death.She speaks about the turning point in her grief journey where she began ask some important questions. Those questions led her to a different understanding of pain and God’s new purpose for her life.In this podcast, you will discover practical tools on companioning people in their grief journey. Shirley has distilled her own learning and wisdom into an online course entitled Hope Heroes.You will be surprised at how the title of her book came into being and how it prepared a mom for the tragic news of her son’s death.To purchase the book or course please go to:   
Katty Douraghty joins me for a fascinating interview, reflecting upon her grief journey. In 2011, Katty's mother, father and step-mother all died within a 4-month period.It was following  her mom’s death that she experienced something unusual, mysterious and unexplainable, changing the way she viewed grief moving forward.Learn how  “grief woke Katty up” leading her to write her book, The ButterflyYears: Journey Through Grief Toward Hope.Tune in and discover some grieving practices that were helpful to Katty during her journey and may be helpful to you as well. Please use the discount code  to purchase the book:  
Terry died by suicide at the young age of 29.  His mom, Barbara, reflects upon her journey and shares her wisdom about the type of grief she experienced following the suicide. Barbara will share her story and tell us how she continues to honour and remember Terry, 11 and a half years later. She'll offer listeners valuable insight  from her experience and recommend some important resources for those  on a similar grief journey.
Love for a Big SisterStill strong, even in the missingHayden Lewis was 24 years old when his big sister died of cancer. Seven years later, Hayden shares about his journey with Rebekah, his sister, including the few weeks prior to her death. You’ll hear about his grief as the only remaining child in his family, his transition through loss and how he continues to remember his sister in his new chapter. 
Widowed at age 47, Reg Harbeck reflects upon his grief journey ten years later. Why is it important to be open to mysterious and unexplainable experiences that help us in our grief? How does one make meaning of past events? Learn how Reg and his two adult children chose to honour Monica on the 10th anniversary of her passing.
Two Important Questions About Dementia7 caregivers share their answers and lived experienceJanuary is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.A group of caregivers from the Voices in Motion choir – a choir for people with dementia –  share their wisdom and lived experience.They share their perspective on these two questions:1.     What is something you wish you had known about dementia before experiencing it firsthand?2.     What is your message to a person who is just beginning the journey following a dementia diagnosis? They will take you into their lives and give you a snapshot of what it means to journey with a loved one who has dementia. 
For some, retirement can be filled with loss and uncertainty.  We are excited at first, but then purpose and meaning comes streaming into our lives as the days unfold. Rev. Ed Skutshek, past president of Canadian Association of Lutheran Congregations and past pastor of Grace Lutheran, Kelowna encourages and challenges us to be open to the possibilities that God has for us in the next chapter following retirement.Learn from Pastor Ed as he shares his retirement story and how God when you are open to his leading always has something for you in the next chapter of your life.  
Rona is from Afghanistan. She is a newcomer to Canada. She openly shares her story about her experience. Some call this holiday season “the happiest time of the year.” But what’s it like to be separated from loved ones who are still back in your country - one that is filled with turmoil? What can we do to bring happiness to those who have arrived as newcomers and are now trying desperately to adapt to a new life in Canadian culture?Don’t miss this eye-opening but heart-warming podcast.Journey Home Community Association: Tenth refugee support page:could be for interest, but we haven't updated recently: 
Randy and Val were excited to welcome their first granddaughter into the world.But joy turned to sadness when the baby died before entering into the world.Listen to Randy's heartfelt story as he shares his heart as a grandpa, father and pastor.
Death experiences often take us to deep, inner places of personal reflection.Sometimes the grief path that follows a death teaches us unique ways that help us not only cope but also experience moments of joy again.Kimberley Pittman-Schulz shares her personal story of grief and loss, offering us practical insights from her recently published best-selling book, Grieving Us: A Field Guide for Living with Loss Without Losing Yourself.
What does it mean to “re-member” a loved one who has died? Rick Bergh invites us to consider healthy ways to grieve our loved one whom we’re missing this Thanksgiving. Rick Bergh share some insights and strategies to help us include the person who died into our holiday celebration and recognize some of the challenges within every family. 
People experience many transitions in a dementia journey – both the person diagnosed with dementia and the family members. Caregivers can feel overwhelmed and surprised by the unexpected twists and turns and the need to make many hard decisions. In this podcast, you’ll hear Wendy share her powerful story. Her goal is to help break down the stigma that surrounds dementia by bringing it into the public arena through the arts. 
Behind every story is a deeper story.Leslie McBain’s son, Jordan, died of an overdose at age 24.This is one mom’s story of grief and loss. You’ll learn about Moms Stop the Harm, an organization that is having a huge impact on thousands of people’s lives. Her story and the movement she’s involved in will help us look at drug addiction through a different lens.
In 41 days, David Richman rode 5000 miles to meet the individuals and families he had interviewed for his book, Cycle of Lives.What he learned from these cancer stories will touch you deeply and provide information that will help you enter into the difficult – but necessary – conversations with those who've been diagnosed with cancer.Come and hear these stories and discover some helpful strategies.www.david-richman.comCycle of Lives is available in bookstores and on Amazon.
By the age of 22, Maria-Teresa Allaire had experienced the death of her mom, her dad and her fiancée.Over the years, Teresa has engaged her own grief journey by intentionally including personal rituals in her life in order to remember and continue the relationship with these special people.Teresa shares her insights into the importance of rituals and offers practical strategies for each of us to consider in our own grief journey.
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