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Real problems by a real dude who wants to make a difference.
Listen in on my life journey as I document the issues that I face and how I think we can overcome them together! I'm aspiring to be a counsellor and I want to share that knowledge and all my life lessons with the world!!

Don't be late, be JustinTime
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Applying for my masters in this pandemic has been such a different and eye-opening experience for me.  My college Biology lecturer once told me: "If you're going to someone in the medical profession, wouldn't you want them to have been a straight A student?"  This stuck with me as I contemplated my future journey into counselling, because it held me to a different standard of excellence.  Now as I apply for the next step in this journey I'm reminded of that same demand of excellence.    Music: In My Clouds - LAKEY INSPIRED [Free Copyright-safe Music]
Reminder that personality traits are on a continuum!!! They're not black and white. We just tend to be more or less dominant for each trait :) I've always believed that knowing more about your own personality empowers you to be more accountable for your actions and thoughts. You'll also be more empowered to change your behaviours, dispositions, and even subconscious judgements!! What are your Big 5 Personality Traits??? Music: Chill sakura Hz (No Copyright Music) 
Have you ever wondered why a class of students won't ask questions when a lecturer asks if they have any, until that one brave student does? Or how some people may see someone breaking the law and not do anything about it?? That's called the bystander effect!! The 3 main things contributing to this effect are: Diffusion of responsibility, evaluation apprehension, and pluralistic ignorance!!
While humans have the capacity to learn to become helpless, we also have the capacity to learn to be hopeful again!! Using the 3 P's, we can actually build a resilience AGAINST depression and anxiety!! We can teach ourselves to be more optimistic by critically analyzing the bad things that happen in our lives. 
I recently completed a Positive Psychology course on Coursera, and it really shed some light onto this topic which I thought I was familiar with.  It showed me a lot more about the HOW of this mental state. People actually project their past experiences onto their future possible experiences. They have decided for themselves that they can't escape whatever negative stimulus comes their way.  Music: (no copyright music) chill type beat daily royalty free music prod. by lukrembo
I've always known that I wanted to do counselling, but I recently got swayed when I was told that counsellors can't diagnose patients. This affected me in a bigger way than it should've as I felt very much "second class".    Speaking to people who were in the profession really helped me correct this thinking, but I couldn't help but wonder if there were other people struggling with similar distinctions in the field of psychology.    Education and learning are life long journeys. I don't need to pressure myself to make "the perfect" decision right now.    Music: Branch (Prod. by Lukrembo)
I will fight till the last point is scored. It's just how I was brought up and trained. No matter what sport I'm playing, it's not over till it's over.   It got me wondering: "How come some people give up so quickly?"  Turns out that you can train yourself to persevere!! Using the neurotransmitter called "Dopamine", you can actually "trick" your brain into focusing on more important things like goals and achievements, and not the pain of the process!!
When I train in Muay Thai, I was taught to match the speed of the person I'm padding for. So if we're training, we should take it slow, because if the person starts to rush and get aggressive, I'm gonna have to match pace with him.    This got me thinking about how I can go from 0-100 real quick if somebody starts yelling at me, and vice versa if I start yelling. My body language and non-verbal communication will paint a very clear picture about how I feel.    Therefore, I'm trying to control all of my little social cues, especially when I get angry, so as to avoid needless conflict. I want to solve misunderstandings peacefully, so that we need not escalate it into something bigger.  
After a recent interview didn't materialize, I started self reflecting on my own actions.    Do I run away from problems that I face; do I avoid uncomfortable situations; am I unconsciously hindering myself from facing challenges?   I believe that I'm in control of my choices, but I noticed how I avoid uncomfortable scenarios.  Are you short-changing yourself too???   Music: (no copyright music) chill type beat branch free vlog music prod. by lukrembo
I recently tuned into a webinar with Jay Shetty where he talked about how to find and monetize your passion.    Obviously I don't have much input on the monetizing part, but I loved how he illustrated finding your passion; going from interest to passion to purpose.
I recently watched a video by Tim Ferris the explained how we use "keeping busy" as a disguise for our personal laziness.   I found that intriguing because this was so evident in the MCO period, where I was trying to just DO something, but I wasn't really moving towards a goal of any sort.    I hope you guys will be able to catch your "laziness" and avoid indiscriminate action, and move towards planned and meaningful actions.     Song: Joysic - Roses (Vlog No Copyright Music)Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music.Video Link:
Shout out to Nalni (BurntCaramel) who requested this topic!!!   Acting, speaking and presenting isn't something that came naturally to me, but it's something that I learned how to do. It's like a performance; the more I practiced, the easier it became to deliver that performance.    Things like castings and acting STILL make me incredibly nervous and self-conscious, but it makes me proud whenever I've done it.    What are things that are outside of your comfort zones???
Sam told me to share our conversation about job applications, so here it is!! When I first graduated, it was tough for me to know WHICH jobs to apply for. I had little to no experience, and I had NO idea what I wanted to do or would be good at doing.  It started out as applying for EVERY job under the sun but after a couple years I was able to learn more about myself.  i know which departments I'd rather be in, and what industries might suit me better.  It takes time to LEARN about yourself, and some jobs that you apply for you just KNOW you won't want. That's actually how you being to learn. When you picture yourself in that job, you just know it's not for you.
From pursuing your passion to self-development, Melissa is someone who lives the life, and walks the talk.  We had an amazing time talking about work during MCO, handling criticism, and upgrading our character. 
Living in a multi-racial and multi-cultural society, we're bound to have different beliefs, people, and attitudes. Unfortunately, we'll also have different treatment.  I witnessed this first hand as I was refused service by a Tesco worker after she had helped a couple right before me.  It's easier to blame it on race and get angry, but it got me thinking as to WHY are some people racist?? This is what I found :)
I've been on and off with my videos but now I wanted to hone in a little bit.  I want to document my journey and show the struggles I go through in hope that it'll help someone out there with something similar, or even inspire you to start what you've always wanted to start!!
I've been afraid of doing new things and I'm sure that I'm not alone. But don't allow that fear to cripple you forever. One day you just need to suck it up and do it IN SPITE OF your fear. Don't let regret seep in when you look back on all the things you COULD HAVE DONE.
No matter how old you are or where you are in your life,it's NEVER too late to start what you've always wanted. Just look at me and this podcast! Go get busy!!
Do you like yourself?

Do you like yourself?


The kindest of people sometimes like themselves the least. Beating ourselves up only hinders our ability to love others, so let's begin to be more accepting of ourselves. #love
I'm coming to find that so many of my friends suffer from loneliness and a poor self image. But by allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, we pass on a chance to be empowering to someone else and in turn get empowered ourselves.
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