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Russ Cersosimo is the Founder and CMO at Hemp Synergistics, author, keynote speaker, and patented inventor. Cersosimo founded Hemp Synergistics in 2019 and has since grown this biotech company specializing in intelligent hemp ingredients and consumer products. Hemp Synergistics incorporates THC-free, CBD-containing products by partnering with brands and healthcare professionals to offer top-of-the-line products. Connect with Russ on LinkedIn: out Hemp Synergistics: This Episode, We Discuss...- Ways to Manage Stress with Plant-Based Supplements- Learning the Abilities of CBD- Accessibility of Plant-Based Supplements & Psychedelics
Tom Kirkham is the founder and CEO of IronTech Security, an expert in the cybersecurity space, and focuses on educating organizations to establish a security-first environment in their business. With more than three decades of knowledge and experience in software design, network administration, and computer security; Kirkham has become an expert in the cybersecurity world and an advocate for cybersecurity training programs for all workers to prevent successful cyber-attacks. Connect with IronTech Security here: This Episode, We Discuss...- Five Recommendations to Protect Your Firm from Cyber Attacks- Insight on Ransomware & Extortion-ware- What is EDR? How Does it Work? - Ways to Protect Your Firm's Information- Accessing Educational Resources to Stay Up-to-Date with the Best Cybersecurity Tools & Software
Live From MTMP Part 1!

Live From MTMP Part 1!


Recorded at Mass Torts Made Perfect in Las Vegas, NV April of 2022.0:17 - Giugi Carminati, LexShares, - Bre Swanson, LEX Reception, - Samantha Esilva, De Novo Review, - Ray Maldonado, Ybarra Maldonado & Alagha Law Group, - Jeff Bartholomew, Netmark Business Services, - Paul Carrier, Claimant Medical Data Solutions, - Jessica Shaffer, Legal Nurse Alliance, - Jacob Whitehead, SW Employment Law, - Jay Edelson, Edelson PC, - Matthew Kearny, LeadingResponse, - Keith Newstrom, Intake Conversion Experts, - Mark Panzavecchia, Panzavecchia & Associates, - Nick Mucerino, Forman Law Offices, - Neal Zeer, Express Funding of America, - Paul Faust, RingBoost, - Jeff Trueman, Jeff Trueman, Esq., Mediator & Arbitrator, - Vesper Gibbs Barnes, Law Office of Vesper Gibbs Barnes & Associates, - Ammad Sheikh, Duffy & Duffy, - Steve Chapman, Webb Cason & Manning,
Juyoun Han is a Partner at Eisenberg & Baum, LLP, a private boutique law firm based in New York City. Han is also a fellow at NYU Law Engleberg Center. She has built a practice on civil rights litigation that focuses on technology which broadly encompasses algorithmic bias and discrimination, data privacy, and NFT intellectual property issues. Connect with Juyoun: This Episode, We Discuss...- How Young Attorneys Can Establish Themselves Early on in Their Career- Entering the World of NFTs- Insights in the Technology Field- Common Elements & Differences in Smaller & Large Firms
Hosts Chase Williams and Ryan Klein sit down for a special episode to reflect on their time at the MTMP Conference in Las Vegas and their biggest takeaways. On This Episode, We Discuss...- Attending the MTMP Conference in Las Vegas- Biggest Takeaways from the Conference- Importance of Mass Torts
Andrew Finkelstein is the Managing Partner of Finkelstein & Partners LLP, a renowned consumer activist, and an accomplished litigator. and is the author of "I Hope We Never Meet." Andrew defines himself as a deterrence lawyer and holds wrongdoers accountable when they violate various safety rules that expose people to catastrophic injuries and harm. On This Episode, We Discuss...- What is a Deterrence Lawyer?- Changing the Precedent in the Legal Industry- Moving Away from Using Email as Your Company's Internal Communication- The Story Behind the Newly-Released Book "I Hope We Never Meet"
Joe DiNardo, known as the Godfather of the legal financing industry, is a trial lawyer by training and practiced for twenty-five years. Throughout this time, DiNardo became familiar with the difficulties of financing a contingency to practice. In 2005, he started Counsel Financial which provides lines of credit to contingent fee lawyers using their contingent fees as the collateral for their loans. DiNardo is currently the CEO of Plaintiff Support and the founder of Counsel Financial.Dean Chase spent a number of years in the medical industry and then found his way into the legal field due to a chance opportunity. Chase is a qualified industry expert in law firm financing, banking, litigation and medical funding, ancillary services, and special projects for law firms that are in growth and or repositioning modes, including mergers and acquisitions. Chase is currently the President and CEO of Plaintiff Support.Joe and Dean created Plaintiff Support in 1992. A company that provides pre-settlement, non-recourse funding to the plaintiff which means that if the case is lost they don't have to pay a settlement. On This Episode, We Discuss...- Loans and Post-Settlement Financing- Spearheading the Movement of Legal Financing- Creating Plaintiff Support - Plaintiff Litigation Funding & Financing
Frans Johansson is the CEO of The Medici Group, Public Speaker, and Author of the Medici Effect and The Click Moment. Johansson has had a lasting impact on industries, leaders, and many more. On This Episode, We Discuss...- How Innovation is Interpreted with the Medici Effect- Artificial Intelligence's Impact on the Legal System- The Four Dimensions of Diversity- Inviting the Unexpected into Your Life
Annie Scranton is the Founder and President of Pace Public Relations (PPR). Scranton started PPR as a solopreneur in 2010 with only herself and has since turned the company into a multi-million-dollar business with more than 40 clients across the globe. Her career expands prior to starting PPR where she worked as a television producer for nearly a decade on CNN, Fo New, and other major networks. PPR is a full-service media relations and communications agency that strategically customizes each client's publicity plan and PR campaign to meet their specific goals and maximize their media exposure. On This Episode, We Discuss...- How to Get National Placements on Television- Boosting Your Credibility- Ways to Gain Live TV Exposure & Experience- Create Opportunities for Yourself to Offer Opinions and Advice
Sarah Tetlow is the founder and CEO of Firm Focus. Sarah consults, coaches, and trains law firms on project, attention, time, task, and email management. Firm Focus' mission is to help law firms and legal departments of all sizes increase their productivity, reach their mission-critical objectives, develop a strong workplace culture, and develop a plan for continuous growth and focus.Sarah was featured on the Legal Mastermind Podcast in EP 19 where she discussed the 5D Program, Meta Decisions, tips for a more balanced work-life, and more. Check it out here: This Episode, We Discuss...- Creating & Connecting Habits to Develop a Good System of Organizing Emails- The Introduction of ARTT (Action, Reference, Tracking, Trash)- Prioritizing & Organizing Emails with ARTT- Dedicating Time & Structure to Your Emails
Matthew Prinn is the Principal at RFP Advisory Group. RFP stands for Request for Proposal and RFP Advisory Group specializes in the two most common RFPs known as preferred panel proposals and matter/project-specific proposals. RFPs are often used to purchase goods and services. Prinn has years of experience issuing RFPs to law firms to help corporate counsel better manage outside counsel legal spending and possesses experience with all the different types of RFPs used in the legal industry, covering all practice areas and industries.On This Episode, We Discuss...- What are RFPs and What is the Process Like?- Types of RFPs Being Used in the Legal Industry- Using RFPs to Develop Business- Technology's Impact on RFPs
David Fullmer is a Partner at WR Immigration, one of the largest business immigration law firms in the United States, that's located in many destinations across the globe including Los Angeles, New York, and Shanghai. WR Immigration is dedicated to helping the corporate world and the business investor with immigration law.Fullmer joined WR Immigration as a partner in 2017 and has practiced exclusively in the area of immigration law for over twenty years. His main goal is to provide leading-edge immigration legal services. He is a top-rated immigration lawyer and the past immigration section chair of the LA County Bar.  In 2021, he was recognized as Best Lawyers’ “Immigration Lawyer of the Year” in Los Angeles. On This Episode, We Discuss...- What is Immigration Law?- Understanding Business Immigration- How to Hire International Attorneys- The Process of Obtaining an H1B Visa - The Pandemic's Effect on Immigration Law
Ryan Kimler is the owner of Financial Clarity LLC, a company that partners exclusively with law firms that provide custom business and trust accounting services. Ryan is a Fractional CFO by trade, a trained Law Firm Accountant, and a planning strategist who helps self-employed attorneys and law firm owners leverage their business.Financial Clarity LLC gives their clients unprecedented control and clarity over their financials such as having 24/7 access to data and better decision-making power. Connect with Fit Call Booking (30 Min): This Episode, We Discuss...- Building a Financial Dashboard for Your Client- Setting Attainable Targets with Your Client- Establishing a Safe and Reasonable Line of Credit- Learning How to Cash Flow Your Firm's Profits
Brenda Pontiff is the Managing Principal at Partner Track Academy. Brenda stays busy helping firms find or retain clients along with coaching young associates to senior partners. Partner Track Academy helps law firms figure out new innovative ways to go to market and service clients. On This Episode, We Discuss...- Hiring A Chief Marketing Officer for Your Law Firm- Determining If Your Firms Needs Marketing Help- A New-Hire CMO's Timeline & Responsibilities- Creating a Client Team Structure for Your Firm
Roy Sexton is the Marketing Director at Clark Hill and the President-Elect of the Legal Marketing Association. Roy has held the Marketing Director position since 2019 at Clark Hill and has begun his journey on LMA's board as Treasurer before being chosen as the 2022 President-Elect. Clark Hill is an international team of legal advisors focused on delivering exceptional growth for your business.LMA supports the legal marketing community through thought leadership, professional advocacy, and personal enrichment.Connect with Roy: Hill: out Roy's blog: This Episode, We Discuss...- Shifting Your Firm's Culture to Digital - What is the Legal Marketing Association?- Benefits of Joining an Association
Chuki Obiyo is a Senior Business Development Manager at Vedder Price. Obiyo serves the firm’s rainmakers and aspiring rainmakers in Chicago, Dallas, London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, and Washington DC with exclusive business development insights and coaching.Vedder Price is a business-focused law firm with a global reach and a proud tradition of maintaining long-term client relationships.On This Episode, We Discuss...- Sustainable Business Development vs. Traditional Business Development- Generating Goals for a Sustainable Business Development- Finding the Right Mentee For You- The Triple I Commitment
David Kwartler is the Managing Partner and Founder of Kwartler Manus LLC based in Philadelphia and South Jersey. Kwartler Manus LLC is a bread and butter personal injury shop that was founded in 2014 and is committed to fighting with tenacity and skill on clients' behalf. On This Episode, We Discuss...- The Process of Hiring For Your Firm- Acknowledging the Mistakes Made When Hiring in the Past- How to Identify the Necessary Traits When Hiring- Teachable & Non-Teachable Traits For Potential Employees
Steve Pockross is the CEO of Verblio and has more than 20 years of startup, nonprofit, and Fortune 500 experience. He was part of the early management team at crowdsourcing pioneer LiveOps and previously led five SaaS and marketing businesses. Verblio is a content creation platform based in Denver, Colorado with a thousand highly curated writers and create 90,000 pieces of unique content per year. Verbilo is based on a marketplace of a similar dynamic to deliver high-quality content and a SaaS platform which holds all of content creation in one place. Read more about Verblio and their work in this Case Study with This Episode, We Discuss...- Strategizing the Proper Content Creation Channels for Your Firm- Artificial Intelligence in the Content Creation Marketplace- Possible Trends in Content for 2022
Tom Lenfestey is the Managing Member of The Law Practice Exchange, LLC as well as a practicing North Carolina attorney and licensed CPA. Tom has spent many years in the legal world focused on transition and succession planning for a multitude of professions. He serves on the Transitioning Lawyers Commission with the North Carolina Bar Association and has provided a variety of educational events to attorneys, legal insurers, and law-related professional organizations on topics such as succession planning, selling and valuing your practice, and lawyer transitions. Tom is the author of the book "Designing a Succession Plan for Your Law Practice."The Law Practice Exchange is a law firm brokerage company that advises and assists owners of law firms in selling their firms over time using a transition-based process developed by lawyers, exclusively for lawyers.On This Episode, We Discuss...- Grasping the Process of Buying or Selling a Law Firm- Delegating Your Firm's Value- Who is Buying or Selling Firms?- Developing a Transition Plan
John Schroeder is the Owner/CEO at De Facto Digital Consulting which provides unbiased advice and strategy on digital marketing for lawyers and law firms. On This Episode, We Discuss...- Why Law Firms Benefit from a Digital Consultant- How Objectivity is Valuable to A Consultant- Creating Strategies to Retain Visitors on Your Firm's Digital PlatformYou can learn more about De Facto here
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