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Social change is the practice of shifting how we work, play, think, and live together. This podcast provides you with stories and tools to inspire you to organize such transformations with others. You’ll learn from experts in fields as diverse as health, community organizing, business, and more to equip you with the skill sets, mental frameworks, and resources to improve and successfully organize your own ventures and lifestyle.
10 Episodes
Listen Now Apple Podcasts Castbox Google Podcasts Spotify James Whittaker, founder of Dream Career Lab, is a former partner-track senior manager from Deloitte who now specializes in helping people get hired into top positions at professional firms such as PwC, Accenture, Amazon, Citibank and more. To date he’s helped over 400 people achieve their dreams […] The post LDP 015: James Whittaker: Career Acceleration & the Hidden Job Market first appeared on Let's Develop Podcast.
Listen Now Apple Podcasts Castbox Google Podcasts Spotify Cameron Norman helps people to innovate. He works with organizations like non-profits, governments, and healthcare to create, implement, and evaluate new ideas, products, and services into the world. Trained as both as a psychologist and a professional designer, Cameron brings both a creative and scientific approach to […] The post LDP 014: Cameron Norman: Service Design & Systems Thinking first appeared on Let's Develop Podcast.
Patrick J. Hilario is a philosopher, educator, and financial literacy author. This broad conversation takes us into his story and process of excellence. Who is Patrick J. Hilario? Founder, R&R Investments: Patrick’s Socials: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Books: Dasein’s Journal: a Collection of Philosophical Thought How To Never Be Broke Again Topics of Interest: Patrick’s best […] The post LDP 013: Patrick Hilario: Philosophy, Education, & Financial Literacy first appeared on Let's Develop Podcast.
Biohacker, founder, molecular biophysicist, former NASA scientist. Dr. Josiah Zayner has worn many hats. Having been there and done that, Josiah invited us to try something different: an anti-interview. Something emergent, playful, different. And so, in this episode, we create dialogue around our selves and society. Join us! Who is Josiah Zayner, PhD? Founder & […] The post LDP! 012: Dr. Josiah Zayner: Self and Society (The Anti-Interview) first appeared on Let's Develop Podcast.
Esben Wilstrup is co-founder and Assistant Director of the Danish boarding school “Epos.” In this unique setting, students ages 15-17 learn the mandatory state curriculum, but through play, performance, and role-playing games (called “edularps”). Esben provides us with a transformative way of creating learning and development environments for our younger populations. Doing so, he offers […] The post LDP! 011: Esben Wilstrup: Education, Play, and Environments for Learning first appeared on Let's Develop Podcast.
Julien Lepage is a social worker and drum circle facilitator in Calgary, Alberta. Julien fused his passion as a musician with the inner drive to help people heal through building community. He shares with us how he found his tool for social change: the drum. Using the drum, he invites people of all kinds to […] The post LDP! 010: Julien Lepage: It’s Not About Drumming: Community, Spirit, and Healing first appeared on Let's Develop Podcast.
Barbara Silverman, MSW and Susan Massad, MD join us to discuss and explore social approaches to health and illness. One can’t deny the physical nature of illness. At the same time, we’re social beings. Our health and illness is something we experience, relate to, and share with others. Barbara and Susan invite us to consider […] The post LDP! 009: Barbara Silverman & Susan Massad: Health Teams and Wellbeing first appeared on Let's Develop Podcast.
Mark Hopkins is a Calgary native. He has a background in writing, but later chose to pursue theater. He’s insatiably curious about all things human and non-human. An avid reader, Mark explores ways through which theater can intersect with leadership to provide creative, disruptive means forward for humanity. This conversation goes in all directions, from […] The post LDP! 008: Mark Hopkins: Theater, Leadership, and a Better Future first appeared on Let's Develop Podcast.
We’re joined by Nicola Pauling from Wellington, New Zealand. Nicola has a passion for bringing theatre to communities, allowing people to express themselves, while discovering and creating new stories for life. We also share some discussion about the art of facilitation, which many in social development can benefit from refining. Join us! Topics: Introduction and […] The post LDP! 007: Nicola Pauling: Theatre, Community, and Facilitation first appeared on Let's Develop Podcast.
Radical acceptance of difference. Playfully. With charm, passion, and wit. That’s Aaron Feinstein, based out of New York City. Through Actionplay, he joins together with folks on the spectrum, those with neuroatypicalities, and the general public to create new life performances. Topics: The intention to have fun. [3:40] What’s helpful on Aaron’s journey? [5:24] Actionplay. […] The post LDP! 006: Aaron Feinstein: Autism, Theater, and Normalcy first appeared on Let's Develop Podcast.
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