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Welcome to Life On Purpose with Erica Layne, a podcast to help overwhelmed women find focus and peace. I’m Erica, founder of The Life On Purpose Movement, bestselling author, and a mom of three. I know what it’s like to get so busy meeting everyone else’s needs that you forget to meet your own. Through this podcast, I want to give you full permission to slow down, let go, invest in yourself, and believe that you are enough just as you are.
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Today we’re mixing things up with a Q&A episode! I answer your questions on how to destress when you can’t find a way that works, how to get kids to accept having fewer toys, how much sleep I get, how much screen time my kids use—and more! Resources: The BEST holiday gift: The Authenticity Calendar Our community on Facebook Books recs: Atomic Habits & Better Than Before Comments or suggestions? Email
When you picture a perfectionist, you may not think of yourself. But perfectionism takes many forms, and you might be falling into it more than you realize. This episode will help you recognize it—and release it. (Because... constantly striving for excellence is exhausting!)   Additional segments:  Try-on session: Today I encourage you to try this thought on for size: “Personality isn’t permanent.” You are capable of meaningful change. What matters most: How picturing your deathbed (yep! your deathbed) can bring your relationships into focus.   Resources:   Personality Isn't Permanent, a great book by Benjamin Hardy. The Introverted Moms Club, my Facebook group for, well, introverted moms! Connect with Erica at or on Instagram @thelifeonpurposemovement If you enjoyed the show, please take three seconds to leave a rating! Thank you!
If there’s one time we’ve ever needed a peaceful holiday season, 2020 might just be it! Today I’m sharing 5 actionable steps you can take—starting today—to cut your typical holiday stress by half. Let’s go into Christmas with more CALM—and less chaos—in our heads and hearts.   Additional Segments: Permission To: A segment where I give you full permission to be the person you already are. Today, permission to (ironically) be BUSY. Decluttering Tip: The best decluttering method for when you're intimidated by all you have to get done! Resources: The Mental Clear-Out: A five-step, science-backed checklist to help you clear out your mind and destress! Download it for free here:  The Authenticity Calendar: My page-a-day calendar of inspiring quotes & affirmations. (It makes a beautiful holiday gift!) Connect with Erica on her website or Instagram. Thanks for listening, and don’t forget to hit subscribe!
Most people talk about boundaries as something you set and then expect other people to honor. But this puts the power in someone else’s hands, and I believe it belongs in yours! Here’s how to set boundaries that YOU can honor.     Additional Segments: Permission to: A segment where I give you full permission to be who you really are. Today, permission to MESS UP. Try-on session: Today’s thought, for you “try on," will help you drop your resentment for doing more than your share of housework.   Resources: The Authenticity Calendar: My page-a-day calendar of inspiring quotes & affirmations. On sale until stock runs out! Do YOU struggle with resentment over the amount of work you do at home? Visit me on Instagram to discuss! @thelifeonpurposemovement Don’t forget to hit subscribe, so you never miss an episode!
Do you ever feel like your time isn’t your own? Like you’ve parceled it out to everyone around you and can’t seem to get any back for yourself? Today, let’s reclaim your time! No one can decide how to use it but you, and today’s minimalist strategies will help you devote your time to the things you care about most. Additional Segments:  * Permission to ____: A segment where I give you full-on permission to be who you really are. * Self-care spotlight: A morning practice to help you clear out the chatter in your mind. Resources:  * Use this list of 62 values to pin down your top 3: * Erica’s website:  * Connect on Instagram: @thelifeonpurposemovement * Please take one minute to rate and review the show—it helps new listeners find us! Thank you!
If alone time feels like oxygen to you, there's nothing wrong with you. It’s HARD to care for yourself when you’re a mom (especially during a pandemic!), but your needs matter. You deserve to breathe.  Additional Segments: * Try-on session: A segment where I share a new thought for you to try on for size. Today’s thought: Losing motivation doesn’t have to mean giving up! * Decluttering tip: Today, a tip not for your physical space but for your mental landscape. Resources: * My 7-day challenge to help you THRIVE (not hide) as an introverted mom: * The podcast’s Facebook group:  * Please take a moment to rate and review the show!
Are you getting the most out of your therapy sessions? Today’s tips will help you (1) go to your sessions knowing what you want to tackle, and (2) help you capture and build on your key takeaways. (And if you’re never done therapy before, I make a case for it!)   Additional Segments:  * Off ramp: A segment where I encourage you to quit comparing your struggles to anyone else’s. Pain is pain, and empathy (including empathy for yourself!) is always the answer.   * Decluttering tip: What if you got rid of your duplicates? Resources:  * Grab my free, room-by-room decluttering guide, 100 Things to Get Rid Of—To Simplify Your Home! * Got an idea for a segment? Email me at  * Connect on Instagram at @thelifeonpurposemovement
Before I ventured into minimalism, if you’d asked me the best way to simplify your life, I would have said it was to cut your belongings in half… or maybe to permanently practice the one-in-one-out rule. But after having done both of those things for years, I can tell you that they help, but they’re not the real answer. Tune in for the BEST, most impactful way to simplify your life—starting today. Additional segments: * A try-on session: A segment where I suggest a new THOUGHT for you to try on for size! Today’s thought will help you lower your day-to-day stress and anxiety.  * Self-care spotlight: A book recommendation that will help you drop your resistance to REST. Resources:  * 7-day decluttering challenge:  * Book rec: Do Nothing by Celeste Headlee  * Erica on Instagram: @thelifeonpurposemovement
Most days, you can handle this whole pandemic thing (or any other hard time you’re going through). But every now and then, you just. can’t. Here’s what to remember on the hard days.  Additional segments:  * Off ramp: A word far too many women use to describe themselves. (Plus, six positive replacements!) * Decluttering tip: The reason you often give up on your decluttering before you make REAL progress—and what you can do to make living clutter-free STICK. Resources: * Free worksheet to help you unpack your relationship with clutter: * Got an idea for a segment? Send an email!  * Erica’s website:
If “selfless” means having no concern for yourself, is that a concept we really want to aspire to? Is it a message we want to pass on to our kids? Today I share why this word doesn’t sit well with me and what you might want to embody instead. Additional segments: * Self-care spotlight: You don’t need a whole spa day. This is why. * Introvert’s corner: Maybe accepting ALL parts of your personality will become one of the greatest gifts you give your kids.Resources:  * 7-day challenge to help you THRIVE as an introverted mom:  * Erica’s website: * The podcast’s Facebook group:
For so many of us, loving others comes naturally. But loving ourselves? That’s where it gets HARD. Today I share six reasons to love yourself fiercely—in hopes of convincing you that genuine self-love will change your life! Additional segments: * Off-ramp: A segment where I share something I see women doing that I’d love for you to QUIT.  * What matters most: If you woke up with lost memories and only have five questions to put your world back together, what would you ask?  Resources: * 6 reasons to love yourself (free printable): * Email:  * Erica’s website:
Do you ever feel trapped by the roles you play in life? I’m here to tell you that you’re allowed to have identity and purpose OUTSIDE of your roles and titles. Create a more fulfilling life for yourself by discovering your purpose. Additional segments: * What matters most: A simple but oddly effective antidote to stress and overwhelm. * Decluttering tip: Let go of the things that are cluttering up your home, head, and heart. Today’s tip is the perfect place to start! Resources: * 21 questions to discover your purpose (free worksheet): * 7-day decluttering challenge: * Erica’s website: * Erica on Instagram:  @thelifeonpurposemovement
I distinctly remember the moment I decided it was all TOO MUCH. Too many toys to pick up off the living room floor. Too many commitments to people who weren’t even in my immediate circle. Too many phone calls to make and errands to run… Too much.   After that moment, I donated most of what our family owned. I decided to focus my energy on the things that matter most to me, and I let go of almost everything else.   Once I let go, I discovered so much more JOY. Let’s get this for you too!   Listen to this trailer to learn about what I’ve got in store for you, and please be sure to hit the SUBSCRIBE button in your podcast app so you never miss an episode!   And remember—You’re doing the best you can with what you have, and it is enough.   Connect with Erica at or on Instagram at
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