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The more we talk about things we used to feel were "taboo" the more normal we become. Recently on a girls night out all we talked about was our experience with Sex. It turns out we all have such different drives, desires, intimacy goals, and challenges....But also, we were very understanding about the fact that none of us were able to talk very much about it when we needed to. Mental health is one of those taboo topics. Mostly because we need a safe place to share. And so, I'm going first, and I'm sharing why the upcoming SHIFT experience will be that productive safe space to know you are not alone. If you are interested in trying out these tools with me on a one on one basis... CLICK HEREOr to register for a spot and replay of my DREAM CLARITY CLASS ... CLICK HERE
My strange new addiction has me consuming at an alarming rate... and pausing to create feels, well, uncomfortable at best and impossible at worst!This is why I'm so excited for my upcoming DREAM CLARITY coaching intensive, and I want you there!!!!Pausing to create is really challenging when your quiet time creates uncomfortable emotions.Overwhelm, inadequacy , and shame to name a few. I'm going to show you how to slow down consumption long enough to discover all the amazing ideas you have and how to implement them.And we are going to do it without setting New Years Resolutions!I also can't wait to help you discover what it is you want without stopping yourself from fear, guilt, or doubt.Register for free HERE! Replays will be available to those who register!To explore 1 on 1 coaching in a complimentary coaching call with me, click here
Today I am teaching how to set boundaries without condoning and when to use them. I am also teaching how to create an unshakable testimony that allows you to live the higher law of love no matter what part of their faith journey the other person is in. You will learn the difference between discernment and judgement and why there is no such thing as a degree of sin. You will find the ability to be so much closer to those you love, no matter their beliefs. If you want one on one help with this, sign up for an accelerated session with me HERE.  We can focus on one area of your life and you will take away tools you will use for the rest of your life. Just try it.... I dare you. 
I'm telling you 4 things you might do if you are a people pleaser. You might be surprised to learn that YOU are a people pleaser. But let me remind you, that this is not a kindness we do for others. It feels that way in the moment. However, people pleasing involves us making a decision in order to avoid a negative emotion ourselves. Maybe saying yes to an inlaw staying over instead of feeling guilty for saying no. Maybe it's telling your husband to go out with his buddies so you don't have to feel like a nag. Here's the truth. This isn't selfless. In fact, you will be left feeling burnout and resentful, and then everyone else is left taking care of you. If you want to know if you are a people pleaser, listen in NOW!If you want one on one  help from me, CLICK HERE NOW, and schedule a quick 30 minute call . I'll give you tools to help you improve your mood and find a reliable steady emotion that will serve you in your next goal. It's easy and painless I promise! **** Private coaching is %50 off right now! Oh, and it's 2x better and 2x more one on one coaching from me! Don't wait to book your call!
Ask EmyLee Anything

Ask EmyLee Anything


Today is all about you Momma! Ive asked you to send me questions you want coaching on, and I'm answering them today. We are celebrating episode #100 by giving you more help to  master your mood beyond medication. Some of the topics today include: Setting boundaries for inlays visiting after having a babyWhat to do when your husband and kids keep food in the house that is throwing off your health goals.What things are you able to change and what things are just wired into your brain circuitry.How do you know when to stay in a relationship, and when do you leave? What does it mean to like your reasons.Listen in, and don't miss this amazing coaching that you can apply to so many areas of your life as well. The podcast just scratches the surface on how I can help you. Would you like to try coaching for free. CLICK HERE NOW and find a spot for a free 30 minute call on my calendar. 
We live by a set of rules. A belief in cause and effect. If we do this, then this will happen. However, how many of those beliefs have you questioned. Are you sure they still hold true for you? Or are you living from a causal statements that no longer holds weight in your life. I'm offering up some cause and effect statements that real clients have brought to me. Women and Mothers just like you, who are trying to keep relationships with their families, grow a side gig, contribute in the world and grow their spiritual reservoirs, EVEN with depression. I'm going to show you why these beliefs aren't true... in fact they are optional. And, you might want to stop thinking them. If you want help applying this to your own life, book a free call with me here. MY CALENDER
What you want is who you are.... Let that sink in for a minute. Desires are a roadmap to uncovering who we always were. What if instead of using the past to figure out who we are... we relied on what we want to tell us that, And the past just a detour. In this Episode Tyson and I discuss how desire is sort of a remembering of who we are. And when we figure out how to believe it... we create it, and live a life that feels fulfilling and authentic.He also makes it incredibly easy by creating a pneumonic device to using his 5 Steps.Listen, Share, Leave a review.... this one's magic.If you want to download this 5 Step Process you can go to or Tysonbradleycoaching.comTo grab the last spot of this months coaching group... email me @ limitlessfemale@gmail.comor join me on INSTAGRAM to ask me anything... and I'll answer it on my 100th Episode!
Much of the way we present the future to our kids is based on their past. And of course they don't have much of a past to draw on.We show them what they can do in the future through too many filters. What have you done?What did you like?And then, of the ones remaining we ask...which ones were you good at?Then we offer them their possibilities based on what is currently possible.In this episode I'm going to show you how I talk to my kids about what's possible. Oh and I'm also sharing some of the coolest lessons I learned from competing in a fitness competition back in college.ENJOY!Hey! Want to work with me and learn tools to control your mood beyond medication?I have a new group program opening up Sept. 1st. Join me for an informational webinar. CLICK HERE to be added to the list and get a reminder before the meeting!
Many women ask me... How do I slow down my reaction in the middle of a high emotion situation?orHow can I just slow down and identify my thoughts when so much is going on?And I tell them.. most the time you can't. A lot of the work we do happens outside of the chaos. It happens at night when you write out your thought download or do a worksheet. Or it happens in our coaching sessions when I help you apply the tools to your situation directly. Really the tool we use in the middle of the chaos looks a lot like making friends with your feelings or processing your emotions. This is where we learn to break the compulsion for certain behaviors by sitting with an emotion until our body self regulates. It's a powerful tool, and I've added a self paced course all about it to my upcoming coaching program, "SHIFT YOUR FEELINGS".Click here to get more information on this upcoming program!or Click HERE to hop on a free call with me. I only have 4 a week so grab one quickly!
Have you ever hear the phrase, " Anything worth doing is hard"... or thought that if it wasn't hard, maybe you aren't pushing yourself hard enough?Of course you have! You are a strong woman who wants to excel and grow and change but you often create shame for yourself wondering, "Am I doing it right? Am I trying hard enough? Am I pushing myself to my full potential?"Turns out for a lot of you, these questions aren't useful. They keep you stuck waiting for someone else to tell you that you are enough. If this sounds like you, then you need to come be a part of SHIFT. My coaching framework that will give you tools to control your mood so you can start creating the epic life that calls you... even with depression. CLICK HERE to grab a free 30 minute consultation and start THRIVING today.
How To Feel God's Love

How To Feel God's Love


If you've been struggling to feel God's love in your life...If you've been trying to do all the things in order to be happier...You're doing it wrong. You won't feel it. You will only become exhausted, not feel his love and make it mean you aren't worthy of it. But, none of this is true. The Truth... God Loves You... Immensely!But, his love is completely irrelevant to you feeling it. That is actually a skill... feeling love. Faith without works is dead, but works that don't come from faith will not increase your faith. Listen in. I love you. God loves you. You are worthy.For more help hop on a free call with me here.
Maybe you've heard about what we are doing over here? That the Coaching Genomics Experience is the only program out there treating both the physiological root causes to your mental and physical health, as well as the mental strain that comes with battling chronic pain and depression. Yeah, we're doing that.Or maybe you're here because you love thought work and you're hearing about this for the first time. Either way, listen up. We've been running a program that includes both thought work and epigenetic testing to truly treat the root cause of your emotional and physical health. And... We are opening one more 10 Week Session. Because of our waitlist from the last session, there are just 4 spots left. If you want to get personalized health protocols based on your genomics, overcome chronic fatigue, pain,  auto-immune disease, depression or anxiety.... Then you need to stop paying in time and money and come join us. Coaching and Genomics changed my depression and health forever. Click HERE to apply for a spot.OrClick here to get on a quick call with me to see if this is a good fit!See you inside!
You know what you really want? To feel in control of your life. And from past experience, and my time coaching moms like you... I've found that food is one of the biggest triggers for feeling out of control.Our control over our desires, cravings, and our food are primarily up to 2 things. Understanding the difference between resisting and allowing desire. It's not complicated. It's not a diet. It's not a fad and it will always help you find control over food and any other area of your life.Listen in NOW!Register HERE for my NEW public class "3 Secrets to Creating Confidence"or CLICK HERE to hop on a call with me!
After 4 kids and coaching countless women, I have realized that my thoughts on childcare, and asking for help with my kids...are much different than most. It's not that childcare is good or bad.  Or, that I am trying to convince you to ship your kids off and allow others to raise them. I simply want you to take a look at the results you have in your life. Are you burnt out, resentful or depressed? Even after performing loads of service within your own home?I want to offer you some of the thoughts that have helped me put my emotional health first and given me permission to do what is best for my family, no matter what others think.Want to learn how to get more help from me? Click here for a 1 on 1 call with me. orPrint out "My thoughts on Childcare" HERE.
Food Thoughts

Food Thoughts


Hunger is not always a cue to eat. And for so many of us, knowing what to eat or when feels like a mystery! It's not that there isn't information out there... because there is a lot of it, just ask You Tube!It's that even though so many of us know what we want to eat, we don't know quite how to respond to our hunger cues throughout the day. Especially when so many of them feel like an emergency!Listen in as I give you real tools to stop a food thought before it becomes a full out plan to eat something you otherwise wouldn't want to. If you want help from me, 1 on 1... I have 2 spots open next week! CLICK HERE NOW to check out my calendar. Did I mention it's FREE?!!
Changing Your Identity

Changing Your Identity


Do you know what your identity is? Most likely its something that has been chosen for you. First by all the external things outside of you, and then solidified by your lower brain. The only problem, your lower brain is focused on survival. So, if you have chosen your identity with your default settings, it's not going to be one that serves you. This is because, as life changes, you will constantly feel like your identity is changing, or that you don't know who you are at all. Listen as I share with you why your identity is not your role as a mother, or your past, or what people or even you, think about YOU.Also, I would love to meet you, and offer you some free coaching over zoom to help you improve your depression or anxiety. It's simple... 1. Click HERE2. grab a 30 min. spot on my calendar that works for you3. Show up and I'll do all the work. I will offer you some easy tools to drastically change the way you are feeling. It's going to blow your mind!
Phones, texting, easy access to email and Facebook messenger has added to our social anxiety. Not in the way you might think though. It's not that we are less used to interacting face to face.... I believe it's the constant decision making and chatter that is created by our ability to make and change plans at any moment. This chatter is exhausting and for most of us we have coped with it by not planning at all. And, of course, this hasn't helped either. I'm going to better explain anxiety and give you real tools to help you minimize the chatter that has you living with social anxiety.Heads Up!!! There are only 2 spots left in my Brand New Coaching Genomics Experience. This is where we will combine coaching with Genomics testing to treat all the root causes of your mood and any health issue you are dealing with. This might just be what you have been waiting for! Applications close May 15th! Email me @ for more info or a spot. 
Happy Mothers Day woman! You are incredible. Amazing. Enough the moment you wake up. You are deserving and worthy of service, time, energy and happiness. So much of who I am is because of my amazing Momma, Kathleen Kanani . I had to share with you some of the special things she taught me. Enjoy.Enrollment for my brand new Hybrid wellness program is OPEN!There are only 4 spots available and I want you to have one of them. To learn more, click HERE and listen to the replay of the informational webinar where I answer all your questions. Heads up! There is a bonus if you apply before tomorrow at midnight! 3 FREE one on one sessions with me in the month of MAY. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!
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