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Author: Sarah Blondin

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The Live Awake podcast helps bring you back to your grounded center through reflection and guided meditation.

This podcast lends a new outlook to some of life's hard landscape. Perspective is everything, and by choosing to live awake to all that blooms in front of us we begin to live a more empowered life where joy becomes our natural state of being rather than something we occasionally stumble upon. Through living awake we become conscious participants in our life’s unfolding.

At the end of each episode you will be guided through a short meditation on the topic at hand to help loosen the spots we can feel victim to. By doing this we come to understand we can choose not our usual, painful unconscious habits but instead to live from a place of grounded awareness, free from suffering.

Live awake is for all those devoted to their hearts, devoted to the soul behind their ribs that came here to grow and expand, to all those devoted to learning, respecting and honoring the ways they are being called to do so.

It is a place where one can come to close their eyes and rest a while on their breath, and see all they trouble and toil alongside is truly a gold lined cloud, holding a message of great hope and learning cradled within it.
36 Episodes
this week on Live Awake, another meditation from Sarah's book- Heart Minded, titled "your seed of softness." This practice will reconnect you with the soft and undefended self living within you. It will help you remember what it feels like to live without walls and fully be in your heart.
This week on Live Awake, another meditation from Sarah's book- Heart Minded titled "You are Allowed". This practice will help at opening the heart, giving our self permission to feel, and in so doing create a state of inner hospitality and compassion.
This week, a guided meditation taken from Sarah Blondin's new book: HEART MINDED. The title of the meditation is 'Pain as a Portal to the Divine'. It will help you metabolize any challange you are in, and teach you how to step into the power and peace of the heart. Love is on the other side of all heartache, this will help guide you to that love.



a moment to bless the sacred life and gifts of your being.
A short message in preparation for the release of my new book "Heart Minded". more information at
it is time to speak of what it joyous to us, to feed ourselves with love, to sit in the raw and present moment to wake the heart inside of us. It is time to harvest our light.
Within each action, each thought, each word spoken, each moment, live two realities, two options: one brings flow, connection, a feeling of uplift, the other a heavy blanket that compresses spirit and heart. We through our days, are feeling either the winds of uplift or are compressing our bodies and selves. It is time to remember, your bodies own wisdom. To remember the way it feels and responds to your moments, so you may live intentionally as you desire.
To remember your trusting vantage is to remember life is in your favor, you are in your favor. It is to remember there are no wrong choices and that all is conspiring to bring you into love. songs: 'root chakra' by Beautiful Chorus 'look into your own mind' by Julianna Barwick
It’s time to remember now, that you my dear one, were born worthy. I know you have been taught to search for this worth, taught to find ways to prove your value, find ways to be so that you are given, but dearest love, this was an accident…a teaching that was instilled in us, by those lost to their beauty and given worth as well.
If we remember to still, we remember to feel. If we remember to feel, we enter our aliveness. This episode brings us home, to our non-doing, to the quiet well of peace living within us.
S03 Introduction

S03 Introduction


New season coming in September. The theme is 'remembering' and this introduction will explain the premise more clearly for returning, or new listeners.
Underneath the knots, and noise sits a loving, unaffected presence and universal heartbeat leading us each, to this same place. Even in our greatest despair, even in our most gutted places we are not just held, but uplifted, urged, encouraged, shown the truth underneath it all. No matter the size of pain, there is a stillness, a place of deep love always trying to lift you above the unconscious pain you were forced to feel.
Presence, this word: overused and rarely embodied. Yet paradoxically the home of what we are committing our lives to finding. Happiness is the highest desire of human beings, yet somehow seems to be the most illusive of pursuits. We have been looking in all the wrong places, we have been searching beyond, when really it waits here bellow our feet, in the soft sigh of our most beloved, in the pearl of dew on the morning grass, in the most simple of things that live vibrantly alive before and within. This episode explores the immense gifts always found in the present moment.
This week we take small steps toward weaving more truth into all the places we are not living it already. We learn the importance of taking care of the peace within, and discover the value of becoming more whole in being and life.
Behind the dense hurt and bondage, lives another part of you. Standing tall, feet strongly planted in the earth, palms turned to face the sky. Earth rejoicing around its feet. Heart loud, clear, resolute. Eyes wide open. There inside of you a wondrous part of you is calling you to step into the land of your great, un-bounding potential, freedom and abundance. This episode works to empower the part of you that wants to be more alive, awake and vital



Don’t forget how uncomplicated your life can be, that you my dear one came here to love. And if given the chance, you would do it all over again, only the next time to choose more of the love you denied the first time.
When is the last time you closed your eyes and told yourself that you are loved, that you are heard? When was the last time you took the time to give to yourself, what you endeavor to give others? Self love is often the last thing on our 'to do' lists and often the hardest to give to our self. This episode carves out some space for us to do just that, and explores why it is so very important for us to do.
Anger and warring shows us we are afraid. Shows us we are trying to protect our vulnerability and softness. Your walls are there to stop you from feeling, to distract you from hurt. But feeling your softness, returning to your nature is the only thing that will set you free. The only thing that will feed your life in the ways it is asking.



There are times in life where we must endure in order to be born into more wholeness. Times in our life where we must wait out great storms of unknown. Traverse through unfamiliar landscape. Wait in quiet submission and surrender.



To make sacred means to hold you life as an exquisite masterpiece, each moment blessed with the capability to bring your daily doings into the divine space and place of sacred hands. By the use of attention, small prayers, ceremony. This episode explores how your life can be transformed by creating sacred space for all you go through.
Comments (18)


thank you for this, this is so important to have

Sep 29th

Miss T

Inspirational. The tough things that we overcome grants us the opportunity to leave the pain behind & carry the lesson forward.

Feb 4th

Donna Hoy

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful podcast. My inner child feels acknowledged, valued and worthy, as do I, as a whole woman fighting my way to freedom from within. 🙏🙏

Jan 12th

T Smith

this is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard

Oct 30th

T Smith

this is one of the most beautiful and poignant meditations I've heard. I cried. thank-you

Oct 24th

Tosha Kilpatrick

I love love love your content, you truly have a gift. thank you for sharing your gift ♥️

Oct 5th

Tosha Kilpatrick

Wow. There are no other words ♥️ Thank you for this

Sep 1st


All of your meditations have helped me tremendously. This is one of my favorites.

Jul 15th
Reply (1)

Sara Currier

I agree! I would love to hear more, but I understand it's a lot of work! Thank You!

Jun 21st

Charlene Van Onselen

Your meditations are a gift!! Beautiful & so valid. Thank you. Why did you stop? 💕💓

May 10th


So insightful and authentic. Speaks the deepest fears and highest hopes, for our lives and spirit. Shows us the noble truth of universal human suffering and the hope of healing from it. We are not alone in our pain and we have a higher calling, a responsibility to transform, heal, and live awake.

Mar 7th

Charlene Van Onselen

Beautiful podcast! So well written and produced. Why's it gone quiet? <3

Mar 5th


You are making me feel like I belong here thank you🙂

Feb 24th


Thank you so much I’m crying of happiness and sadness 😕🙂

Feb 22nd

AJ Scarbrough

Truly life altering. Thank you for your love and peace spreading!

Jan 25th


Thank you x

Nov 21st



Mar 4th
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