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Why and how do we love? Jacqueline Raposo and Ben Rosenblatt speak with authors, hospitality folks, psychologists, artists, and niche-based experts of all kinds in a humor-filled and heart-tugging examination of love in all its glorious, bewildering complexity. Every week, they get to the core of intimate moments that challenge what we think we know of love - experiences of loss, the growth that comes from new beginnings, the compromises and triumphs of long-term commitment, the loneliness of singledom - in hopes that the varying experiences of fascinating human beings can help them and others love more bravely and generously, every day. Tune in Mondays at 4pm ET on Heritage Radio Network. and on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as @lovebitesradio.
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Today, Americans own twice the amount of stuff we did 50 years ago and bill more out-of-office hours than any other advanced economy. We online date, binge-watch, thumb through social media, and often wander around exhausted and unsure. Food journalist and Love Bites Radio host Jacqueline Raposo took note of this cultural struggle and intimately embraced a life stripped down in her recently-released book THE ME, WITHOUT: A YEAR EXPLORING HABIT, HEALING, AND HAPPINESS. Throughout the course of a year, she progressively shed her most constant habits, alternately removing social media, sugar and alcohol consumption, waste, unnecessary spending, and more in the effort to measure this abstinence against her physical health, social interactions, and sense of self-worth. The results are moving and surprising.To celebrate the book's release, Jacqueline was joined by celebrated chef Missy Robbins, Food & Wine senior editor and Chefs with Issues founder Kat Kinsman, and food writer and The Lonely Hour host Julia Bainbridge at Strand Books on February 4th for a panel discussion on what has become a constant buzz word in recent years: self-care. Led by Kat, they discussed how they define self-care in each of their lives outside the typical wellness industry, how they work to lead in their industries by example, how their work in food and media affect their physical and mental health, and what steps they're currently taking to maintaining their self-care and wellness.Thanks to Heritage Radio Network and the Strand Bookstore for recording this live event, and to Listen Bar and pastry chef Daniel Skurnick for providing book-themed food and beverage. Details and photos on the event can be found here.Love Bites is powered by Simplecast.
Will impending holiday eats help or hinder our health and happiness? How does what we eat affect our brain’s relaying of joys and frustrations? How does food best support our brain health, so that in turn we can best love ourselves and others?In this Love Bites Special (’cause we’re still taking a season break, hi!), Jacqueline interviews Dr. Leslie Korn, an integrative medicine doctor whose latest book, The Good Mood Kitchen, explores the simple recipes and nutrition tips that best clear our neuropathways and help us eat happier!Can food help us correct trauma holding us back? Can a pair of blue-light glasses connect us to the natural circadian rhythms of nature? Join us for gentle guidance on how to bring health and happiness into modern life.Love Bites is powered by Simplecast
For our first Love Bites Radio special this season, tarot reader Sasha Graham returns to guide us through how we can establish our own daily practice, which cards in the deck we should keep an eye out for when seeking peak romance, and how to pull a talisman that will see us through a particular time in our lives. This episode was recorded at Kettlespace Tribeca! Kettlespace are restaurants converted into daytime workspaces for freelancers, entrepreneurs and other untethered workers. Members get unlimited coffee, tea, snacks, high-speed wifi and more, and there's a discount code for your first month of membership at the end of this episode! Woohoo! More about Kettlespace, Sasha and Jacqueline's tarot decks, and Sasha's advice in this episode at!Love Bites is powered by Simplecast
The short story is that we're taking a break this season from live shows to focus on some personal necessities and to regroup artistically. On today's episode, Jacqueline shares the story behind why we're hitting the pause button. Then we throw back for a listen to the very first show that launched us on this journey, and one recent segment that shows have far we've come.Love Bites is powered by Simplecast
Today's show marks the end of our Summer Season and two years of Love Bites Radio! In celebration, we're reflecting upon some of the poignant moments that most stuck with us. Which guests' revealed wisdom is still lodged in our brains? What moments of our lives shared on the show felt simple and insignificant then but, looking back, were actually huge turning points in our self-growth? We talk love, food, and conversation in our 83 episode of summer magic.Love Bites is powered by Simplecast
"Two food perspectives, both alike in dignity, in fair New York City where we lay our scene..."*On today's show, Saveur Senior Digital Editor Max Falkowitz and freelance food writer and Love Bites co-host Jacqueline Raposo dig into their varying experiences. How does Max's analytical curiosity contrast Jaqueline's emotional? How does his experience as an editor on a masthead contrast her constant freelancing bylines? And how do they combine those experiences together to best execute one piece after another?The final episode of our Me & You series before we wrap our summer season with a show on takeaways, this is the most foodie-focused Love Bites Radio to date. Have a listen.*Play on the prologue to Romeo & Juliet. You should know that.Love Bites is powered by Simplecast.
"I don't date other actors."That's the hard-and-fast rule of many thespians, who find their careers, artistic, and personal lives so difficult to manage that the idea of merging with someone else with the same struggles sounds like a terrible nightmare. Today, co-host Ben Rosenblatt invites his girlfriend, actress Deanna McGovern, onto the show to share their joys and challenges in defying this conventional wisdom in the fourth of our Me & You series.
Very few couples will ever get to say they've made it to sixty-nine years of marriage. As we explore how to find and maintain loving relationships of all sorts here on Love Bites, it seems only fitting that when we have one of those couples at hand, we ask them how they did it.Pasquale and Hansine D'Ambrosio have been married since 1948. On today's show, they sit down with one of their nine grandchildren -- your humble co-host Jacqueline -- to share a little of the wisdom they've gleaned in their nine decades on this planet. As this is the third in our Me & You series, they speak one at a time, answering just a few simple questions about what they know to be true about love. And as this series is designed so that our hosts answer some questions in return, Jacqueline shares back what her grandparents have taught her about love, too."
How has Trump's America changed the way two single lady writers think, eat, love, and express themselves?On today's show, author Jen Doll returns for our second Me & You episode. She'll interview Jax and be interviewed on how the current political landscape has shifted the thoughts that become words, and the words that become work in their various niches of the writing world. How does Jen, as a savvy social media presence, navigate the landmine of Twitter with humor and confidence? Does she feel defeated or inspired by the women in the coming generation? How has Jax's study of habit removal in her Year of Abstinence helped or harmed her during this tumultuous time?Today, we ask each other these questions in a boost of lady love.
Love Bites Radio explores "why and how we love."So why do we love the way we love right now? In what ways does that love physically manifest? How are those manifestations different than what they've been in the past, and what do we hope to get from love in the future?In the first of our Me & You series, we take an entire show to interview each other on how the love in our lives has changed since we started Love Bites almost two years ago. With one of us now just having celebrated an anniversary and the other back playing the field, what do we cherish the most about our current relationship status? What do we most want for in each other's? In the coming weeks, we'll invite guests and co-hosts to do the same, as we continue to explore this crazy little thing called love.
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