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What would your life look like if you just could call up your best homie and say, "Meet me at the bar and tell me why my life or my business is falling apart, over shots." Now imagine that conversation results in a great night filled with empathy, laughs, critical thought and strategy. That’s what we do here. Every week we will discuss an event, person or analyze a culture/business/life phenomenon to determine how to grow. Deeon Brown is a young guy in his 40’s obsessed with start-ups, marketing, innovation, art, Jordan 8s, Netflix and the human condition.
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How to recognize if you or a loved one are in fact okay, both mentally and emotionally by self evaluating and learning the traits of addiction and illness. Isaiah Cruz is a board certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. His specialty is in the spectrum of  addiction and the necessary medicine to treat it. His experience is with depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, and addictions to herione, cocaine, meth, food and pornography. In this episode of Man Versus Brand, we discuss the signs of addiction, including addiction to celebrity and notoriety  Specifically, we discuss how to recognize mental illness and addiction in ourselves and others. We discuss the public’s fascination with problematic celebrity behavior.  If you want insight into addiction, attention seeking behavior and unhealthy mindsets, this is the episode for you. If you want to really assert your own mental health, this is the episode for you. We discuss Isaiah’s venture No-X. treats pornography addiction with medication via telemedicine in all 50 states. Let’s help you to get mentally healthier by giving you the resources to get support. Quote of the Episode: Everyone has  little mood swings, normal, depression, normal, that’s part of life. So when do you get concerned? Typically it’s your loved ones who notice first, because your kind of in the fog of depression. Right? And it’s your loved ones that say, I’m a little concerned about you. If you don’t have that, you’ve kind of isolated yourself, cause that’s kind of part of depression too. There are diagnostic criteria for depression. Depressed mood almost or nearly everyday for two week straight, weight loss or weight gain, slowing movements….or the opposite is tru, your hyper, thoughts racing. Those are signs health care professionals use. ” - On the topic of determining signs of depression or mental distress. Topics Covered: Signs of Mental Health Distress Treating Addiction Mental Wellness and Celebrity Living Porn and Addiction Free Being Mentally Healthy Guest: Isaiah Cruz Website: website: Linkedin: Isaiah’s Top Picks: guest watch/read/listen recommendation: Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear guest secret watch/read/listen:  Literary RPG (Literary Role Playing ​​ Host: Deeon Brown website: website: linkedin: Instagram: host recommendation: Magic The Gathering Man Versus Brand: website: instagram:
How to attune your creativity to your genius inner child and return to being unafraid to take chances, to create and to discover. T Keaton-Woods is a force of nature. Not only does she support creatives as a creative, she travels the globe doing so. Beneath her humble and nurturing exterior lies a level of genius business acumen and genius emotional intelligence that rivals your favorite mogul. For T, the world needs artists while artist need support systems and safe spaces. In this episode of Man Versus Brand, we discuss how you can find your genius. Specifically, we discuss how to re-discover the type of genius that we all possessed as children. If you want to access the creativity, the world view, the unflinching fearlessness that you once had, this is the episode for you. Let’s help you to get to your happy, productive, creative genius space. T Keaton-Woods is the right person to usher you there. Quote of the Episode: “I always come back a lot of the time to what’s your voice. Where are your values? What’s your voice? That’s not stuff we talk about. Like what school, what church, what institution and be like, hey, let’s get int touch with our values and then let’s claim our voice, before we got out and say something public. That’s what I care about” - On the topic of delivering creativity and not sensationalism Topics Covered: Accessing Your Freedom and Agency To Create To Re-Access Your Creative Space The Genius That We All Had As Children Toxicity and Creativity Finding Community Guest: T Keaton-Woods website: IMDB: linkedin: T’s Top Picks: referenced in podcast: guest watch/read/listen recommendation: The Poetry Unbound Podcast guest secret watch/read/listen: My Aurora App Apple:   Android: Host: Deeon Brown website: website: linkedin: Instagram: host recommendation: Sky View App Apple: Android: Man Versus Brand: website: instagram:
How finding and affirming gratitude can improve your business, life, relationships and world view, especially in tough times, through grief and in discovering joy. The Bible has a verse in Thessalonians 5:18 that states, “In all things give thanks”. Whether you subscribe to holy texts, believe in higher powers or the workings of the universe, we can all agree that being thankful and showing gratitude is paramount to living a healthy, well-balanced life. That doesn’t just pertain to when things are great. Sometimes, we have to find gratitude in loss, in depression and in grief. In this episode, I pod with Antonio Javar Hairston about gratitude. The episode takes place after Thanksgiving but before Giving Tuesday. See Antonio is not only a two time author, he is a meditation coach and the founding director of the non-profit organization I Am King. So if you want to discuss thankfulness, Thanksgiving, grief, meditation, the power of focus and honing our connection to our ancestors, this is definitely the episode for you. Antonio Javar Hairston believes in higher purpose. Quote of the Episode: “I’m just going to stop, I’m going to pause, I’m going to take ten minutes. Set a timer, I’m going to take ten minutes to write down ten or fifteen things I am grateful for. I’m going to write down twenty things that I’m grateful for right now. Not what things are going to come that I am thankful for or haven’t come or came  to pass. Right now what am I thankful for, And if you sit there for those ten minutes or fifteen minutes…you will begin to notice and invite the energy of gratitude into your life.: Antonio Hairston on Activities to Recognize Gratitude Topics Covered: Gratitude in Grief and Loss Activities To Promote Thankful Awareness The Power of Meditation How Lost Ones Show Themselves In Our Lives Thanksgiving Giving Tuesday Guest: Antonio Javar Hairston website: “Awaken” e-book: “The Center” book: “The Center” e-book: Linkedin: Host: Deeon Brown website: website: linkedin: Instagram: Man Versus Brand: website: instagram:
From the Parkland shooting and anti-semitic celebrity radical speech to Superstorm Nicole and Monkey Pox, the world seems to be getting wilder by the second. I’m doing a solo recording to discuss all the trigger points that we experience, my own recent triggered moment, and what we can do to create safer mental health spaces. Rather than be driven to lean into unhealthy coping mechanisms, let’s dive into how you can be your best self, handle all triggers as effectively as possible and still scroll Instagram!!! I’m using points made from the Conversation to help you feel more at ease in the world we are facing. This is a talk for everyone that heard the midterm elections were coming up and they couldn’t quite sleep soundly at night. Let’s figure out how to get you back in bed.
How to change your mindset and perspective to become the person you want to be, build the community you’re searching for, and be a stronger leader. Lion Goodman believes in the power of transformation. This belief is grounded in the idea that human beings have the capacity to overcome their own negative and limiting belief systems to become their better selves. This disciplined act of transformation and self realization then can be taught to others, creating a movement of change. In this episode, I talk to Lion about transformation and overcoming limiting belief systems, specifically as it pertains to leadership, race and marginalized people. We explore possible answers to the question, can you truly remove limiting belief systems in societies that reinforce those limits everyday. Because, for many, everyday is a struggle to be seen with worthiness and value, so what does transformation and realization look like for them? In this episode we talk about influences on your mindset via parenting, intention, inclusion, religion and behavior. Can’t have a talk about transformation without a good caterpillar to butterfly reference, so listen now to hear ours. Quote of the Episode: “Transform means to change form. Now if you have a realization in a workshop, an aha, I now know where my wound came from, that’s groovy, thats a realization but until its transformed at the core of the psyche, then it’s just that, a realization. You can have an aha….see the world differently for a minute, an hour, two hours or sometimes two weeks but if it (your perspective) goes back to the way it was, then you have not transformed...  ” Lion on transformation and the mindset improvement industry. Topics Covered: Difference Between Realization, Information and Transformation Influences on Your Mindset How To Overcome Limiting Belief Systems Race, Gender, Ability, Society and Mindset Taking Control of Your Perspective Guest: Lion Goodman website: free ebook: book: book: linkedin: Lion’s Top Picks: referenced in podcast: guest watch/read/listen recommendation: Outer Range: guest secret watch/read/listen: Host: Deeon Brown website: website: linkedin: Instagram: Man Versus Brand: website: instagram:
Social skill hacks to improve your ability to walk into a room and own the audience. Sean Tyler Foley is an accomplished film and stage performer who has been acting in film and television since he was six. He has appeared in productions, including Freddy Vs. Jason, Door to Door, Carrie, and the musical Ragtime. He is currently the Managing Director of Total Buy In and author of the #1 best-selling book The Power to Speak Naked. He lost his motor skills during his career and had to re-learn how to speak, act and move. Challenging, right?  In this episode, we talk to Tyler about his passion tot help others to confidently take the stage and impact an audience with their stories. We discuss growing up in the entertainment business and life as a Canadian actor with a ton of American projects. If you’re interested in leveling up your ability to work a room, engage an audience, and overcome adversity, this is the funny and thought-provoking, Canadian episode for you. Eh! Quote of the Episode: “Everytime someone approaches me, it's that cone of silence. Here, this is my bubble, now I’m with you, tell me about you. I want to know more about you. And if it’s very surface-level, I go great. If someone wants to dive deeper, I’m like great. And if they want to meet in the middle, great. I’m just excited to learn that they have to share.” Sean Tyler Foley on how he engages one-on-one at large events. Topics Covered: Networking Emotional and Physical Recovery The Power of Telling Your Story Developing A Healthy Coaching, Speaking Business Growth In An Industry Voice Acting and Dialects Guest: Tyler Foley Instagram: Facebook: Youtube: LinkedIn: Twitter: Facebook: IMDB: Tyler’s Top Picks: referenced in podcast: Guest watch/read/listen recommendation: Under The Banner of Heaven: ​​ Guest secret watch/read/listen recommendation: Cinema Sins Youtube: Host: Deeon Brown Website: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: Man Versus Brand: Website: Instagram:
How to find your voice and fanbase in content creation regardless of age, background, ethnicity, ability. Derek Gorthy is a software engineer turned serial entrepreneur that's been starting businesses since 15. He is passionate about empowering independent content creators and is looking to revolutionize the creator economy with his new startup, Enshrine. In this episode, we talk about content creation, monetization, and its future. We discuss web3 technology and how it is empowering platform development. We compare different platform-based earning models and objectively discuss their benefits for you. We talk about going viral and how to capitalize on that moment if you ever find yourself in that position. This episode was an excellent opportunity to pick a content platform developer's brain on how you can gain a more significant, more engaged following and create revenue by creating perks for that following, resulting in enrichment for both parties (you and your following). Do you want to hear the conversation? Click here now. Quote of the Episode: “If you have that community of loyal followers, they want to engage with you. They are willing to take out time, and probably money to engage with you in ways that if you go on Instagram and look at your pictures, it’s beyond that.” Derek on why monetizing your content should be an option. Topics Covered: - Fostering Growth in Online Communities - Content Creation - Web3 Technology - Monetization From Content Through Tier/Incentive/Reward Models - Taking Control of Your Platform and Messaging Guest: Derek Gorthy - LinkedIn: - Instagram: - Company LinkedIn: - Company Website: Derek’s Top Picks: referenced in podcast: - Guest watch/read/listen recommendation: HoTD - - Guest secret watch/read/listen: 90 Day Fiance - Host: Deeon Brown - Website: - Website: - Linkedin: - Instagram: Man Versus Brand: - Website: - Instagram:
How to see yourself as your number one investment and use life insurance to make you wealthy. Brandon Neely founded Grandma’s Wealth Wisdom based on the idea that you should pour into yourself and your business financially, logistically, and with your energy. This is the company’s outlook on entrepreneurs who head  small, medium sized and large businesses. Wealth Wisdom pulls from the experiences of parenting and family to role model how we can grow productive and competitive businesses while also being fiscally savvy. Ever heard of Infinite Banking and the Profit FIrst book?. These are models that you can employ to get available finances that can allow you to access growth both professionally and personally. So let’s talk about finances, best business practices, alternate ways to scale your business and why Grandma definitely knows best. Quote of the Episode:  “You can’t outpace poor saving habits with earning more.” Deeon on unhealthy habits in developing a business or personal wealth.     Topics Covered Growing Your Business Being An Advocate For What You Don’t Know In Business  Empowering Yourself With Financial Literacy To Develop Your Business  Smart Financial Habits  How Having A Strong Team Can Be The Difference In Your Business’ Success Guest: Brandon Neely  website: podcast: linkedin: Brandon’s Top Picks: guest watch/read/listen recommendation for parents with young children:y guest secret listen recommendation:​ Concepts Mentioned: - Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine by Mike Michalowicz: - Infinite Banking System: - 30/30/40 Model 30% Cost of Sale/ 30% Expenses/ 40% Profit Host: Deeon Brown website: website: linkedin: Instagram: Man Versus Brand: website: instagram:
Donnie Boivin, founder of Success Champion has followed a path of selling throughout his life. Now he is selling one of the best products around - community and leadership. His life experiences have led him to become an author of three books, a serial entrepreneur, a creator of two top podcasts and a blunt and emotionally intelligent guy. We are going to talk about the many ways that he has been able to come back from failure, dust himself off and make it happen. Are you ready to do the hard work? The hard work we are talking about is taking a hard look in the mirror at yourself and your business to go from f*cked to focused. Quote of the Episode: “My wife literally had to cash in our 401K to get out jeep back from repossession, to save our house and farms from being taken over by the banks and she looked at me in that moment and said to me, get off your ass and go sell something.” Donnie on finding motivation after a failed business venture. Topics Covered: Learning and Growth In Professional Communities Entrepreneurship After Forty From Bankrupt to Building A Winning Business The Future of Platform Based Entrepreneurship Taking Control of Your Life Guest: Donnie Boivin website: website: book: book: book: linkedin: instagram: Donnie’s Top Picks: guest watch/read/listen recommendation: guest secret watch/read/listen Host: Deeon Brown website: website: linkedin: Instagram: Man Versus Brand: website: instagram:
What if the most extraordinary journey of your life began with the antics of a squirrel? Join us on this episode of Man Versus Brand as we talk to author Brian Livingston as he discusses his nearly year-long hike on the Appalachian Trail. We delve into his decision to begin law school at Washington & Lee University School of Law after the hike and journey into practicing law. Lastly, we cover his pivot into writing his debut novel, “The Habit of Squirrels.” The book is loosely based on his own hike, the people he met along the trail, and his revelations on his life. What can one learn about themselves on a year-long, challenging hike? I think anyone would be forced to reconcile the life they’ve lived and determine what kind of person they want to be. Let’s see what Brian learned as i decide if the Appalachian Trail is my next big trip.
How embracing discipline, drive, and determination can lead you to your best life regardless of the circumstances you are confronted with. Maya Angelou once said, “The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise.” This is true for any endeavor we undertake, especially when we do self-work. Our lives will be shaped by what we want, but our ultimate greatness will be determined by those who we affect. In this episode, we talk to Rael Bricker about his journey from working in South African mines to finding out about health issues to finally finding his true calling - working toward helping others be excellent. To excel is to go beyond the standard, to stand apart or to stand out. Let’s discuss in this episode how you can access your own excellence and challenge your and other’s path to reaching it.
How a simple approach to conflict resolution and hard conversations might allow you to truly be seen, heard, and validated. Because you know, the elephant always comes with a mouse. David Wood, founder of Focus CEO believes in the power of naming things. Specifically, David has created a system that can allow you to identify, describe, simplify, organize and, more importantly, engage with difficult people, conversations and even yourself. These named things, he calls Mice. Naming what's right in front of us gives shape and form to what can be invisible - insult, shame, fear, curiosity, etc. In this episode, David and I discuss how we can better manage our lives, take accountability and be more productive. We review his Mice methodology and roleplay some Mice I have in my life. Naming things, being engaged, and fighting denial is necessary work. Right? Let’s talk about it.
How developing strategic, trusted partnerships can allow you to overcome fear,  take charge and make the right decisions. As entrepreneurs, we all tend to have an obsessive take on our business which can sometimes lead to micromanagement, unilateral decision-making, and a healthy fear of delegation. That’s not the space that we want for ourselves or our companies. In this episode, we speak to attorney Dara Rosenbaum, founding partner at Rosenbaum and Taylor, about developing trusted partnerships. We not only discuss how attorneys can support your business goals and demystify the law for you, but we also cover how to let go of the reins and give some of the responsibility of your business to subject matter experts. It’s hard work to build a mutual, trusting relationship, but vetting and asking the right questions can help establish your expectations and their competence from the start. Let’s discuss how it can be done.
How dedicating just minutes a day to reading can vastly improve your family’s success trajectory. Top CEOs read 60 books a month. Your child reading for 30 minutes a day can critically improve their grade scores. What would happen if you and your family read every day? You would be in line with top CEOs, and your kids would kill it in school. That’s a part of Danny Brassell’s mission. In addition to being a multi-book author, speaker and coach, Danny wants to help parents and students understand the importance of developing strong reading habits and the effect they can have on your lives. This former South Central LA teacher has fought for literacy globally: reaching developing countries and spreading this message throughout the US to get you and your family to read more. In this episode, we talk about his journey, why reading is actually fundamental, and how Danny is doing his part to fight cyberbullying through word choice.
How telling your story can create a path to healing yourself by helping others to heal. Leah M. Forney believes that the power of storytelling is but one of the many tools you can employ to heal, thrive and win. In this episode we discover how one woman overcame multiple sexually violent assaults to thrive and become a celebrated author and filmmaker of her and other women's stories. We discuss Leah’s upcoming film and book, her process in writing and why she has continued to champion the stories of Black women. We discuss motherhood and how our childhood role models shape our initial understanding of the world. It’s an episode not to miss if you want to have a deeper understanding of healing through trauma, storytelling or women’s lived experiences.
One of the greatest strategies to wellness that you can be offered is the opportunity to affordably see the world. Marco Torres wants you to see the world, and to make that happen; he has created a company to facilitate the ability for businesses to provide you travel perks. In this episode, we talk to Marco about his passion for travel and how that informed his business ventures. Starting in Puerto Rico, Marco was determined to be the best at delivering papers as a boy, the best restaurateur as a young adult and now the best entrepreneur. Let's listen to his story, hear about his business and resolve ourselves to travel more. Travel more, in this case means that a business foots part of the bill. As part of my "Wellness Series," we look at mobility through the lens of seeing the world.
How music can directly impact mood, health, fitness, and well-being. It's no secret that music has properties that allow us to tap into frequencies, and wavelengths that catalyze mood, thought, and focus. Did you know that changing how your body recovers from injury is possible based on the music you are exposed to? I didn't, but my guest, Mark Romero is not only a world-renowned musician and frequent collaborator with NASA, he is a killer guitarist. As part of my "Wellness Series," let's explore how music not only frees but how it also heals.
How we relate to others and ourselves can determine our trajectory of success. Know thyself. It's a mandate that so many of us have quoted, yet so few are truly invested in. Why? I believe that knowing yourself is as liberating as it is frightening. That means that many of us are operating in this world with how we think we are being perceived and not infact how people interact with us. That's a problem that we can fix. Enter Dave Molenda. Dave Molenda isn't just an author, coach, and entrepreneur; he is the proponent of self-assessment and using that assessment to move positively through the world. As part of my "Wellness Series," we look at what it takes to know yourself and how that affects the world around you. Let's go!
How spiritual wellness is a cost-free collaborative process of learning, experiencing, and connecting to something that already exists plentifully. Everyone thinks that they have it figured out. You ask most people about spirituality and they will give you their religion and the belief system it prescribes. But what would happen in a world where we all openly discussed our personal experiences with a higher power and all the ways in which that higher power communicates. That's why I'm talking to spiritual coach and shaman Martin Theis about accessing learning from all things. As part of my "Wellness Series," we question if all things are created by a Creator, then we can learn wellness from both oceans and teachers, right? Let's discuss.
How discovering one's true mission and points of fulfillment can not only change individual lives but entire communities of people. We consistently hear that change starts with you. What if we were to embrace that ideal truly? If person by person, we made ourselves better and for a net effect of that, the world became better. That is Stephen Milverton's take on empowerment, change and community. He posits that as each of us journeys toward our purpose, we then can then form villages with others who are accessing their version of purpose. As part of my "Wellness Series," we talk about wellness through growth, enlightenment, community, employment and the danger of cults.
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