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What would your life look like if you just could call up your best homie and say, "Meet me at the bar and tell me why my life or my business is falling apart, over shots." Now imagine that conversation results in a great night filled with empathy, laughs, critical thought and strategy. That’s what we do here. Every week we will discuss an event, person or analyze a culture/business/life phenomenon to determine how to grow. Deeon Brown is a young guy in his 40’s obsessed with start-ups, marketing, innovation, art, Jordan 8s, Netflix and the human condition.
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Giving Tuesday happened a week ago and of all yearly observances, Giving Tuesday speaks to my soul. It is when we help causes and non-profits that help others. We support people who are living in their purpose. So, for this episode, I wanted to discuss life purpose and our soul. On this episode of The Man Versus Brand podcast, we speak to CEO, spiritual mentor, transformation guide and coach Naranjan Nota. Naranjan accesses knowledge and learning in the mental, emotional, scientific and physical  disciplines to help her clients breakthrough to find themselves. Through her own experiences, Naranjan tapped into the power of building meaningful coaching, serving also as a podcaster, writer and source for published media. During this episode, we talk about discovering our purpose.. We discuss vibrational energies, karma, reincarnation and how soul experiences create life experiences. Can’t wait for you guys to hear from Naranjan. She is an entrepreneur who is discussing spiritual journeys and the learning to be uncovered through that journey. Naranjan Nota is the coach that you need to hear from now! Quote of the Episode: “Ultimately what we know for sure is that in a space of vulnerability, you’ve gotten to a place of courage. And it’s only through vulnerability and courage, that there is growth.” Naranjan Nota on growth through life experience as reflected in her coaching.  Topics Covered:  Tap into your soul self Understand karma and karmic balance Discovering your life’s purpose How we connect emotionally and spiritually Embracing your life spiritual journey  Heal and find joy  Guest: Naranjan Nota  Website: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Top Picks referenced in podcast:  Guest watch/read/listen recommendation: Gratitude and Mindfulness  Gratitude Journal: Guest secret watch/read/listen: Theme Park Rides Host: Deeon Brown  Website:  Website:  Linkedin:  Instagram:   Man Versus Brand: Website:  Instagram:
On this episode of Man Versus Brand, we speak with Brandon Barnum. Brandon is the CEO of HOA, or the Home Owner Alliance, is a referral network for home service professionals. Brandon is also the author of “Raving Referrals,” a step-by-step guide to attracting profitable prospects and engaging those prospects into being super advocates for you and your business. The episode focuses on how showing appreciation in your relationships can better your life and your business:chronicling your legacy. Mentored by Mark Victor Hansen, author, and co-founder of “Chicken Soup For The Soul,” Brandon has learned much about pouring into people and receiving fantastic results from that work. We talk about building solid, healthy relationships of value where others will want to send you referrals, resources, and genuine support. This system isn’t only applicable in sales but in every aspect of our lives. How much bigger could your life be if you grew your network into one that genuinely wanted to see you succeed and wanted to be active in that growth? If building mutually beneficial relationships of worth is something you would like to explore, delve deeper into, or scale, this will be the episode for you. Your legacy will be counted by the lives you have touched. Quote of the Episode: “When you are a business owner or leader, people are watching everything you do and say. That becomes your legacy.” Brandon Barnum on professional legacy Topics Covered:  - Finding Your Network - Garnering Referrals - Being A Self-Advocate  - Creating Value Based Relationships  Guest: Brandon Barnum  Author Website: Author Instagram: Author LinkedIn: Company Website: Company Facebook: Company Instagram: Company LinkedIn:  Top Picks referenced in podcast:  Guest watch/read/listen recommendation: The Makings of A Millionaire Mind by Daniel Gomez Guest secret watch/read/listen: Scuba Diving Host: Deeon Brown  Website:  Website:  Linkedin:  Instagram:   Man Versus Brand: Website:  Instagram:
The holiday season has began and Thanksgiving has just occurred. While we sit in lines for Black Friday, I want to remind us of everything we felt on Thanksgiving - connection to each other as humans and loved ones. On this episode of Man Versus Brand, we speak with Erin Marcus. Erin is the founder and CEO of Conquer Your Business, an international company helping driven entrepreneurs and small business owners get the financial and emotional freedom they need to build a business and a life they're proud of. Erin empowers her clients with practical skills and strategies to excel in their business, industry, and markets. Having made the successful leap from corporate executive to entrepreneur, Erin uses that experience, her MBA education, and street-smart upbringing to help her clients reach heights they never dreamed possible. It is this leap that we uncover in the episode. We discuss how can you use the skills you have built to become a full-time coach. Erin speaks about her journey into entrepreneurship and coaching. We also discuss the mindset, pricing, strategy, client acquisition necessary for you to be successful in the coaching space. Erin also hosts the podcast "Ready Yet?!" which features experts, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders across multiple disciplines discussing various topics to help entrepreneurs successfully launch and scale their businesses.  Quote of the Episode: "This is something I watch over and over again. It breaks my heart too because I have seen great people fall into this trap. This goes back to my conversation about insta-tactics. Why the insta-tactics don't work. One of the very well marketed tactics is speaking. They are amazing coaches out there, doing amazing things teaching you how to speak and how to sell from the stage. There's an art to it, I personally use this skill, so I'm not saying the tactic is wrong. But I have watched several really great human beings get really good selling from the stage. However, not to great on delivering on their promise." - Erin Marcus on relying on sales but not follow-up Topics Covered:  - Discovering Your Inner Coach - Being Productive As A Coach - Using Your Life Experience  - Coaching Skills  Guest: Website: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Top Picks referenced in podcast:  Guest watch/read/listen recommendation: When They Say No: The Definitive Guide for Handling Rejection in Sales  by Richard Fenton Guest secret watch/read/listen: Competitive Weight Lifting Figure Skating Aerial Fabric Acrobatics Host: Deeon Brown  Website:  Website:  Linkedin:  Instagram:   Man Versus Brand: Website:  Instagram:
In Celebration of my 75th Episode, I have three episodes on earning money and being happy while podcasting dropping this week. I will drop one episode every other day.  As a part of our “Start a Business. Make Money Online. Be Happy” creators series, on this episode of The Man Versus Brand podcast, we speak to coach, speaker, podcast host of A Revolution of Interdependence and author Will Samson. We discuss how you can overcome adversity and find the strength to start over. Will is on a mission to disrupt the self-help industry and possibly alter the human operating system as a transformative coach. We discuss his transformational mindset and change practices, using the same strategies he uses to coach who guide tech companies, C-Suite executives, and entrepreneurs to amazing levels of growth. Will is the brains behind the T3 ecosystem, a collection of hackers, thinkers, activists, and dreamers who are sprouting new ideas, stories, and products based on the idea of interdependence. His story of rebooting his life was told to the TEDx audience in 2021. If you want to discover how to change your life course and embrace happiness, this is the episode for you.  Quote of the Episode: "Eventually I think most of those false identities, attempts at identity deconstruct and fall apart on their own. Now there are some people who carry out cons, long cons and fake identities for decades but generally speaking those things tend to fall apart and I think because….there is this strong link between who say we are and what we are able to do, eventually if who we sat we are, isn’t consistent with who we say we are, then our habits are and who we say we are will eventually fall apart." - Will  Samson on performative identity Topics Covered:  -  Discovering Happiness  - Being Productive  - Recovery  - Life Skills  Guest: Website: LinkedIn: Instagram: Youtube: Top Picks referenced in podcast:  Guest watch/read/listen recommendation: Rich Roll featuring Ari Wallach: The Long Path: Becoming The Great Ancestors Our Future Needs  ​​ Guest secret watch/read/listen:Christopher Guest movies: Best In Show Host: Deeon Brown  Website:  Website:  Linkedin:  Instagram:   Man Versus Brand: Website:  Instagram:
In Celebration of my 75th Episode, I have three episodes on earning money and being happy while podcasting dropping this week. I will drop one episode every other day.  As a part of our “Start a Business. Make Money Online. Be Happy” creators series, on this episode of The Man Versus Brand podcast, we speak to Lesley Hensell, the co-founder and co-owner of Riverbend Consulting, where she oversees the firm's client services team. We discuss how you can take control of your life, lead your family and grow your business selling one product at a time. She has personally helped hundreds of third-party Amazon sellers get their accounts and ASINs back up and running. Lesley leverages two decades as a small business consultant to advise clients on profitability and operational performance. She has been an Amazon seller for more than a decade, thanks to her boys (20 and 14) who do most of the heavy lifting. Lesley is the perfect person to dive into the possibilities of how you can make money online, not only with your podcast but with merchandise and products. If you want to learn how you can go from your current life to producing revenue streams online, this is the episode for you.   “Your margins are anywhere from 15 to 30 percent. You are looking for something where you have repeated sales over time and then you launch a second product, a third product. You don’t have to sell 100 units a day to have a really nice income stream and some nice margin. You just need regular sales where you are ordering every three to four months.” - Lesley Hensell on starting a business with marketplaces, particularly Amazon.  Topics Covered:  - E-commerce - Amazon Selling - Family Wealth and Participation  - Consulting Guest:  LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: (@RiverbendConsul) Top Picks referenced in podcast: Guest watch/read/listen recommendation: Classic Movies: Carey Grant Guest secret watch/read/listen: True Crime Podcasts Host: Deeon Brown  Website:  Website:  Linkedin:  Instagram:   Man Versus Brand: Website:  Instagram:  
In Celebration of my 75th Episode, I have three episodes on earning money and being happy while podcasting dropping this week. I will drop one episode every other day.  TJ Bonaventure isn't only a company founder and podcast advisor, he is passionate about his contribution to telling stories and expanding the reach of business owners and creators.. So, we not only talk about how to start podcasts and get your message out there, but also how you access your message and voice. Many instances of someone grabbing a mic and recording play out like it's chaos or conversations without direction, but with his help, you can have a better platform and reach a wider audience. As part of our "Start A Podcast. Make Money Online.Be Happy" series, we look at podcasting through the lens of delivering a message to discuss these passions of TJ.  Quote of the Episode: “Leverage those algorithms that are pretty in-depth and really focus toward the people you are trying to reach out to, it's why Tik Tok has been such a revelation in the past three to five years, because their algorithm is so tight.” TJ on technology in the podcasting space. Topics Covered:  -  Podcasts - Finding Your Voice  - Thought Leadership  - Podcast Technologies Guest: TJ Bonaventura  Website: LinkedIn: Instagram: Top Picks referenced in podcast:  Guest watch/read/listen recommendation: When to Jump by Mike Lewis Guest secret watch/read/listen: Severance Host: Deeon Brown  Website:  Website:  Linkedin:  Instagram:   Man Versus Brand: Website:  Instagram:  
How to manage your money and resources to navigate any economy including building wealth in traditionally difficult ones. On this episode of The Man Versus Brand podcast, we speak to Patrick Grimes about how we can thrive in difficult economic conditions, like the one we are in now. Patrick Grimes is the Founding CEO of, a private equity firm with a mission to enhance busy professionals’ quality of life by providing tax shielded and inflation hedged passive investments. Meaning, Patrick’s company advises where you should put your money, helps you lessen your tax expense and grows the money you have - one dollar at a time.  He has over fifteen years of experience in active real estate investment, purchasing distressed assets, renovating, and stabilizing for long-term cash-flow. His company’s $500M+ portfolio includes 4000+ units in multifamily apartment communities in the emerging markets across Texas and the southeastern United States. Patrick co-authored an Amazon #1 best-selling book, Persistence, Pivots, and Game Changers and writes articles on investing and commercial real estate for Forbes and Inman author. Patrick holds a Bachelors in Engineering, a Master of Science in Engineering and an MBA. If you want to talk about building wealth, real estate, learning from past mistakes and how to grow from having nothing, this is the episode for you.  Quote of the Episode: “I lost everything early on. I struggled with the single family thing (investment in single family homes in real estate) and how I figured it out on scaling to multi-families and diversifying energy funds and people resonate with that.” Patrick speaks on how he shifted to being unafraid to share his story has changed how that has shifted his approach to conversations about business.  Topics Covered:  -  Wealth Building  - Commercial Real Estate  - Energy Funds  - Difficult Economies  Guest: Patrick Grimes  Facebook: Facebook: LinkedIn: LinkedIn: Instagram: Top Picks referenced in podcast:  Guest watch/read/listen recommendation: A CEO Only Does These Three Things by Trey Taylor Guest secret watch/read/listen: Smoked Meats - Tales From The Pits Host: Deeon Brown  Website:  Website:  Linkedin:  Instagram:   Man Versus Brand: Website:  Instagram:  
How to use successful practices and discipline to become a trader or apply the same skill sets to any profession. On this episode of the Man Versus Brand podcast, we explore how to trade stocks and the value of using systems to create sustainable wealth. Our guest, Anmol SIngh comes to the podcast with tips and thoughts about trading, building wealth and having a mindset to succeed. Anmol is a trader and the creator and teacher of a school for traders called LiveTraders.  Anmol made his name as a high paid consultant in the trading and investing industry. In 2015 he launched LiveTraders. Anmol has coached and trained over 1000+ traders and investors. Some of whom have now gone on to run their own hedge funds. Anmol is considered the leading expert in trading psychology. He has helped thousands of traders worldwide deal with psychological and behavioral issues that arise when high stakes are on the line. He published a book, “Preparing For Success: 10 Keys For Making It In Life”, which has received great reviews on Amazon. This book focuses on mindset and productivity, pulling from the habits of successful people. Anmol is involved with various other entrepreneurial ventures and franchise stores. He is also an angel investor, funding start-up companies in addition to maintaining a real estate portfolio. We talk about success, mindset, and productivity. If you want to learn about trading, how to approach wealth building or broaden your mindset, this is the episode for you.  Quote of the Episode: “A systematic, battle tested plan, is what professionals would use, whereas a lot of people use RobinHood, or they are just buying and selling based on things that the read on Reddit, they read something on Twitter, some hyped based things, they just believe its going to go up. But belief is not a strategy.” Anmol on using strategies to stock trade.  Topics Covered:  -  Wealth Building  - Stock Trading  - Creating Systems  - Financial Literacy  Guest: Anmol Singh Twitter: DeltaNinety Instagram: DeltaNinety Company Website: Youtube: Anmol’s Top Picks referenced in podcast:  Guest watch/read/listen recommendation: Harmonic Wealth by James Author Ray Dao De Jing Guest secret watch/read/listen: Religious Texts Host: Deeon Brown  Website:  Website:  Linkedin:  Instagram:   Man Versus Brand: Website:  Instagram:  
How to scale your business by supplying the government with valued and needed good and services. The average small business owner selling to the government makes $2.35M a year. Most people are unaware that the government is mandated to buy from small businesses, that they are the biggest purchaser of goods and services in the world, and that they buy everything from Tai Chi and wellness trading to cybersecurity and piano lessons. On this episode of The Man Versus Brand podcast, we speak with the Founder & CEO of DoD Contract Academy and the Host of DoD Contract Academy Podcast, consultant and coach Richard A.Howard. Richard, known to his friends and colleagues as Rick, found himself in the Armed Forces living his dream. Richard discovered while he was flying airplanes for the Armed Forces, that his son had been diagnosed with cancer. This forced Richard to shift into a different sector and there he put companies on contract for the DoD. After 20 years in the US Armed Forces, Rick and his company’s mission is to now use that experience he had in procurement for the government to help small business owners and entrepreneurs win government contracts. In this episode we discuss how to scale your business by leveraging government contracts for your small business’ growth. We debunk misconceptions around the government contract process and give you a clear path forward to growing your business through those contracts. Quote of the Episode: “So let’s say your a women owned small business or a service disabled veteran own business, a minority or AA owned business, now there are even further set aside contracts for these types of companies.” Rick Howard discussing competition in gaining government contracts.  Topics Covered:  - Small business - Government contract process  - Shifting your career  - Developing your personal and professional self  - Being learning based  Guest: Rick Howard Website: LinkedIn: Company Website: Podcast: Youtube: Rick's Top Picks:referenced in podcast:  Guest watch/read/listen recommendation: Business Made Simple Podcast hosted by Donald Miller Guest secret watch/read/listen: Metallica Lyrics Host: Deeon Brown  Website:  Website:  Linkedin:  Instagram:   Man Versus Brand: Website:  Instagram:  
How to harness your entrepreneurial mindset to succeed at any task, on any team, in any organization, or to start your own business. On this episode of The Man Versus Brand podcast, we speak with the Co-Founder & Creator of Tweva (tweva), the world's first social TV network for small businesses and influencers, entrepreneur David Van Beekum. David is a man of many talents. He is a digital marketing guru, start-up enthusiast, and tech expert. Dave is the best person to discuss how we can best. Despite being more of an introvert, Dave has been a driving force behind Tweva's success, working tirelessly on software development, databases, automation, 3D printing, robots, and AI. Introverts aren't the typical prototype for what we think about who can be entrepreneurs. Dave's story is more like yours and mine and less like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and other megastar entrepreneurs. Yet, we can still incrementally get there. After the death of one of the co-founders, Dave realized it was time to step out of his comfort zone and share his wealth of knowledge with others. David became an entrepreneur due to circumstances. He found a problem that he needed to solve. Balancing the challenges of running a start-up with a family, Dave is currently focused on securing a 2.2 million dollar investment for Tweva while driving traction with local businesses on the platform. It's a tricky balancing act, but Dave's passion for helping small businesses succeed is unwavering. This episode is for small business owners, inventors, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Tune in to hear about his experiences, insights, and advice for anyone looking to succeed in start-ups and small businesses. Quote of the Episode:" There's a thing in the VC world, if you want money, ask for help, and if you want help, ask for money, because everyone wants to give you that opinion when you want money." Dave on Venture Capital Investment Topics Covered: - Entrepreneurship - Determining Inventor versus Company - Growing a small business - Digital marketing - Patents and trademarks - Start-up funding Guest: David Van Beekum Facebook: LinkedIn: Company Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Youtube: Tiktok: Pinterest: David's Top Picks:referenced in podcast: Guest watch/read/listen recommendation: Educational Opportunities - Guest secret watch/read/listen: Books The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie Host: Deeon Brown Website: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: Man Versus Brand: Website: Instagram:
How correctly or incorrectly employing the Law of Attraction may be directing your life, finances, family and business.  Have you ever asked for things to manifest in your life and immediately saw a positive result? Or, maybe the opposite - you asked for something to happen in your life and it feels like everything but your desire keeps appearing. Keep attracting the same wrong partner? Keep finding yourself in the same toxic situations? Or, does it sometimes feel like things happen to you, instead of you taking control and directing your life, it feels like life is full of accidents? Do you want to know why you get some outcomes you want, others you don’t or are surprised by the rest? If any of these statements or questions resonate with you, then this is the episode to check out!  Today, on the Man Versus Brand podcast, we talk about the Law of Attraction, what happens when we dream, understanding the Universe, God and Law of Attraction as concepts, manifesting reality, mistakes we make in how and what we attract, how to attract with intent and awareness and shifting our minds to better thinking.  We speak with author and Law of Attraction coach Zehra Mahoon. Owner of the Unlimited Life, Zehra Mahoon’s mission is to guide others to stop making the mistakes that are preventing them from their success and ultimate joy by teaching them the power of the Law of Attraction based on her signature Heart and Mind Alignment Method. She is the author of sixteen books on these subjects and the creator of the Unlimited 40 day law of attraction workbook and support group. After committing to completely transforming her self-worth in 2006, she went from being massively in debt to owning multiple properties and creating a thriving business, as well as healing her relationships. She shares her personal journey to help people understand the power of reclaiming their self-worth. Zehra’s courses and programs help individuals to identify the blockages that are keeping them from loving themselves, and regaining their self-worth so that they can achieve success and start living life on their own terms. Sound good? Ready? Let’s go!! Quote of the Episode:”The biggest mistake that people make with using Law of Attraction is that they keep asking over and over and over again for the same thing. They ask through their prayers. They ask through their visualizations. They keep asking the universe all the time. When you ask all the time, that’s not asking, that’s complaining.” Zehra Mahoon on common mistakes you can fix right now in how you manifest through Law of Attraction.  Topics Covered: The Law of Attraction  Guest: Zehra Mahoon Website: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Linkedin: Zehra’s Top Picks:referenced in podcast: - Guest watch/read/listen recommendation: Connected Docuseries - Guest secret watch/read/listen: Spy Movies: The Angel: Host: Deeon Brown Website: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: Man Versus Brand: Website: Instagram:
How you can scale your gratitude and thankfulness by using gifts and acts of kindness to do the heavy, intimate lifting. We all have a mission. For some, the mission in life is to bring gratitude to as many people as possible in the form of relationship building. Can that extend to business? I believe so. So does Steve Buzogany. Steve’s goal is to live inside the minds of his customers 365 days of the year. Steve is the founder and CEO of The Appreciation Advocate, a company that uses gift-giving to generate more referrals for small businesses. Since 2012, Steve has been a small business owner who focused his business around one thing...building deep and meaningful relationships. By doing so, he was able to sell nearly $100M worth of real estate working 3-4 days a week and while taking off 1-2 months per year.  Today, Steve helps other small businesses quickly stand out among the crowd, build deep and substantive relationships, eliminate burnout, take more time off, generate more referrals, increase income, and have more fun in their career. If you wonder how you can better position yourself and your business to gain referrals through appreciation, this is the episode for you. If you are concerned that you may poison your best customer relationships and prevent referrals, you should listen to the conversation we have. Let’s talk gift giving and how the practice can help you right now!!! Quote of the Episode: “Do give yourself some grace. Sometimes people are just busy, so they just can’t get around to say thank you for whatever reason. Now for me, thank you is priority number one all of the time. If someone sends me a gift, first thing I’m going to do is call them, text them, send them a video, some form of acknowledgement of that, but most of society does not do that.”  Steve Buzogany on people  Topics Covered: Thankfulness Creating referrals  Turning your gratitude into profit Work less and build a stronger business Guest: Steve Buzogany  Website: Instagram:@AppreciationAdvocate Steve’s Top Picks: referenced in podcast: - Guest watch/read/listen recommendation: Eagles - Guest secret watch/read/listen: Hydro Foiling Host: Deeon Brown Website: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: Man Versus Brand: Website: Instagram:
How you can scale your gratitude and thankfulness by using systems to do the heavy, intimate lifting. What would you do if you were cut by the NFL? Would that compel you to give up on your dreams? Or, would you lean into gratitude? On this episode of The Man Versus Brand podcast, we speak to former NFL player, CEO and entrepreneur Rick Elmore. He had this very thing happen to him and  ended up becoming an entrepreneur, innovator and sales expert. Through this own experiences, Rick tapped into the power of building meaningful relationships with clients, customers and employees using gratitude and handwritten notes. It wasn’t an easy, effortless transition - Rick Elmore founded Simply Noted while working in medical sales. During this episode, we talk the advantages of using handwritten notes to nurture relationships with people. We discuss how AI, handwritten notes and automation can support how you can scale meaningful relationships. Can’t wait for you guys to hear from Rick. In 3 years he learned how to code, learned to navigate conversations with developers, UI/UX design teams, developing applications, APIs, SEO, PPC, business consulting, taxes, marketing. Despite his NFL experience, he is us, figuring out his entrepreneur journey and learning through that journey. Featured on MarTech Podcast, The Athlete Entrepreneur, Garlic Marketing Show & more, Rick Elmore is the guy you need to hear from now!
Happy Summer guys! We have a new episode of the Man Versus Brand podcast featuring the language learning coach and founder of French Fluency, Angel Pretot. Angel is not only a coach but also an online entrepreneur. Through his coaching and courses, he helps English speakers learn French fast, become fluent and live their best, international life. After a master’s degree and 15 years of teaching and coaching French learners, he is still obsessed with improving the methods he uses. He loves seeing his students learn faster and better, and create wonderful lives for themselves. In this episode, we learn that not only is he an actual Frenchman who loves cheese. We discuss his move abroad & learning five languages to fluency, the parts of the brain that support language and life in Vienna, Austria. We talk how you can employ the power of language to change your life experiences and effectively see more of the world. If actually making a full time living off your online business by expanding to another country or living in a new country is something you want to so, this is the episode for you!  Quote of the Episode: “If you are a speaker, not of English, you probably have been exposed to a lot of English ,and learned a lot of English, and boom you have two languages which are under your belt. It’s a lot easier to learn your third language than it is to learn your second language” Topics Covered: Learning new languages International careers Living in several countries  Building an online business  Guest: Angel Pretot Instagram: Youtube: LinkedIn: Facebook: Tiktok: Twitter: Shortcut: Pinterest: Website: Angel’s Top Picks: referenced in podcast: - Guest watch/read/listen recommendation: Hellenistic Astrology - Guest secret watch/read/listen: Historical Fashion Host: Deeon Brown Website: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: Man Versus Brand: Website: Instagram:
Using my recent coaching sessions as a guide, I want to have an open conversation about mental health, specifically stress. We establish that you are not alone. We discuss anxiety, fear of decision making and thoughts of worst case scenarios. We talk about the Pandemic. We affirm that It’s okay to be uncertain. We determine that the goal is just to move forward. I hope this solo talk helps you * Note: The Episode referenced in this episode: "Be Thankful In All Things" w/ Author, Breath Work, Meditation Coach & Non-Profit Director Antonio Hairston isn't on Youtube right now but feel free to listen on all podcast platforms. Host: Deeon Brown Website: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: Man Versus Brand: Website: Instagram:
How listening to your life and business vital signs can drastically improve your business and health. Dr. Victor Manzo is a Business and Spiritual Mindset Coach, Certified Pediatric Chiropractor, Holistic Wellness Coach, 3x Author and Podcaster. Dr. Vic discusses how you can empower your life and business with intuition as well as metrics. We discuss how to build healthy professional and personal relationships. We uncover how your gut might be your best tool for growth. Dr. Vic has accomplished so much in his career by utilizing his innate tools. If you feel like you should be employing more of your gut in your business, this is the podcast episode for you. If this is something you are interested in, check the episode out now!! Quote of the Episode:  “Forbes came out with a report saying that 60% of people in leadership are burned out. It’s all about this mind stuff, we lead with that.” Dr. Vic Manzo on leaning in to what we know instinctively - how to speak, think, act and decide in any given moment.  Topics Covered: - Creating success effortlessly - Building relationships through intuitive connection  - How limiting beliefs hold back the power of our gut - Building a strong business  - Connecting our personal, spiritual and professional selves Guest: Dr. Vic Manzo  Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Email: Dr. Vic’’s Top Picks: referenced in podcast: - Guest watch/read/listen recommendation: Activity  Cryotherapy - Guest secret watch/read/listen: Blacklist Host: Deeon Brown Website: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: Man Versus Brand: Website: Instagram:
How the way you think and lead can define you life, your team, your family, and your future. On this episode of the Man Versus Brand podcast, we speak with Darrell Evans. Darrell understands the mindset to win and lead. As a serial entrepreneur, investor, and co-founder of Yokel, a digital marketing agency, Darrell not only leads his team but his clients to create the best business and lives. Darrell and his team have helped small to mid-sized companies generate over $300M in revenue online since 2011 by helping them accelerate brand awareness, lead generation, and revenue growth. But not only does Darrell focus on growth in business, he runs The MindShift Business Academy, and is the the host of The MindShift podcast. Darrell knows a great deal about the science and psychology of how we can think differently and evolve our approach. During the episode we talk about all things mindset related and how your approach to mindset can drastically change your life. We talk about responsibility and accountability toward others. We discuss Darrell’s journey as a father and how that shaped who he is today. If you want to change how you think, learn how to lead and discover the pioneer within you, this is the episode to watch.  Quote of the Episode:  “When you make a decision or a goal, and then you look at what you’re actually saying about the goal…who gets to determine if the goal is actually successful ” Darrell Evans on how we approach decision-making and goal setting in contrast to those affected by our decisions.  Topics Covered: - The Mindshift Method  - How to access your inner leader  - Building a team and thriving  - Learning from others and applying it to our lives - How to grow and prosper  Guest: Darrell Evans Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Youtube: Darrell’s Top Picks: referenced in podcast: - Guest watch/read/listen recommendation: Book Trading in the Zone: Master the Market with Confidence, Discipline, and a Winning Attitude by Mark Douglas - Guest secret watch/read/listen: Fast and the Furious Host: Deeon Brown Website: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: Man Versus Brand: Website: Instagram:
On this episode of the Man Versus Brand podcast, we speak with business/transformation coach, entrepreneur, and author Brian Gorman. Brian has a  deep understanding of the human journey through change. Brian understands the evolution of a person. In this episode we talk Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey as well as the psychology and neuroscience of change. Coming of age during the civil rights movement, then attending college as anti-Vietnam war protests grew from whispers to claim a national voice, it is not surprising that change took root in Brian Gorman early and has never let go. For decades, he has been engaged with change at the individual, organizational, and social levels. Today, Brian works as a certified professional coach. Through his business TransformingLives.Coach, he serves clients who are facing major personal and professional transitions in their lives. He is an International Coach Federation (ICF) certified professional coach, a member of ICF-New York City, and a member of the Gay Coaches Alliance. TransformingLives.Coach is a Certified LGBT Business Enterprise. As a co-holder of the US trademark on 4-Day Work Week, Brian has long been a student of the future of work which he sees as a post-industrial version of the agrarian age.We have an awesome conversation around all parts of Brian’s work and its implications on the future. Check out the episode now!!! Quote of the Episode:  “When I’m on my path doors open for me…those doors were always there, but when you are on your path and conscious of being on your path, you have different awarenesses. And so the other piece to this is that you don’t have to know it all. ” Brian Gorman on the availability of opportunities when we do the work.  Topics Covered: - The importance of diversity as a way of scale - The Hero’s journey  - Pronouns and the importance of being seen and referred to - Communication and Leadership  - The Future of the Economy  Guest: Brian Gorman Website:  Twitter: Linkedin: Brian’s Top Picks: referenced in podcast: - Guest watch/read/listen recommendation: Podcasts - Guest secret watch/read/listen: Books by Jeffrey Deaver (Bone Collector)  Host: Deeon Brown Website: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: Man Versus Brand: Website: Instagram:
How to access a better version of yourself, your ideas, your team, your business through discipline, grit and learning.  Owner of Spear and Clover, Jason Skeesick is a force of entrepreneurial nature! In this episode of Man Versus Brand, I talk to Jason about almost every aspect of the entrepreneurial journey. We talk about evangelizing great ideas, forming teams, being disciplined, failure, capitalism - the list goes on. Jason talks to us about his own journey and how it informed who he is today. Jason Skeesick is a US Army veteran, coach, avid reader, podcaster and entrepreneur advocate.Spear and Clover, helps leaders become better and teams work more efficiently. Jason knows his stuff. His story is compelling. Jason's learning based approach will ensure that you walk away with his ideas and the culmination of everything that he has experienced, read and consumed. Jason hosts his weekly podcast Spear and Clover and we are very, very lucky to have him on our own. This is an episode not to miss!! Quote of the Episode:  “Now I can apply those concepts that worked for anybody, to the people that I loved and enjoyed working with, on a mission that I loved and enjoyed fulfilling to the world. That’s why now when I talk to young entrepreneurs, I ask them what’s the big idea that you are excited about now.” Jason Skeesick on the ideas that you should enlist your time, effort and energy into.  Topics Covered: - Discovering Your Big Idea, Evangelizing and Commodifying It.  - Tapping Into Your Best Self  - Embracing Technology  - Learning To Be Disciplined In Struggle  - The Entrepreneurship Journey  Guest: Jason Skeesick Website: Jason Instagram: YouTube: Spear & Clover Podcast: Spear and Clover Instagram: Dynasty Defined Program: Jason’s Top Picks: referenced in podcast: - Guest watch/read/listen recommendation: Essentialism by Greg McKeown - The Almanack of Naval Ravikant: A Guide to Wealth and Happiness by Eric Jorgenson - Guest secret watch/read/listen: Moulin Rouge Host: Deeon Brown Website: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: Man Versus Brand: Website: Instagram:
Owner of Smart Girl Media, Taiia Smart Young is a dynamic editor, author, entrepreneur, book coach & self-publishing consultant. Taiia is the ultimate creative in so many ways. This podcast episode discusses how people can use their experience or expertise to teach others a shortcut or a proven method for different industries. In short, you can use your journey to help and inform others. We cover why self-publishing is a good option and how writing a book establishes your authority and voice authentically. We delve into Taiia's journey from editor to teaching coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs how to use their expertise to write and self-publish brand-building books in 90 days. If you want to invest time and money in your talent, this episode is for you. Join me and three indie self-publishing award-winning Taiia on the newest episode of our Creators Series. Also, as a gift to the listeners, you can go to Taiia's Friday 5ive tribe. It's her weekly love letter to her tribe with workshops, freebies, podcasts, and books to read. The link is below! Quote of the Episode:  "I want you to understand that it can feel like this big overwhelming project, but if you take it piece by piece and break it down, it doesn't have to be overwhelming. That is not to say we shouldn't respect the gravity of writing a book. We absolutely should, but when you have community…you don't feel as isolated." Taiia Smart Young on the journey of authorship Topics Covered: - Tapping Into Your Creativity As An Author - Selling Your First or Next Book  - Understanding The Writing Process - Self-Publishing - Tapping Into Your Journey  Guest: Taiia Smart Young   Instagram:@TaiiaSmartYoung Twitter: @TaiiaSmartYoung Youtube: @TaiiaSmartYoung Taiia’s Friday 5ive Tribe: Free ebook: Write It Already: ​​ Website: Email: Taiia's Top Picks: referenced in podcast: - Guest watch/read/listen recommendation: Rest is Resistance by Tricia Hersey - Guest secret watch/read/listen: Cult related: Keep Sweet Obey and Pray Host: Deeon Brown Website: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: Man Versus Brand: Website: Instagram: