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Welcome to the Medical Sales Certification Podcast, hosted by Kolby Wood. Kolby is a Territory Sales Manager for a Medical Device Company in Chicago, IL.

All of our content is focused on Orthopedic Medical Sales Education. You can follow us on all the platforms below:


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Customers buy products because of NEEDS and WANTS. They either believe a product is going to solve a problem they think they have, or they fall in love with the product.Our job as medical sales reps is to get our customers to either fall in love with our product, or make sure that our customers believe they have a problem that can be solved by our products.I have learned that creating a problem for customers, and maybe the better way to say it is help customers discover that they have a problem in the first place, is much more important than I previously realized. We hope you enjoy this episode!
Dr. Brian Gruber is a Fellowship-Trained Orthopedic Surgeon located in Phoenix, AZ, and is the founder of Integrated Orthopedics. Dr. Gruber was willing to sit down with me to discuss his background, his current practice and his experience working with medical sales reps. In this episode, you will have a chance to understand how Dr. Gruber thinks about medical sales reps, how to approach him about a new product, how he selects which products he will use and, ultimately, how medical sales reps fit into optimal patient care.Dr. Gruber is one of the few surgeons who will give you access to his operating room and show you how he performs his procedures. His social media team joins him in the operating room and throughout his day to produce and distribute content on all of the major media platforms. If you enjoy this podcast, please take the time to follow Dr. Gruber on all of his social media accounts listed below.We hope you enjoy this episode!Instagram: @drgruber_orthopedicsFacebook: @integratedorthopedicsazYouTube: integratedorthopedicsaz.comMedical Tourism: 1.833.462.8687
I think it's easy to assume that just because you can do something, you should do something. But you need to be thinking about what you're doing from the perspective of the people who you are trying to work for and with.If you are spending time on the wrong things - things that won't impact your future employment with these people - it can actually be a negative for you.On this episode, I go into more detail and give a few examples of how people can hurt their image and the confidence people have in them by spending time on the wrong things.We hope you enjoy this episode!
A piece of paper is only as valuable as the source from which it came. If you're taking a sales course, there are a few ways to take full advantage of them and, likely, it won't be the piece of paper.Not all universities are created equal. Not all sales courses are created equal. But we discuss how you can take full advantage of a sales course.We hope you enjoy this episode!
You can be desperate, or you can get hired. You decide.On this episode, we discuss the importance of not showing the people you're interviewing with that you need it and want it. You want them to follow and chase you, not the other way around.We hope you enjoy this episode!
Too often, customers give us the illusion that they are interested in our product or service, only to find that we can't ever get them across the finish line.On this episode, we discuss the S.H.I.T.S. method.We hope you enjoy this episode!
Everybody wants a good training program, but asking for a good training program is another story.On this episode, we discuss the need for a strong training program and why asking for one in the interview process may actually be hurting you as a candidate.We hope you enjoy this episode!
This is the first interview episode I have had and done. I was invited on to the Get Hired In Medical Sales Podcast by Mike Hayes.We discuss how I have landed multiple medial sales jobs throughout my career and what I think aspiring medical sales reps should be focusing on.We hope you enjoy the episode!
Would you want to hire somebody that agreed with you on every subject? Do you think your boss wants to live in an echo chamber with all of their ideas?On this episode, we discuss how to demonstrate during the hiring process that you're not a yes man or a yes woman. We believe it is very important to show that you have the confidence to give your opinion in the face of disagreement, and we show you how to do it.We hope you enjoy this episode!
Have you thought about what your hook is when you're getting hired? What is it that will stick in the brain of the person across from you so they don't forget you?That is what we discuss on this episode.
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