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Author: Kolby Wood

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Welcome to the Medical Sales Certification Podcast, hosted by Kolby Wood. Kolby is a VP of Sales for a Medical Device Distribution Company in Chicago, IL.

All of our content is focused on Free Orthopedic Medical Sales Education. You can follow us on all the platforms below:


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On this episode, we discuss a recent sales call and follow up call where the deal came too easy. And we discuss what to do when the deal seems to have come too easy.
On this episode, we discuss asking for the business before you feel you are ready. This will open up real opportunities and should get you to the real objection.
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We provide a more nuanced take on this question in this podcast.
Should you be working smarter, not harder?We use examples from Jeff Bezos and Elon Must, to answer this question.
On this episode, we discuss the Superior Capsular Reconstruction procedure.
On this episode, we go into detail about the Latarjet Procedure and how to have a conversation about treatment protocol with a customer.
On this episode, we discuss the proximal biceps tenodesis procedure and any of the associated procedures as well.We hope you enjoy this episode!
On this episode, we discuss the need for structure when speaking to an audience, leading a team or meeting with a customer. We discussed a YouTube video in this episode and the link to that video is below:Stanford GSB: Think Fast, Talk Smart: Communication Techniques
On this episode, we discuss the anatomy of the shoulder labrum and capsule.
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