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Author: Kolby Wood

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Welcome to the Medical Sales Certification Podcast, hosted by Kolby Wood. Kolby is a Territory Sales Manager for a Medical Device Company in Chicago, IL.

All of our content is focused on Orthopedic Medical Sales Education. You can follow us on all the platforms below:


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Would you want to hire somebody that agreed with you on every subject? Do you think your boss wants to live in an echo chamber with all of their ideas?On this episode, we discuss how to demonstrate during the hiring process that you're not a yes man or a yes woman. We believe it is very important to show that you have the confidence to give your opinion in the face of disagreement, and we show you how to do it.We hope you enjoy this episode!
Have you thought about what your hook is when you're getting hired? What is it that will stick in the brain of the person across from you so they don't forget you?That is what we discuss on this episode.
Should you handle price objections whenever they come up in the sales process? No.The earlier you get price objections in the sales process, the less likely they are to be real objections. The later you are the in sales process, the more likely they are to be real objections.We give you an example of a price objection recently and how we handled it.
Do you expect a career in medical sales to be fulfilling? Does it sound like I am fulfilled in my medical sales career?We address these questions and others on this podcast episode.We hope you enjoy!
Are you somebody who recognizes the words that are coming out of your mouth, or do you say things and not have a good understanding of how they are being heard on the other end?In my experience, most people don't have a good feeling for how their communication style comes off to the people they are interacting with, yet this is probably the most important skill you can develop in your career and life in general.On this episode, we discuss a better way to think about communication and how you can actively improve it over time.
One of the most common questions I get is if somebody should go to the Medical Sales College. While I'm not necessarily pro or con on the Medical Sales College, I think each situation is unique and should be thoughtfully made. On this episode, I try to explain one way to think about the Medical Sales College and if you are somebody who should go.We hope you enjoy this episode!
On this episode, we discuss the reality of talent in the medical sales field. It's obvious in sports that some people are more talented than others, but this is an under-appreciated part of the hiring process in medical sales.
On this episode, we discuss a recent phone call with a sales rep and the difficulties trying to get past the gatekeeper.
On this episode, we discuss how to think about a college degree if your objective is to get into medical sales.
On this episode, we walk through the framework you need for getting hired in medical sales. Idea, Strategy, Execution.
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