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Men's Mentors Morning - Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert
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Men's Mentors Morning - Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert

Author: Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert

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Impulses and learnings, reflections and thoughts from the international Men's Mentor and Personal Confidant Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert. Learn how he inspires a carefully selected private clientele worldwide on site to fight less, trust deeper and grow further from inside out. So that men at the top can stop pushing, become who they can be and find with more ease what money can't buy: truth, freedom and love. // Apply now for your complimentary First Strategic Coaching: .
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Are you too busy to grow further more easily? Sounds contradictory because you think your business growth requires a lot of effort?That's what I am hearing quite often from entrepreneurs, especially from men: "You need to fight. You need to sacrifice a comfortable life. You need to be focused and strictly follow your plan."Although keeping your focus and taking action helps such mantras - often deriving from mainstream views on success and old patterns of thinking and feeling - are just one side of the coin.Such a singular and narrow (rational) view rarely leads to fulfillment, but more often to a continuous tension and pressure.In my todays piece I briefly talk about what inside quality you have and need to integrate to discover new ways out of a demanding situation, to grow more easily and to experience your entire life more fully.I am curious about your thoughts and I'd be glad to discuss your current challenges directly with you. Feel free to like, comment or drop me a personal line so we can dive deeper into your story.Let's have deeper conversation, man-to-man, about what currently moves you and what really matters to you. Apply for a complimentary First Strategic Coaching online: .#coaching #executivecoaching #lifecoaching #mentoring #transformation #change #growth #truth #quote #success #motivation #inspiration #personalgrowth #mindset #consciousbusiness #entrepreneur #janhendriktaubert #thekingsjourney #mensmentorsmorning
"You are so cold. I cannot feel you. Therefor I cannot trust you, man. Others can't trust you neither."Such sentences are common for many successful men whom I accompany. That's what they have already heard quite often – from women or close friends.Man: How is your relationship with women - and with life in general? Are you at ease with both or do you find it difficult to connect; to share your deepest gift with them?What women really want (and what life really needs) is a true man – at their side and in the world. A man who is connected with his feelings, but under no circumstances controlled by his feelings.One who follows his responsible path – as self-confident as he is, both open and vulnerable.But not only women (and the world) suffer from men who have separated themselves from their feelings (and hence from their full presence).They themselves suffer at least as much, but you rarely see it. Many successful men suffer secretly; anything else would mean weakness.In addition to the fear of one's own depth and power (that lies behind or beneath the emotions), there is often also the fear of social exclusion, if we men allow ourself to feel and to share them with others.Watch the short video and listen to what can happen when we finally dare to open "Pandora's Box" and allow our deep feelings to be just there, alone or better yet with a good friend and companion at our side.Let me know what you think in the comments below.Let's have deeper conversation, man-to-man, about what currently moves you and what really matters to you. Apply for a complimentary First Strategic Coaching online: .#coaching #executivecoaching #lifecoaching #mentoring #transformation #change #growth #truth #quote #success #motivation #inspiration #personalgrowth #mindset #consciousbusiness #entrepreneur #janhendriktaubert #thekingsjourney #mensmentorsmorning
Man! Honestly admitting the (sometimes brutal) truth to yourself is a good first step to discover your current purpose, to make your next step, to become who you can be (and, yes, to get what money can't buy).But there is another important step for you to grow further in your life - beyond the nice and very comfortable surface of material success.I discovered it many years ago when I became a little more conscious in my life.When I became more and more aware of all the great accomplishments and amazingly valuable (material) things but also much more realizing what was missing: deeper connection, friendship, real meaning and a loving relationship.I realized that I had almost no male friends with whom I could have discussed my questions of life and the decisions I had to make.What was much more of importance to me: At those days, 25 years ago, I had no one to share my personal story, my fears and pain with. I was just afraid to open up and trust another man.I knew that I had to and wanted to find other men who had also made their way to themselves.The relief to meet these men and to open myself more and more to them was enormous. All the stress, all the fears and all the doubts I no longer had to hide deep inside myself. I could share them with other men - and transform them more and more.By the way, this experience is an important reason for me why today I accompany other men on their journey to more authenticity; to a life much more fulfilling, intense and deep.Let's have deeper conversation, man-to-man, about what currently moves  you and what really matters to you. Apply for a complimentary First Strategic Coaching online: .#coaching #executivecoaching #lifecoaching #mentoring #transformation #change #growth #truth #quote #success #motivation #inspiration #personalgrowth #mindset #consciousbusiness #entrepreneur #janhendriktaubert #thekingsjourney #mensmentorsmorning
How happy are you with your current life? Imagine me asking you this question: would you be honest with yourself?Admitting that things are not as polished as they seem to be can be really painful - but it can also be a great relief. And it can open the journey for a new growth.Many of us (especially men) don't admit that essential things in our life are going wrong. We pretend everything is good ("I am earning really good money...") but we are working in a way that feel much more exhausting; even draining than rewarding or balanced.Or are you part of an "OK-relationship", but the only reason for still being together are the kids? Or your level of comfort. What about a burning desire for each other? Must have been ages ago...When I first started working as a Lawyer in Hamburg, I was kind of successful. Enough clients, good money, reputable office in front of the Majors Hall.But I soon felt something essential was missing. It was not fun for me. I often felt tied to my desk, just moving files from left to right. Beside of the fact that I wanted to work more closely with people and less with files, I was missing that I could not travel. I knew: traveling contributes significantly to my happiness; to me feeling alive.Once I admitted to myself (and to others at those days) that something essential was missing, I felt such a great relief. Although I did not know (at those days) how to integrate the missing part, but just the fact of no longer pretending and keeping a nice facade up has released a lot of energy.Being honest to myself about my real needs (better: the yearning of my heart for a deeper connection with people from all over the world) was one of the first important steps for my transformation.The things I am doing today - accompanying clients all over the world and supporting their growth from inside out - enfolded over time.But I guess I would not have begun the adventure of walking my own path without first being honest to myself at those days.Let us know how your life is going these days? Do you feel that you move into the right direction; that you are on your own journey (or are you still denying or even suppressing your needs and living the life of someone else)?Let's have deeper conversation, man-to-man, about what currently  moves  you and what really matters to you. Apply for a complimentary  First Strategic Coaching online: .#coaching #executivecoaching #lifecoaching #mentoring #transformation  #change #growth #truth #quote #success #motivation #inspiration  #personalgrowth #mindset #consciousbusiness #entrepreneur  #janhendriktaubert #thekingsjourney #mensmentorsmorning
Let me share with you the simple yet challenging step. Many of us (including me) long for more honesty and depth in human interactions - both in business and private relationships.However, many personal encounters remain shallow and on the surface.  An empty phrase here, a little small talk there and at the end you are asking yourself: What do we really know about each other? Sure, not every person you meet has to open wide his heart - but there are much more people (especially men) who would like to if we would invite them to. How? The answer is as simple as it is challenging:  Just shut up and let your partner talk. No planned questions, no "guiding" the conversation in a certain direction, no tricks or manipulations. The key is: to hold ourselves back a little while, to put our own story and leave our own agenda, our goals aside for a moment.  In this way, we can create a safe and protected space for someone to open up.If we succeed in this, we are rewarded with a new quality almost immediately: we feel real connectedness - and we lay the foundation for a deeper trust in our relationship, both business and private. What's your experience with this?Let's have deeper conversation, man-to-man, about what currently moves  you and what really matters to you. Apply for a complimentary First Strategic Coaching online: .#coaching #executivecoaching #lifecoaching #mentoring #transformation #change #growth #truth #quote #success #motivation #inspiration #personalgrowth #mindset #consciousbusiness #entrepreneur #janhendriktaubert #thekingsjourney #mensmentorsmorning
Men: To follow your calling you often have to grow beyond your  comfort zone - and sometimes to jump into cold water. You will feel the  warmth as you start moving forward.If we want to respond to the call of our heart, we are often challenged. It is almost as if the call was inviting us to integrate new qualities  into our lives. Qualities that we have within us, but that we have not  lived out of ignorance, fear or comfort. For example, the quality of the archetypal warrior, who above all  stands for willpower, courage and determination. In its adult form, it  has the potential to make our desires and hopes come true in a  conscious, heartful way.Perhaps we already know our desires, but  we do not dare to take the first steps in this direction. Perhaps we  are also afraid of losing control if we do not know every step in  advance.But that is exactly what life is all about: To find,  develop and act on the strengths and qualities within ourselves that  have long been dormant.They are just waiting for us to become  aware of them and courageously integrate them into our lives.  Individuation is all about integration.Man: when will you embark on The King's Journey?#coaching #executivecoaching #lifecoaching #mentoring #transformation #change #growth #truth #quote #success #motivation #inspiration #personalgrowth #mindset #consciousbusiness #entrepreneur #janhendriktaubert #thekingsjourney #mensmentorsmorning
After dancing for more then 4 hours on NYE I sat together with a small group of people asking them: What's your intention for the new year ahead? What qualities do you want to invite more into your life?Although answering such a question at 5:00 AM could be challenging I was a little suprised that almost all of them had no idea what to say.They told me they've never ever thought about any intention or "invitation of energies".After a few minutes some came up with goals like "I want a nice relationship" or "I want more money". The usual stuff when you ask strangers such strange questions (especially after a night so rich of champagne...).So let's continue here: What's your intention for 2019? What kind of quality do you want to live more; to invite more into your life?No matter if you are a man or a woman physically:Is it more masculine goal orientation, commitment, direction, presence, awareness?Or do you want to integrate more feminine qualities like receptiveness, openness, ability to feel deep inside your body and to express these feelings through life energy?I am (we are all) curious to learn more about what you want to experience and express more. Feel free to share it in the comments below and let's talk soon!Happy New Year 2019 to all of you.Let's have deeper conversation, man-to-man, about what currently  moves  you and what really matters to you. Apply for a compimentary  First Strategic Coaching  online:  .#business #howto #successfactors #awarenessraising #consciousbusiness   #leadership #growthfactors #personaldevelopment #coaching #mentoring
What places do you enjoy most? Where do you feel truly alive and connected with yourself and other people? Are you aware of such places - and have you ever visited them again?If not I strongly recommend to do this once in while, especially at this time of the year.Being at such places (in nature or in specific cities you've spent some joyful and exciting time for example) helps to recharge your energies.This is of utmost importantce especially if you have had emotionally daining experiences or mentally challenging times within the past monthsThese places can also remind you naturally about qualities (feelings, sensations, thoughts, ideas or dreams) inside of yourself that you have forgotten or just lost connection withReconnecting to this truth inside of you can help to determine what is of great importance to you beyond all the external demands and obligations.This can be the first step if you want to live a deeper life directed more from your inner self and less from the outer world that you have created (consciously or unconsciously).For me among many others the port of Hamburg is one of such places. With its large container vessels and the small sightseeing boats called "Barkassen" it reminds me a lot about my deep inner yearning to discover the world.Let us know what's your place where you can connect with yourself and the flow of life easily.And let's have deeper conversation, man-to-man, about what currently moves  you and what really matters to you. Apply for a compimentary First Strategic Coaching  online:  .#business #howto #successfactors #awarenessraising #consciousbusiness  #leadership #growthfactors #personaldevelopment #coaching #mentoring
Men grow among other men, women among other women. This is my answer when asked why I am accompanying men (and if I work with women too).My father left us when I was one year old. The abscence of a male role model in my early years has left its mark.I never knew what it meant for me being a "man" - and how to make my way through life.There was no real man teaching me how to grow my strenghts and my kindness, how to take responsibilities and how to build my "kingdom", how to deal with anger and fears in a constructive way.The worst: I could not build trust with other men. One of the consequences: I developed a kind of toxic masculinity - hurt and insecure deep inside, overly ambitious and compensating in the world.My facade was shiny, but my inside was a tragedy.Things changed when I changed - and found other men along my path from whom I could learn many different ways of being a man.A few but true friends, coaches and therapists provided a safe space and taught me how to grow beyond my childhood patterns.I learned how to trust myself and others, how to develop my qualities and finally how to be a good father to myself.Women also played a significant role in my story but I needed other men to re-connect with my masculine qualities in a positive way.That's one of the major reasons why I am following my calling and doing what I am doing: accompanying and supporting other successful men (and sometimes women) worldwide on site to grow deeper and further in life from within - to find all that money can't buy.Let's have deeper conversation, man-to-man, about what currently moves you and what really matters to you. Apply for a First Strategic Coaching online: .#business #howto #successfactors #awarenessraising #consciousbusiness #leadership #growthfactors #personaldevelopment #coaching #mentoring
Are you happy in your business, with your relationships? Do your goals you have set serve you? On your path, what experiences do you have in your life - professionally and privately?These questions came to mind when I spent quality time with myself this afternoon on Lake Zurich.The foggy autumn, the month November, is for many of us on the northern hemisphere the time of reflection, of looking back.At least this season invites us to follow the rhythm of nature, to withdraw from the hustle of the "year-end rally".Questions that I ask myself - and that you can ask yourself too:What did I experience at the end of the year - with my business partners and customers, in my love relationship, in my family and with my friends?What was essential?How did it make me feel?Was the year 2018 so far easy and interesting or was it full of tension and pressure?What did I learn - about myself, about other people and about life in general?I invite you to let these questions sink into yourself, to let them work inside of you - and to be curious about your answers.Maybe you will do this with a good friend who asks the questions and listens to you without immediately commenting on your answers or offering solutions to "fix" your "problems".Let me know if I can help you discover more about yourself. I am at your side; at short notice and wherever you are - worldwide.Let's have deeper conversation, man-to-man, about what currently moves you and what really matters to you. Apply for a First Strategic Coaching online: .#business #howto #successfactors #awarenessraising #consciousbusiness #leadership #growthfactors #personaldevelopment #coaching #mentoring
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