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Men's Mentors Morning - Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert
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Men's Mentors Morning - Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert

Author: Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert

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Impulses and learnings, reflections and thoughts from the international Men's Mentor and Personal Confidant Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert. Learn how he inspires a carefully selected private clientele worldwide on site to fight less, trust deeper and grow further from inside out. So that men at the top can stop pushing, become who they can be and find with more ease what money can't buy: truth, freedom and love. // Apply now for your First Strategic Coaching: .
18 Episodes
What's your intention for 2019?
After dancing for more then 4 hours on NYE I sat together with a small group of people asking them: What's your intention for the new year ahead? What qualities do you want to invite more into your life?Although answering such a question at 5:00 AM could be challenging I was a little suprised that almost all of them had no idea what to say.They told me they've never ever thought about any intention or "invitation of energies".After a few minutes some came up with goals like "I want a nice relationship" or "I want more money". The usual stuff when you ask strangers such strange questions (especially after a night so rich of champagne...).So let's continue here: What's your intention for 2019? What kind of quality do you want to live more; to invite more into your life?No matter if you are a man or a woman physically:Is it more masculine goal orientation, commitment, direction, presence, awareness?Or do you want to integrate more feminine qualities like receptiveness, openness, ability to feel deep inside your body and to express these feelings through life energy?I am (we are all) curious to learn more about what you want to experience and express more. Feel free to share it in the comments below and let's talk soon!Happy New Year 2019 to all of you.Let's have deeper conversation, man-to-man, about what currently  moves  you and what really matters to you. Apply for a compimentary  First Strategic Coaching  online:  .#business #howto #successfactors #awarenessraising #consciousbusiness   #leadership #growthfactors #personaldevelopment #coaching #mentoring
Visit places where you can recharge yourself
What places do you enjoy most? Where do you feel truly alive and connected with yourself and other people? Are you aware of such places - and have you ever visited them again?If not I strongly recommend to do this once in while, especially at this time of the year.Being at such places (in nature or in specific cities you've spent some joyful and exciting time for example) helps to recharge your energies.This is of utmost importantce especially if you have had emotionally daining experiences or mentally challenging times within the past monthsThese places can also remind you naturally about qualities (feelings, sensations, thoughts, ideas or dreams) inside of yourself that you have forgotten or just lost connection withReconnecting to this truth inside of you can help to determine what is of great importance to you beyond all the external demands and obligations.This can be the first step if you want to live a deeper life directed more from your inner self and less from the outer world that you have created (consciously or unconsciously).For me among many others the port of Hamburg is one of such places. With its large container vessels and the small sightseeing boats called "Barkassen" it reminds me a lot about my deep inner yearning to discover the world.Let us know what's your place where you can connect with yourself and the flow of life easily.And let's have deeper conversation, man-to-man, about what currently moves  you and what really matters to you. Apply for a compimentary First Strategic Coaching  online:  .#business #howto #successfactors #awarenessraising #consciousbusiness  #leadership #growthfactors #personaldevelopment #coaching #mentoring
To grow further in life men need other men
Men grow among other men, women among other women. This is my answer when asked why I am accompanying men (and if I work with women too).My father left us when I was one year old. The abscence of a male role model in my early years has left its mark.I never knew what it meant for me being a "man" - and how to make my way through life.There was no real man teaching me how to grow my strenghts and my kindness, how to take responsibilities and how to build my "kingdom", how to deal with anger and fears in a constructive way.The worst: I could not build trust with other men. One of the consequences: I developed a kind of toxic masculinity - hurt and insecure deep inside, overly ambitious and compensating in the world.My facade was shiny, but my inside was a tragedy.Things changed when I changed - and found other men along my path from whom I could learn many different ways of being a man.A few but true friends, coaches and therapists provided a safe space and taught me how to grow beyond my childhood patterns.I learned how to trust myself and others, how to develop my qualities and finally how to be a good father to myself.Women also played a significant role in my story but I needed other men to re-connect with my masculine qualities in a positive way.That's one of the major reasons why I am following my calling and doing what I am doing: accompanying and supporting other successful men (and sometimes women) worldwide on site to grow deeper and further in life from within - to find all that money can't buy.Let's have deeper conversation, man-to-man, about what currently moves you and what really matters to you. Apply for a First Strategic Coaching online: .#business #howto #successfactors #awarenessraising #consciousbusiness #leadership #growthfactors #personaldevelopment #coaching #mentoring
Now is the time to reflect your life
Are you happy in your business, with your relationships? Do your goals you have set serve you? On your path, what experiences do you have in your life - professionally and privately?These questions came to mind when I spent quality time with myself this afternoon on Lake Zurich.The foggy autumn, the month November, is for many of us on the northern hemisphere the time of reflection, of looking back.At least this season invites us to follow the rhythm of nature, to withdraw from the hustle of the "year-end rally".Questions that I ask myself - and that you can ask yourself too:What did I experience at the end of the year - with my business partners and customers, in my love relationship, in my family and with my friends?What was essential?How did it make me feel?Was the year 2018 so far easy and interesting or was it full of tension and pressure?What did I learn - about myself, about other people and about life in general?I invite you to let these questions sink into yourself, to let them work inside of you - and to be curious about your answers.Maybe you will do this with a good friend who asks the questions and listens to you without immediately commenting on your answers or offering solutions to "fix" your "problems".Let me know if I can help you discover more about yourself. I am at your side; at short notice and wherever you are - worldwide.Let's have deeper conversation, man-to-man, about what currently moves you and what really matters to you. Apply for a First Strategic Coaching online: .#business #howto #successfactors #awarenessraising #consciousbusiness #leadership #growthfactors #personaldevelopment #coaching #mentoring
How to access your energy and clarity through others
How to reconnect to your life energy if you're stuck in your thoughts? What if your emotions cloud your view and you can't access your clarity? Here's an idea - but mind a trap!In an earlier video I said it's good to provide to yourself what you are seeking from others. But what if this self-care strategy doesn't work any longer?There are times in our lives when we can't access certain qualities - clear thoughts or appreciation for us and others for example.My experience is:In such moments it's good to surround ourselves with people who easily live these qualities, either because it's their usual way of being (their nature) or because they have integrated all the different qualities themselves and are consciously accessing and showing them to the world.For some people, clarity and peace of mind is their natural state of being. It's just normal for them to stay calm and centered in The Eye Of The Storm.Others have access to their energy almost all the time and are constantly moving. For them showing emotions, smiling and radiating life force energy feels so natural, no matter how boring or tense a person or situation is.Surrounding us with people who live qualities inside of us but difficult to access can help us reconnect to our own variety of being.But stay conscious and don't make the other person responsible for lifting you up. Always remember: They just show you what's already inside of yourself.Let me know what you think in the comments - and feel free to share it with your friend if you think he should know about it. Apply for a First Strategic Coaching online: .#business #howto #successfactors #awarenessraising #consciousbusiness #leadership #growthfactors #personaldevelopment #coaching #mentoring
Choose the path of least resistance
We often put so much attention and effort into our goals that our daily journey becomes a trip of tension, stress and even pain - for ourselves and others. What about instead choosing the path of least resistance?Yesterday I had a longer discussion about how to best reach a goal that we've put in our mind and that we are now chasing after.The person I spoke with said that he's often longing to finally reach his goal because then he will feel a great relief. "Yes! I've made it. Now I can relax."I asked him if he could imagine a different aproach: no longer putting all his energy, discipline and strengths - so all of his focus - to the goal itself but instead paying more attention to the path itself.The key is to no longer suppress the physical and emotional realities, but perceive them as a guide. In the sense of: The more difficult the path is and the more we have to fight, the less it is the right path for us.The more easy the path is and the more all things are falling into place, better the journey suits us.There is a path of least resistance.The main prerequisite, however, is that we shift our attention more inwards, i.e. pay attention to our inner voice and emotions and follow them courageously.It's pretty much likely that we will not only enjoy our journey more but also reach goals with a lot more ease.Let me know what you think in the comments - and feel free to share it with your friend if you think he should know about it. Apply for a First Strategic Coaching online: .#business #howto #successfactors #awarenessraising #consciousbusiness #leadership #growthfactors #personaldevelopment #coaching #mentoring
How to get what you want from others
How can I get from someone (my partner, my parents or my close friend) what I am so much longing for - appreciation, kindness, freedom or love for example? Have you ever asked yourself this?After I have shared my personal story and a few learnings at the #asmallworld event yesterday evening in Geneva, this topic came up during the lively discussion afterwards."I have been trying to explain what's important to me in my life over and over again. How can I make my parents understand me," someone asked.The honest truth is: although we would like other people - especially the ones we love - to understand us or to behave towards us in a specific way, there is no way aside from manipulation to make them say or think or act in a way we want them to.The question is: what are you looking for outside yourself? What's this external longing or yearning all about? Why are you looking for someone to fulfill your desires? Whom are you looking for to "complete" you?Listen to this episode to find out how you will most likely to receive from someone else what you were always looking for.I am curious to learn your opinion on this. How have others started providing exactly what you "needed from them" once you have changed your bahaviour?Let me know what you think in the comments - and feel free to share it with your friend if you think he should know about it. Apply for a First Strategic Coaching online: .#business #howto #successfactors #awarenessraising #consciousbusiness #leadership #growthfactors #personaldevelopment #coaching #mentoring
What to do with "negative" feelings?
Are you that kind of man who always wants to do something, especially when it comes to unpleasant feelings inside your body? If so you should watch and listen to this short piece: I talk about how you can behave in a different way - to make new experiences with yourself.This morning I had a conversation with a man who‘s very active in his life - but felt kind of „knocked off“ by the energy that was moving in his body (his feelings of sadness and grief) after he has done a great job on television the day before.He asked me what he should do in such situation?Sure: we men always want to fix something (and ourselves), especially when we think it‘s broken (like our ability to continously perform); even if if this ability is only „broken“ for a short period.The physical and psycholgical pressure he additionally has put on himself was so strong that his body reacted with clear signs: exhaution.So what‘s an alternative reaction if „negative“ thoughts or feelings show up? My own experiences with such situations (not only once) inspired me to record this short piece.Let me know what you think in the comments - and feel free to share it with your friend if you think he should know about it. Apply for a First Strategic Coaching session online: .#business #howto #successfactors #awarenessraising #consciousbusiness #leadership #growthfactors #personaldevelopment #coaching #mentoring
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