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Join host Jorim Holtey-Weber on More Life, the podcast that explores questions like "how can we create more life?" and "how can we create more aliveness around us?" Through insightful conversations with thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and creatives, Jorim uncovers the secrets to living a more fulfilling life. Each episode offers practical tips and inspiration on topics like personal growth, human connection, and how to live life. From gratitude to travel, from systems design to regeneration, More Life provides a space to explore the big questions that shape our existence. Come join us!
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Listen in as we discuss essence, innovation, caring leadership, and more. CONNECT WITH CAROL SANFORD: CONNECT WITH JORIM HOLTEY-WEBER
Are you ready to embrace the challenges and step into courageous leadership? In this episode of More Life, join host Jorim Holtey-Weber and Elaine Jacob to dive deep into topics that will inspire and empower you. They explore the importance of doing the hard stuff, connecting on an emotional level, and cultivating the courage to lead with authenticity. They also delve into the transformative power of embracing loss and taking responsibility for our lives. Get ready for a thought-provoking conversation that will challenge your perspectives and ignite your inner leader. Don't miss out on this inspiring episode, subscribe to More Life now and unlock your full potential! Reflection questions: Connect with Elaine Jacob: Connect with Jorim Holtey-Weber:
Are you looking for ways to support those who are grieving, or struggling with grief yourself? In this episode of the podcast, Jorim speaks with Maryann about the challenges of grieving and supporting others through the grieving process. They discuss the importance of acknowledging loss, avoiding platitudes, and offering practical support. Maryann shares her personal experiences with grief and loss, as well as resources for those who want to learn more. They also touch on the challenges of grieving differently from a partner and the importance of social support. Tune in to this insightful conversation to gain valuable insights on grief and loss. Subscribe now to never miss an episode! Connect with Maryann Udel: Book Unleashing Your Soul-Level Magic Website Email - LinkedIn - Facebook - Instagram - Connect with Jorim Holtey-Weber:
In the 20th episode of More Life, host Jorim Holtey-Weber engages with conflict management expert, Tamir Hasan on living life on your terms and managing conflicts effectively. Tamir shares his philosophy of "helping people find their own solutions to challenges so they feel empowered to take action." They ponder over questions like how to create more life in the sense of thriving, happiness, or fulfillment. What is the difference between traditional coaching and a more flexible, person-centered approach? How does one's authentic self play into conflict resolution and workplace dynamics? What is the correlation between Tamir’s interest in diving and poker playing, and his professional life? He also reveals his life-changing decision to quit his job, opening up about his decision-making process. Tune in to this episode to hear these insights and much more. Connect with Tamir Hasan: Connect with Jorim Holtey-Weber: [00:01:18] Creating More Life Through Conflict Management [00:05:58] T Dealing with Conflict, the Distinct Roles of Mediator and Coach, and the Power of Curiosity [00:12:26] The business of coaching and mediation [00:16:49] Authenticity, Relationships, and Poker [00:24:21] Interview about Poker, Mediation and Coaching with Tamir Hasan [00:26:14] An Informal Conversation about Diving, Entrepreneurship and Poker [00:30:58] The Perfect Mix of Work and Diving for Remote Business Professional [00:31:50] Transitioning from Government Job to Consulting and Rethinking Retirement Model [00:33:27] Exploring Spontaneity in Travel Experiences and Information Curation [00:37:39] Tamir Hasan Discusses His Decision to Quit His Job and Commit to Personal Goals
In this episode, I spoke with Sagar Kalra about what brings more life into the world. We discussed being present, grateful, and spontaneous, as well as connecting authentically with others. Sagar shared his personal story of starting his own company and the lessons he learned from that experience. He offers insights on building relationships, overcoming setbacks, and continuing to pursue your ambitions. Listen in to hear Sagar's thoughtful perspectives on bringing your full self to life and work. ### Key Discussion Points - The importance of being grateful and spontaneous - Making time to observe and learn from your surroundings - Creating space for others to share their personalities at work - Observing others' quirks to better understand them - Pushing through difficult times by accepting what happened and moving forward - Finding support and external validation after setbacks - Continuing to pursue your ambitions despite obstacles CONNECT WITH SAGAR KALRA: CONNECT WITH JORIM HOLTEY-WEBER:
In this episode of More Life, Jorim Holtey-Weber interviews entrepreneur Marina Petrakova about her medical technology startup, Vreach, and the challenges and rewards of managing it. They discuss topics such as toxic work environments, mental health, and the affordability and effectiveness of therapy for neurodivergent individuals. Marina emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and inner acceptance, as well as understanding and meeting one's deepest needs. She also discusses the significance of diversity and neurodiversity in business settings and the importance of leading by example. Finally, Marina highlights the importance of mental health and building a positive work environment, and she emphasizes the need for entrepreneurs to prioritize their personal well-being. Key topics include: - Letting go of self-criticism to increase space for creativity and risk-taking - Being a role model by living authentically - Creating psychologically safe and collaborative startup cultures - Combining entrepreneurship education with psychology and mental healthcare Guest Bios: Marina Petrakova is the CEO and founder of Vreach, a medical technology startup using VR to provide therapy for neurodivergent individuals. She is a leader in the tech space in Latvia, having founded the community Riga Tech Girls. Marina is a certified professional in clinical audiology, speech language pathology, rehabilitation, and cognitive sciences. Vreach is a Latvian startup using virtual reality to assist neurodivergent patients in receiving engaging, measurable, and effective therapy. Their tool empowers doctors to provide productive therapy while avoiding burnout. CONNECT WITH MARINA PETRAKOVA: CONNECT WITH JORIM HOLTEY-WEBER
In today’s episode of More Life, I’m happy to speak with Krissie McMenamin delving on emotional intelligence skills. Strong interpersonal and professional connections need the development of emotional intelligence. It entails being aware of, cognizant of, and capable of managing your own emotions as well as those of others. Krissie's program could provide valuable insights and techniques to improve these aspects of emotional intelligence. Remember to actively engage in the program and practice what you learn to see meaningful results in your life. Enjoy the journey of mastering emotional intelligence. Don't miss out, subscribe to More Life today! Connect with Krissie McMenamin: Email Address: 646-515-4732 Connect with Jorim Holtey-Weber: Emerge to Prosper Emerging Men More Life podcast
Ever wondered how compassionate inquiry can transform your perspective on life? 🤔 In this episode of More Life, I'm joined by Ruth Veda and Marcus Druen to explore the profound impact of bringing fun into moments of seriousness. We delved into the concept that change always unfolds in the present moment. Join us for a captivating conversation as we uncover the power of compassionate inquiry and the art of infusing joy into the serious aspects of life. Tune in now to gain fresh insights on embracing change and living more fully. Don't miss out, subscribe to More Life today! Connect with Ruth Veda: Connect with Marcus Druen: Connect with Jorim Holtey-Weber:
Do you find yourself torn between achieving your goals and staying grounded in the present moment? In this captivating episode of More Life, I dive deep into a thought-provoking conversation with Giles Hutchins. We explore the delicate art of balancing achievement with groundedness, and the transformative power of focusing on what truly matters. Giles shares his insights on how to navigate the fast-paced modern world while remaining connected to our core values and essence. Join us as we uncover practical strategies for harmonizing ambition and mindfulness, and gain valuable insights into leading a more purposeful and balanced life. Don't miss out on this enlightening discussion—subscribe to More Life now. Connect with Giles Hutchins: Giles Hutchins The Future Fit Leadership Academy Leadership Immersions Books: The Nature of Business (2012) The Illusion of Separation (2014) Future Fit (2016) Regenerative Leadership (2019) Leading by Nature (2023) Connect with Jorim Holtey-Weber:
This is a special episode of More Life. I reflect on the process of hosting this podcast, what I've learnt and what I want to do differently in the future. Tune in for some behind the scenes content.
Are you interested in learning how to be an active ally and create an inclusive environment? In this episode host Jorim Holtey-Weber explores with Hasan Rafiq the importance of self-awareness and education in creating a more equitable workplace. They explore the concept of allyship and the role of leaders in valuing diverse perspectives. Hassan also shares his insights on the personal inclusion narrative, a tool to reflect on one's own inclusion and exclusion experiences. Tune in to this engaging conversation to gain valuable insights and practical strategies for creating a more inclusive environment in the workplace. Don't miss out, subscribe to More Life now. Connect with Hasan: Connect with Jorim:
Are you struggling to overcome personal triggers and obstacles in your life? In this episode host Jorim Holtey-Weber discusses with Bob Conlin the importance of taking responsibility for one's emotional and physical health, sharing personal stories of their own journeys towards healing and growth. They explore the power of setting physical challenges to feel alive and the importance of small, consistent actions in achieving greatness. Tune in to this inspiring conversation to gain valuable insights on overcoming obstacles and achieving personal growth. Subscribe now to never miss an episode! Connect with Bob Conlin: Men’s Retreats: Coaching: Couples Coaching: Book: Instagram @relationship_alchemist Facebook LinkedIn Connect with Jorim Holtey-Weber:
Do you want to know how to live a fulfilling and purposeful life? In this episode of the podcast, Terry Tucker, a cancer survivor and business executive shares insights and inspiration about the importance of authenticity, personal responsibility, and self-discovery in business and life. From the role of character in success to the power of innovation and finding new ways of doing things, this conversation offers practical strategies for anyone looking to live their best life. Don't miss out, tune in now to gain new insights and inspiration for personal growth and fulfillment. Subscribe to the podcast for more inspiring episodes.
Are you tired of putting up a façade on social media? Do you crave more vulnerability and realness in your life and relationships? In this episode of the podcast, the speakers delve into the importance of authenticity and sharing personal stories and struggles. They discuss the impact of social media on presenting a curated, positive image and the need to balance that with showing vulnerability and realness. Additionally, they share their experiences with building connections and community through sharing personal stories and struggles, both in their personal lives and on professional platforms like LinkedIn. Tune in to this thought-provoking conversation to gain valuable insights on vulnerability, authenticity, and building meaningful connections in your life. Subscribe now to never miss an episode! Timestamps #00:00:58 How do we create more life? #00:02:41 Start working on what YOU want #00:06:13 Proactivity #00:07:46 Resilience and purpose #00:11:39 You own the road #00:14:14 The 5 States #00:24:40 Distracting oneself when overwhelmed #00:32:00 Investing into the culture of a company #00:38:46 Sharing imperfection and vulnerability Connect with Chet Hirani: ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ Connect with Jorim Holtey-Weber: ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠
Do you feel like you're carrying emotional baggage that's holding you back from living your best life? In this episode of More Life, host Jorim Holtey-Weber and Candice Wu explore the topic of emotional healing and personal growth. They discuss the importance of expressing and processing emotions, particularly resentment, and how it can lead to deeper healing. They also delve into the intergenerational aspect of emotional baggage, acknowledging that sometimes we carry emotions that don't necessarily belong to us but to our family history. With a focus on individualized approaches to self-help, this conversation emphasizes the need to adapt the knowledge we acquire to our unique circumstances. Tune in to this inspiring episode to gain new insights on emotional healing and personal growth, and learn practical strategies for living a more fulfilling life. Don't miss out, subscribe to More Life now. TIMESTAMPS: 00:01:03.000 - How do we create more life? 00:04:19.000 - Mindfully doing the dishes 00:07:48.000 - Listening to your own thoughts and emotions 00:13:27.000 - Deeply explore what comes back to you again and again 00:15:15.000 - Giving trauma a closure 00:16:12.000 - Jorim’s surf accident and facing fear intentionally 00:19:37.000 - Locating deeper context for resentment 00:20:37.000 - Resentment 00:25:17.000 - Judgement about anger 00:27:25.000 - Talking to oneself to process of anger 00:32:27.000 - Past life influences in anger and resentment 00:39:52.000 - Just because it worked for someone else doesn’t mean it works for you 00:40:12.000 - Learn globally, adapt locally Connect with Candice Wu Website: The Embody Podcast: Connect with Jorim Holtey-Weber Email: Leadership Coaching: LinkedIn:
Do you feel like you're at a crossroads in life, unsure of how to move forward and create a more fulfilling future for yourself? In this episode of More Life, I sit down with Self-Worth Sam to discuss various topics related to personal growth and self-improvement. We explore the concept of support and challenge, the challenges that individuals face at different stages of their lives, and the importance of understanding one's own values and creating a vision statement. Self-Worth Sam also shares his expertise on imposter syndrome and how individuals can overcome it, as well as a recent change he has made in his life and a helpful book he recommends for creating a unique personal brand. Tune in to this inspiring conversation to gain valuable insights and practical strategies for unlocking your full potential and living a more fulfilling life. Don't miss out, subscribe to More Life now. TIMESTAMPS: - 00:01:04 Introduction - 00:02:04 Concept of support and challenge - 00:07:04 Challenges individuals face at different stages of their lives - 00:12:04 Understanding one's own values and creating a vision statement - 00:17:04 Sam’s work on imposter syndrome - 00:23:04 Overcoming imposter syndrome - 00:28:04 Recent change in Sam’s life - 00:30:04 Creating a unique personal brand - 00:34:04 Book recommendation: "The X Factor" by Yamini Naidu - 00:36:04 Creating a statement about one's uniqueness - 00:39:04 Choosing a cause to dedicate oneself to - 00:42:04 The impact of age on individuals - 00:44:04 How to find out more about the guest's work - 00:45:04 Conclusion and thanks Connect with Self-Worth Sam How to Beak Imposter Syndrome and be Confident
Do you feel stuck in your current routine, wondering how you can create a more fulfilling life for yourself and those around you? In this episode of More Life, host Jorim Holtey-Weber sits down with guest Jeremy Stegall to explore the key to unlocking new opportunities and pursuing passions. They dive into the importance of creating a safe and non-judgmental environment for personal growth and self-expression, sharing personal experiences of stepping out of their comfort zones to discover new possibilities. They also discuss the power of speaking truthfully and authentically, and how it can create bonds and open up new spaces for connection. Tune in to this inspiring conversation to gain new insights on personal growth and development, and learn practical strategies for living a more fulfilling life. Don't miss out, subscribe to More Life now. TIMESTAMPS: - 00:01:11 - Introduction - 00:04:15 - Creating a fulfilling life - 00:08:27 - Exploring areas of passion - 00:11:57 - Importance of personal growth - 00:13:23 - Creating a safe environment - 00:15:28 - Stepping out of comfort zones - 00:17:00 - Speaking truthfully and authentically - 00:18:46 - Bonds and connections - 00:21:26 - Learning through storytelling - 00:24:06 - The hero's journey - 00:28:53 - Connecting with people through passion - 00:33:35 - Hockey and community - 00:44:24 - Ideal day - 00:46:50 - Live sports experience - 00:49:38 - Writing and coaching - 00:50:10 - Writing process - 00:51:00 - Personal development - 00:51:11 - Contact information More about Jeremy: Where the Change Happens Instagram Amazon Author Profile Google Play: After the Divorce More about Jorim Holtey-Weber: Leadership Coaching: LinkedIn:
Join host Jorim Holtey-Weber in this introspective episode of More Life as he reflects on the conversations he's had so far with nine inspiring guests. From personal growth and development to creating sustainable food systems, Jorim shares his key takeaways and insights from the conversations, offering practical tips and inspiration for living a more fulfilling life. Tune in to gain new perspectives on personal growth and development, and learn how to create more aliveness in your own life. Journal Prompts mentioned: 1. What activities or hobbies make me lose track of time? 2. What are some of the accomplishments or moments in my life that I am most proud of? 3. Who are the people in my life that I admire and why? 4. What kind of impact do I want to have on the world? 5. What do I want to learn or explore more deeply? 6. What am I passionate about? LINKS: Monthly Reflections: Leadership Coaching: Recorded Breathwork:
Are you curious about the secret to good health? In this episode of More Life, I sit down with visionary Matthew Britt to explore the connection between soil health and personal well-being. As a passionate advocate for decentralized food supplies and Permaculture, Matt is at the forefront of the movement to create sustainable and self-sufficient food systems for a better future. We discuss personal health choices, regeneration, and how working in harmony with nature can lead to abundance and require less maintenance than traditional gardens or lawns. Tune in to learn how you can cultivate a healthier lifestyle and create a better world for future generations. TIMESTAMPS - 00:01:53 Matthew’s view on creating more life - 00:08:15 We are destroying nature - 00:14:36 Giving to nature and receiving from nature - 00:20:43 Permanent agriculture - 00:29:35: Eliminate ornamental landscapes - 00:34:16 Dandelions as nitrogen fixers - 00:39:03 30-min strategy session with permaculture designer - 00:44:03 Earth has been creating more life for 4.3 billion years More about Matthew Britt: Free strategy session he mentioned: Partner: More about Jorim Holtey-Weber: Leadership Coaching: LinkedIn:
Do you ever feel like you're living up to someone else's expectations, instead of your own? In this episode of More Life, I sit down with Tony Kitchens to discuss the importance of letting go of societal expectations and living a life of true freedom. We explore the power of knowing your boundaries and how it can help you create more meaningful relationships and experiences. Tony shares his journey of how he's showing up authentically and therefore is a role model for others. We also delve into the topic of feeling pain and how it can be a catalyst for growth and transformation. Tune in to this inspiring conversation to gain new insights on how to live life on your own terms and create more aliveness in your life. Don't miss out, subscribe to More Life now. #Timestamps: 00:04:27 "I don't forecast like I used to do in business anymore" 00:08:00 Being more flexible, patient and showing up 00:17:37 Being intentionally irresponsible despite the guilt 00:21:40 Boundaries are extremely important 00:29:48 Question: How do we create more aliveness around us? → Being a role model 00:35:32 Travelling sticks out, especially if you leave your comfort zone 00:45:27 The gift of pain Get in touch with Tony Kitchens: His book The Gift of Pain available at Life and Business Strategies, available at Motivational Speaking events, inquire at Online Business Courses, available at Youtube Channel: LinkedIn: Get in touch with Jorim Holtey-Weber: