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Author: Paul Padmore

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Welcome to My Perfect Failure, the Podcast that taps into the world of Failure.We will explore What is Failure, why does it happen and how do we move beyond our Failures. With the help of a range of amazing guests from all walks of life we will discuss and debate to get their take on this subject.
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  MPF Discussion with Lotus Alejandro MirandaHow Do We Find Our Hidden Leader within us with Alejandro Miranda Alejandro is passionate about human development and it is his purpose to help human beings develop their potential and connect it with their life purpose. As part of Alejandro’s growth and development, he has completed various certifications and specializations, Alejandro is especially proud to be part of the John Maxwell Team and to be a Napoleon Hill Foundation Instructor Certified Coach. Alejandro wrote the book "Hidden Leaders" because it seems essential to know the stories of people who have a real influence on others, people who help us realize that we can connect with our inner Leader and thus help others. In the personal and professional path, Alejandro realized that the spiritual part is the center of human beings, meditation has the same etymological root as Medication, that is why it is so important to give ourselves minutes of deep meditation, so that in silence we can connect with our true essence. During this connection process Alejandro became certified as a Yoga Teacher of the Yoga Vidya Gurukul program in India. One of the things that Alejandro enjoys the most is being able to have direct contact with young people, thanks to my performance as a professor at the University of Guadalajara, as well as in the different subjects in various bachelor's and master's degrees in some important universities in Mexico. On this episode of My Perfect Failure (How Do We Find Our Hidden Leader within us) Alejandro describes his journey having a successful corporate career filled with success and all the associated trappings.  Alejandro realised there was something missing, he wasn’t living his purpose. This realisation resulted in an incredible journey of discovery leading to Alejandro finding his purpose helping human beings lead their best life. If you want to find your hidden leader then tune into this episode as Alejandro covers this subject in detail explaining what leadership is and how you can become your own leader.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         We have to face our own fears.What defines a great leader?What is its purpose?How do you deal with any circumstances?How can we become great leaders? ·         Never ignore an idea, always take action.·         Failure only exists if we quit.·         Quitters never win and winners never quit. Alejandro Instagram· Alejandro Facebook · Hidden Leaders: Reflections of People of Influence· 
 MPF Discussion with Bobbi KahlerTurning Failure into Growth with Bobbi Kahler About Bobbi An entrepreneur since the age of 34, Bobbi has led workshops for thousands of people, and she’s worked with some of the most recognizable brands on the planet. During that time, Bobbi has coached upwards of 3000 people.  Bobbi is known as a Personal Change Chef for people because Bobbi helps them take their raw ingredients and create a recipe that will bring out their best so that they can be their most fulfilled and successful.  At the heart of it all, Bobbi is a servant of anyone seeking personal growth and transformation.  Both Bobbi’s undergrad and graduate degrees were fuelled by her passion for the mind and heart of the learner. Bobbi’s passion is deeply rooted in personal transformation and the belief that the only thing that prevents us from achieving greatness, is the belief in ourselves.On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Turning Failure into Growth) Most people haven’t heard a doctor tell them, “You shouldn’t be alive.”  Bobbi has.  And her personal story of re-building her health to become a vibrant athlete is inspiring and offers hope to all of us.  Bobbi also reveals she has been overcoming challenges since the age of 5 including learning how to overcome a catastrophic speech problem when doctors advised her mum she would face lifelong speech difficulties. Today Bobbi gives people the belief they can create their own narrative and live the life of their hopes and dreams. This is an enjoyable, inspiring, and uplifting listen.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         We can create our own NARRATIVE.·         Find Out how we can love our lives for all 352 weeks of the year.·         The power of the word YET.·         Our future can be CHANGED.·         Learn your way FORWARD.·         Our life is a REFLECTION of the DECISIONS we have made in our past.  Free Guide: Exposing the Just-Wait Voice· Bobbi· UnYielded: Podcast · LinkedIn – Connect with Bobbi· Facebook – Connect with Bobbi on Facebook·  
MPF discussion with Marlo ClarkeHow I survived Moving to The UK with No Connections A keynote speaker focused on individuals asking them, "what's next?", his captivating storytelling style and well-balanced humour take the audience on a journey that offers a clear and confident way forward. With 2 TEDx talks already to his name.  To date he has spoken to over 10,000 business experts, government officials, young professionals, and teens about planning for success and learning from failures. In living to his principles, he followed his heart and reconnected with his family back in Barbados. Returning home after so much time abroad opened his eyes to the important things in life.Back home in Barbados for now, he is still on a mission to help people live their best life and find their purpose. On this episode of My Perfect Failure (How I survived Moving to The UK with No Connections) We get to listen to and be inspired by Marlo.   Marlo is somebody that has taken risks from an early age, he is clearly a man on a mission. Marlo takes us on a journey discussing being classmate of Rhianna and watching her blossom and go onto to achieve amazing things. To his own journey, taking up rugby for the first time and representing the national team within 6 months, to buying a 1-way ticket Iowa with no job, to raising $1 million dollars in sponsorship.  Deciding to move to the UK with 2 speeches and forging a career as an international keynote speaker and landing 2 TEDx talks. The beauty of Marlo is he does not just provide the highlights, he reveals the failures and the challenges and explains how we should view failures and challenges as privileges to learn and grow.  If we do this, we will also achieve our own highlights.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         Marlo discusses his appetite to travel and explore started when he was a child.·         To progress in life we need to take bold action.·         Buying a 1-way ticket to Iowa·         Arriving in England with 2 speeches and becoming an international Keynote speaker.·         Being a classmate of Rihanna and watching her career blossom. Work with Marlo· Contact Marlo·        Marlo’s TEDx Talks·         (280) How was your day today? - A simple success checklist | Marlo Clarke | TEDxUniversityofYork - YouTube ·         (280) What Now? What Next? | Marlo Clarke | TEDxUoChester - YouTube 
  MPF discussion with Dianne HatkeMending My Relationship with Dianne Hatke    About DianneDianne Hatke is a multi-faceted, multi-passionate, wife, mother, small business owner, pole fitness instructor, beach enthusiast, born and bred Florida girl, and free thinker. Her expansion into the coaching world was fuelled by two major events in her life. The first: nearly bankrupting her first business, a meal prep company in her local area. The second: finding herself deeply dissatisfied with the life she'd built that was "supposed" to be everything she should want for herself. Both of these things, in their own way, thrust her into an accelerated journey of self-discovery and self- acceptance. Near bankruptcy forced her to learn how to shift and maintain her mindset when her entire world felt like it was crumbling down, while the path she took to rediscover (or truly discover for the first time) herself led her to recognizing all the ways in which so many women find themselves exactly where she had found herself. She found that what was holding her back from the life she wanted and the person she wanted to become were the ideas and beliefs that had been instilled in her that didn't accurately represent the reality she was experiencing. As she began breaking these down, she was able to show up for what she wanted and who she is and began to heal her relationship with herself and others. On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Mending My Relationship) Dianne discusses meeting her partner, getting married and having their first child.  The next chapter of their relationship, Dianne found herself loosing the desire for her husband. Dianne discusses this period, the decisions they made, the obstacles she and her husband have jumped and hurdles they have overcome to rebuild their relationship and get to know one another again on a higher level.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         Dianne discusses losing the desire for her husband.·         Becoming dissatisfied with her marriage.·         Opening up their relationship.·         Repairing their relationship and developing better communication.·         Dianne discusses the importance of Human Design. Website:  Dianne’s Website· Follow Dianne on Instagram:· ·         My Perfect Failure contact me ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow: ·         Twitter: ·         Facebook MPF Private Group: 
 MPF discussion with Andrea BeilHow do we Uncover what is Holding us Back with Andrea Beil About AndreaAndrea Beil has been an entrepreneur since the age of 16, founding four different businesses both nationally and internationally. She credits this success to the struggles of her early life. Which unlocked in her a great interest in human behavior that has since developed into a passion for helping others maximize their potential. The ups and downs in Andrea’s life have lead her into a wide range of experiences that now grant her the expertise to support entrepreneurs, business owners, and dreamers of all kinds to reach beyond their imaginary limitations and create more success for themselves. Her work helps shift mindsets and provides working strategies to create authentic, lasting, and purpose-driven results. She is the founder of THE ANDREA METHOD: uncover - breakthrough - integrate. A 3-step blueprint on how to create success by taking control of the subconscious patterns that secretly hold us back. Andrea has worked in this field for 15 years while speaking and teaching internationally. She has helped thousands of people break through their barriers and has taken part in over 50 educations, seminars, and trainings, all while raising her 14-year-old daughter. Aside from helping people reach their full potential, Andrea loves the sun, the sea, On this episode of My Perfect Failure (How do we Uncover what is Holding us Back) Andrea discusses her journey which started in her teens, embarking on a career as an entrepreneur. We learn how Andrea found the ability to recover early life setbacks and create her perfect life.  On this episode Andrea provides techniques we can also use to triumph and lead our perfect lives.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         Andrea discusses starting her first business at 16.·         Failure is feedback, learning and growth.·         Andrea discusses our need to of belonging very often holds us back from pursuing our dreams.·         We discuss how small steps can lead to big changes.·         Andrea cures her client of depression.  Andrea Facebook·         The Andrea Method | Facebook Andrea’s email address· The Andrea Method·         The Andrea Method - Europe´s #1 inner breakthrough Expert for professionals Andrea’s Book:The Andrea Method 1.0: How to uncover, breakthrough and integrate for your success · 
About PatriciaPatricia is a graduate of Harvard University; she also has an MBA from Columbia Graduate School of Business and has been an educator for nearly 15 years. Patricia also taught entrepreneurship in a Montessori middle school for 3 years and helped over 50 students to launch products or manage small businesses.  Today Patricia is an educator-turned-entrepreneur and the founder of the Dream Chasers Club, a virtual community of kids and teens who are bold enough to dream big, challenge the status quo and be the change that they want to see in the world.  She hosts virtual events, interviews, contests and more to help this community of young people to network and inspire each other to even greater heights. On this episode of My Perfect Failure (The Hands-On Entrepreneur for Kids) Patricia discusses Dream Chasers Club a virtual platform she has created for children and teen entrepreneurs to showcase their very own business ideas, whilst also supporting and inspiring one another via the Dream Chasers club community. Some of the areas we cover. ·        The Dream Chasers Club.·        The benefits of free thinking.·        Inspiring child entrepreneurs.·        If we avoid failing, we avoid the opportunity to grow and learn. Dream Chasers Clun Instagram ·        Ms Patricia🚀Dream Chasers Club (@dream_chasers_club) • Instagram photos and videos ·        Dream Chasers Club Facebook.               Hands-On Entrepreneurship 4 Kids | Facebook ·        Dream Chasers WebsiteDream Chasers Club - Dream Chasers Club-Tribe for Kid/Teen Entrepreneurs, Activists, Performers & Innovators ( ·         My Perfect Failure contact me ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow: ·         Twitter: ·         Facebook MPF Private Group:
 MPF discussion with Bunny YoungEvery Failure is an Opportunity with Bunny Young About BunnyStuntwoman turned therapist turned entrepreneur are just the highlights of Bunny Young’s career. The founder of A Better Place Consulting, Bunny coaches’ business owners to overcome adversity and combat personal and employee burnout. It is not uncommon to find her keynoting in the morning with a Fortune 500 company and ending the day teaching burnout prevention to law enforcement, military, and correctional officers. In a world of COVID and uncertainty, Bunny is being sought out nationally to speak on mental wellness’ impact in the professional space.  On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Every Failure is an Opportunity) we are joined by the fantastic Bunny Young.  Bunny reveals that our failures in many instances are the gateway to new opportunities.  Bunny flips the script and shows how we can turn our failures into opportunities.  Some of the areas we cover. ·        The quicker we recover from failure the quicker we can impact the world.·        Bunny reveals if were not failing were not growing.·        The benefits of stress management over stress reduction.·        Bunny breaks down the questions we can ask ourselves after a failure. Bunny Instagram·        A Better Place Consulting (@abetterplaceconsulting) • Instagram photos and videos A Better Place ConsultingBusiness Coaching | Courses | A Better Place Consulting | Richmond V ·        My Perfect Failure contact me ·        Work with me:·        MPF Website: ·        Insta: follow: ·        Twitter: ·        Facebook MPF Private Group:
 MPF discussion with Michael ArterberryShaking the Dirt with Michael Arterberry About MichaelAs a Motivational Speaker, Michael’s life is dedicated to moving people from an uneasy time in their lives to a place of peace. He doesn’t change their circumstances, but he helps change their perspective. Michael helps people understand that it’s not about the destination, but the battles won along the way. He encourages them to hold on and understand that bad doesn’t look bad when there is good in it.People will follow you if you inspire them.  Michael works hard to inspire, lead, encourage, and celebrate the people that come into his life. “Short-term thinkers plant gardens… Longer-term thinkers plant trees. Eternity minded thinkers’ plant themselves in the souls of others-Michael Arterberry On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Shaking the Dirt) Michael reveals how the challenges he faced as child became his superpower allowing him to Shake the Dirt.  Michael has a unique ability to spot and identify when people are struggling with inner conflict or other demons.  Michael uses his unique ability to help people self-reflect combined with storytelling, ultimately work with Michael and he will help you Shake Your Dirt and turn your old negative stories into positives giving you access to your very own life of abundance.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         The power of the mind and never giving up.·         Michael surviving COVID-19·         Michael the Master encourager.·         Michael helping his clients lead a conscious life. Hire Michael for Public speaking ·         www.michaelarterberry.comWork with Michael and hos nonprofit·         www.youthvoicescenter.orgContact Michael.· Michael Facebook· - YouthVoicesCenter·  Michael LinkedIn ·   
  MPF discussion with Mike “C-Roc” CiorroccoLearn how to Rocket Fuel your life with Mike “C-Roc” CiorroccoLearn how to Rocket Fuel your life with Mike “C-Roc” CiorroccoMike is the CEO of People Building, Inc., and the powerhouse behind the “What Are You Made Of?” movement.He is a performance coach, author, dynamic public speaker, Successful Podcast host, visionary and thought leader. He has been featured by Yahoo! Finance as one of the Top Business Leaders to Follow in 2020 and is on a mission to build people. He is driven to Inspire others and he measures his success on how he is able to help others achieve greatness.A fire was lit within him at an early age. That fire has ignited him with a fierce desire to compel people to see the greatness inside themselves using past life events to fuel their fire.On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Turning Setbacks into Rocket Fuel) C Roc reveals how he has spent his life overcoming obstacles and challenges and turning his setbacks into fuel.  Today C Roc is on a mission to give us all the tools he has acquired over the years so we too can skyrocket our lives and turn our setbacks and failures into fuel.  C Roc provides fantastic insights in his wonderful new book, Rocket Fuel “Convert Setback, Become Unstoppable. “where Grant Cardone has written the foreward.  Some of the areas we cover.·         C Roc in his heart is a People builder.·         C Roc explains we have no limitations and how to access out potential.·         When you believe in something in life, stick to you guns.·         Take your setbacks and turn into Rocket Fuel.·         How to overcome fear.Pre order – Rocket Fuel “Convert Setback, Become Unstoppable.”·         PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY OF ROCKET FUEL ( Contact C Roc· C Roc Instagram C Roc Podcast – What Are You Made Of· C Roc Facebook· C Roc Twitter ·   
MPF discussion with Jordan StolchHow to Successfully Repivot your Business During a Pandemic with Jordan Stolch About Jordan Jordan Stolch is an Image Strategy expert, who is passionate about helping people transform the way they show up in the world. She is the founder of MiKADO, a concierge personal styling firm, that focuses on eliminating the confusion and insecurities associated with determining how to dress. She’s spent the last decade studying the connection between confidence, self-perception, and impression, after recognizing the power of implementing actionable wardrobe techniques.Her company has taught hundreds of men and women how to leverage a confident, put-together image, in order to open up abundant opportunities in both their personal and professional lives.MiKADO trains entrepreneurs, business leaders and corporate executives in the foundations of power dressing, from some of the country’s preeminent companies, with the likes of Morgan Stanley, Deloitte, Berkshire Hathaway, Universal Music Group, Starbucks, and Disney. On this episode of My Perfect Failure (How to Successfully Repivot your Business During a Pandemic) Jordan reveals how literally overnight the pandemic devastated her thriving concierge personal styling business.  Feeling depressed and barely able to get out of bed during this period.  Jordan began connecting with fellow entrepreneurs via online groups, the sharing of ideas proved pivotal to Jordan exploring new ideas and successfully pivoting her business.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         Jordan explains the devastating impact of the pandemic on her business.·         The importance of connecting with likeminded entrepreneurs.·         Jordan explains the importance of finding her tribe.·         The importance of a growth mindset.·         The real success comes after our trials. MiKADO Website/Hire MiKADO· MiKADO Instagram·         MiKADO (@mikadopersonalstyling) • Instagram photos and videos MiKADO FacebookMikado Personal Styling | Facebook 
   MPF Discussion with Vicki Wusche4 Essential Steps to a Wealthy Life with Vicki WuscheVicki Wusche started investing in property 2008 and has been named in The Telegraph’s top UK’s 25 most influential people in property. She is an inspiring speaker and author of five books including finalist in the Business Book Awards in March 2020. A regular on podcasts across Europe, America, and Canada as well as the UK, Vicki will surprise you with her take on property, finance and the next decade.Since first recognising property as the best strategy to create her financial security, Vicki has shied away from the “get rich” gurus and their flash cars and shiny shoes. Many of her talks have been said to be straight talking and brutally honest. Vicki would tell you that being successful in property takes commitment and hard work. It takes a good understanding of the market and an even better understanding of the maths involved.Vicki runs both a property training and a property sourcing business. In recent years she has helped clients invest over £5 million pounds and bought over 70 properties. Her investors typically earn 15-20% interest over three years and deals have included traditional buy-to-lets, HMO’s, semi-commercial units, developments, barn conversions and good deal of sourcing. Not bad for a “made-redundant” “single-parent”!On this episode of My Perfect Failure (4 Essential Steps to a Wealthy Life) Vicki provides the vital ingredients we can all use to gain access to the wealthy life we all desire.  Areas we cover.  ·         Money is a tool drop the emotion and monitor your expenses.·         Don’t make others rich at your expense - Credit cards and how to manage debt and Things like mortgages and payment holidays. ·         Building up a cash reserves (The power of three months “enough” money)            ·         Making your money work for you.  Good Investments, assets, and liabilities, making your money work for you.·         if you are on Apple then join Clubhouse the new Social Media app and Follow Vicki - she is hosting Money Moneys a free Q&A session  Website· Click to access Scorecards/ Readiness To Retire Wealthy/The Business Health Check Scorecard/The Investment Assessement·         Scorecard - Vicki Wusche Amplify your success with Score card· Twitter· Vicki Facebook·   
  MPF discussion with Stephanie Benedetto PadovaniHow to Use Failure as Your Guide with Stephanie Benedetto Padovani      Stephanie BioStephanie Benedetto Padovani of The Awakened Business helps coaches, healers and spiritual entrepreneurs craft an irresistible message to attract soulmate clients online without “marketing.” She's a Wild Creation Coach, Soul Storyteller and un-marketerer who uses curious questions, guided visualization, stories, and play to alchemize joyful creation in all its forms. On this episode of My Perfect Failure (How to Use Failure as Your Guide) Stephanie reveals how she was able to change her life in the pursuit of her desires.  Stephanie also explains how she uses her Inner Knowing to guide her to make decisions, deep down we invariably know what decisions we should make, we just have to trust ourselves.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         Trust our Inner Knowing.·         How Stephanie changed her life in the pursuit of her desires·         Timeline Therapy with her coach, being a pivotal moment in Stephanie’s life. ·         How to beat our feelings of failure, by changing into stories.·         Writing 50,000 words in 1 month. Stephanie Website:· Contact Stephanie via email: · Stephanie’s Facebook· (If you think this is a helpful piece.)·         What Glorious Failure Can You Be?  Stephanie’s Podcast - Wild Creation Stories·         Wild Creation Stories | Listen to Podcasts On Demand Free | TuneIn Stephanie’s Podcast – Wildspire ·         Wildspire Podcast ( 
MPF Discussion with Kirby InglesHow To Rewrite Your Life Narrative with Kirby Ingles Kirby is an International Leadership Coach and Podcast host from the Midwest of America and loves to help people grow so they can truly live their best life. He helps people spearhead an intentional life of growth in 7 areas of their life: professional, finance, relationships, intellectual, health and wellness, spiritual, and social.He has many experiences in multiple professions in his life to date and uses these experiences to propel his clients lives.   His mission is to inspire you to grow and take control of life so you can make an impact on those around you.On this episode of My Perfect Failure (How to Rewrite Your Life Narrative) Kirby reveals his fascinating story and how he has continually overcome some of the most challenging moments you can imagine.  Difficult family dynamic growing up, chased women, alcohol, drugs, prescription drug abuse, injured himself twice and came back from the dead to run 13 ultra-marathons and counting. Kirby believes we are all capable of rewriting our narrative that tells a different story - that’s when things really amazing happen. We become the person we were designed to become.  Tune into listen to Kirby’s amazing story.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         Kirby Injured himself twice and came back from the dead to run 13 ultra-marathons.·         Finding his purpose and happiness after his divorce.·         How to use your Mind to control what your body does.·         The benefit of setting up incremental goals.·         Kirby explains why life is like an ultra-Marathon. Contact Kirby – Work with Kirby·         Kirby Ingles Professional Coaching Solutions Kirby Podcast: True Success· Kirby Email Address · ·         My Perfect Failure contact me ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow: ·         Twitter: ·         Facebook MPF Private Group:  
MPF discussion with Fred AshmanNever Giving up on your Goals with Fred Ashman As a 12-year-old a teacher had the class take a very basic aptitude test.  The result were goals.  Fred’s were to become: a professional trumpet player, an audio engineer, a TV director, and a pilot. Achieving all those goals by age 30, he continued beyond those goals, becoming a CEO, writer, lecturer, author.   ​He is also a husband, father and grandfather. "Goals are important and believing in your dreams sets to stage.  Actively gaining the knowledge skills and experience brings those goals into reach.  Hard work, effort and never giving up makes them reality." On This episode of My Perfect Failure (Never Giving up on your Goals) A fascinating discussion with Fred Ashman who reveals how sitting an aptitude test at the age of 12 would become a pivotal event in his life. At this point Fred decided he wanted to become a professional trumpet player, an audio engineer, a TV director, and a pilot.  Something was planted in Fred’s mind and remarkably Fred achieved every single goal he wrote down as that 12-year-old boy by the age of 30.   Fred describes his journey whilst also providing a host of tips and tricks we can employ to also achieve our goals. We also discuss Fred’s compelling new book (Advocate for the Audience) revealing how you can beat the competition in your market.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         Gain all the skills you can in the industry most relevant to you.·         If you have a desire, do it now, don’t put it off.·         Write down your overarching goal, be sure ensure your gaol is not too narrow.·         Invest in an answering Machine, assistant, answering service.·         The value in being available.·         Fred’s new book: Advocate for the Audience Contact Fred:· Fred’s email address·         fred Purchase: Advocate for the Audience·         Books ( Country Road: Vista Players Rehearsal Band playing the Maynard version of Country Road.·   America The Beautiful·  
MPF discussion with Naresh VissaMillennial Entrepreneur - with Naresh Vissa  About NareshNaresh Vissa is Founder and CEO of Krish Media & Marketing – a full service online and digital media and marketing agency. He has worked with leading publishers, media firms and institutions such as CNN Radio, JP Morgan Chase, EverBank, The Institute for Energy Research, Houston Rockets, Houston Astros, the American Junior Golf Association, Agora Publishing, and Stansberry Research. Naresh helped launch an online radio network generating six-figures in monthly revenue.  He managed the production and marketing for the first online retail physical precious metals trading platform. He’s a #1 bestselling author of PODCASTNOMICS: The Book Of Podcasting… To Make You Millions and has been featured on USA Today, Yahoo!, Bloomberg, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Business Week, MSN Money, Business Insider, India Today, and the Hindustan Times. He was also the Director of Media Strategy at the largest private and independent financial publisher in the world. On the episode of My Perfect Failure (Millennial Entrepreneur) Naresh reveals how he became an Entrepreneur.  He describes the hard work, endeavor, ambition, learning and application he has had to apply over the years to create a life and work balance on his terms.  On this episode you will learn how you too can create your life as entrepreneur on your terms.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         Naresh explains his success did not come over night.·         Naresh explains how we can create our own economy from the comfort of our homes.·         Naresh explains the benefits of virtual mentors.·         Naresh reveal entrepreneurship is a never-ending process.·         Naresh – be an advocate of your gained experience – see where you can take it. Naresh Vissa Website· Krish Media Marketing · Fifty Shades Of Marketing·         Fifty Shades Of Marketing: Whip Your Business Into Shape & Dominate Your Competition eBook: Vissa, Naresh, Kotler, Philip: Kindle Store The Book Of Podcasting·         Podcastnomics: The Book Of Podcasting... To Make You Millions: Vissa, Naresh, Walch, Rob, Hartman, Jason: 9780692268889: Books  ·         My Perfect Failure contact me ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow:      
MPF discussion with Tom Evans Finding the Magic In Meditation with Tom Evans Tom is passionate about bringing magic into peoples’ lives.He is an ex-BBC television engineer turned author and meditation guide – and now a novelist and ambient music composer. He is also the host of the wonderful podcast The Zone ShowSince discovering meditation in his mid-40s, he has used this engineering mindset to understand how mindfulness works and how we can use it for real-world applications. So apart from the obvious health benefits, Tom teaches authors how to ‘meditate’ to get inspiration and words for their books. He works with businesses showing them how to tap into light bulb moments on demand. He also teaches how we can change the nature and speed of our thoughts so we can get more done in less time. He hosts a popular podcast called The Zone Show which explores how we get in and stay in the zone. On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Finding the Magic in Meditation) Tom brings his own unique form of magic to this episode as he reveals all the magic we can gain when we explore Meditation.   Tom also brings to light the many ways we can mediate some of which will be sure to surprise you.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         Discover how you can use Meditation to unlock time.·         Tom reveals how Meditation can bring us unexpected luck.·         Meditation is Medication with only positive side effects.·         Find out how Meditation reduces stress.·         Tom discusses the practical ways you can Mediate.  Connect with Tom – Tom’s Website· Tom’s latest book: Soulwaves A Future History·         Soulwaves | Tom Evans Tom’s free portfolio on Insight Timer - for those who want to dabble· Tom’s free 21 Day Meditation Re-treat· Tom Evans Twitter·         Tom Evans (@thebookwright) / Twitter  A few relaxing (eyes open) free meditation and ambient music videos on this page· ·         My Perfect Failure contact me ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow: ·         Twitter: ·         Facebook MPF Private Group:  
  MPF discussion with Logan Rena Faith over Fear with Logan Rena  About LoganMississippi woman with California dreams....Author of #1 New Released Book, Podcast Host, SoulKation Retreat Founder, Speaker and Coach  Logan encourages the audience through thought-provoking topics like identity, leadership, inclusion, diversity, and success. Logan has delivered over 300 talks to colleges, universities, business groups, forums, federal and government award ceremonies, youth organizations, conferences, retreats, panels, and associations. The love of her life is a great piece of chocolate with caramel and almonds. On This episode of My Perfect Failure (Faith over Fear) Logan discusses how she has used faith over fear to achieve all her goals as an author, public speaker, coach, retreat founder and the host of her fabulous Podcast SoulKation.  This faith over fear trait was demonstrated by Logan when she decided to move from the East Coast (Washington DC) to California within 3 weeks of making the decision, without having any family or friends in Californian and having to overcome her fear.  some of the areas we cover. ·         Faith over fear·         Moving from Washington to California within 3 weeks of making the decisions·         Faith carries us to the next step, we just have to believe·         We have to get up and move even when we are afraid·         Let your faith be the thing that ignites you and lights up your soul Logan Website · Contact Logan· ·         My Perfect Failure contact me ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow: ·         Twitter: ·         Facebook MPF Private Group: 
 MPF discussion with Dominique MasIt’s awesome when you have Imposter Syndrome with Dominique Mas Dominique is the Director of Coaching at Medley and she runs her own coaching practice for high performers on the move. Starting out in life in a small village in the South of France, she defied her circumstances. She moved to London aged 18, alone, to learn English and she never stopped challenging herself since. A life-long learner, she is fueled by her extensive experience in educational leadership, living and working in Europe, Asia and the U.S. In 2017, she took a leap and transitioned to coaching full time, starting from scratch in a new country. Since then, she has helped countless outstanding high performers shift from a life that had been written for them to creating their legacy.  She is a surfer and adventurer, and she lives a peaceful life in Brooklyn, NY with her partner, the artist Swissipino and Professor the awesome dog. On this episode of My Perfect Failure (It’s awesome when you have Imposter Syndrome) Dominique reveals Imposter syndrome which very often stops many of us in our tracks, preventing us from realising our dreams and goals.  Dominique has a unique spin on Imposter Syndrome, believing that when we feel our Imposter Syndrome kicking in, if we reframe, we will realise the growth, new learnings, and opportunities it affords us.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         The benefits of dreaming and exploring ·         The importance of courage when looking to peruse our goals and dreams·         The process of Transformation and Stepping into your knew identity·         It’s awesome when you have Imposter Syndrome·         Reframe your Imposter Syndrome·         Learn to recognise your Imposter Syndrome·         Dominique discusses her Road Framework   Sign up for Dominique newsletter and updates: ·  Connect with Dominique on LinkedIn: ·   Dominique’s Website:·  Information about group coaching program for high performers on the move: please contact Dominique directly to discuss suitability· It starts mid-January.   ·         My Perfect Failure contact me ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow: ·         Twitter: ·         Facebook MPF Private Group:
 MPF discussion with Jacqueline HarounianDealing with Family Conflict During COVID Jacqueline Harounian About Jackie HarounianShe is an attorney and Partner of the Law Firm of Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, established in 1976, and has over 20 years’ experience as a trial attorney. She is a recognized leader in the field of matrimonial and family law handling complex family and matrimonial litigation cases. She has degrees in both law and behavioural forensic psychology, with a unique approach to resolving family conflict and divorce matters. appearing on divorce, custody, and support matters in the Family and Supreme Courts in Long Island and New York City. She also manages to find time to volunteer, she is proud to serve on several professional, community and non-profit organizations. On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Dealing with Family Conflict During COVID) Jacqueline discusses how COVID has had a detrimental impact on families during this pandemic leading to increases in domestic violence, increases in Substance abuse, increases in mental health issues, leading to increases In divorce rates.  Jacqueline shares valuable insights and advice on how we can avoid some of the obvious challenge’s families face whilst spending this extended time in each other’s company. Jacqueline also provides valuable insights on divorce and how couples can and should be better prepared when they decide to marry.  And Divorce is never end or final chapter, divorce is in many cases leads to a positive outcome – we need to rewrite the paradigm that divorce is bad. Some of the areas we cover. ·        COVID has caused an increase in divorce rates·        Lots of couples go onto have great relationships after divorce·        We need to rewrite the paradigm about divorce, it can be positive·        Jacqueline discusses the benefits of Narrative Therapy·        Life is long we have enough time to reconnect and build our dreams Website: Long Island Divorce & Family Attorneys | Wisselman, Harounian & Associates (· Connect with Jacqueline on LinkedIn·        Jacqueline Harounian | LinkedIn Connect with Jacqueline Harounian on Facebook·        Jacqueline Harounian | Facebook Purchase Book:  Divorce Reality Check: Smart Split Solutions for Civility, Clarity and Common Sense:·        Divorce Reality Check: Smart Split Solutions for Civility, Clarity and Common Sense: Harounian, Jacqueline: 9780692626344: Books ·         My Perfect Failure contact me ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow: ·         Twitter: ·         
MPF discussion with Nick CavuotoThe Entrepreneur Epidemic Success & Failure He is a high-performance coach and entrepreneurial mentor in success mindset, personal branding, and human experience His one philosophy of marketing is that people don’t buy products and services, People Buy You – your story. Your energy and Your Story After earning over 1 billion views online with features on platforms like Forbes, entrepreneur, Gary V Blog, and 20 plus others.  He’s decided to help people like you go from “The World’s Best Kept Secret” to the number 1 influencer in your audience.  On this episode of My Perfect Failure (The Entrepreneur Epidemic Success & Failure) Nick reveals how his life as an entrepreneur was almost predetermined as he comes from a long lineage of entrepreneurs in his family. Nick has achieved huge success in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur.  Today Nick is helping entrepreneurs around the world avoid the numerous pit falls that befall so many.  His mission today is to help you grow your brand, so you become the number 1 influencer in your space. Some of the areas we cover. ·         Change is an event, but transition is a skill·         Disruption equals growth·         Entrepreneurs only fail when they quit·         The benefits of quick action with intense emotions·         Helping your brand become impossible to ignore Nick’s Website:· Facebook Group:· Instagram Page: · Youtube Channel:· Speaking Request Page:·  ·         My Perfect Failure contact me ·         Work with me:·         MPF Website: ·         Insta: follow: ·         Twitter: ·         Facebook MPF Private Group:
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