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Wendy put together a short production covering the July 2022 Full Moon - Thunder/Buck...... - and some correspondences and rituals for your entertainment and information.
Robb D wasn't feeling very well so we kept this one short. Keep an eye out for part 2 soon...Robb Demarest hails from New York and is considered one of America’s hardest working paranormal investigators.​Best known as the lead investigator on the television documentary series Ghost Hunters International, but also the driving force behind recent hit Haunting: Australia and Against Superstition. ​Robb is a much sought-after guest on television and radio shows around the world for his straightforward approach, extensive knowledge and experience investigating the paranormal. Robb has created, produced, and appeared on many successful television shows, such as: Seekers (Malaysia), Destination Truth, Ghost Hunters, Sunrise (Australia) and The Project (Australia).​Robb has investigated the paranormal on six of the world’s continents during hundreds of investigations. He has created new equipment to aid in paranormal investigation and been the ‘voice of reason’ calling out those who fake evidence. This has led to Robb having a strong standing in the paranormal community and a large legion of fans across the world.​Robb continues to strive to create and produce the world's best and highest rated Paranormal televisionAmanda Quill - was born and later adopted from a northern Cree community in Manitoba, Canada. Her adoption relocated her to Scotland, and it was there that she heard her first ghost story.Every time Amanda's grandfather told her these tales, she would be struck by chills and a sense of awe about the supernatural.Today, Amanda has stayed true to that passion by studying and investigating the paranormal across Canada and all-over North America. Along with her travels, she has dedicated herself to learning the ways and beliefs of various cultures and religions, including her own. Reuniting with her indigenous roots and following her ancestors' footsteps, Amanda continues to walk the spiritual path and help those in need.With Coldspotters, Amanda continues to share her passion and dedication for all things paranormal and has become a well known figure in the paranormal community.
We have a great show lined up with Nick T White, Paranormal Adventurer!Also joining us will be a surprise special guest co-host!Join us!
On this episode, we welcome Brandon Weston - Ozark Power Doctor, Healer, and Writer. Author of "Ozark Folk Magic: Plants, Prayers & Healing" - to talk about some good old "down home" healing, folklore and stories..
We welcome Cindy McKean, Astrologist Extraordinaire, to this week's show! We will be talking about what 2022 may hold in store for the general masses, and the possible effects of Retrograde Planets on the Paranormal.
Tonight, the crew discusses their encounters with black-eyed kids, mylings and old hags! They also tackle origins (aliens, vampires or ghosts), and plays some movie and tv clips of these monsters, including the original video that started the BEK craze.
Welcome to Mystic Moon Cafe's "Merry Scary X-Mas & Happy Horror HolidaysA roundtable discussion with a paranormal holiday theme!Join us in chat for some laughs and maybe a few screams as well...
We have a lineup of world-class storytellers for a night of spooky fun!!
Sir Bryan and Big Al return to tell us stories of their scariest encounters! Join in the fun...if you dare!
Cindy McKean of Kansas City Astrology & Tarot joins Jake & Wendy tonight for a lively discussion of the Autumn Equinox, Current Planetary News, & more!
Join us for a lively conversation with our esteemed guests Alfred Santariga and Bryan M Bowden as we cover some of our favorite cryptids, hauntings, UFOs & aliens too!
What a night! Nick Redfern returns to talk about his recent book “Diary of Secrets: UFO Conspiracies and the Mysterious Death of Marilyn Monroe”
Join us for an exciting show with Lara Veleda Vesta, Author of Wild Soul Runes - Reawakening The Divine Feminine, and so much more!
Gang, we are very excited to have Laura & Angie - co-founders of Gatekeeper Paranormal - Official Paranormal Team of Bobby Mackey's Music World
We have an exciting show planned with Bob Weiss of Shaker's Cigar Bar Milwaukee & Hangman Ghost Tours!
In realtime "Hollywood Squares" spirit, we are hosting "Paranormal Squares"! We have several Paranormal Investigators Extraordinaire presenting some of their best EVPs = Electronic Voice Phenomenon recordings and the stories around them!Now these are not "paranormal reality show" folks, but seasoned professionals bringing their A games!
Join Wendy and Sonia as they talk different methods and approaches to energy healing, star beings, the 6 dimensions, and learn what it is to be a "Master Galactic Healer" as they chat with Mari Beckman: psychic, medium, master galactic healer, channel, author, teacher and host of the "Metaphysical Meltdown" podcast from Tacoma, WA.Find Mari on her website:​Catch Mari Beckman's Podcast "Metaphysical Meltdown"​ Join us ‘Live’ on our FacebookPage most Wednesday nights, And some Sunday nights as well!​Audio recordings posted on most podcasting broadcast sites: Mystic Moon Café And video recordings on our YouTube channel:​Our website – undergoing a bit of construction right now:​Follow/Subscribe to any and/or all of these mediums for upcoming shows, past shows, and exciting extras!
Join the crew as we examine all sorts of ghostly evidence ... judge it critically.
Please join the Mystic Moon Café hosts as we welcome the highly talented and prolific Troy Taylor to our show for an informative, creative and fun conversation!
Prepare for a fun time with Jerri and Wendy as we talk witchy paganism as it pertains to Ostara & the Spring/Vernal Equinox and attempt some crafts of the season!
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