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Author: Mark Henkel

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Mark Henkel is the National Polygamy Advocate ™, presenting polygamy to the public for over 20 years to show why your own values compel you to repeal all Big Government Marriage Control laws that anti-Constitutionally ban UCAP, Unrelated Consenting Adult Polygamy.
In consideration for his participation in all media interviews, all such interviews were conducted under the irrevocable terms and conditions that Mark Henkel retained and retains full and complete rights to broadcast elsewhere any of such interviews on any media in which he participated.
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National Polygamy Advocate ™ Mark Henkel was interviewed for KIFI LocalNews8 by Karole Honas on April 25, 2006, in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  Recorded as a "phoner" during the premiere season of HBO's show, Big Love, the veteran tv journalist was seeking both information and soundbites  for news "packages" that would appear over two or three nights of the local news network.  She was thoroughy fascinated to learn of the new movement of Christian Polygamy, and that it is unconnected to Mormon Polygamy.  Clarifying that, even though non-polygamous LDS do not like the "Mormon"-word being attached to Mormon Polygamists, Mark Henkel gave the soundbite, "If it's based on the Book of Mormon, it's Mormon Polygamy."  The journalist was very positive, professional, and friendly throughout the interveiw.  She even proclaimed, "I'm beginning to wonder if evangelical Christians might not be onto something. You're definitely very protective of no abuse, no children marriage, no forced-to-go brides."  As she explained how her Eastern Idaho audience was "mostly LDS," she declared, "I am personally not LDS, I'm Methodist.  Like I said, I'm 50 years old, I've gone through the feminist movement. There are arguments that you're making that make total sense to me." Support this podcast:
National Polygamy Advocate ™ Mark Henkel was interviewed for Stateline by Kavan Peterson on September 23, 2003. is a states policy focused reporting organization, founded by The Pew Charitable Group, that "uses evidence-based, nonpartisan analysis to solve today's challenges."  Conducted three months after the US Supreme Court decided the Lawrence v. Texas case. this comprehensive 53-minute interview is both historically significant and outright prescient.  To wit, Mark Henkel predicted that same sex marriage would indeed become legalized precisely BECAUSE of the arguments then being made by conservatives.  Using the commonplace rhetoric of limited government conservatism (in seeking to persuade copnservatives), and thereby referring to specifically-conservative Christian Polygamists as the "Older Brothers," Mark Henkel provided the following quote. "We're really not after legalization. We're after de-criminalization. We believe that when you go down the legalization path, you have to start defining forms of marriage. And once you start doing that, that's when you open up the door for DISCRIMINATION and all that. That's where I would say that our "Little Brothers" - many of the conservatives -  are making the mistake.  By arguing that government has authority, and in all their hysteria that government "should" be defining it ('We must have one man one woman definition!' and all that), by doing that, and THEN BY NOT SUCCEEDING, they will have GIVEN the argument to force homosexual marriage... They will have lost BECAUSE they gave that argument by saying government has the authority to define marriage in the first place."  Over the next 12 years after that quote was given in this interview, that is is exactly what happened as same sex marrriage eventually became nationally legalized via Obergefell v. Hodges on June 26, 2015. --- Support this podcast:
National Polygamy Advocate ™ Mark Henkel was interviewed for CNS News by Randy Hall on March 6, 2006, for an article, published on March 16, 2006, titled, "Polygamy Is 'Next Civil Rights Battle,' Activists Say."  The call letters, "CNS," stand for Cybercast News Service; and, it is one of the most well-known conservative-based news services, founded by L. Brent Bozell of his conservative organization, Media Research Center (MRC).   After finding Mark Henkel's well-known soundbite, "Polygamy Rights is the Next Civil Rights Battle," Staff writer and Editor Randy Hall sought to report about it.  He interviewed Mark Henkel to find out if there was a connection between that soundbite, the polygamy rights movement, and the 2003 statement from Senator Rick Santorum (about how the "right to privacy" argument in the 2003 Lawrence v. Texas case would make it unconstitutional to still ban polygamy).  What he learned was de-criminalization, the "true conservative limited government" position, the Biblical arguments, how Christian Polygamy is not the same as Mormon Polygamy, how the "liberal activist judges" of the 1878 Supreme Court concocted a nationwide marriage control precedent with Reynolds v. United States that would never survive a 10th Amendment challenge in the States, and so much more. Purposely using the exactly-targeted conservative-based commonplace terminology and rhetoric that conservatives and Christians exclusively recognize and use themselves, Mark Henkel's answers serendipitously transformed this interview into becoming one of the most comprehensive and persuasive interviews by to which to specifically and  successfully persuade conservatives and Christians about UCAP, Unrelated Consenting Adult Polygamy. --- Support this podcast:
National Polygamy Advocate ™ Mark Henkel was interviewed for The Washington Blade by Joe Crea on December 12, 2003, for an article, published on December 26, 2003, titled, "Polygamy advocates buoyed by gay court wins (Some see sodomy, marriage opinions as helping their cause)."  That year, the US Supreme Court had decided the Lawrence v. Texas case, and the Massachusetts State Superme Court had decided the Goodridge (et al.) v. Department of Public Health case.  This newspaper is reported to be the the oldest LGBT newspaper in the United States., and the reporter wanted to find out about and report on the pre-polygamy reaction to these court cases.  The resulting article from this interview was cited by various anti-polygamists, including by the "Family Research Council" (FRC) more than a decade after the article was published. (The FRC is a Christian political organization that has always been too timid to speak directly with Mark Henkel, but has referenced his work various times. ) Mark Henkel presented the Christian & Conservative arguments, the differences between Christian Polygamy and Mormon Polygamy, and the applicability of the Court cases to UCAP Unrelated Consenting Adult Polygamy, all while knowing that he was speaking to an LGBT audience in that time of 2003.  This interview shows how the formal Polygamy Rights Win-Win Solution would simultaneously protect the rights all sides of the debate for same sex marriage. --- Support this podcast:
National Polygamy Advocate ™ Mark Henkel was on The Dave Show, on 88.9FM KUCI, on October 25, 2006, hosted by David Waldram, in Irvine, Califnornia.  Over the previous 2 months, FLDS cult leader Warren Jeffs, who had been on the FBI's Ten Ten Most Wanted list, had been caught, filling the news cycles with stereotypical and hostile reports supposedly "about polygamy."  The host, who also identified himself as an Interfaith Community Leader,  as well as a radio host and an independent documentary film producer, wanted to have a show discussing polygamy from an insider perspective.  The 20-minute pre-interview has also been included before the 54-minute live show itself. This interview is one of the most rhetorically-comprehensive interviews to empower students and researchers with insights into the applicable and real issues, concepts, and arguments of Christian Polygamy, of UCAP (Unrelated Consenting Adult Polygamy), and of the Polygamy Rights Win-Win Solution to end the marriage debate.  The host expressed how much he thoroughly both enjoyed and learned from this interview.  At the end, the host declared (particularly to anyone else seeking actual legalization of same sex marriage), "To me, whatever your views and debate are,  …if you're going to fight for same gender marriages, then you should equally be in support of legalizing polygamy and any other consenting adult relationship. ...It seems like its an either-or thing."  Regarding Mark Henkel, the host positively concluded, "The fellow's got a point; he really has a point - and I thought he very, VERY articulately and accurately described his point." Support this podcast:
National Polygamy Advocate ™ Mark Henkel was on "talkSPORT Radio" from London, England, with (American-born) host Charlie Wolf, on May 20, 2001, two days after Tom Green had been convicted of one count of criminal non-support and four counts of bigamy.  This matter and this interview occurred before Obergefell v. Hodges in 2015,  before the raid of the FLDS cult raid in 2008,  before the conviction of  Mormon-based FLDS cult leader Warren Jeffs, and even before Lawrence v. Texas in 2003.  The host had brought a Mormon polygamist, who was friend and apologist of Tom Green,  on to the show to actually defend the very real crimes that Tom Green had done (and about which most polygamists vehemently opposed).  Mark Henkel adamantly differentiated that Christian Polygamy and overall UCAP, Unrelated Consenting Adult Polygamy, have nothing to do with the Tom Green "baggage" of underage crimes, marrying step daughters, welfare fraud, and other such real-crime issues.  Mark Henkel also explained the dffferences between Christian Polygamy and Mormon Polygamy, as well as the different definitions of polygamy, polygyny, polyandry, and bigamy.  As the official, formal public voice standing against Tom Green (and the real crimes that that criminal had committed), Mark Henkel was thereby successfully laying down the groundwork for the growth of the overall polygamy rights movement for unrelated connseting adults, as being as normal as everyone else in not being connected to such real criminals as Tom Green.  Immediately before the interview starts in this podcast, the following is spoken as a CAVEAT: "This rare interview from the year 2001, was recorded using imperfect audiocassette tape technology. Although the sound quality of this interview is unfortunately less than optimal, it is still being made available here for history and archiving purposes. Thank you for understandning and for listening to this rare interview from 2001." --- Support this podcast:
National Polygamy Advocate ™ Mark Henkel was for The Daily Orange by Nicholas Mokey on March 20, 2006.  This was for the newspaper of Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York, following the new series of HBO's then-new seris, "Big Love."  This comprehensive interview provides many of the standard argumentations that Mark Henkel uses to differentiate various forms of polygamy and to explain the numerous argumentations for how the Christian Polygamy form is absolutely in accordance with the Bible. --- Support this podcast:
National Polygamy Advocate ™ Mark Henkel was on "Jamie Floyd: Best Defense" on the television network, Court TV, on September 26, 2007.  Host Jami Floyd was a former defense attorney who had been a legal consultant for various television networks, aside from her own program.  This interview was the third of a number of times that Mark Henkel was brought on this TV program as the expert during the trial of FLDS criminal cult leader Warren Jeffs.  In this interview, Warren Jeffs had been found guilty of arranging the forced arranged marriage of a 14 year old girl with her monogamous 19 year old cousin - it had nothing to do with polygamy.  Mark Henkel was able to adamantly differentiate normal healthy UCAP, Unrelated Consenting Adult Polygamy, as not being connected to the criminal Warren Jeffs or those crimes whatsoever.  This interview included clips of the in-court testimony of the girl at the trial - to which Mark Henkel compassionately identified as heart-wrenching. As the host had always been previously in these interviews, Jami Floyd was very professional, friendly, understood every argumentation, and was yet again happy to want Mark Henkel back on for future episodes during any later hearings on the matter. --- Support this podcast:
National Polygamy Advocate ™ Mark Henkel was interviewed by Keith Plocek for Houston Press, in Houston, Texas, on March 21, 2006.  After seeing a report in Newsweek magazine involving Mark Henkel, the reporter wanted to do an article about polygamy.  Mark Henkel, knowing that he was speaking to a newspaper in  a Bible Belt state with conservative Christians, spelled out the Christian and Conservative arguments of the new movement of Christian Polygamy and how it is different from Mormon Polygamy.  The  reporter acknowledged that what he learned from this interview was more (and sensible) than what he had thought going in to it, even as he "went in to it without any pre-conceived notions."  The reporter even said that the argumentations are "well worked out."  This interview provides numerous Biblical arguments, including Mark Henkel's soundbite of the 3 reasons why supporters of OMOW (One Man One Woman) can not use the Adam & Eve story to justify a big goverment marriage control amendment.  This interview shows how both the conservative and liberal positions require both to embrace the polygamy rights win-win solution to end the marriage control debate.  It also explains why the "tolerance" dogma makes it easy to persuade liberals, so the focus is more on persuading Conservatives and Christians. --- Support this podcast:
National Polygamy Advocate ™ Mark Henkel was interviewed by Sylvie St. Jacques for LaPresse,  in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on June 6, 2006.  This was a general Q&A interview for the French-Canadian-speaking newspaper, seeking soundbites and background, following the then-recent premiere of HBO's new fictional TV show about polygamy, "Big Love." --- Support this podcast:
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