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Author: Sarah Putt, MA, OTR/L

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A weekly show discussing all topics relating to occupational therapy.
39 Episodes
Sarah and Alexis discuss:OT settings within the hospitalWhat is acute care?Planned and unplanned hospital staysSupporting clients in the beginning of their journeyTypical length of stay in acute care settingImportance of education within the initial session/ evaluationSimilarities of Acute Care and Early Intervention practice areasGetting experience in other practice areas to guide our current practice areaEpisode with Dr. Michael Roberts- How Deep is Your Love for OT? in working with planned and unplanned hospital stay clientsChallenges working in acute care settingAbleismOccupation-centered practice within the hospital settingAdvice for people that are in a system where occupation-based practice is not at the forefrontBeing a mentor and life long learnerHer consulting company: creatingconfidenceinOTs.clubAcuteCare4OT on Facebook: info@alexisjoelle.comTwitter:
Sarah and Erika discuss:Meeting at AOTA 2019 and what they took away from the conferenceAnxiety and stress of being in OT schoolFactors of burnoutHow the symptoms of burnout can become the new norm and go unnoticedThe importance of having your values line up with you work’s valuesHow the lack of autonomy can lead to burnoutBullying and burnoutHer personal experience with burnoutGastrointestinal issues linked to burnoutImportance of self-care with a focus on both internal and external recoveryUnplugging and taking time to enjoy lifeBeing mindful instead of mindlessSelf-management and not just time managementPrioritizing timeFirst thing she did when realizing that she was burnt outGratitude journalHow she combats burnout in her daily lifeAdvice for therapists facing burnoutUtilizing resources, professionals, and a support system to help youEmployee Engagement Survey: CardsJoy Energy Time: Out to Lit Up Podcast: Hangouts:
Sarah discussesWhy she started a podcastAdvocating for the professionHow she got into podcastsThe first OT podcasts she foundOccupied- Flourish- Schoolhouse- her shyness and worriesWhat she has gotten out of podcasting so farHer journey into occupational therapyWorking as an occupational therapist in home based early interventionStarting her private practiceBeing a fieldwork educator and mentorHer passion for travel and international volunteer workHow OT 4 Lyfe got it’s nameThe vision for the podcastOther OT Podcasts-
Sarah and Sarah discussSarah’s love of OT history memorabiliaThe Healing Heart: The Story of Ora Ruggles Pioneer in Occupational TherapyWhat sparked her interest in evidence and research?Changes in evidence and research over the past decadeHer personal and professional connection to evidenceEvidenced-based practice as a tool to guide clinical practiceOT Potential Club: article reviewExpanding evidence outside of OTTeaming up with a research librarianImpact factors50 Most Influential OT Articles: to promote community engagementTypes of evidenceBarriers to using evidence in practiceNBCOT Evidenced-based Resources: for therapists wanting to incorporate evidence into their practiceMost memorable OT momentContact Her:Email: sarah@otpotential.comTwitter: Potential: Potential Podcast:
Sarah and Devlynn discuss:AOTA’s Vision 2025: “As an inclusive profession, OT maximizes health, well-being and quality of life for all people, populations, and communities, through effective solutions that facilitate participation in everyday living.": of incorporating inclusion into the visionRespect for identity and use of pronounsOverview and definition of the letters of LGBT+Importance of identify, pronouns, and personal aspectsIncorporating identity into our client’s occupational profilesImportant statistics involving the LGBT+ community and healthcarePositives and challenges he has faced as a gay therapist and working in healthcareAdvice for therapists experiencing difficulty with their identity within their clinical roleDevlvynn’s discussion with Taelormade OT on OTea Time: on InstagramDevlynn’s posts on Shannen Marie OT’s ABCs of OT: on InstagramADL specific tasks for the LGBT+ communityImportance of access to appropriate public restroomsResources for therapistsNational Alliance for Mental Illness: https://www.nami.orgThe Trevor Project: https://www.thetrevorproject.orgLGBT Health Edcuation: https://www.lgbthealtheducation.orgGay and Lesbian Medical Association’s Provider Directory: Centered Care: & OT: Disparities: CCD: Task Force: devlynnneu@gmail.comInstagram:
Sarah and Miranda discuss:Her current OT role working in outpatient neuro and also teaching at a local universityHow she first heard about occupational therapyTransitioning from student to new practitionerTips for incorporating evidence into practiceAdvocating for evidenced-based practiceCollaborating with others using evidence to advance the professionA fun fact about Parkinson’s medication interactionsStarting a PhD programResearch as a practice areaSurround yourself with people that support and challenge you to pursue your dreams* OT UncorkedOT PotentialThe Rainbow OTTwtiter: OTuncorked.comPodcast Link:
Sarah and Brynne discuss:Her current role as a OTD studentStressful time periods for students and practitionersHow to define wellnessHow stress impacts a person’s lifeImplementing strategies before getting stressed to maximize effectivenessEngaging in occupations to alleviate stress i.e. painting with watercolors, walks, being in naturePicking one thing to focus on, rather than a bunch of different tasks that add to your to-do listKeystone habitsStrategies to manage stressMindful meditationFinding pockets to implement strategies“You can do anything, but not everything”The power of saying noRemoving sorry for your vocabulary and asserting your communicationTips for staying organizedTime Tracker: the time of day impacts productivity/ motivationPrioritizing yourselfContact Brynne:Email: brynne.terry@gmail.comInstagram:
Sarah and Rachel discuss:Link to first episode with Rachel: her orientation looked likeThe emotional rollercoaster it was applying to OT schoolsWhat it felt like to get the acceptance letter into an OT program?Appreciating when things don’t always go as plannedVolunteering not just in OT settings to understand the bigger pictureBeing a floater in a hospitalHippotherapy with a physical therapistGetting a snapshot of our lives through the podcastFieldwork Mini Series: for pre-OT studentsWhat Rachel is most excited for about OT school and what she is most nervous aboutImportance of building and growing your professional community as a studentAdjusting to changes in schedule and in life because of being in schoolPre-OT Success: out in you applicationMoving from an atmosphere of competition during applications to collaboration within a programRachel turning the table on Sarah and asking her a few questionsEmbracing the time you have in schoolPaying attention to your self care while in schoolHow to be confident in asking questionsGetting involved in student leadership groups
Sarah shares:Arriving and checking in early to avoid linesAttending the SIS Networking ReceptionDevelopmental Disabilities, Academic Education, Children & Youth, Productive Aging, Home & Community Health, Mental - Health, Rehabilitation & Disability, Sensory Integration & Processing, Work & IndustryFor more information about SIS: plans, but not sticking to themMaking the most out of your time at conferenceAttending the International Breakfast and other World Federation of OT eventsThe Keynote Address and Opening Ceremony Up@OTBrianNY@davidsmcguire@BillWongOT@TheOTtoolbox: Meet Up@taelormadeot: other OT PodcastersMandy Chamberlain: Michael Roberts: After Dark: Del Pozzo: Uncorked: up past podcast guestsIjeoma Ikepeze: Episode 20: Seigel- Episode 26: Culwell- Episode 7: hallMore Cow Belt: Previous studentsMeeting up with you the listenerInvesting in yourselfMark your calendar for next year March 26-29, 2020
Meg and Sarah discuss:Common misconceptions about autismLooking at the broader picture of children with autismUtilizing the right tools for each individual childImportance of evaluation and re-evaluationMeg’s journey into specializing in autismFinding the right mentor who aligns with your purpose and valuesWorking in early intervention and how that shaped Meg’s current workCommon questions from other therapists about autism and playSelecting the right goals for working on play skills with children with autismIdentifying play skill goals versus social play goals and when to use themUsing simple activities to increase generalization from during therapy to the child’s daily routineUtilizing a balance between using resources within the client’s homes and bringing a therapy bagUse of naturalistic strategies to get them to start imitatingScaffolding up or down to adjust the strategies to teach them skills, especially when they are rigidHow to structure you sessionsMeg’s company Learn Play ThriveContact her:http://www.learnplaythrive.comCoupon Code for OT 4 Lyfe Listeners: OT4Lyfe25Facebook Group:
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