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Episode #02: Ice Age

Episode #02: Ice Age


Have you ever wondered how accurate the Ice Age movies are? Did these animals really migrate so far and were that diverse? Did the sabre-tooth squirrel exist and what exactly is “Taekwondodo”? On our second episode we investigate the facts and fallacies surrounding the first Ice Age film. This week we talk to another expert, Wouter Bonhof, who works on the mobility of woolly mammoths from (sub)Arctic Eurasia and their availability as prey for early humans. Credit: Intro Music from
What is amber and can we even get preserved DNA from it? And how accurate are the dinosaur reconstructions in Jurassic Park according to what we know from science? Join us on this episode where we attempt to answer the frequently asked questions about the Jurassic Park film, as well as some not so frequently asked ones as well. In the later part of the episode, we talk to amber and arthropod expert, Zsófi Hajdu, who is now a dinosaur fossil preparator at the Senckenberg-Museum in Frankfurt, Germany. Turns out knowing and talking about Jurassic Park is one of her main tasks at the museum, where she gets asks about the film by the young and the not-so-young visitors. Credit: Intro Music from
Fact or fiction? Ever wondered how accurate your favourite science-fiction film is? Us either. But it turns out diving a little deeper into your favourite film can reveal some mildly interesting facts. PaleoPickles is a podcast that asks the big questions: Can we really clone dinosaurs or what the heck is a Geostorm? Join us, palaeontologists Nussaïbah Raja, Namra Sikilkar and Bryan Shirley as we make it our mission to provide commentary and semi-professional insights on the scientific accuracy of films, talk to experts who actually know stuff and crack dumb jokes. Korean drama with dinosaur: [Still searching] Credit: Music from
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