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Jono, the Wealth Barista, shares his journey on his path to wealth and financial freedom. Join him as he discusses everything from money management, to investing, to building the life that you want to live. If you feel stuck in a job you hate, or you simply want to learn how to manage your money and relationships better, Jono is here to help. Although Jono will admit that he is by no means a millionaire (yet), he wishes to share the structures and frameworks he’s put in place, based on extensive research, to make room for a wealthy and fulfilling life. Grab yourself a cup of coffee, breathe in, and enjoy the ride.
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To celebrate my 25th birthday, I will be sharing 25 lessons with you guys over the next two weeks. In this episode, I share 12 ranging from relationships, to investing, to passion.1. Life is terribly short - especially when you have to drink cheap coffee. 2. Criticise by profession, praise by name. 3. The way we spend our days is ultimately how we live our lives. 4. Bad things only happen when you’re uninsured. 5. You cannot predict the future, yet your success as an investor is predicated on you predicting the future and being correct. 6. In a world full of anger and fear, sometimes people just want to be heard. 7. No one really knows what they’re doing, so stop putting pressure on yourself. 8. Desperation will kill your sales, investments and relationships. 9. Fix your house before you go out and try to change the world. 10. The first 3rd of my life I spent worrying about what people thought of me, the 2nd not caring, and in the 3rd I realised they were never thinking about me in the first place. 11. Everything comes in cycles and you choose which cycles to be a part of. 12. Passion follows proficiency. 
This week I discuss some of the news coming out about inflation in US. Are higher inflation rates here to stay and what can we do to position out portfolio against higher infaltion.NotesEP23: Should You Invest In Gold?Inflation-Linked Bonds issued by the South African GovernmentThe Financial Times - ‘Kind of crazy’: how the booming US used-car market is driving inflation”Business Insider - “Millennials are getting screwed again by their 2nd housing crisis in 12 years”Warren Buffett's 1979 Letter to ShareholdersJP Morgans Guide to the Markets as of March 31
In this week's episode, I give a summary of Warren Buffett's 2020 annual letter to shareholders. If you don't already know, Buffett is the chairman and CEO of the massively successful Berkshire Hathaway and has the greatest investing record ever tallied, spanning 56 years at an average annual growth rate of 20%.I discuss the business of Berkshire, conglomerates and why you get what you put out into the world. Here are some links to useful content as well:Show Notes:2020 Letter to Shareholders: Letter to Shareholders discussing insurance in detail:
This week is a bit of an unconventional podcast episode. Instead of my usual talk on investing and money, this week is a word of encouragement. To all those who see themselves in a dark place, or you just feel like life is passing you by, this one is for you.
This week I discuss dividend stocks: (i) what has their performance been, (ii) why they might be a good addition to your portfolio and (iii) some risks to watch out for.Show Notes:Article: The Power of Dividends: Past, Present, and FutureArticle: 5 Reasons to Be a Dividend Growth InvestorArticle: How to Invest in Dividend Stocks: A Guide to Dividend InvestingPodcast Episode: EP17: How Much Do You Need To Retire?
In this episode, I explore the rather new problem of one household with the option of having 2 incomes. While it might sound like an easy math problem (2 are better than 1), there's a bit more nuance in how it actually works out.Notes:BLS Data: Comparing characteristics and selected expenditures of dual- and single-income households with childrenArticle: Why Two Incomes Aren’t Always Better Than One
This week we dive into the Coreshares S&P500 Feeder ETF. This ETF tracks a basket of the 500 largest US companies by market cap and has done phenomenally well in the past decade.Links:ETF: Coreshares S&P500 Feeder ETFIndex: S&P500 Index
This week, I have Brendan Dale of the popular finance blog, Take Charge of Your Money. In this episode, we discuss how he came to realise he was in some serious money problems, what he had to change and how he's planning to retire. We discuss topics ranging from how your money management style stems from your childhood, planning for retirement and how your investment strategy might change if you are a late starter in your investing career.Notes:Twitter: @your_money_blogBrendan's Blog: takechargeofyourmoney.blogLink to Article: 4 Myths about retirementLink to Article: Personal finance for beginnersLink to Blog Series: Late Starter
Retirement can be a rather intimidating prospect, especially with all the information out there. In this episode, I break down a Retirement Annuity (RA) for retirement planning in South Africa: (1) What is it?, (2) How it works?, and (3) Why you might consider it?
This week we discuss the Satrix Divi ETF, and if it's even worth considering it when SA Retail Savings Bonds are yielding 7.25% at the moment?
This is Part 2 of my interview with Jordan Nel of Vineyard Holdings. Previously we discussed books and value investing and in this episode, we go through mental models to aid decision making, surrounding yourself with different people and whether or not investors add value to society.Show Notes:Jordan's Twitter: @jordsnelJordan's blog:
In this new segment of the podcast, I give you a quick summary of the ETF's listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange - What they're about, how much they charge and what might be some risks to think about. Listen all the way to the end to hear my overall 5 point rating of the ETF.
In this week's episode, I have the honour of interviewing Jordan Nel, a South African equity investor focussed on bringing value back to the South African equity and business markets. In Part 1 of this 2 part episode, we discuss a broad range of topics including books to change your perspective on investing, how to be antifragile, FAANG stock valuations and we end of discussing decision making in investing.Show Notes:Twitter: @jordsnelJordan's Blog: VineyardHoldings.netBlog Post: What is a value investor?
In this week's episode, we take a look at bubbles - (1) how they form, (2) what are the common characteristics of bubbles, and (3) what causes them to burst. I also take a look at some of the current metrics we have for the tech sector today and compare it to the same metrics back in the dotcom crash of 2000 to decide if we're in bubble territory or not.Show Notes:The Guardian: "Twenty years after the dotcom crash, is tech’s bubble about to burst again?"The Guardian: "Airbnb soars to near $100bn valuation as shares more than double in IPO"Greenlight Capital Letter to Shareholders, 27 Oct Article: "3 ways tech stocks resemble the 2000 bubble—and one way they don’t"Business Insider: David Einhorn Calls a BubbleBusiness Insider: "Why Amazon, Tesla, and other 'Elite Eight' mega-cap titans look to be in a bubble despite strong profit growth, according to one research firm"Wall Street Journal: "Investors Double Down on Stocks, Pushing Margin Debt to Record"FAANGM Market Caps from Yardeni ResearchDemystifying Snowflake: The Biggest Software IPO in History
This week I'm talking about self-reflection. I believe that in today's world of fast-paced, always busy, self-indulgent culture, we haven't had a chance to cultivate self-knowledge. In this episode, I go over some reflections from 2020 and then try and give you a framework for small self-reflection sessions to practice in your own life.
In this week's episode, I go over the investment case for gold: (i) why investors consider gold, (ii) and how much gold should be in your portfolio. I also discuss some easy ways for South Africans to invest in gold right at the end of the podcast.
In this episode, I discuss how we currently measure inflation and what the mains points of contention around these measurements of inflation are. I discuss constant-standard-of-living vs constant-standard-of-satisfaction measures and how inflation might impact our investing portfolios.Useful linksAlternate CPI Measures: ShadowstatsArticle:  The Risks of Relying on an Inaccurate Inflation MeasureLink to Stealthy Wealth's Inflation CalculatorPlease remember that nothing in this episode should be construed as investment advice. Always make your own investment decisions. Happy investing. 
This week I have the one and only Frugal Local on for a two-part interview. In this half of the interview, we discuss: (1) lifestyle creep, (2) how to leverage your connections, (3) the transition from his 3 bedroom house into one of his investment properties, (4) how to find good property deals, (5) what he learnt about himself walking the Camino de Santiago, and (6) his philosophy on money and marriage.Frugal Local Blog: @frugallocal
This week I have the one and only Frugal Local on for a two-part interview. In this episode, we discuss: (1) how he got his name, (2) starting small, (3) credibility using social media, (4) his personal property investments, (4) good debt vs bad debt, and (5) shopping for clothes. Frugal Local Blog: @frugallocal
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