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Voted “Favorite Political Podcast” by Apple Podcasts listeners. Stephen Colbert says "Everybody should listen to the Slate Political Gabfest." The Gabfest, featuring Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz, is the kind of informal and irreverent discussion Washington journalists have after hours over drinks.
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Modus Pwnens

Oh wow David, you need to stfu. Your centrism is probably the stupidest I've ever heard. To equate the "irate listeners" complaining about French to French's nazism is frankly the most naive thing I've ever heard. As a privileged white dude who thinks "civility" is important and thinks you're such a moral person for humanizing nazis, you need to just shut the fuck up. He's obviously "civil" on your show because THAT'S WHAT NAZIS DO. They say they nazi shit in a "calm" way so you think they're good people, but if you fall for his gambit simply because he sounded nice, then you're naive af. You're mentally deranged if you think just because your mother is your mother so her supporting Trump is forgivable, then you really have a poor understanding of morality. Also, the irony of saying that those we "disagree" (only a white dude thinks people "disagree" with nazis) with are either equally or more of a moral person than liberals/leftists is basically implying those who believe that are wicked. Your understanding of morality is really the most nonsensical, illogical, irrational, and naive af. You need to stfu and stay in your lane. Btw, Emily, you were so correct in this one (as usual) but the mansplainers end up ganging up on you and silencing you, but you're completely correct. Please know that, and stand up for yourself more, you don't deserve to be silenced and concede to these dipshits' points when you're objectively, epistemologically, and logically correct.

Dec 18th

Wayne Roper

There is a large sense of pleasure as Emily Bazelon does a savage takedown of Bush Sr. I'm frustrated with how often people ignore negative aspects of a person who died

Dec 8th


Wayne Roper My thoughts exactly!

Dec 16th

James Massey

Its good good

Nov 2nd

Nonya Bizness

please, please, please! the UPTALK by one of the speakers is SO pronounced, and detracted so much from a very timely and otherwise very thoughtful discussion, that i could not listen to the end!

Oct 31st
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