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Hosted by Radio + Television Business Report Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson
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He was a senior correspondent for ABC News and covered the White House during President Obama’s second term from 2012 to 2016. Today he's a member of the news team at The E.W. Scripps Co.'s ABC affiliate in San Diego, KGTV-10. Jim Avila, back from a health scare that prompted him to "retire," in mid-March hosted a one-night special on Scripps News to mark the end of a two-day series called “48 Hours on the Border.” The special is a collaboration between the national network and teams of reporters at Scripps affiliates in Phoenix, San Diego, Tucson and Corpus Christi.To learn more about Avila's work, and his view on how local TV news can make an impact in its own market and across the U.S., the veteran journalist joined RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson for a conversation on the latest InFOCUS Podcast, presented by
Paul LeFort, head of local TV sales at Nielsen, assumed Television Client Services duties at the start of 2024 with the retirement of Catherine Herkovic. As LeFort settles in to his new role, he spoke with RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson to share the latest on how Nielsen helping broadcasters in showing the continued value of UHF/VHF, so that they can continue to woo advertising clients with stories that go beyond reach.LeFort also touched on measurement accuracy for the television industry and what he's looking forward to at the 2024 NAB Show in this all-new InFOCUS Podcast, presented by
He’s worked in television since 1976, and has been at his current station since 1997. Now, at a yet-to-be-disclosed date this month, Fred Hunter will conclude his career, stepping aside from his role at WBRC-6 in Birmingham.Hunter spoke with RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam Jacobson about his career, and the importance of weather to local news and broadcast television — as well as the "citizen journalist" in times of emergency — in this InFOCUS Podcast, presented by
RBR+TVBR's look at the upcoming 2024 NAB Show continues with a conversation with Skyview Networks President/CEO Steve Jones. What excites him about GenAI and its use at broadcast radio? What are the other big conversation topics he's expecting to discuss at the NAB Show? We find out in this InFOCUS Podcast, presented by dot.FM.
In November 2019, Mary DelGrande joined vCreative as its Sr. VP/Sales, ahead of her promotion to Chief Executive Officer. With 30-plus years of experience, including 20 years at Premiere Networks, what excites this CEO of a media workflow software provider serving both Radio and Television as the second quarter of 2024 arrives?DelGrande shares her thoughts and more in this InFOCUS Podcast, presented by dot.FM. From what she's hoping to learn and share at this year’s NAB Show to how to attend the invitation-only Cocktails and Conversation reception scheduled for April 14 expressly for radio and television industry pros, it's all here in this audio interview with RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson.The Cocktails and Conversation gathering is presented by Beasley Media Group, vCreative, Benztown, Quu, Xperi, Jacobs Media and Streamline Publishing’s Radio Ink and the Radio and Television Business Report.
From GenAI to monetizing original digital content, there's much Caroline Beasley, the CEO of Beasley Media Group, is looking forward to at the 2024 NAB Show. In fact, there's a lot of activity at this year's show involving Ms. Beasley and Beasley Media Group executive leadership, including Caroline's appearance on an April 15 panel devoted to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).In this InFOCUS Podcast, presented by dot.FM, Caroline offers her thoughts on what's of keen interest to Beasley Media Group, and how those seeking to attend an invitation-only "Cocktails and Conversation" reception on April 14 during the NAB Show can be a part of the action.
There's a lot of excitement on Wall Street and from the broadcasting communities regarding some of the projects Xperi Corp.'s Connected Car business unit, which Joe D'Angelo maintains oversight of.With strong momentum out of the CES conference in January and ahead to the 2024 NAB Show, the DTS AutoStage product, in particular, is poised to have a breakout year. But, what about HD Radio advancements? What's new with the TiVo brand and how is that getting a Connected Car play? D'Angelo shares the latest in this InFOCUS Podcast, presented by dot.FM, in a fresh conversation with RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson.
Making radio a more visual media has been the talk of the industry since CES 2024, and with the 2024 NAB Show coming in just weeks, that conversation continues with QUU CEO Steve Newberry.At QUU, the focus has been on making the in-dash audio entertainment system come alive when tuned to a broadcast radio station. In this InFOCUS Podcast, presented by dot.FM, Newberry shares the latest on what's in store for the "connected car," and what he and others may be looking forward to at the NAB Show in mid-April.
What's it like to run radio stations in a marketplace where many on Madison Avenue may be wholly unfamiliar with the region, due to its small market size?In this InFOCUS Podcast, presented by dot.FM, we chat with Chris Hayes, the Operations Manager for what is now called Zimmer Marketing — an agency and radio station owner — in Joplin, Mo., to learn how "Joplin Radio" has changed over his 33 years in the industry to best deliver on its primary focus: bringing results to its clients in this corner of Southwestern Missouri.
What's it like to be a broker today? "I think we are in the middle of a cycle," says Eddie Esserman, Managing Director of Media Services Group. "It's very cold but not frozen ... Deals are being done."On the radio side of the media transactions landscape, "neighbors" are getting deals done with each other. Is this a welcome new trend for the industry? What's the outlook for broadcast television station deals?Esserman shares his thoughts in a new InFOCUS Podcast, presented by dot.FM.
With so much attention of late given to broadcast TV stations acquiring play-by-play rights, the continued importance of broadcast radio for sports teams is a topic definitely worthy of a bigger spotlight. This week, an MLS team, the Columbus Crew, inked a new broadcast rights deal, shifting their radio home from WBNS to WXZX. Discussing the deal is iHeartMedia of Columbus, Ohio SVP of Programming Michael McCoy, who joins Adam R Jacobson on the InFOCUS Podcast.
He's been a radio station Program Director since the age of 26 and spent a decade earning national recognition for his work at Country KYGO-FM in Denver, including finishing among Radio Ink's Top 15 Country PDs for six consecutive years. He would later enjoy an eight-year run, concluding in February 2021, as PD of Christian Contemporary KCBI-FM in Dallas.Now, Joel Burke is going home to the Texas Panhandle region, and he shares his latest radio industry adventure in an exclusive conversation with RBR+TVBR in this InFOCUS Podcast, presented by dot.FM.
Financial curveballs sent many American families reeling in 2023. Household budgets were squeezed by rising interest rates, surging prices on everyday goods, and a stagnating housing market. Consumers were feeling strapped. That sentiment, however, appears to be waning. The question is, to what extent?ThinkNow, a cross-cultural research firm based in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, sought out the answer. To share more about what was found and how this could impact marketers’ media spend in 2024, Multicultural Insights Leader Mario Xavier Carrasco joined RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson on the latest InFOCUS Podcast, presented by dot.FM.
It’s been quite a start to 2024 for the radio industry when it comes to the FCC and Congress. From more calls for AM radio being accessible in every vehicle sold in the U.S. to FM “ZoneCasting,” there’s much to discuss and perhaps debate, too. Jeffrey Warshaw, founder and CEO of Connoisseur Media, joins RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson on the InFOCUS Podcast, presented by, to share his thoughts on the continued importance of AM radio in markets where his company owns kHz-band stations, and why GeoBroadcast Solutions' hyperlocal FM plan needs to be stopped.
The rollout of the new ATSC 3.0 digital broadcast television standard is poised to continue in a significant way across 2024, and a 17-year-old company just north of Chicago has been an active participant in the development of various TV standards around the world. Now, Anywave Communications Technologies is bringing what it calls a “complete” ATSC 3.0/1.0 signal chain package to market.What does this mean? Anywave General Manager Dave Neff explains the advancements in this InFOCUS Podcast, presented by dot.FM.
It's a big day in New Hampshire, as the 2024 U.S. presidential race sees its first primary event. How have radio and television stations benefitted, if at all, from political advertising thus far? What are New Hampshire's local broadcast media outlets doing to ensure the state's electorate has relevant and timely information they can't get anywhere else?In this InFOCUS Podcast, presented by dot.FM, RBR+TVBR goes one-on-one with Nicole Romano, the Market Manager for Great Eastern Radio in West Lebanon-Hanover, N.H.; and with Tracy Caruso, the Executive Director of the New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters. In a state with one "Big Four" broadcast TV station of note — WMUR-9 — and lots of local AMs and FMs, learn in this 20-minute audio interview conducted by Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson what could be in store for your state, and your stations, in the coming weeks.
Looking for research on the media habits of today's highly multicultural world? You've come to the right place, as this InFOCUS Podcast, presented by dot.FM offers excerpts from a January 16 webinar featuring Nancy Tellet, the Research Chair of the Hispanic Marketing Council and a Spanish-language media veteran remembered for her years at MTV Tr3s.The session, "Media and Representation in the World of the Multicultural Majority," explores many themes of interest to broadcast radio and television industry executives eager to tap into the most fervent of over-the-air media consumers — the multicultural communities. Already, this is demonstrated in cities ranging from Los Angeles and New York to Chicago, Miami, Dallas and Houston.How are young Generation Z'ers navigating life in the public spotlight of a digital world where a misstep can impact their future ... yet also harness it for their own purposes?Tune in to this podcast to learn more.
“I’ve written a textbook unlike any other, where the focus is on what would prompt the reader to hit that record button, and consider what they have to say when they do,” says Rob Quicke, a one-time radio presenter in the UK who today is Professor and Director of the W. Page Pitt School of Journalism & Mass Communications at Marshall University. Quicke's new book, “Finding Your Voice in Radio, Audio, and Podcast Production,” seeks to provide a textbook designed to "teach Radio" to college students interested in a career in audio content creation and production. What can students learn from a textbook? RBR+TVBR's Adam R Jacobson finds out from Quicke in this fresh InFOCUS Podcast, presented by dot.FM.
For decades, the art of dubbing has required the use of humans — professional voice actors who can deliver translated lines in ways designed to best captivate local audiences. But, what if generative artificial intelligence, or GenAI, could accomplish that task?Introducing Dubformer, an Amsterdam, Holland-based tech company led by Anton Dvorkovich. Is Dubformer a threat to the voice actors who have helped feature films, television shows and even U.S.-produced informercials reach consumers in distant lands?RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson finds out in this InFOCUS Podcast, presented by dot.FM.
For longtime radio broadcasting industry executives and those in the brokerage community, the name Scott Savage is likely a familiar one.Five years ago, he went on hiatus as a broker and consultant, opting to focus his efforts enjoying live in Sedona, Ariz., where he relocated to in 2017 following many years in Dallas. Now, Savage is relaunching Savage Media Group, and he's sharing the reasons why in an exclusive RBR+TVBR InFOCUS Podcast conversation presented by dot.FM with Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson.
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