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If you want to meet a woman who has done it all, then Camille Duvall is Exhibit A. The 15-time National Champion, named to Sports Illustrated’s Top 100 Greatest Female Athletes of the 20th Century, joins Host Wade Cox on this lively episode of The Ski with Wade Podcast. They are taking us back to the peak performance 1980s, when a deep bench of talent dominated the competitive water skiing landscape domestically and around the world. Camille, who today lives in the Lake Tahoe area and sells homes for Sotheby's Real Estate in the Sierras, shares memories of her early match-ups, her advocacy for young female athletes through the Women's Sports Foundation and what it was like to find out she was pregnant while on a global tour (she kept skiing another five months!). If this episode doesn’t make you nostalgic for days gone by, nothing will! But you’ll also get a glimpse of the up-and-comers Camille sees sparkling on the competitive horizon today! You can keep up with Camille @Instagram! Or check out her book: "Camille Duvall's Instructional Guide to Water Skiing."And click here check out previous episodes of Ski With Wade.
Most everyone knows about Don Corleone from the classic Godfather movies, but do you know about the Godfather of the “Midwest Mafia?” His turf is Indiana and the coin of the realm is water ski titles. On this episode of the Ski with Wade Podcast we meet national slalom champion Brandon Bucher, whose father (the Godfather!) built the lake and started the legacy that today includes three generations of devoted water skiers. Cindonway Lake is arguably where the Midwest’s rise in the world of competitive water skiing all began. Host Wade Cox shares the history and some favorite memories with Brandon, whose own kids are carrying on the legacy today. You’ll enjoy learning how the family blends their working Indiana corn and soybean farm with hours out on private ski lakes and at tournaments. Add a dollop of old-fashioned family fun and you’ve got the perfect recipe for Wade, who shares thoughts about his stint coaching and hanging with Brandon and the Buchers out on beautiful Cindonway Lake. Click here to check out previous episodes of Ski With Wade. And don’t miss the new merch and tour dates, which you’ll find at this link.  TOPICS COVERED: ·       The Bucher family is hosting Wade at Cindonway Lake in Indiana – a sentimental favorite among water skiers and all-around great place to have some summer fun! ·       Built in the mid-70s, Cindonway Lake is located in northwest Indiana on the Bucher family farm. ·       Water Ski History Alert: Wade and Brandon run through some classic images from well-loved ski venues on public waters that date back to the 1960s. ·       About Brandon: A national slalom champion in 2004, his first tournament was at the age of five and his first nationals just a few years later. Barely into his teens, he was already skiing at 36. ·       Brandon and Wade reminisce over their common bond through Jack Travers’ iconic energy and stoked competition. ·       About MVPs from Brandon’s class of collegiate and pro skiers as well as the HO equipment (including the Wade Cox CDX ski) that was a “big part of” his life. ·       Remembering when Brandon and a couple other nextgen skiers borrowed Wade’s truck to jet up to Trophy Lakes for the weekend in a bid for world ranking scores. ·       Around 2005, Bruce was coaching and running clinics without a clear go-forward plan – until he crossed paths with Michelle, a fellow skier and now his wife. Course change! ·       The guys are reviewing the long list of “Midwest Mafia” stars who have made a name for the heartland in terms of championship water skiing. ·       Brandon shares a bit about his family farm, which cultivates mostly corn and soybeans, and some micro-seasonal specialties like blueberries and blackberries. ·       It’s all about the kids! Wade and Brandon introduce the younger set and muse about the ways in which the Bucher kids blossomed as the result of encouragement and coaching. ·       Wade shares some fine tuning tips and tricks to add speed while at the same time slowing everything down on the water. ·       See you in Kansas! Bucher offspring will be competing and bringing all the tools they’ve been cultivating – in part thanks to Wade’s coaching! ·       Future Forward: Brandon’s not ruling out another lake on the farm – a definite dream and potential site for regional competition!Links for merchandise, schedules and more a
Sometimes you get lucky and have a chance to hang with a walking piece of history, like when show-stopper Sammy Duvall stops by The Ski with Wade Podcast for a chat about smashing records, learning lessons and stretching the bounds of sport. The conversation covers Sammy’s legendary career, changes in the industry as well as the nature of competition itself. You’ll get a front-row seat to incomparable feats – like the 220-foot jump that defined Sammy’s reputation – and insights into important influences on both his and Wade’s careers. And don’t forget to check out new merch and find out where Wade’s upcoming tour dates will be taking him!Click here check out previous episodes of Ski With Wade.
Wow. It really took me back to sit down with my old friend Thomas Degasperi, a class act who started water skiing at five years old and has pretty much been setting the standard ever since! Born in Trento, Italy, Thomas was raised by a supportive family and of course heavily influenced by his dad, a well-known coach and owner of a water ski school in northern Italy. Having parents like Thomas’s – who have supported his dreams from an early age – makes such a difference and in this case pretty much birthed a legend. At 15, Thomas won his first medal at the European Championships and after that there was no looking back. Along with winning two World Championships, eight European Championships and multiple Moomba, Malibu Open and Masters titles, Thomas has made a phenomenal 60 appearances on the podium at events of all kinds. He also helped ignite epic rivalries on the collegiate scene, attending the University of Louisiana at Monroe as part of the waterski team and obtaining his bachelor's degree in marketing. In my day, a lot of skiers who medaled nationally and internationally skipped college and went straight to the pros, but Thomas and his posse of young collegiate competitors changed the playing field in many ways.It was so much fun to remember crossing paths back in Europe, competing and hanging out, watching World Cup soccer and even taking in historic D-Day beaches together. Back then Thomas was more or less starting out and saw me (just about ready to hang up my spurs at that point) as a “legend,” which is humbling It was good times! More recently we’ve both been avid fans of Ski Paradise, a fantastic venue based in Acapulco that we’ve frequented maybe 20 times each over the years, making new friends and cementing longtime relationships that make the sport of water skiing so special. Thomas may be humble, but he can’t hide his good looks or charisma. In addition to running his own ski school in Orlando, Florida, he is also a well-known pop figure in his native Italy, where he has been a contestant on the popular reality TV show Dancing with the Stars. In the U.S. he has been on a national TV commercial to promote 5 Hour Energy. Just a great guy with a great attitude towards life! Want to keep up with Thomas? Follow him here: TGas@InstagramI’ve got a bunch of new merch and lots going on as far as upcoming clinics and tour dates, so click here to get in the loop!And click here to check out previous episodes of Ski With Wade.
SUMMARY: After listening to this episode of The Ski with Wade Podcast you’ll know why the secret to greatness – on water skis or in any other facet of life – is simply this: Do the drills! Host Wade Cox is sharing the very specific routines and techniques he has developed to help water skiers of all ages improve their speeds, swing and fun on the water. He talks with a group of his up-and-coming students, who share the skills they’re working on and some of the overlap between what they’re learning on the lake and what they do in school and while competing in other sports. You’ll also hear lots of shout outs to all the people who have shaped Wade’s coaching philosophy as well as venues and support for his busy Ski With Wade Tour and clinics, happening all the time around the U.S. and beyond! Big thanks to this episode’s sponsor Gordy's Marine. Since 1955, they’ve been helping residents and visitors alike enjoy beautiful Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. Check out their boat sales, marina, water sports offerings and lakefront dining at Fontana-on-the-Lake! Click here check out previous episodes of Ski With Wade.
SUMMARY:There’s nothing like old friends and this episode of Ski with Wade is Exhibit A. When childhood bestie Kyle Tate stops by for a chat with Wade, it turns into a free-for-all full of vivid memories, pro tournament instant-replay moments, road trips, stories about a wide circle of legendary water ski competitors, and some serious life reflections as well. Enjoy this conversation, which provides a revealing 360-degree glimpse of the host and his childhood pal – a top-notch water skier, football player, and personality in his own right!   
  SUMMARY:This episode of Ski With Wade does a deep dive on all things ski product development, featuring two visionaries who have worked with Wade to make HO the powerhouse it has been for decades. The podcast features Will Asher, without a doubt one of the superstar slalom champions of the past 20 years, and Dave Wingerter, a visionary product designer, and marketer at HO. Together the three water ski veterans reflect on what it takes to evolve game-changing skis, how to enjoy career longevity by emphasizing process over product. Burnout is real, but not for these longtime friends and benchmark contributors to the world of competitive water sports and professional skiing. The episode was sponsored by Syndicate Skis, a subsidiary of HO Sports, a leading manufacturer currently celebrating 40 years of designing and producing premium water sports equipment.
SUMMARY:This episode of Ski With Wade features Jim Kilsdonk, whose Waterski Costa Rica should be on the bucket list of anyone who hasn’t already been there! In addition to a full menu of water sports on pristine freshwater lakes surrounded by parrot-filled trees and rolling green fields, Waterski Costa Rica also offers zip lining, float trips, a volcano, and hot springs, horseback riding, hiking in the rain forest – something for everyone. On this episode, Wade and his longtime friend Jim discuss all the unique attractions this resort features (in addition to fantastic water ski coaching and training). They also swap thoughts on the evolution of the sport and some of their favorite career highlights. Two of Wade’s newer friends – guests at the resort – join the conversation, putting their favorite Hall of Fame skier on the hot seat with several rounds of fascinating questions. Enjoy learning about a water ski mecca like no other!  
SUMMARY:This episode of Ski With Wade features Chris Parrish, a legendary water skier who has stories to share about his record-setting performances and epic international travel adventures with Wade over the years. The two are together at one of their favorite spots in the world, Ski Paradise, an idyllic water ski venue in beautiful Acapulco, Mexico. Old friends going way back, they recall a lifetime of making memories both on and off the water. They also share shout-outs to favorite competitors and the special things that make water skiing the competitive sport – and community – that it is around the world. 
SUMMARY:This episode of Ski with Wade features a young man who is not only a stand-out athlete but also a remarkably poised spokesman for a serious disease that hasn’t slowed him down in the slightest: Type 1 Diabetes. Rob Hazelwood – aka “Handsome Rob” – is a 22-year-old dynamo, which comes as no surprise given his lineage. This conversation features reflections on Rob’s prominent British water ski family dynasty as well as his steady progression through the top ranks of the sport. He has also started doing some coaching videos good enough to hold Wade’s attention and answers questions about peak career moments and goals on the horizon. 
This episode of Ski with Wade features Terence Fogarty, a pro-level water skier who wears many hats. Fogarty's Lake Flower Marina is home not only to great ski and wake surf offerings, but also the stellar H2OProShop – a watersports company started by water skiers, run by water skiers and made for water skiers. Enjoy a conversation that touches on everything from the benefits of cross-training between water and snow skiing to the groundbreaking hard-shell bindings that have taken ski tech up a notch. We also welcome to the chat an old friend, John Wilkins, who is a regular fixture in western New York each summer in addition to serving as an all-around Maître d’ the rest of the year at La Point Ski Park in Florida. Previous episodes of the Ski with Wade podcast are available here.  
SUMMARY: This episode of Ski With Wade takes place not far from the Missouri site where Wade had his first-ever pro tour win ever, back in 1989, followed by another title just a few years later. It’s a sentimental journey that also has the feel of old home week, with a family reunion-style chat with old friends from the area.  You’ll hear Wade’s check-in with the gang, and also get the scoop on Wake Effects by Big Thunder Marine. Whether you need additional water sports equipment, life jackets, cool swimsuits or a new boat, you can find this fantastic outfitter online or onsite at Missouri’s Osage Beach, Lake of the Ozarks. TOPICS COVERED:  ·      A little bit about what’s up and who’s sponsoring the podcast.·      How Terry Rogers came up with his vision for creating Rhineland Valley Lake.·      Meet the rest of Terry’s gang and hear about memories on the lake.·      Wade shares some anecdotes from his college days and beyond, as well as a little advice for young adults setting out in life. QUOTES:“(Rhineland Valley Lake) is one of my favorite spots not only for the lake and hospitality but also for the food.” “Terry wanted to create this environment for people not only to enjoy themselves but also to raise their kids.” “I’ve learned it’s always the fault of the supply chain manager!” “Taking on a water ski course (for a little kid) can seem like the insurmountable challenge, like the Mt. Everest of water skiing.”  
SUMMARY: In this week’s episode, Wade visits comedian Bob Marley on his home turf in Maine to talk about old tricks and new ones too. The veteran entertainer, who has 30 years in standup and a Guinness World Record for longest continuous set, shares with Wade how moving from Los Angeles back to his home state was in large part spurred by water (and snow) skiing – and how those sports have been central to his family’s life.  Together with his kids and some of their friends, Bob peppers Wade with questions about everything from what makes water skiing so compelling to the finer points of line length and the importance of taking advice – but only from sources that know their stuff! Join Wade and Bob as they sit lakeside at the Dinner Shack in Poland, Maine, musing about their favorite sport, raising kids and keeping the comedy going in life. And of course Wade does a round of “Five Question” with the gang following on a three-day waterskiing clinic at Tripp Lake.   TOPICS COVERED:·      A little about Bob’s resume, his life in comedy, and decided to move back to his native Maine.·      The early roots of what would eventually become Bob’s (and his kids’) obsession with waterskiing. ·      Touching on some of Bob’s favorite camp experiences in California, Nevada, and Florida.·      A round of “Five Questions” for Wade, touching on how to develop technique, adapt to various race conditions, and ways Wade has gotten and stayed inspired.·      Brief wrap-up and a word about what’s available at the Ski With Wade website. QUOTES:“One of the reasons we came back was to snow ski – 60 or 70 days a year – and water ski as much as we can – from April all the way through to November.” (Bob) “Let’s get our balance and technique really good, and then I’ll speed ‘em up and shorten ‘em up.” (Wade) “Ultimately we’re trying to create space – same as in any other sport. We need a little space from our defender, whoever is trying to whack us or tackle us.” (Wade) “If you see the space out on the water and you’ve got it, then you’ve got the visual gratification: ‘Hey, this looks good.’ ” (Wade) “All this failure rate does is guarantee the fact that you’re going to fail. We need success.” (Wade) “Ultimately it’s the balance point, meaning rooster tail, and if you are either scared of you’re getting bounced of your direction, man, we’ve got no hope.”  (Wade) “If you’re going to go to a ski school and get instruction, the biggest thing I’ve learned is, ‘Why would you not listen to the guy who is a champion?’ ” (Bob) “It can go either way with your nerves but if you handle it the right way you can get the energy that you know you don’t have in practice. Those butterflies give you superpowers.” (Wade) “A lot of people like to hear themselves talk or give advice. A lot of it isn’t very good. You’ve got to learn to sort through that.” (Wade) “Maybe I’m still always searching for that perfect lake – what’s going to be my next lake if you will.” (Wade) 
Wade invites a very special line-up of young stars in the making to ask the questions on this episode of the Ski with Wade Podcast, recorded onsite this week at the Future Champ Camp in Farmer City, IL. A veteran of 40 years in the world of waterskiing, Wade has seen and done a lot. But working with young people at Future Champ Camp the past four years has been especially touching and exciting. So much young talent to coach and watch develop as time goes along.  Wade’s young interviewers put a variety of questions to him, touching on everything from his biggest setbacks to his most sentimental victories. He shares memories of what the pro tours of the “olden days” (1980s and 1990s) were like and how a broken leg – bad as it felt at the time – turned out just to be a bump along the road to an enduring Hall of Fame career followed by a new chapter coaching. Listen in to hear the voices of future pro water-skiers! And don’t forget to check out The Liquid Edge, site of the Future Champ Camp, the Ski Shack pro shop and so much more.  TOPICS COVERED:·      Future Champ Camp.·      Career high and low points.·      Bouncing back from injuries.·      Going pro and what it was like.·      Evolving the Syndicate Pro waterski brand.·      Early water skiing days and favorite victory. QUOTES:“Instead of breaking the record, I tied it and then I broke my leg.” “You have to make sure you do things better on the water so you don’t get hurt.” “Off the water, getting your body strong, that’s really the key.” “When you were in the pro tours, you saw all these people having a good time and you were like, ‘Man, I get to go out there and do this!’ It was really special. ” “I get really emotionally attached to these guys.”
Wade Cox launches his brand new podcast with a conversation centered around five questions of his guest’s choice. For this first outing, he welcomes John Reeves, a fellow native Arkansan and friend dating back to Sunday school days. Relatively new to water skiing, John shares a little about how he came to the sport and takes the lead by asking the inaugural round of “Five Questions” for Wade, ranging from his personal life to his four decades as a waterskiing professional. A legendary champion, Wade was inducted in 2012 into the Water Ski Hall of Fame in Polk City, Florida.  John and Wade chat about everything from how Wade developed his “Five Questions” idea to his earliest memories of water skiing and how he got hooked. They also look at what it takes to be both a great coach and a coachable student. They share a bit about their lives, from divorce and reinvention to their mutual passion for music. Wade shares anecdotes about how his uncle, a charismatic Army veteran, and pilot, sparked his initial interest in waterskiing and how it was a group effort on the part of his whole family that made his pro career possible, financially and otherwise. Wade also talks about what it feels like to move from the go-go years of pro-touring and titles to becoming a mentor and coach to generations coming up as well as midlife newbies just getting into the sport. Together the two old friends tackle the question of what it takes to achieve that aspirational “next level” in water skiing and perhaps also in life at large!
The Ski with Wade Podcast – Episode 14bA Chat with Eleisha Nelson, National Adaptive Ski Champion  SUMMARY:In this episode of The Ski with Wade Podcast, meet one of the greats in the world of adaptive water skiing. Eleisha Nelson came back from a 35-year break to find joy on the water and celebrate championship performances around the world. Learn how she came to competition, what it takes and the excitement she feels about how her world has been transformed since she decided to get back on the water just four years ago. Enjoy this episode, one of Wade’s most anticipated!HO Syndicate OUR MISSION AT HO SPORTS IS TO DEVELOP QUALITY PRODUCTS THAT MAKE LIFE ON THE WATER EASIER AND MORE
The Ski with Wade Podcast – Episode 13A Chat with Manon Costard and Freddie WinterSUMMARY:We’re going continental with this episode of Ski with Wade, featuring two young water ski rock stars who have formed their own European union. Manon Costard, who is French, and Freddie Winter, who is British, have between them a big pile of medals, so it’s really fun to find out how they got to the pinnacle from their hometown lakes. This powerhouse couple has known each other since they were just starting out in the water ski world, but it was in at the University of Louisiana at Monroe that they deepened their connection. You’ll love the banter plus the goals and memories these multi-championship medal winners share with Wade, who throws in some great stories of his own. 
SUMMARY:This episode of Ski with Wade introduces a few musicians local to the Denton, Texas area, including members of bands Midlake and Field Division. The podcast features bios of the band members, as well as a look ahead. Wade talks to them about their musical influences, travel and more. Featured in this episode are John David Kent and Joey McClellan of the band Midlake, and Nick Frampton of the band Field Division.
 The Ski with Wade Podcast – Episode 12A Chat with Mike Bullock and his Team at Swerve Watersports  SUMMARY: This episode of Ski with Wade introduces Mike Bullock, owner of Swerve Watersports in Hillsboro, Tennessee, and his team of young go-getters. The podcast features a background about Swerve, its location, and what it has to offer. Wade also interviews the young collegiate skiers who staff waterski lessons, tournaments, board sports, and the pro shop on Lake Grace.   BLOG:My recent Ski with Wade podcast took me out to a prime spot: Swerve Water Sports on Lake Grace. Halfway between Chattanooga and Nashville, this is the perfect spot not only because there’s so much to do within a close drive but also because Swerve’s lake is custom-built and fantastic by design! Surrounded on one side by woods, grass trails, and marsh and the other by nice lake houses, Swerve is an idyllic site. The lake was designed specifically for three-event water skiing with a shallow depth, slopes to eliminate rollers, and is the perfect shape. You’ll also find restaurants and big-name stores less than five minutes away. It’s a relaxed and friendly environment with great skiers coaching fans of all ages. First up I talk with Leland Rouse and his girlfriend Allie Steele, both University of Cincinnati graduates. Allie studied political science and plans to attend law school next year while Lee explains his health sciences degree, which he’s going to use in the world of sports rehabilitation. They’ve been key in integrating a whole crew of University of Michigan water skiers at Swerve, which we meet next. The first guy up is someone I’ve known since, well, before he was born. Isaac Moothart is a rising senior at the University of Michigan who is studying computer science. His parents are old friends, so he’s been skiing with me since he was a kid on vacation with his folks in Florida. Isaac is looking to impact people’s lives in a positive way by engineering breakthrough technologies that will make life easier and smarter. Isaac introduced me to his friend and co-coach, Amelia Hall, also a senior at Michigan. She’s planning a career in medicine, so is currently on a pre-med track with a Biology and International Studies major. Originally from just north of Traverse City, she plans to help people nationally and internationally get quality health care. We talk about a recent digger, which resulted in a ski that flipped around and left a half-inch gash. It’s not an uncommon injury, but no fun all the same. She’ll be back out on the water in no time! Next up is Jackie Lee, a relative beginner from the mid-Michigan area. She got into water skiing thanks to her boyfriend and transferred to the University of Michigan in part because she’s of Asian descent and really appreciated the diversity Ann Arbor has to offer. She’s majoring in communications and media and is another rising senior. She hopes to go into Human Resources – which she sees as an opportunity to work for inclusivity in the workplace. She tells me a bit about a mishap she had that was similar to Amelia’s and it brings back a few memories of what it felt like to take a tumble. I talked next with Roy Haggland, who shares a computer science major with Isaac. A healthy scholarship will enable him to come back to the University of Michigan and compete one year beyond graduation, so that’s pretty cool. He’s from the Upper Peninsula, where he skied with the “Badwater Ski-ters,” a show team. He brings me up to date on the Michigan team, which has about 40 students on its roster.  Next, I chat with Ellie Roubal, our birthday girl. She’s studying earth and environmental science as a rising junior competing with Michigan’s team. Her dream job is doing
SUMMARY: This episode of Ski with Wade introduces Mike Bullock, owner of Swerve Watersports in Hillsboro, Tennessee, and his team of young go-getters. The podcast features a background about Swerve, its location, and what it has to offer. Wade also interviews the young collegiate skiers who staff waterski lessons, tournaments, board sports, and the pro shop on Lake Grace.  
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