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The editors of Airline Weekly discuss the most interesting developments within the commercial airline industry. In keeping with Airline Weekly’s style, conversation generally centers on one question: How do you make money in this industry? 

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Hong Kong's Slow Climb

Hong Kong's Slow Climb


In part one, Gordon Smith and Jay Shabat discuss Q2 results from Delta Air Lines and Norwegian, looking for clues as to what the future could hold for other operators. In part two, we turn our attention to Hong Kong and examine the factors behind its slow aviation recovery after the pandemic. Connect with Skift Airline Weekly LinkedIn: X: Facebook: Instagram: WhatsApp: Subscribe to @SkiftNews and never miss an update from the travel industry.
In part one, Gordon Smith and Jay Shabat discuss Qantas' latest ultra long-haul endeavor and ask what it tells us about the carrier's wider commercial strategy. In part two, we examine the latest twists and turns at Southwest Airlines as the company continues to fend off an activist investor.
In part one, Gordon Smith and Jay Shabat examine why this summer's Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris are likely to be a financial drag on Air France. In part two, we turn our attention to U.S. airlines and ask what the second half of 2024 could hold for some of the country's biggest carriers. Key Points: Air France and the Olympics Impact Olympic Disruption: Air France expects a revenue hit of €160-€180 million ($175-$200 million) for Q3 due to international markets avoiding Paris during the Olympics. KLM Insights: KLM CEO noted a decline in Paris-bound passengers, with potential shifts to Amsterdam as an alternative hub. Airline Challenges with Major Events: Airlines, including Air France, generally find large events like the Olympics disruptive and not as profitable, contrary to what might be expected. Long-term Benefits: Infrastructure improvements (e.g., Orly Airport upgrades) may benefit Air France KLM long-term, despite short-term disruptions. Key Points: Outlook for US Airlines in H2 2024 Cost Increases: U.S. airlines face significantly higher operating compared to pre-pandemic levels, with labor costs in particular rising faster than revenues. Delta’s Position: Delta is expected to perform well, driven by strong premium demand and international routes, though it still faces higher costs. Spirit Airlines’ Struggles: Spirit has increased capacity and revenue but suffers from a disproportionate rise in costs, especially labor, leading to financial difficulties. Growth and Efficiency: To combat rising costs, airlines aim to grow capacity and improve efficiency, although supply constraints (e.g., aircraft availability) pose challenges. Premium Demand: A trend towards more premium offerings in both long-haul and short-haul markets is evident, with airlines betting on sustained demand for higher-margin products. For more airline insights, visit and subscribe to Airline Weekly.
In part one, Gordon Smith and Jay Shabat discuss why Southwest has cut its revenue outlook for the current quarter. In part two, we take stock for our Airline Weekly mid-year review, and ask what the coming six months could hold. Get more airline news at
In part one, Gordon Smith and Jay Shabat discuss the factors delivering consistently strong results for Korean Air. In part two, we reveal the global airlines that were the most and least profitable in the first quarter of 2024.  Get more airline news at
In part one, Gordon Smith and Jay Shabat discuss a fascinating week at Southwest, as the low-cost carrier navigates the challenges of a very vocal new activist investor. In part two, Gordon chats with Skift Airlines Reporter Meghna Maharishi about a major new feature examining female representation across the aviation sector.  Get more airline news at
Captain Theresa Claiborne was the first black female pilot in the United States Air Force and joined United Airlines as its second-ever black female pilot. Last month, she retired from United after 34 years and 10,000s of flight hours. Captain Claiborne has piloted everything from the KC-135 to the Boeing 787 and has done it all while championing diversity and inclusion. In her first-ever podcast interview she reflects on a genuinely illustrious career, before discussing her vision for the future. Get more airline news at
In part one of this week's specially extended episode, Gordon Smith and Jay Shabat discuss a dramatic few days at American Airlines. In part two, attention turns to Southeast Asia as we discover how some of the region's biggest carriers are performing.  Get more airline news at
In part one, Gordon Smith and Jay Shabat discuss the latest earnings from low-cost giant Ryanair. In part two, our focus turns to the upcoming summer travel season and what it means for the big U.S. airlines. Background Reading: Ryanair ‘Don’t Care’ Who the Next Boeing CEO Is Ryanair CEO Slams Boeing Culture: ‘They Love Talking Corporate Bullsh*t’ What Are Summer Travel Trends for 2024? What Are the Most Searched Cities for Summer 2024 Flights?
In part one of today's episode, Gordon Smith and Jay Shabat discuss Emirates' record-breaking results and ask how long these good times can last. In part two, we turn our attention to Brazil and find out how two of the country's biggest airlines are performing.  Read the latest issue of Airline Weekly every Monday morning at
Gordon Smith and Jay Shabat explore two big topics in this week's episode. In part one, we examine what Spirit Airlines' Q1 numbers mean for the future direction of the carrier. In part two, we turn our sights across the Pacific to Japan.



In this week's episode, Gordon Smith and Jay Shabat take a deep-dive into the latest earnings from carriers across the European continent. From airline supergroups to more niche Nordic players, we make sense of the big numbers and ask what they could mean for the coming summer season.
JetBlue and Volaris

JetBlue and Volaris


With earnings season well underway, Gordon Smith and Jay Shabat examine the key trends and finer details from JetBlue and Volaris - two of the largest low-cost carriers in the Americas.
Fresh out of United's Q1 earnings call, Gordon Smith and Jay Shabat discuss the headline numbers and critical trends facing the U.S. carrier.
In this week's episode, Gordon Smith and Jay Shabat dig into Delta's latest earnings report to find out what's making the U.S. carrier one of the industry's biggest success stories.
In this week's episode, Gordon Smith is joined by Ashab Rizvi from Skift Research to discuss the key findings from a new report into the low-cost, long-haul airline sector.
In this special edition of the Airline Weekly Lounge, we sit down with Ryanair Group CEO Michael O'Leary. No subject is off the table as we discuss everything from social media to Southwest's business model.
Gordon Smith and Jay Shabat discuss the global airports that look set to be the big winners and losers in the coming quarter.
The Lufthansa Problem

The Lufthansa Problem


Gordon Smith and Jay Shabat discuss the latest developments from the Lufthansa Group and explain why the German flag carrier is trailing competitors. We also review the key aviation highlights from the J.P. Morgan Industrials Conference in New York.
Gordon Smith and Jay Shabat discuss a new strategy from American Airlines to win back domestic market share and boost loyalty. We also examine the impact of Turkish Airlines' Australian debut on Qantas and other major carriers.