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Giving artists and their teams the latest tips, tricks, advice and news in bite sized episodes. This podcast aims to help you stay updated, informed and succeed in the music industry!
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In this episode I discuss preview start times when uploading your music through a distributor and why it is so important to select the correct start time for your audio previews.  Follow @askmikewarner on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Visit for live workshops, blog posts and more!
Instagram are allowing users to change the app icon. This easter egg is part of their birthday celebration. In this episode I go through the steps to change your Instagram app icon but for those that didn't quite catch what I said here they are below. In the Instagram App  -tap the person icon in bottom right corner. -tap the three lines (or hamburger icon) in the top right corner -tap on settings -press and hold anywhere in that menu and drag your finger down -keep your finger pressed and four emojis will show From this screen you can now select your Instagram icon, as pictured in the artwork for this episode. If you find this helpful please share it with a friend and follow me on Instagram @askmikewarner
Spotify Promo Cards

Spotify Promo Cards


Spotify's latest tool for Artists and Podcasters is Promo Cards. These graphics are quickly formatted and ready for social media sharing. With color customization and three different aspect ratios to choose from. You can create a promo card for an Artist, Album, Song, Podcast or Podcast Episode. An example can be seen in the artwork for this podcast episode and you can create your own at  More information on this will be added to the blog at
Twitch Soundtrack BETA

Twitch Soundtrack BETA


The team at Twitch have launched yet another tool. This one is called Soundtrack and allows Creators to to stream globally rights cleared music in their live streams. This tool will remove any risks associated with playing music during livestreams for creators but also has a host benefits for the artists. When viewers discover a track they love, they can save it or add to a playlist on their music service of choice. Initial playlists include hip hip, edm, lofi, metal and with more playlists and stations coming soon. These are curated in-house by the Twitch music team. Artists who distribute their music through SoundCloud or DistroKid can opt-in to Twitch Soundtrack beta as a store in their dashboards. Artists with a label or partner should reach out directly. Artists that have added their music to Twitch Soundtrack can also link their Twitch channel which allows fans of their music to follow their Twitch channel and be notified whenever the artist goes live. Links to the official announcement on the Twitch blog can be found here Twitch Soundtrack BETA - Join the Waitlist Twitch Soundtrack BETA - Announcement Follow me on Twitch
In the wake of COVID-19, many artists have adapted and innovated in incredible ways. Virtual performances have become a vital way for artists to connect with their fans, and even find new fans. Spotify now allow artists to show listings for online streams and virtual performances in the concert tab. In this brief episode I explain what is required. Sites mentioned include and
I use Anchor to host and distribute my podcast. In the Anchor app there is a cool feature that lets you record a voice message for me. I can then include this in a future episode of the podcast. Check it out! Feel free to record any questions, news, or thoughts as a voice message and I may just include it in the podcast!
Podcasts are now available on Amazon Music. In this episode I share how you can get your podcast added. If you have an Alexa device be sure to say “Alexa, play Streamline with Mike Warner on Amazon Music” 📈
Apple Music artist playlists appear to have made a comeback. Listen to this episode for a quick walkthrough of how to create a playlist as an artist and drive more traffic from that playlist to your artist profile.
Do this right now, thank me later. Also, join me on Twitch @MikeWarner or
My Release Radar on Spotify is bigger than yours. Well, probably. In this episode I share how long my Release Radar runs for and why. Also, here’s a link if you want to follow and listen to my very broad (random) music taste!
Distributing your music to Pandora is only part of the process. Follow the steps mentioned in this episode to make sure your music is available across Pandora’s ad-supported radio service, Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium. Filling out this simple request form can be done at
Spotify host their own chart site where users can view daily and weekly charts dating back to January 1st, 2017. This official site hosts Top 200 and Viral charts. You can also export these charts to a CSV and open in your desired spreadsheet program.
Should I Release Single Tracks or Albums? This is a very common question and I wanted to address this based on my own experience.
Facebook has launched its news way feature, Instagram Reels. This is rumored to rival TikTok and does come with some very recognizable features. In the episode I explain what Reels are and how to create them. You can follow me on Instagram and see my reels @askmikewarner
Spotify Analytics for Labels and Spotify for Artists have merged. As a result many new features have started to appear within Spotify for Artists. In this episode I cover “your roster” which allows a manager to oversee release dates and manage “pitches” for all artists on one screen!
The Amazon Music for Artists app was updated and artists can now connect their Twitch channel to “ensure your fans never miss a live moment which you stream on Twitch”. Follow me on Twitch at
There’s been rumors floating around about TikTok being banned in the US. I just wanted to use this opportunity to remind artists and creators that it’s ok to have a backup. Services mentioned are Triller and Byte, you can find me on both @mikewarner and you can reach me on social media at @askmikewarner
Spotify has just launched a new BETA feature call Group Session. This allows one host and five guests to stream simultaneously around the world. This feature is for Premium users only and can be found in the Spotify mobile app on the now playing screen. Let me know what you think of this new feature and the new, shorter podcast format @askmikewarner 
Amazon Music for Artists is now available on the web! 
With #SXSW sadly canceled. I hosted my presentation ‘The Power of Third Party Playlists’ via live stream. The power of editorial playlists has been proven in breaking many artists’ career but what happens if a release receives no editorial support? Enter the world of third party playlists. Every user of a DSP has a profile and can become a curator, but what makes these curators influential and achieve tastemaker status. We will unravel some of the myths about third party curators and discuss the differences between real organic growth and manipulated growth or fake streams. Expect to see some real case studies of artists that have achieved success through third party playlists and gain an understanding of the additional audience that can be reached. The full video presentation can be viewed at
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