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Author: Krisz Rokk

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Welcome to Strength In Business, hosted by strategic marketing consultant, CEO, author and international speaker Krisz Rokk. On this podcast you’ll find actionable sales and marketing strategies, techniques and tips that will help you generate consistent results, boost profits and increase client retention. Furthermore, I’ll share with you current trends, thoughts and answer your burning business questions.
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As traditional marketing channels have become increasingly centralized, the urge to look for alternative marketing platforms has led to a bouquet of new networks competing for users and their precious time AKA attention. The post Experimenting with Alternative Marketing Platforms appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Gone are the days of critical thinking and freedom of speech. Those who don’t comply with the mainstream narrative are de-monetized, de-platformed and often labeled mentally ill. It’s time to leave the centralized marketing land of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Co. and join decentralized marketing networks that welcome people who are bold enough to question everything. The post The Power of Decentralized Marketing appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s hard to imagine you not being exposed, directly or indirectly, to the shenanigans that are currently going on across all the major centralized social media networks. What are the alternatives? The post Where to Go When Centralized Social Media Kicks You Off Their Platform appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Fear, acquiescence, greed and shame are all vital elements of the program. Love, creativity, caring and empathy on the other hand are clear signs of you attempting to leave the all encompassing cube thus enabling you to take a sneak peek into the control room of the matrix. It’s similar to entrepreneurship AKA having your own business: once you experience the tremendous upside and freedom that comes with it, you’ll do whatever it takes to never have to cross the front doors of that carrot factory again. The post Why Going Back to the Carrot Factory is Not an Option appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Uncertainty … If you’re afraid of it, it will numb you. If you’re running away from it, it will hunt you down. Learning to become familiar with the unknown is one of the most precious lessons that you can take away from life. The process starts inside of you, although the nudges will most likely come from the outside world. Coziness is what’s causing nausea and sleepiness, stepping into the unknown on the other hand forces you to transform, grow and evolve. The post Why You Need to Make Uncertainty Your Best Friend appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
What’s the world’s most valuable resource? Imagine a handful of companies sending out free invites to their parties and billions flocking to these virtual laboratories where they can entertain their fantasies, express their deepest fears, desires and secrets only to be part of a very peculiar social experiment with a diabolic level of addiction. The post Marketing Beyond the Age of Data Monarchy Emperors appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Ready to pay a little more attention to your sidewalk? We live in challenging times and a lot of people are falling victim to mental health disorders and diseases. Psychiatrists are booked for months and years ahead while seemingly more and more people turn to outside factors to get help. The post Are You Paying Attention to Your Sidewalk? appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
What once started out as a seemingly smooth and innocent journey is slowly but surely turning into a nightmare for many content creators. Censorship, centralization, control – are we really heading into the right direction? Do you feel at ease with robots and AI picking articles, videos, music clips, products and promotions considered appropriate for you based on specific algorithms? What are the alternatives? The post Humans or Machines: Whom Do You Create Your Content For? appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Do you trust the traditional social media networks and their advertising policies? What if they stop liking your content and your ad account gets banned? Guess what? You don’t have to put up with it. There are some amazing alternatives on the horizon. Let me introduce you to blockchain social ads. The post Why Bother with Blockchain Social Ads? appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Putting all your eggs in one basket can be disastrous. Handing over your entire marketing power to a handful of social media platforms can very well ruin your business. On the other hand, scattering your energy, money, time and other resources all over the place isn’t the smartest strategy either. The post When You Hand Your Power Over to Social Media Tech Giants appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Why follow the herd mind when you can liberate yourself from fear, anxiety, frustration, anger or disbelief and reclaim your power? Why not dare to be original again? We’re so afraid to be ourselves. When something doesn’t feel right on the inside, we blame outside factors trying to fix whatever is in our reach to eventually realize that it all stems from within us. The post When You Dare to Be Original in Life appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Why would a business owner pour all his/her money into Facebook ads to the detriment of say word-of-mouth marketing that’s making up 80% or more of their business? Is it because it’s more comfortable to run ads from a computer instead of shaking hands, answering hard questions from customers and asking for referrals? The post Ditching Offline Marketing to Run Facebook Ads appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Everyone can start a business nowadays; it’s never been easier. But will all these individuals really be able to build and maintain a sustainable business? Statistics show that the majority will fail. Therefore the question comes down to, how do you stack the odds in your favor? The post Building a Sustainable Business: Sprint, Marathon or Both? appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Are you struggling to find the right tax advisor? You’ve worked with different accounting and tax advisors, you’ve outsourced this task to bring it back in-house again after being let down by different tax professionals and agencies and now you feel disappointed, disillusioned and clueless where to start looking for the ‘perfect’ fit. The post Why You Need to Find the Right Tax Advisor appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Battery vampires, data gatherers, addiction boosters – these are some of the commonalities of today’s social media apps. Does this also apply to the big family of Facebook apps? The final decision as to whether you need or want to have all of them installed on your phone is totally up to you. The post Do You Really Need All Those Facebook Apps on Your Phone? appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Trying to sell to the unsellable is a total waste of time. Willing to leave the room AKA end a sales pitch early in the game and walk away without a deal requires a great level of self-awareness, an in-depth knowledge of who exactly you want to work with and lots of confidence. The post Don’t Waste Your Time Selling to the Unsellable appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
I’ve written about fundamentals at length. Understanding this concept at its core is crucial, yet few people do so. Those who do, accomplish what the many consider outstanding, unimaginable, and sometimes mystical. The post Why Sticking to the Fundamentals Enables You to Become Extraordinary appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Dan Kennedy had a massive positive impact on me. He defies the odds of conventional wisdom and provides you with wisdom that you can draw from for many decades to come. Dan Kennedy will always be my marketing mentor, a legend and true maverick. The post A Tribute to Marketing Legend Dan Kennedy appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
My latest Facebook Advertising Workshop in London (UK) has revealed some interesting new insights to running digital advertising no matter the platform. It has also unveiled a better understanding of what drives human behavior. The post Facebook Advertising Workshop: There’s No Compression Algorithm for Experience appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Don’t let losing your health be the so called ‘desperation factor’ that pushes you to finally change your life. It’s so much easier to keep the car on the right path while adjusting as you move forward. Whether you take full responsibility or let the government, some fancy doctor or pills dictate your life, is entirely your call. The post When the Magical Relationship Between Health and Business Gets Shattered appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
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