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Author: Krisz Rokk

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Krisz Rokk AKA Strength In Business shares proven, actionable sales and marketing strategies to bulletproof your brand and generate long term consistent results. Discover how to increase your mental toughness, tap into the quantum and unlock your hidden potential in order to catapult your business.
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Writing a novel, applying for a particular job, asking that beautiful girl out, selling the old stuff from the garage … Fear wears many masks and layers. It’s a master of disguise. Most people will do whatever it takes to avoid pain without acknowledging the fact that on the other side of it lies freedom and opportunity. The post The Lessons We Need Are in the Tasks We Avoid appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
There is no perfect blockchain. No matter how deeply in love we are with the notion of singularity or one chain to prevail over all other chains, if we want abundance, we need to go multichain. The post The Future is Multichain appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Who are we actually fooling in this 3D game of life? What goes on between your ears will determine pretty much the trajectory of your life. Your destiny is directly correlated with your decisions, therefore understanding the battle that goes on in your mind which you’re involved in consciously or unconsciously, is absolutely crucial. The last thing you want is a battle on autopilot. The post Your Life is a Battle with Your Mind appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
The hunt for shortcuts has never been more absurd and yet there is this false belief accompanying these players that bathing in the illusion of skipping through the experience of the journey leads to satisfaction, happiness, wealth and fulfillment. The post When You Stop Looking for Shortcuts appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
There are quite a few very well written books on becoming rich one can find when going back into history but for me personally, there are three that stand out. Each one of the authors I will reveal to you has given his books a special twist by combining this intriguing topic with key elements from human psychology, quantum physics and spirituality. The post 3 Powerful Books on Becoming Rich appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
If you have a small business that generates less than 100k in revenue and you’re trying to apply sophisticated techniques to your game plan imitating some bigger entities, you will most likely fail. The harsh truth is, that most of what you’ve been told to do is irrelevant for a business under 100k. The post Tips for Small Businesses Under 100k in Revenue appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
There’s nothing wrong about adhering to search engine and big business rules on your quest to growing your company and making more money, however, if you want to connect with humans on a deeper level, you better start magnetizing the spirit and stop writing for AI. Can you actually combine the two aka write for humans and AI at the same time? The post When You Stop Writing for AI appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Clients aren’t as dumb as advertising agencies and marketing moguls consider them to be. When that sizzling of dishonesty and the rusty taste of that lack of integrity is left in the energetic field of the deal, something nasty remains in the air. The post Not Doing What Clients Want appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Rather than ask the obvious question: Why did WiFi aka a piece of technology change our behavior? … we should ponder and ask a better one: How can we reverse engineer behavioral patterns to better understand what the human psyche is facing on a large scale? The post We Have No WiFi. Talk to Each Other. appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
One might argue about the many words that make out the portfolio of a successful business, however there’s unanimous consensus when it comes to putting this next term on the pedestal. The power derives from its meaning, intonation and intent. The post A Powerful Word in Business and Life appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Finding executors who help you make your dreams come true are very rare. In the 20+ years that I’ve been in business I noticed that it’s really hard to build teams who know how to implement. It’s something every company struggles with no matter the size. The post Build A Team of Executors Or Struggle appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Power Up Your Talents

Power Up Your Talents


You come to this world with at least one talent. Which one it is remains for you to uncover. The quicker you find and unleash it, the smoother you’ll be able to navigate in life. Then there are those who enter this realm equipped with more talents. A lifelong journey of experiences and situations will unveil some of them to you, however, if you’re not paying attention they will remain dormant for good. The post Power Up Your Talents appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
When profits, cash flow, success, obsession and pushing forward are the only buzzwords you hear around you, more often than not, you think you’re on the right track. Are any of the above-mentioned nuggets of wisdom going to unlock the safe that many brag about or is it rather going to send you deeper down into a blurry maze of confusion? The post When Business Meets Spirituality appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Podcasting has taken the world by storm. Now, things are about to change radically, meaning hosts can take back their power by connecting their shows to decentralized blockchain-based platforms thus circumventing censorship and other nasty restrictions. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Aureal, a social podcasting Dapp powered by the Hive blockchain. The post Decentralized Audio Podcasting with Aureal appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
While the vast majority of people is debating about the different nuances and flavors of the Metaverse being a “Centra-Verse” or a “Decentra-Verse”, fellow humans are relentlessly sucked into the vortex of this amazingly disguised simulation that is being built inside the simulation. The post Metaverse: A Simulation Within the Simulation appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Choice Is An Illusion

Choice Is An Illusion


“Choice is an illusion. You already know what you have to do”. Those of us working in the marketing realm more or less understand how profound this statement is when it comes to creating the illusion of choice around a product or service. Isn’t this one of the biggest tricks in life? The post Choice Is An Illusion appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
There is a marketing world out there that operates based on trust, community, integrity, caring, sharing, friendship, kindness and love for fellow humans. This might sound far fetched and fairytale-like if you’ve spent your entire life giving your valuable time, energy, money and attention to entities, organizations and structures that have been brilliantly designed and disguised to suck everything out of you without you even noticing. The post When Marketing Worlds Drift Apart appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
We live in a box, we drive to work in a box, we eat lunch from a box, we look the entire day into a box and we go to bed in a box only to repeat the whole process again the next day. This is how most humans live their lives. And then you wonder why you’re not creative enough, why you can’t come up with new strategies and ideas for your business or why you can’t find your soulmate. The post Thinking Outside The Box appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Who would have thought that what bothered me most in my corporate career will one day become the catalyst for my message on my entrepreneurial journey. In the beginning the road seemed a bit foggy but as I dug deeper into the rabbit hole, the veil lifted and things got crystal clear. The post Your Mess Is Your Message appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Hope Is A Beggar

Hope Is A Beggar


This is a time in history when it is not enough to simply hope; this is a time to know and more importantly, to know how. It’s definitely a great time to invest in yourself because you are investing in your future. The post Hope Is A Beggar appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
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