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Power Up Your Talents

Power Up Your Talents


You come to this world with at least one talent. Which one it is remains for you to uncover. The quicker you find and unleash it, the smoother you’ll be able to navigate in life. Then there are those who enter this realm equipped with more talents. A lifelong journey of experiences and situations will unveil some of them to you, however, if you’re not paying attention they will remain dormant for good. The post Power Up Your Talents appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
When profits, cash flow, success, obsession and pushing forward are the only buzzwords you hear around you, more often than not, you think you’re on the right track. Are any of the above-mentioned nuggets of wisdom going to unlock the safe that many brag about or is it rather going to send you deeper down into a blurry maze of confusion? The post When Business Meets Spirituality appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Podcasting has taken the world by storm. Now, things are about to change radically, meaning hosts can take back their power by connecting their shows to decentralized blockchain-based platforms thus circumventing censorship and other nasty restrictions. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Aureal, a social podcasting Dapp powered by the Hive blockchain. The post Decentralized Audio Podcasting with Aureal appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
While the vast majority of people is debating about the different nuances and flavors of the Metaverse being a “Centra-Verse” or a “Decentra-Verse”, fellow humans are relentlessly sucked into the vortex of this amazingly disguised simulation that is being built inside the simulation. The post Metaverse: A Simulation Within the Simulation appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Choice Is An Illusion

Choice Is An Illusion


“Choice is an illusion. You already know what you have to do”. Those of us working in the marketing realm more or less understand how profound this statement is when it comes to creating the illusion of choice around a product or service. Isn’t this one of the biggest tricks in life? The post Choice Is An Illusion appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
There is a marketing world out there that operates based on trust, community, integrity, caring, sharing, friendship, kindness and love for fellow humans. This might sound far fetched and fairytale-like if you’ve spent your entire life giving your valuable time, energy, money and attention to entities, organizations and structures that have been brilliantly designed and disguised to suck everything out of you without you even noticing. The post When Marketing Worlds Drift Apart appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
We live in a box, we drive to work in a box, we eat lunch from a box, we look the entire day into a box and we go to bed in a box only to repeat the whole process again the next day. This is how most humans live their lives. And then you wonder why you’re not creative enough, why you can’t come up with new strategies and ideas for your business or why you can’t find your soulmate. The post Thinking Outside The Box appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Who would have thought that what bothered me most in my corporate career will one day become the catalyst for my message on my entrepreneurial journey. In the beginning the road seemed a bit foggy but as I dug deeper into the rabbit hole, the veil lifted and things got crystal clear. The post Your Mess Is Your Message appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Hope Is A Beggar

Hope Is A Beggar


This is a time in history when it is not enough to simply hope; this is a time to know and more importantly, to know how. It’s definitely a great time to invest in yourself because you are investing in your future. The post Hope Is A Beggar appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
The constant push towards centralization raises some big questions and concerns whether this is a desirable path especially for smaller entities. Whereas big businesses can afford to “play” with concepts as they see fit, smaller entities do not have the luxury of throwing millions of balls to a wall and not be bothered if none sticks. The post Decentralization in the Era of the Unknown appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Are you tapping into the secrets unveiled to you by your inquisitive mind or do you keep this door closed afraid of unleashing your superhuman capabilities? Seeking the truth in business can be daunting. Let the following business lessons guide you on your entrepreneurial path. The post Business Lessons from the Inquisitive Mind appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Swing it Like Pareto

Swing it Like Pareto


According to the Pareto principle, 20% of the products, services, features, you name it, generates 80% of the business. I’ve seen this principle play out in big corporations with 400+ brands and I witnessed it inside small businesses alike. So, why not focus more on the chunk that has the biggest impact? The post Swing it Like Pareto appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
There are so many wonderful books on the topic of mindset and mastering your mind but for me personally, there are three that stand out. Each one of the authors I will reveal to you has given his books on mental strength a special twist by combining this fascinating subject with key elements from science, spirituality and extreme sports. The post 3 Powerful Books to Strengthen Your Mental Stamina appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
FAAMG advertising has made big tech a boatload of money in the past decade. First they lured in the innocent by promoting their platforms and apps for free followed by a more or less well crafted bouquet of intrusive ads that made the heads of even the most sophisticated users spin. The post FAAMG Advertising: Being at the Mercy of Gatekeepers appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Critical thinking is undesirable yet extremely important nowadays! The last thing we need is a herd mentality. That’s not freedom, never was and never will be irrespective of the mainstream narrative – which by the way is becoming increasingly authoritarian as days go by. The post Deploy Critical Thinking While Navigating Through Uncertainty appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
As traditional marketing channels have become increasingly centralized, the urge to look for alternative marketing platforms has led to a bouquet of new networks competing for users and their precious time AKA attention. The post Experimenting with Alternative Marketing Platforms appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Gone are the days of critical thinking and freedom of speech. Those who don’t comply with the mainstream narrative are de-monetized, de-platformed and often labeled mentally ill. It’s time to leave the centralized marketing land of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Co. and join decentralized marketing networks that welcome people who are bold enough to question everything. The post The Power of Decentralized Marketing appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s hard to imagine you not being exposed, directly or indirectly, to the shenanigans that are currently going on across all the major centralized social media networks. What are the alternatives? The post Where to Go When Centralized Social Media Kicks You Off Their Platform appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Fear, acquiescence, greed and shame are all vital elements of the program. Love, creativity, caring and empathy on the other hand are clear signs of you attempting to leave the all encompassing cube thus enabling you to take a sneak peek into the control room of the matrix. It’s similar to entrepreneurship AKA having your own business: once you experience the tremendous upside and freedom that comes with it, you’ll do whatever it takes to never have to cross the front doors of that carrot factory again. The post Why Going Back to the Carrot Factory is Not an Option appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Uncertainty … If you’re afraid of it, it will numb you. If you’re running away from it, it will hunt you down. Learning to become familiar with the unknown is one of the most precious lessons that you can take away from life. The process starts inside of you, although the nudges will most likely come from the outside world. Coziness is what’s causing nausea and sleepiness, stepping into the unknown on the other hand forces you to transform, grow and evolve. The post Why You Need to Make Uncertainty Your Best Friend appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
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