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Author: Krisz Rokk

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Welcome to Strength In Business, hosted by strategic marketing consultant, CEO, author and international speaker Krisz Rokk. On this podcast you’ll find actionable sales and marketing strategies, techniques and tips that will help you generate consistent results, boost profits and increase client retention. Furthermore, I’ll share with you current trends, thoughts and answer your burning business questions.
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Trying to sell to the unsellable is a total waste of time. Willing to leave the room AKA end a sales pitch early in the game and walk away without a deal requires a great level of self-awareness, an in-depth knowledge of who exactly you want to work with and lots of confidence.The post Don’t Waste Your Time Selling to the Unsellable appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
I’ve written about fundamentals at length. Understanding this concept at its core is crucial, yet few people do so. Those who do, accomplish what the many consider outstanding, unimaginable, and sometimes mystical.The post Why Sticking to the Fundamentals Enables You to Become Extraordinary appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Dan Kennedy had a massive positive impact on me. He defies the odds of conventional wisdom and provides you with wisdom that you can draw from for many decades to come. Dan Kennedy will always be my marketing mentor, a legend and true maverick.The post A Tribute to Marketing Legend Dan Kennedy appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
My latest Facebook Advertising Workshop in London (UK) has revealed some interesting new insights to running digital advertising no matter the platform. It has also unveiled a better understanding of what drives human behavior.The post Facebook Advertising Workshop: There’s No Compression Algorithm for Experience appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Don’t let losing your health be the so called ‘desperation factor’ that pushes you to finally change your life. It’s so much easier to keep the car on the right path while adjusting as you move forward. Whether you take full responsibility or let the government, some fancy doctor or pills dictate your life, is entirely your call. The post When the Magical Relationship Between Health and Business Gets Shattered appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
You’ve been led for centuries to believe that human uniqueness is wonderful when it benefits society, however it’s detrimental when it’s deployed for your own good. Are you battling to fit in into society, school, the entrepreneurial lifestyle, some crazy fashion trend, or other ‘fill in the blanks’? The post Fighting for Uniqueness in a World of Copycats appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Don’t let common myths and misconceptions stop you from writing a book. Don’t let other people’s good opinions infuse self-doubt and shatter your confidence. Write your book. Leave a legacy worth sharing.The post Leave a Legacy by Writing a Book appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
It’s been almost a decade since I grabbed my microphone and recorded my very first podcast. 400+ episodes later I’m still in the podcasting game and have no intentions to turning a back on it.The post Reflections on a Decade of Podcasting appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
Why Bother with Contracts?

Why Bother with Contracts?


Contracts come in different shapes and forms. They go from simple to overly complicated, from oral to written; from loose to legally binding and enforceable agreements. And then, there’s trust.The post Why Bother with Contracts? appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
On the way back from my recent Facebook Advertising workshop in Berlin I reflected upon the mistakes that popped up during the sessions. Some of these mistakes were common, whereas others were directly correlated with the level of know-how each participant had.The post Facebook Advertising Mistakes: When Duplication Becomes the Norm appeared first on StrengthInBusiness.
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