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If you've ever wanted to know about champagne, satanism, the Stonewall Uprising, chaos theory, LSD, El Nino, true crime and Rosa Parks, then look no further. Josh and Chuck have you covered.
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Not too much is known about Margaret Schilling. She was the kind of person whose memory might have been lost to time had she not left behind an indelible reminder of her. See for privacy information.
The Power of the Wind

The Power of the Wind


You probably know wind energy projects have been around since the 90s, but did you know they now provide 10% of America’s energy, and more than that in other countries? Learn about what’s ahead for wind and what it’ll need to become a real star like coal.See for privacy information.
Special effects have been around since the first movies. In fact, the techniques the earliest filmmakers created are still around today, we just use computers to do them faster and cheaper. Hit play on this classic episode and then put on your beret and get ready for SYSK film class.See for privacy information.
Today we go down the road a bit, thumbs out, to explore the rich history of hitchhiking. See for privacy information.
Few people have been more qualified to survive a plane crash alone in the Amazon for almost two weeks than Juliane Koepcke. Let’s hear her story.See for privacy information.
Arson investigation has changed a lot over the years. There is actual science available now, but the word still hasn't totally gotten out. Listen in today, and don't play with matches!See for privacy information.
It's common knowledge that famines are usually caused by major droughts: Rain doesn't fall, crops don't grow, and people go hungry. But recent research suggests that while weather may trigger famines, they may actually be more of a human-made catastrophe. Find out more in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
We think of estrogen and testosterone as the female and male sex hormones and they may seem kind of gross (is that just Josh?), but that simple understanding is way off. A magical biochemical dance between the two creates everything from bones to moods.See for privacy information.
Straitjackets aren't really a thing anymore unless you're watching a movie or TV show. Or in prison. That's the sad truth.See for privacy information.
The 70s were the decade of the woman in the US. America finally was coming around to the understanding women and men are equals and the government sponsored a conference to advance women’s rights. The opposition that arose changed the fabric of America.See for privacy information.
When Fort Knox was built in the 1930s to house America’s gold supply, it was billed as an impenetrable, impregnable, don’t-even-think-of-trying vault. But as the world has moved further away from gold, the stockpile’s lost a bit of its luster. Learn all about it in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
The Everglades: Wowee

The Everglades: Wowee


One of America’s most important ecosystems takes up more than half the state of Florida. It’s a river of grass, a cactus desert, and a saltwater bay all rolled into one. And there are alligators and crocodiles. And that’s just the beginning.See for privacy information.
What's the deal with knocking on wood? It's an action one takes to ensure good luck. Which doesn't exist. Yet we do it. Humans are funny that way.See for privacy information.
Greedflation Is Real

Greedflation Is Real


One of the things we rely on is for the companies who make the stuff we need to not stick it to us, the customer. But it’s become painfully clear that’s just what happened during the pandemic and that it’s still happening today. What can we do about it?See for privacy information.
In 2018, there's a man from a lost tribe still living deep in the jungles of Brazil who has been all alone since the mid 1990s. He's referred to as the Man of the Hole, and has had no face-to-face with modern humans. Who is he? We'll answer that question as best we can in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
It doesn't get much bigger than the Pulitzer Prize if you're a journalist. Or a novelist. Or really any kind of writer. They even give them to podcasts now. We're not holding our breath.See for privacy information.
The strange thing about the story of the Ramree Island Crocodile Massacre is that it didn't happen. Yet the story lives on. See for privacy information.
A man with an unfulfilled vision left a huge gash in the ground near Niagara Falls. Then a chemical company came along and filled it with toxic waste. Then people came along and built homes and an elementary school on top of it. Then things went badly.See for privacy information.
Believe it or not, in 1985 the Philadelphia Police Department dropped a bomb from a helicopter onto a residential building in an African-American neighborhood. The fact that this story isn't more widely known says it all. Listen and learn about MOVE in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
Today is part II of our tribute to one of the most iconic pieces of American culture.See for privacy information.
Comments (2888)

Matt Bungarz

what's up with the children's podcast commercials????

Apr 21st

Free Palestine

Free Palestine ✌🍉 from the river to the sea

Apr 19th


i wonder why they removed the testosterone and estrogen episode?

Apr 8th

Tammy Buchanan

I grew up born 1970 as an insecure girl surrounded by boys then men, struggling to be taken seriously as a smart pretty blonde valued mostly for my easiest and most easily exploited attributes. Schultz got Lucy more than most men of his age. I like her black hair and athletic ability. I had to mean it and sometimes be mean. Schultz had a daughter, hopefully whole, seldom but sometimes apologetic. Boy, I could saved some money at 10 cents a pop. Lucy helped me laugh at myself, love my brothers.

Mar 26th

Mykl Anderson

does the amount of water cows drink actually matter, (as in the criticism of the consumption of steaks etc.)? Isn't it true that even if you don't kill the animal for food, it still drinks the same amount of water? Unless the WEF makes cows go extinct, the cow will continue to drink large amounts of water.

Mar 20th

Mykl Anderson

By carefully watching people over the decades, I believe that a depopulation programme will be initiated. It only makes sense since everyone is so afraid of overpopulation, and the world economic forum is the driving force to create the new world order. I warned my kids in 2010 that you will not recognise the world in 2020 and that has passed. I have no illusions about what is going to take place. Pretty soon, Christ will be Hitler and blood will flow from catholics who won't bow to the emperor

Mar 20th
Reply (1)


Please don't talk about stuff that you have bias towards. You sound one-sided and silly.

Mar 19th
Reply (2)



Mar 16th


33:00😂😂thank you guys. It was awesome !

Mar 15th

selena olds

Hi i love sex my contact here))

Mar 10th

Arman Kh

Try Iranian/Persian pickle. Its Salty.

Mar 3rd

Arash Sh


Feb 28th


why don't you guys spearhead a petition for a formal redress of grievances before Congress to demand that each state enforce a voter ID and ubiquitous voting procedures.. I think this was the first attempt at interference with our elections.. keep the electoral collage, it balances the higher density cities to rural American populace

Feb 26th


Needs fact check. Fission VS fusion. Submarine VS aircraft carrier... Etc Good episode though about a brilliant kid. Sad he never was able to find his place in this world.

Feb 25th

Jane McCurdy

a sad Sheldon Cooper story :(

Feb 23rd

Victoria Bleggi

I LOVED this story.

Feb 23rd

Donna Bouwknecht

"Pregnant people"? Really? :/ Only biological women can become pregnant...

Feb 18th

Aaron TG

this assumes that if government doesn't do a thing, that thong can't be done. The FDA is wholly owned by big pharma, and the major food processors. People very wrongly assume that because the FDA approved it, it must be safe. Remember that every product the FDA has recalled is a product they previously claimed was safe. There 10,000s of them.

Feb 13th
Reply (2)

Regular To

You've said enough. Free Ted now!!!

Feb 11th

Big Zero

Guys. Dead bodies STINK! Dead bodies also attract predators. It only makes sense to get a dead body far away from you and bury it so animals and you can't smell it. Absolutely no germ theory necessary to come to this conclusion. Dead bodies smell very bad. Tuk tuk wouldn't just leave Muk Muk's dead body laying around the fire.

Feb 8th
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