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In this episode, we're honored to have Jeanine V McGuire sharing her incredible journey with JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis). From her diagnosis story spanning two years to navigating high school with accommodations, shifting friendship dynamics, and excelling as a student-athlete, Jeanine's resilience shines through. She dives into the challenges of managing arthritis during college, both living independently and staying at home. We explore her dedication to fitness, adapting training routines, and maintaining a social life. Jeanine shares valuable insights on transitioning to adult healthcare, telling her partner she has arthritis, getting involved in the chronic disease community, and her impactful roles with the Arthritis Foundation, including the PA race planning committee and the Ease of Use Box campaign. Tune in for advice on managing chronic conditions while pursuing your passions, maintaining a positive mindset, and insights into Jeanine's worries for the future. Sign up for our first joint chat rheum session to meet others with rheumatic diseases this month: Our socials: Website: Instagram:   / takeapaincheck_   Tiktok:   / takeapainchec.  . X:   / takeapaincheck   Jeanine's socials: @champion.of.yes and   / jeanine.v.mcguire   Growing Pains, Copyright, 2018, Alessia Cara
In this episode of Take a Pain Check, we delve into the experiences of Jillian Wickert, who has been living with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) for the majority of her life. From her diagnosis story to navigating through various treatments and medications, Jillian shares her journey with candor and resilience. We explore the challenges she faced in school and the impact of her condition on her social life. Jillian also opens up about the psychological barriers she encountered and how she overcame them, shedding light on the need for understanding and support. As she discusses her thesis project centered around the question 'How are you doing, really?' Jillian offers valuable insights into what constitutes a neutral experience for individuals living with JIA. We uncover the nuances of Jillian's journey, gain valuable advice for those facing similar circumstances, and explore the significance of community engagement in the realm of chronic illness. Additionally, we delve into the exploration of alternative treatment options alongside medications, the interactions with people over a lifespan, and the delicate balance of when to share or withhold information about one's arthritis. Through the lens of trial and error, we navigate the complexities of managing chronic illness and finding the right path to wellness. Sign up for our first joint chat rheum session to meet others with rheumatic diseases this month: socials:Website: Pains, Copyright, 2018, Alessia Cara
In this week’s episode of Take a Pain Check, we delve into the journey of Rachel Gehue, who bravely shares her experiences living with JRA, Spherocytosis, anxiety, OCD, and depression. From the emotional impact of her diagnosis to the challenges faced in school, sports, and social life, Rachel unfolds a narrative of strength and perseverance. She discusses the medications that have played a crucial role in her journey, the supportive relationship with her rheumatologist, and the importance of a patient-centered approach. She discusses the highs and lows of her undergraduate experience, the impact on friendships, and her strategies for managing mental health. Lastly, we discussed Rachel’s advocacy work, from her active participation in the Walk for Arthritis to her role with Patient Partners in NL. Like and subscribe! Apply for our scholarship here: Rachel's socials: @rachelgehue @rachelwithrheumatoid Our socials: Website: Instagram: X:​​​ Tiktok: Growing Pains, Copyright, 2018, Alessia Cara
On this week’s episode on Take a Pain Check, Kyle Brooks talks about his diagnosis journey and about navigating the challenges of JIA and psoriasis. From physio to a two-year wait for answers, Kyle shares his daily battles with symptoms and medications. We delve into the social aspect, addressing bullying, handling negative comments, and finding resilience. Kyle opens up about school life, securing accommodations, and fostering a positive relationship with his general practitioner. Not only that, this episode talks about contrasts in healthcare systems between England and Canada. Finally, we discuss Kyle’s involvement in awareness initiatives, from live streams to TikTok, and his passion for the arts which adds a unique perspective. Apply for our scholarship here: Kyle's socials: Instagram: @kyle_b.idk TikTok: @teen.with.arthritis Youtube: @ChefJisoo Our socials: Website: Instagram: X:​​​ Tiktok: Growing Pains, Copyright, 2018, Alessia Cara
In this episode of Take a Pain Check, Isabel Dukes opens up about her personal journey dealing with JIA, Lupus, Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome, ADHD, and Dyslexia. She shares candid reflections on navigating the challenges of high school, dating in university, and the significant transition to adult life, including moving in with her partner. The episode delves into her medication journey and the evolving accommodations she has navigated since her youth. Isabel discusses the critical role of her support system during high school and the unique hurdles encountered in transitioning from pediatric to adult care. As an industrial designer, she discusses her commitment to accessibility. Not only that, she talks about her experience at arthritis camp, the @ArthritisSociety Walk, volunteering with Take a Pain Check and her active participation in the Make Rheum for Youth project by TAPC and @canadianarthritispatiental3234 . The episode concludes with practical advice on advocacy, emphasizing the importance of self-advocacy and community engagement for those navigating health challenges. Like and subscribe! Apply for our scholarship here: Isabel's socials: Instagram: @isabel_dukes Linkedin: Our socials: Website: Instagram: X:​​​ Tiktok: Growing Pains, Copyright, 2018, Alessia Cara
In this episode of Take a Pain Check, Alyssa discusses her journey in being involved in the treatment of osteoarthritis care. She discusses the knowledge gap in patient communication, the importance of a holistic approach, and practical advice on exercise for managing symptoms. Additionally, Alyssa also shares insights into physiotherapist appointments and highlights her initiative, “Keep the Adventure Alive,” aimed at helping those with osteoarthritis lead fulfilling lives. The episode explores the significance of exercise in managing symptoms and provides practical advice on safe muscle strengthening and relieving knee pain. Alyssa also shares insights into what patients can expect during physiotherapist appointments, the duration of sessions, and the personalized approach to care. The episode concludes by emphasizing the significance of Alyssa’s YouTube channel in spreading awareness and building a supportive community. Like and subscribe!Apply for our scholarship here: Alyssa's socials:Website: Our socials: Website: X:​​​ Tiktok: Growing Pains, Copyright, 2018, Alessia Cara#osteoarthritis
Join us on this week’s episode of Take a Pain Check as Brookie Zarb shares her journey with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA). From the initial symptoms to facing healthcare practitioners, Brookie discusses her diagnosis, medication experiences, and their impact on her life. She explores how PsA influenced her high school years, friendships, and extracurricular activities. She dives into the dynamics of her family, navigating the emotional rollercoaster of sibling diagnoses. Brookie discusses the Australian healthcare system, her creative coping mechanisms during flares, and her role as a Take a Pain Check ambassador. Hear her valuable advice for those dealing with rheumatic diseases in high school and those hesitant about getting involved with organizations. Like and subscribe! Resources: Brookie's socials: Instagram: @brookie.zarbarooni Our socials: Website: Instagram: X:​​​ Tiktok:   Growing Pains, Copyright, 2018, Alessia Cara
In this podcast episode, we delve into Dr. Anna Costello’s pathway to becoming a rheumatologist. She shares her initial interest in oncology and the reasons as to why her decision took her to rheumatology and pediatric medicine. She discusses her educational background, from her undergraduate years at Brown University to her medical school experience and the unique opportunities that paved the way to her current position at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Dr. Costello opens up about her decision to pursue a fellowship and the challenges of transitioning from the working world back into education, providing valuable insights into her daily life and how she manages her physical and mental health. The episode also delves into her research interests, particularly in addressing diagnostic delays in patients with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) and her approach to ensuring accurate diagnoses within limited timeframes. Don't forget to subscribe to Take a Pain Check for updates! Anna's Socials X: @annatomiga Our socials: Website: Instagram: Twitter:​​​ Tiktok: Growing Pains, Copyright, 2018, Alessia Cara
In this week's episode of "Take a Pain Check," we sit down with Laurie Proulx, who takes us on a journey through her life and experiences dealing with arthritis. Laurie discusses her early years, when arthritis seemed to be taking control of her life, and how she found solace and inspiration in the realms of piano, dance, and voice lessons. Diagnosed with arthritis in 1991, she sheds light on the limited treatment options available at the time, including her experience with gold therapy and crossing the border for medical care. Laurie's story unfolds as she saw the introduction of biologics enter in the field of rheumatology, and she emphasizes the importance of education on medication. Through eight surgeries, she shares her coping strategies for dealing with chronic pain and the role that Methotrexate played in her treatment journey. Laurie also delves into the therapeutic power of music and her personal journey with pregnancy, highlighting the reproductive health resources she has created and collaborated on. Tune in to gain insight into Laurie's inspiring journey and her resilience in the face of chronic pain.Don't forget to subscribe to Take a Pain Check for updates!Laurie's Socials X: @ProulxLaurieInstagram: @capa_arthritisOur socials:Website: Twitter:​​​ Tiktok: Growing Pains, Copyright, 2018, Alessia Cara#juvenilearthritis #chronicillness #juvenilearthritis #research #patientsbelike #arthritis #chronicpain
In this week's episode of Take a Pain Check, we dive deep into Maddie Nero's inspiring journey with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. From the early symptoms and struggles with medical professionals to triumphing over bullying in school, Maddie's story is a testament to resilience. Join us as we explore her college life, her passion for pageantry, and her empowering initiative, the Self Care Club for people with disabilities who want to learn more about self care. Don't forget to subscribe to Take a Pain Check for updates! Maddie's Socials: @self._care._club @missmiearth Our socials: Website: Instagram: Twitter:​​​ Tiktok: Growing Pains, Copyright, 2018, Alessia Cara
Join us on this week's episode on Take a Pain Check as Dawn Richards, diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, shares her incredible journey from diagnosis to clinical remission. She opens up about changing rheumatologists, managing methotrexate side effects, and the transformative impact of exercise. She discusses her life both as a researcher and being patient partner in research. Finally, she discusses her involvement with the Canadian Arthritis Network, CIHR IMHA and the Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance. Be sure to like, subscribe and share this episode! Dawn's socials: Twitter - @TO_dpr Our socials: Website: Instagram: Twitter:​​​ Tiktok: Growing Pains, Copyright, 2018, Alessia Cara
In this episode, Natasha talks to Kohle Merry about his journey with osteoarthritis. From undergoing joint injections to a hip replacement at just 29, Kohle's resilience is evident. As an engineering grad with aspirations for physiotherapy school, his surgical timeline redirected him to a PhD candidate in rehab science. He discusses the hurdles younger adults encounter in a rehab as it is setup predominantly for seniors and delves into the emotional struggles of persistent pain. Drawing from his experiences as a patient, tech enthusiast, and researcher, Kohle talks about his drive and how he wants to be part of the intersection between healthcare, patient partner lens and technology. A marathoner at heart, Kohle shares how he modified his active regimen so that he could keep running. Dive into this story of perseverance, from marathons to medical battles, and learn about how to implement self-advocacy in health. Be sure to like, subscribe and share this episode! Kohle's socials: Our socials: Website: Instagram: Twitter:​​​ Tiktok: Growing Pains, Copyright, 2018, Alessia Cara
In this week's episode, we dive deep into the world of occupational therapy with Lindsay DeLong. Lindsay's journey spans from her foundational education to her innovative initiatives in the OT profession, particularly her unique focus on medical equipment. Having worked in a rehabilitation hospital, she specialized in inpatient brain injury rehabilitation, offering a wealth of insights into the day-to-day life and challenges of an OT. Beyond her clinical work, Lindsay founded EquipMeOT, a pioneering business dedicated to providing tailored medical equipment solutions. As we explore the products that enhance accessibility in various sections of a home, Lindsay also sheds light on the digital side of her mission. With a strong presence on platforms like YouTube, where she recently showcased an electric recliner video, and Instagram, she discusses the nuances of staying updated with trends, the hurdles of online engagement, and the power of social media in broadening her impact. She also delves into specific tools like Dycem, cylindrical forms, Y-shaped pencil grips, and more invaluable tips for adaptive living. For aspiring OTs, patients, caregivers or those curious about balancing work and personal life, Lindsay's experiences and advice promise a unique blend of inspiration and enlightenment. YouTube Video Link: Cane Company: Lindsay's socials: @equipmeot (IG) Our socials: Website: Instagram: Twitter:​​​ Tiktok: Growing Pains, Copyright, 2018, Alessia Cara
Join us on this week's episode featuring Navya Juneja, a university student and a patient partner living with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. In this week's discussion, Navya candidly shares her journey, from the early symptoms to her recent diagnosis and the challenges of finding the right medications. Natasha and Navya delve into essential topics, such as university accommodations compared to high school, providing practical advice on how to request and access the necessary support. They also explore the transition of care from pediatric to adult rheumatology clinics, shedding light on the significance of continuity and tailored healthcare services for young adults like Navya. Beyond her medical journey, Navya passionately shares her love for dance and her involvement with Take a Pain Check and SickKids, revealing how individuals can thrive and find purpose even while managing a chronic illness. Navya's Socials: Instagram: @navyaa_j LinkedIn: Facebook: Our socials: Website: Instagram: Twitter:​​​ Tiktok: Growing Pains, Copyright, 2018, Alessia Cara
In this week's episode of Take a Pain Check, prepare to be inspired as host Natasha welcomes the Sharona Franklin, an artist from Rural British Columbia. Sharona's story, despite grappling with multiple diagnoses, such as SJIA, AS, IBD, Pericarditis, and Vasculitis, transforms into a remarkable journey of unwavering resilience and strength. Natasha and Sharona dive deep into the profound impact of childhood struggles, the intricate complexities of the youth care system, the unique experiences of rural living, the challenges of dropping out of school, mental health battles, and navigating a unique family dynamic as one of eight siblings. Sharona fearlessly shares her early years, marked by the agonizing pain of being unable to eat. The conversation takes an intimate turn as Sharona vulnerably unveils the challenges she faced growing up within the youth care system, grappling with the involvement of social workers and lawyers in her life, and the far-reaching impact on both herself and her siblings. Despite these obstacles, Sharona discovered a wellspring of solace and empowerment through her passion for art. Natasha and Sharona embark on an exploration of the power of artistic expression, as Sharona recounts her early forays into creativity as a means to escape the confines of her circumstances. They delve into the judgments she faced due to perceptions surrounding having an assistant when doing art, and how she harnessed her lived experiences to create art that illuminates the unseen challenges of living with chronic illness. Lastly, Sharona ends off the episode raising awareness and fostering understanding, breaking down barriers and championing the voices of those facing similar struggles. Sharona's socials: Instagram: @hot.crip, @disabled_personals, @paid.technologies Articles to learn more about Sharona's journey: Our socials: Website: Instagram: Twitter:​​​ Tiktok: Growing Pains, Copyright, 2018, Alessia Cara
Join us on this week's episode of Take a Pain Check where our host, Natasha, delves into the world of pediatric oral and maxillofacial surgery with our esteemed guest, Dr. Cory Resnick. A science enthusiast since childhood, Dr. Resnick shares his journey into dentistry and his love for academic surgery. He discusses the challenges of maintaining work-life balance while running a private practice in New York and enlightens us about the inspiring environment created by working with trainee surgeons. This episode explores an often overlooked aspect of rheumatology - TMJ arthritis. Dr. Resnick sheds light on its recent recognition, the difficulties in early detection, and its prevalence among JIA patients. He further delves into the complexities of treating TMJ arthritis, the concerns related to using steroids in growing jaw joints, and the possibilities of joint reconstruction. Learn about the subtle signs that can hint at TMJ issues in children and the need for increased awareness and education about this 'forgotten joint'. We wrap up with a hopeful note on the formation of the TMJaw Research Consortium - an international group that it working towards better understanding and treatment of TMJ arthritis. Tune in as we navigate the fascinating crossroads of rheumatology and oral and maxillofacial surgery, uncovering profound insights and innovative perspectives from the field. Resources discussed: Website: Instagram: Twitter:​​​ Tiktok: Growing Pains, Copyright, 2018, Alessia Cara
On this week's episode of Take a Pain Check with your host Natasha, we delve into the world of Nikki Bhatti. Nikki bravely shares her personal journey living with rheumatoid arthritis - from the first instances of joint pain in her fingers and toes, to the evolution of her medication journey with her current medication called Actemra. Listen in as she discusses the social implications of managing arthritis, and dives deep into what it is like being a South Asian woman managing cultural expectations while grappling with her own health. Natasha and Nikki dive into the discussion on lifestyle changes. Nikki discusses her experience with gym visits and swimming, along with the adaptations she's had to make to her work schedule due to morning stiffness and flare-ups. Hear about her experiences with arthritic nodule surgery and how she navigates disability within the workplace. Lastly, Nikki highlights her significant contributions to arthritis research as a part of the APAB board at Arthritis Research Canada, including the creation of an educational video. Natasha and Nikki end off the episode by discussing how they met each other! Resources mentioned in the episode: Check out our socials: Website: Instagram: Twitter:​​​ Tiktok: Check out Nikki's socials: Instagram: strengthwithra
Welcome to this week’s episode of Take a Pain Check with Natasha where we dive deep into the world of pain management. In this enlightening conversation, Nathan Augeard, a physiotherapist from Quebec and the visionary behind Physio Connection comes onto the podcast. Join us as we explore various facets of pain management and gain valuable insights from Nathan’s expertise. Nathan compares the healthcare systems of Scotland and Canada, shedding light on wait times and other crucial differences. This episode delves into the pain and pacing strategy, uncovering the interplay between stress and its impact on pain. He discusses his groundbreaking research and talks about how physiotherapy students across Canadian universities are taught pain management. As Natasha and Nathan explore the various aspects of pain management, Nathan highlights the importance of interpersonal competencies such as empathy, respect, and advocating for patients. Nathan sheds light on how this Canadian network connects individuals living with pain to qualified physiotherapists, with a particular focus on enhancing access in remote regions. Tune in to this episode and let’s embark on a journey to unlock the benefits of physiotherapy and conquer the challenges of pain together. Resources mentioned: Check out our socials: Website: Instagram: Twitter:​​​ Tiktok: Check out Nathan's socials Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Growing Pains, Copyright, 2018, Alessia Cara
In honour of Canadian Mental Health Week and Lupus Awareness Month, tune in to this week’s episode as Krissy Stephenson, a successful business owner and chronic illness warrior, shares her journey of living with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Lupus. Krissy discusses the challenges of finding a good rheumatologist who understands the complexities of her conditions, her medication journey, and her experience with pregnancy and RA. Krissy also introduces us to the Spoon Theory, a powerful metaphor used by those with chronic illness to explain their limited energy each day. She talks about how she allocates responsibilities as a mother and entrepreneur and discusses her mental health journey with a therapist who also has Lupus. Join us as we explore Krissy’s inspiring story of perseverance, hope, and resilience, including her experience as a kindergarten teacher and her successful Direct Superior Hip Replacement surgery that changed her life. Don’t miss this week’s episode of Take a Pain Check. Check out our socials: Website: Instagram: Twitter:​​​ Tiktok: Check out Krissy's socials: Instagram: @chronicallyillkrissy Growing Pains, Copyright, 2018, Alessia Cara
Join host Natasha on this week's heartwarming episode of Take a Pain Check, as she sits down with Isabella, a remarkable 13-year-old girl who shares her inspiring journey with Lupus, Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, and Sjogren’s. Isabella's story began during the pandemic, when she experienced excruciating pain in her elbows at the tender age of 9. Initially hesitant to see a doctor, she attributed the pain to her extracurricular activities. However, after her hands turned purple due to Raynaud's, she finally sought medical help. In this episode, Natasha and Isabella discuss the challenges faced by vulnerable patients and their families during the diagnosis process. Isabella shares how she was dismissed in the clinical setting, but her resilience and determination led her to make the necessary lifestyle changes. She talks about how she embarked on a medication journey which had its ups and down. She also discusses her journey with using mobility aids from a young age. Despite the obstacles, Isabella's unwavering spirit shines through, as she adapted to homeschooling with her sister and found support from her family and close friends. Isabella also shares how she used music and humor to cope with her pain, despite the challenges with her hands when she played piano. Her advocacy journey and involvement with the Arthritis Society, including attending their yearly camp and kids' programs, are also discussed. Isabella's story of hope and perseverance will inspire you to live life to the fullest, even in the face of adversity. So, don't miss this episode of Take a Pain Check, and join Isabella on her journey towards living her best life!
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