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Effective communication skills can get you noticed, advance your career, and enhance your relationships! Join Communication Coach Dr. Andrea Wojnicki to learn about communicating with confidence, networking, storytelling, your personal brand, body language, managing your email inbox, why we talk, and more! Let's do this, let's Talk About Talk!
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Leading online meetings (virtual meetings) is a challenge. Staying focused and encouraging others to participate is a huge challenge!  Learn 4 tactics to encourage engagement in others, plus tips on what we ourselves should be doing during virtual meetings. Link to Printable Shownotes HERE: CONTENTS Summary: PARTICIPATING: What to do during online meetings LEADING: […] The post #70 ONLINE MEETINGS 2: Engagement & Leading appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Actionable advice on how to communicate your personal brand online, including 3 KEY PRINCIPLES of personal branding, plus instructions for how to UPDATE, PARTICIPATE and MONITOR your personal brand online. LINK to printable shownotes: CONTENTS Summary References & Links Transcript SUMMARY: Communicating Your Personal Brand ONLINE Personal Branding = Proactively Managing Your Identity Personal branding […] The post #68 Communicating Your PERSONAL BRAND ONLINE (2) appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Here’s your online meeting preparation checklist! We cover technology requirements and recommendations, your physical space, and your personal appearance. Preparation can fuel success in virtual meetings. Link to Printable Shownotes HERE: Link to Printable “Meeting Prep Checklist” HERE: (see pg. 3) CONTENTS Summary Online Meeting Prep Checklist Resources Transcript SUMMARY: PREPARING FOR ONLINE […] The post #69 ONLINE MEETINGS 1: Prepare for Success! appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Online networking is the only networking these days! Executive recruiter Sharon-Mah-Gin shares advice on how to approach people when networking online, how to follow-up, as well as general networking advice. There are many reasons to be optimistic! Just remember: “With true networking, it’s really not about you. It’s really about building relationships with like-minded people. […] The post #67 ONLINE NETWORKING with Sharon Mah-Gin appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Top 3 lists from Andrea and Talk About Talk, including the top 3 Talk About Talk podcast episodes and newsletters, Andrea’s favorite podcasts, plus communication insights from 2020 and focus areas for 2021. Printable shownotes with links: CONTENTS • Summary & Resources • Transcript SUMMARY & RESOURCES Top 3 most downloaded Talk About Talk […] The post #66 Trending Communication Topics, Insights & Recommendations appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Sleep can help us be more effective communicators, improving our sociability, not to mention our immunity, hormonal regulation, mental health, and memory. Biohacker & biotechnology scientist Oksana Andreiuk shares how to get more sleep, including increasing our sleep opportunity beyond 8 hours, controlling our environment, ways to calm our minds, and more. Link to printable […] The post #65 I NEED SLEEP with biohacker & biotechnology scientist Oksana Andreiuk appeared first on Talk About Talk.
“Any leader who doesn’t genuinely step into culture as a business imperative, five years from now will look back at this as one of the greatest missed opportunities of their time in leadership. Your culture can unleash all sorts of creativity that you can’t begin to imagine. And if you’re a leader and you don’t […] The post #64 CORPORATE CULTURE IN TODAY’s ENVIRONMENT with Hilton Barbour appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Learn 5 key communication insights for educators, including the positive impact of technology in the classroom.  Chris Besse shares how edtech platforms like Edsby make education more student-centric, they enable communication and collaboration, they enable accessibility and immediacy of information, and they encourage students to learn how to learn. Link to Printable Shownotes: CONTENTS […] The post #63 COMMUNICATION FOR EDUCATORS & THE FUTURE OF LEARNING with Chris Besse of Edsby appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Step by step instructions on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Volterra founder Andrew Jenkins shares how to use LinkedIn for creating your personal brand,  networking, thought leadership, marketing, and job-searching. Printable shownotes: CONTENTS SUMMARY REFERENCES ANDREA’s INTRODUCTION TRANSCRIPT ANDREA’s CONCLUSION HOW TO OPTIMIZE YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE Section-by-Section LINKEDIN PROFILE GENERAL ADVICE Consider your […] The post #62 HOW TO OPTIMIZE YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE with Andrew Jenkins appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Crutch words, interrupting, filler comments, and more. Dr. Andrea Wojnicki shares 10 unique communication insights after hosting 60 Talk About Talk podcast episodes.  CONTENTS 10 Communication Insights – Summary References & Links Transcript SUMMARY:   10 COMMUNICATION INSIGHTS: What I Learned from ? Podcasting CRUTCH WORDS Crutch words are unnecessary words that we use repeatedly, like […] The post #61 WHAT I LEARNED FROM PODCASTING: from crutch words to how to interrupt appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Storytelling is a superpower.  Influencer and speaker Bobby Umar shares how storytelling can elevate your personal brand and your identity as a thought leader. For marketers, storytelling is a powerful tool to facilitate consumers’ resonance with brands. Printable shownotes: CONTENTS SUMMARY REFERENCES ANDREA’s INTRODUCTION TRANSCRIPT ANDREA’s CONCLUSION Summary: THE POWER OF STORYTELLING STORYTELLING IS […] The post #60 THE POWER OF STORYTELLING with influencer & speaker Bobby Umar appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Communicate with CONFIDENCE – in the moment:  Learn the 5 step formula to communicate with confidence in the moment when you feel that nervous energy. The 5 steps include asking a question, breathing, acting confident, focusing with no distractions, and listening, using your ears.  You got this! Printable shownotes: CONTENTS – Confidence in the […] The post #59 COMMUNICATE WITH CONFIDENCE: Part 2 – In the Moment appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Communicate with confidence: There’s the mental preparation, then there’s confidence in the moment.  In this first of a two-part series, we focus on the 4P’s of mentally preparing to communicate with confidence: Practice, as in rehearsing; Proverb, as in adopting a mantra; Pep talk; and Pirate, as in copying that confident feeling.   Printable SHOWNOTES: […] The post #58 COMMUNICATE WITH CONFIDENCE: Part 1 – Mental Preparation appeared first on Talk About Talk.
HOW TO ASK FOR HELP? Consider the 3Ms: Mindset, Motivations and Metaphors. Researcher Gretchen Barton of OZA shares her expertise, including insights from a recent Gates Foundation project on “Understanding Perceptions of Poverty” in America. Asking for help- be it expertise, time or money – isn’t easy, but you can learn to seek help with […] The post #57 HOW TO ASK FOR HELP with researcher Gretchen Barton appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Learn how to choose a brand name. Are you naming a new product? A start-up? A new podcast? Dr. Andrea Wojnicki takes you through the 5 steps, from strategy to name generation, to evaluation, to searching availability and trademarking, to launching the brand! See the shownotes for a useful printable summary. Printable shownotes here: […] The post #56 HOW TO CHOOSE A BRAND NAME appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Female pop stars: there’s the good girl, the temptress, the diva, the hot mess, the survivor… Professor Kristin Lieb shares her research on how pop stars influence and are influenced by culture, how a female pop star’s body is her core brand asset, and how female pop stars evolve through various archetypes over their lifecycle […] The post #55 ARCHETYPES & FEMALE POP STARS with Professor Kristin Lieb appeared first on Talk About Talk.
ARCHETYPES are shared, universal patterns that help us understand characters and stories.  We employ archetypes in both our consumption (of stories, movies, music) and our communication – of ourselves, our experiences and our brands. Learn about the stages in the hero’s journey and 12 common archetypes, one of which may describe you and/or your brand. […] The post #54 ARCHETYPES with Dr. Andrea Wojnicki appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Are you leading a virtual team? Learn how to lead a virtual team and excel in a crisis. During a crisis, everything is magnified, including leadership skills.  Executive coach Heather Stark shares her “5C’s of creating a virtual culture” framework to help leaders navigate and excel in the new normal. (This is part 2 of […] The post #53 CRISIS LEADERSHIP & VIRTUAL TEAMS with Heather Stark appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Effective leaders are effective communicators.  Executive coach Heather Stark shares how to improve our communication skills and why leaders need to be good listeners, authentic, proactive, inclusive, intentional and mindful. CONTENTS Summary References & Links Andrea’s Introduction Interview Transcript Andrea’s Conclusion SUMMARY: Communication Skills for Effective Leadership  The #1 Communication Skill: Effective Leaders are Great […] The post #52 COMMUNICATION SKILLS OF EFFECTIVE LEADERS with executive coach Heather Stark appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Competition, or rivalry over resources, encourages us to strive and excel.  Meet open source strategy expert Dr. Mekki MacAulay, who encourages us to create value by adopting an inclusive, transparent, open source mindset. According to Mekki: “90% of the equation is collaboration, helping, and communicating effectively.” The post #51 COMPETITION with open source strategy expert Mekki MacAulay appeared first on Talk About Talk.
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