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Author: Dr. Andrea Wojnicki

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Dr. Andrea Wojnicki is a Harvard-educated executive communication coach whose research focuses on interpersonal communication and consumer psychology. Learn the communication mindsets and tactics that will help you accelerate your career trajectory. Based on her research and guest interviews, Andrea will coach you on topics including: • overcoming imposter syndrome and communicating with confidence • developing executive presence and leadership skills • communicating with precision • building your personal brand • how to leverage storytelling • improving your listening skills • how to Introduce yourself and more! Focusing on your COMMUNICATION SKILLS means elevating your confidence, your clarity, your credibility, and ultimately your impact. Subscribe to the Talk About Talk podcast and don’t forget to sign up for the free communication skills newsletter – it’s free communication skills coaching in your email inbox!
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“Think Do Say” author Ron Tite joins Andrea to talk about thinking before saying, leaning in to our idiosyncrasies (or “bugs”), thoughts on profanity, how filtering your personal brand is like choosing an outfit from your closet, and how to deal with those annoying pitch slappers! RON TITE RESOURCES “THINK DO SAY: How to seize […] The post Think, Do, Say with Ron Tite (ep.159) appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Credibility in the workplace starts with confidence. Andrea shares two mindsets and five tactics to help build your confidence and credibility. Her challenge to you is to identify a few suggestions from this list that will help you establish credibility. CONNECT WITH ANDREA & TALK ABOUT TALK LinkedIn Andrea – LinkedIn Talk about Talk […] The post 7 Ways to Boost Your Confidence & Your Credibility (ep. 158) appeared first on Talk About Talk.
  How can you become your best possible self? Andrea interviews The Possible Self author, Professor Maya Djikic. Learn two false assumptions that will change how you tackle self-improvement, plus, the “Wheel of Self” model that will help you make real change and achieve your goals.   MAJA DJIKIC RESOURCES BOOK: “The Possible Self – […] The post Self-Improvement & The Possible Self with Professor Maja Djikic (ep.157) appeared first on Talk About Talk.
  There are infinite ways that we can reinforce our professional identity or personal brand. Here are 5 of the most direct and specific ways that you can reinforce your professional identity starting right now. Let’s start with the most direct: (1) your self introduction. There’s also (2) speaking up in meetings, (3) demonstrating thought […] The post 5 Ways to Reinforce Your PROFESSIONAL IDENTITY (ep.156) appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Gratitude is a communication skill that can build loyalty, serves as a catalyst to connect, and it releases endorphins! Andrea interviews The Currency of Gratitude author Michele Bailey, who shares insights on how to express gratitude in a professional context, how gratitude relates to brand ambassadors, how gratitude relates to reciprocity, whether expressing gratitude makes […] The post The Currency of GRATITUDE with Michele Bailey (ep.155) appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Andrea coaches you on 5 quick fixes to boost your communication effectiveness: How to avoid upspeak, establish eye contact, focus on others, communicate with precision, and control your narrative. Where should you focus to get traction and improve your communication skills? CONNECT WITH ANDREA & TALK ABOUT TALK LinkedIn:  Andrea – Talk about Talk […] The post 5 QUICK FIXES to Boost your Communication Effectiveness (ep.154) appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Should I share my personal life at work? This is about boundaries and navigating your professional identity. Andrea shares 3 real risks to sharing your personal life at work, then 3 levels of benefits. The balance between sharing personal information and maintaining professional boundaries is delicate and can significantly affect workplace culture, individual well-being, and […] The post Should I Share My PERSONAL Life at Work? (ep.153) appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Are you a giver or a taker? Andrea shares evidence for why being generous can be an advantage plus 5 specific suggestions for how you can be generous at work starting today. CONNECT WITH ANDREA & TALK ABOUT TALK LinkedIn:  Andrea – Talk about Talk – Website: Communication Coaching Newsletter: Youtube Channel: […] The post GENEROUS COMMUNICATION: Are You a Giver or a Taker? (ep.152) appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Are you a thought leader? Andrea interviews prolific thought leader Roger Martin, professor emeritus and past Dean of the Rotman School of Management at University of Toronto. Learn the distinction between private and public thought leadership, why you should consider your cadence in publishing, and three objective criteria to use when evaluating your brand promise, […] The post THOUGHT LEADERSHIP & Building Your Brand with Roger Martin (ep.150) appeared first on Talk About Talk.
  Is it ok to swear at work? Do you use profanity at work? Dr. Andrea Wojnicki shares the myths about profanity and highlights what the research says about the pros and cons of swearing at work.   CONNECT WITH ANDREA & TALK ABOUT TALK LinkedIn:  Andrea – Talk about Talk – Website: […] The post Is it OK to Swear at Work? (ep.149) appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Improve our self-awareness – Based on her research and coaching experiences, Andrea announces her personal goal for 2024: improving her self-awareness. Learn the distinction between consciousness, self-consciousness, and self-awareness. Andrea challenges listeners to diagnose their own internal and external self-awareness levels and commit to three specific goals for improvement in 2024, just like she did! […] The post Andrea’s 2024 Goal: Let’s Improve our SELF-AWARENESS (ep.148) appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Gift-giving is a symbolic form of communication. Are you a good gift-giver? Andrea shares research-based tips about what matters and what doesn’t, so you can think about gift-giving more rationally. Here’s a hint: We should worry less about how much money we spend. It’s typically the “low substance, high sentiment” gifts that are appreciated. It […] The post Communicating Through Gift-Giving (ep.147) appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Let’s upgrade your resume! Executive recruiter Sharon Mah-Gin shares best practices in terms of resume format and content, plus common mistakes people make with their resume. Whether you’re looking for a new job or a board position, having an up-to-date resume that follows best practices can be a big advantage. Link to free RESUME TIP […] The post Resume Best Practices with executive recruiter Sharon Mah-Gin (ep.146) appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Do you use AI to boost your communication effectiveness? Andrea shares her evolving perspective on AI, including whether using AI is “cheating,” practical ways to use AI to improve communication, and offers three “Dos” and three “Do Nots” for effective AI usage. Do you have more to add to the conversation? Let’s talk! Resources Forbes […] The post Using AI to Improve Your Communication (ep.145) appeared first on Talk About Talk.
How can you articulate your strengths and accomplishments, without sounding arrogant? Andrea answers one of the most common questions she hears. First, avoid “I am humbled,” self-deprecation, or resorting to the humble brag. Instead, try these three key strategies: “Three Magic Words,” “Pivoting,” and “Own It.” Now you can share your strengths and accomplishments to […] The post Articulating Your Strengths (ep.144) appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Controlling your narrative means purposefully reinforcing your positive and unique traits in a way that communicates your value. When it comes to your personal brand narrative, you can LET it happen or you can MAKE it happen. Andrea shares many inspiring examples of real-life success stories, actionable tips, and explores the consequences of neglecting your […] The post Controlling Your Narrative (ep.143) appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Is it time to update your headshot? What about other photos of you? Join Andrea in conversation with professional photographer Helen Tansey, as they talk LinkedIn headshots, how to get great photos of yourself, and how to integrate your personal brand into your headshot and other photos. Resources Connect with Helen Tansey – Sundari Photography […] The post Headshots & Photography – Your Online Personal Brand (ep.142) appeared first on Talk About Talk.
How do men and women’s communication styles vary? Explore the stereotypes of how men and women communicate, with research as a guide. Consider how much we talk, communication mindsets, our choice of words, vocal patterns, listening skills, non-verbal cues, and confidence. Andrea navigates the nuances, dismantles stereotypes, offers insights into the roots of imposter syndrome, […] The post GENDER DIFFERENCES in Communication (ep.141) appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Personal Branding is important, yet it never seems urgent. Dr. Andrea Wojnicki shares 3 specific reasons why we should all take the time and effort to develop our personal brand, plus she shares a variety of resources to help you develop your personal brand: a new online course, podcast episodes, newsletter blogs, and more. Resources […] The post The Power of PERSONAL BRANDING (ep.140) appeared first on Talk About Talk.
Speaking up in meetings is important, but not always easy.  Learn ten strategies to help you speak up. Consider what you do before the meeting, your mindset during the meeting, and your words!   Resources Speaking Up Tip Sheet: Connect with Andrea & Talk About Talk: Website: Communication Coaching Newsletter: LinkedIn: Andrea and TalkAboutTalk Youtube Channel: @talkabouttalkyoutube […] The post SPEAK UP: Communicating in Meetings (ep.139) appeared first on Talk About Talk.