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Author: Tay Daniels

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Tay Daniels is a multi-business owning wife and mom living in the Midwest, host of the Breadwinner Energy™ Podcast, Certified Life Coach for women who are ready to no longer be the victim to their life.
In this Podcast we are all about changing women's lives, especially those who didn't grow up with perfect circumstances by helping them step into their highest self era, break free from society's expectations and become a force to be reckoned with. We help women embrace their powerhouse most authentic energy, cultivate inner peace, and call in everything she's ever wanted in life.
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In today's episode we are talking about the only  5 steps you actually need before you hit your first $100k year + all the things you don't need to do!  Before I hit my first $100k year I spent 5 years to be exact throwing spaghetti at the wall & hoping something would magically happen. Looking back that was INSANE   but hey you dont know what you don't know, right…  Well the things is I KNEW I didn't know & still refused to invest in a coach and keep trying on my own KNOWING that method wasn't working & hadn't for 5 years. (don't be stubborn like me) However, once I did hit that 6 figure year in 6 months and then multi 6 figure years ever since I found that actually LESS is more..  SO MANY things DO NOT MATTER when you haven't yet hit 6 figures. ads & paid marketing - dont matter a fancy website doesn't matter a funnel or intricate funnel ? not necessary freebies? honestly you can get away without them a team? don't need it a bunch of paid platforms & tech? nope not that either.. So I sat down and thought what is the BARE minimum our clients need to do each day & week to make $100k happen and that led me to the 5 C Framework. THE ONLY THING YOU NEED TO HIT YOUR FIRST $100K YEAR.  And it doubles as a to-do list for each day/week to move the needle and make cash.  Content Convos Community Clients  Cash  Each step filters into the next & each step MATTERS! You can't just do one of the steps. If you are just trying to post content (aka post & pray people buy) and you are doing things that 6-7 figure coaches are doing (such as DM me for the link or link in bio to buy my new offer) you are going to get crickets  You haven't prepped & primed your audience to buy that way + you are still building awareness, authority, & community. You must put all the steps TOGETHER. On August 15th, at 9 am CST I am going to be teaching you LIVE the 3 steps to creating Content that Converts aka giving you step 1 of 5 FOR FREE!  Register now to get access to this live class, the content prompts, replay access for 5 days, + a special offer for joining.   __________________ Join the Free Masterclass: Join Academy: Connect on IG:
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In today's episode we are talking about healing your mind, shitty thoughts, & past traumas that are potentially bleeding into your business. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ JOIN $100k Academy: ⁠ ⁠ Join GCE School Now: ⁠⁠ Apply for BWE Mastermind: ⁠⁠  DM me on IG ⁠@itstaydaniels_llc⁠
In today's episode we are talking about being the real, authentic YOU - stop bringing your fake Confidence to coaching. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ JOIN $100k Academy: ⁠ ⁠  Join GCE School Now: ⁠⁠ Apply for BWE Mastermind: ⁠⁠⁠⁠  DM me on IG ⁠@itstaydaniels_llc⁠
In today's episode we are talking about Slow Summers & Seasons in business, are they actually a thing & how to still stack money to offset any slow seasons. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ JOIN $100k Academy: ⁠ ⁠ Join GCE School Now: ⁠⁠ Apply for BWE Mastermind: DM me on IG ⁠@itstaydaniels_llc⁠
In today's episode we are talking about how to be a leader through vulnerability. The work we do saves lives… I used to be so afraid to be vulnerable online. To talk about my past traumas, my dads suicide, being in an abusive relationship, divorced young, anxiety, depression, C-PTSD,  because I thought it wasn't “professional” of me.  That people wouldn't take me serious or look down on me like I had something wrong with me so how could I coach someone else?   Turns out I'm actually a really good Business Coach & a Great Life & Mindset Coach because of it.  Throughout my life I have spent years becoming self aware, being Life Coach Certified, years of therapy & healing that has only made me a better coach & human  But THIS is the work that not only changes lives, it saves them.  A place for women to go and feel seen & heard. A safe place to be open about how you feel, a safe place to cry, be mad, & get coached through it. It's a place to heal.   In order to be successful this is what you need to know. Life is 50/50. 50 Good & 50 Bad No matter the amount of money, success, fame, followers, dollars you have  Your life will always be 50/50 and you have to be able to navigate life, business, marriage, motherhood, success, & money all at the same time and somehow not lose your mind.  Not let your marriage slip, raise your kids to be good humans in this shitty world, while making enough money to have the life you want, be healthy, drink your water, loose the weight - I swear it never ends. All while your friends family & even partner have no idea what you are going through. Coaching saves lives. I've been told this in MANY Academy calls “this is better than therapy”  & as a coach and leader in this industry it is my job to be vulnerable with you, to be a real leader showing you the 50/50 part of life & business.  It's so important for EVERY single woman here to know it is okay to not have it all together, to struggle with boundaries, people pleasing, feeling like you are loosing yourself, to have anxiety, to have depression, & unresolved childhood trauma. You have to learn how to manage both at the exact same time - balance & manage the 50/50 But how can you do this if you've never learned? If no leader is willing to show you the 50/50 how can you ever embrace & balance it?  Here is the thing, you likely weren't taught growing up how to run a business, work on your money mindset, work on your thoughts that are creating your reality, manage money, be a present parent, manage your emotions and heal your mind & body.. We didn't grow up with parents that were self aware let alone cycle breakers.. that is us. That is our generation We are breaking cycles & it isn't for the weak. So I've decided to be vulnerable with you here. To create a safe space to heal, to share your story, to work through your ugly.  The BWE Academy Mastermind is not just the most hands on Mastermind in the industry for Life, Business, & Mindset Coaching. It's so much more than that. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ JOIN $100k Academy: ⁠ ⁠ Join GCE School Now: ⁠⁠ Apply for BWE Mastermind: ⁠⁠  DM me on IG ⁠@itstaydaniels_llc⁠
In today's ep we are talking about working less while making more money, time, impact, & freedom. I used to believe you had to work more to make more. I truly believed this.  I was always told “money doesn't grow on trees”, “if you want nice things you have to work hard for them” , “you have to save your money for a rainy day” , & my favorite “nothing in life is easy” Here is the things: those are all just thoughts & perspectives. None of which are actual facts BUT if you hear this your entire life you embody these thoughts, you believe them & then you leave your easy 9-5 to start your own business which is hard because nothing in life is easy.. and you have to work harder to be successful .. right?  I mean that is what I always thought anyway.  Yes building a business won't always be easy and you will have to put in the work BUT it also gets to be fun & easy when you allow it to be.  You don't have to punish yourself in order to have success.. you don't have to work 100 hours a week to be successful  & I would even bet that the hours you are putting in aren't actually moving the needle in your business. Because if you were ONLY doing needle moving, money generating activities you would have more time & money already…  BUT if you have no clue what those things are you likely spend your time spinning your wheels trying to “make money happen”  I hear this from a lot of my students  Sales are hard I have to be aggressive Making money is hard I have to work more to make more I have to work harder in order to be successful & they even feel GUILTY for not working, taking time off, going to hangout at the pool with their kids. YOU choose to be a business owner for FREEDOM & FLEXIBILITY not to feel like shit every time you aren't sitting at your computer.  YOU choose to be a business owner for more time with your kids & partner yet every time you are with them you feel guilty for not working.. It's time to give yourself permission to live a little, to make business fun & easy, to make more money, to work less, to enjoy being a business owner not just work work working. I was you.. working 40-60 hours a week, constantly grinding, never taking breaks or vacations, making less than $5k /month and wondering when this would ever pay off &WHEN IT DID PAY OFF THEN I would spend time with my family, then I would travel, then I would relax… But then I made my first 6 figures.. and still couldn't relax. Still felt guilty, still battled my own thoughts of working harder… Your mindset won't change just because you make more moneyYour schedule won't change just because you make more money  Working harder won't make you more money… Every single year since I hit my first 6 Figures I've worked less & less.. and you know what?  It all fell a part & I went broke.. LOL totally kidding. I've made more than ever BEFORE.  This year I had a baby - so naturally I worked less - 2 days a week to be exact and have made more in 6 months than I made all last year… YUP on a 2 day a week schedule  This is EXACTLY what I am teaching inside our BWE Academy Mastermind. How to work less & move the needle in your business to make more.  If you are just starting out as a coach join GCE School & build your first profitable coaching business + start stacking income. Once you are making consistent $3-$6k months then join the Mastermind so we can scale to 6 & 6+ figures while working less than ever before! _______________________________________ Join the BWE Academy Mastermind Waitlist: Join GCE School Now: DM me on IG @itstaydaniels_llc
Tune in to today's episode where I am sharing what's new since having my second daughter + my wild birth story. Join New Coach Energy School:   Join BWE Academy Waitlist - Doors Re-Open September 2023: Connect on IG: @Itstaydaniels_llc
Jenny Roth is a conversion copywriter for coaches and personal brands. She specializes in joyful, strategic copy that generates leads and welcomes your clients with open arms. Her mission is uncovering words that will resonate most with your clients, so you can have higher converting, fun-to-read copy, without spending hours upon hours at your keyboard to make it happen. When she isn't writing, you can find her hanging out with her husband and three daughters in beautiful, windy South Dakota where they love to camp, swim in the Missouri river, raise chickens, and ride bikes. 50+ Sizzlin' Email Subject Lines for Coaches: Connect with Jenny Roth: www.jennyrothcopywriting@jennyrothcopywriting  ------------------------------------------------------------ Join BWE Academy Waitlist: Join Bday Party Week: 
On Today's Episode we are talking to Academy Student, Alexis Scales who not only found her passion inside of BWE Academy but changed her life & even saved her marriage. Alexis is a wife, mom, Lactation counselor and postpartum coach. She knows exactly what it is like to struggle through motherhood & her goal is to help mothers not have to struggle or go through motherhood alone and unsupported! IG:  Free FB Community: ------------------------------------------------------------ Join BWE Academy Waitlist: Join Bday Party Week: 
On Today's Episode we are talking to Academy Student, Marra McDonald about her life & business transformation since joining the program. Marra McDonald is a multi business owning mama who has built two six figure businesses in one year of business. She uses her knowledge and years in teaching and coaching to help other women step into their CEO shoes and grow to their business to six figures while serving as a safe space for women with anxiety and other mental health illnesses. Website: IG: ------------------------------------------------------------ Join BWE Academy Waitlist:  Join Bday Party Week: 
On Today's Episode we are talking about information is NOT a transformation + how you can transform you & your clients!  Join Tay's 30th Birthday Bash:  Join BWE Academy Waitlist - Doors Re-Open May 15 - 21st: ------------------------------------------------ Connect with Tay On IG:
On Today's Episode I am talking to Alumni Academy Student, Courtney Cherry about her journey into Entrepreneurship + her experience inside BWE Academy. Courtney is a single mom living in California who left her 6-figure 9-5 job to live a life of freedom. Today she has a sustainable 6-figure business that allows her the freedom to be with her son, travel, & has a no social necessary business! Connect with Courtney:  I’m copywriter who brings that “cherry on top”  to your marketing strategy. But really, I’m just a mom who decided to go for it, and now I live life on my terms. ---------------- Join Breadwinner Energy Academy Waitlist (Doors Re-Open May 15th- 21st)
On Today's Episode we are talking about Impostor Syndrome & how it is holding you back in your business no matter what level you are at. Join Tay's 30th Birthday Bash:  Join BWE Academy Waitlist - Doors Re-Open May 15 - 21st: ------------------------------------------------ Connect with Tay On IG:
On Today's Podcast we are talking to Ashley Spriggs about PR, what is PR, & how does this benefit your message no matter what level you are at in business. Ashley Spriggs is the CEO + Founder of Pivot Media Co., a media agency that serves entrepreneurs, content creators, podcast dreamers, and all of the amazing people in between. With the support of a team, Pivot offers services in Podcast Management , Public Relations, and Digital Marketing. Living in Phoenix, AZ, when she's not working at her desk, you can find her living her best mom life with her 3 littles, Liam, Lucy, + Ezra. In 2013, she married her dream guy, Billy, perfectly equipped to handle this strong boss babe with dreams and drive. Connect with Ashley: ------------------------------------------------ Join BWE Academy Waitlist - Doors Re-Open May 15 - 21st: Connect with Tay On IG:
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Kirsten is a Nuyorican Business Coach & Email Expert. She created the only program that helps Coaches and Service Providers make Social Media Optional using Email Marketing, Million Dollar Email. She became a Top Earner in the industry and scaled to $1M with Email Marketing as her primary strategy, and with a list below 500 subscribers, and now she teaches others how to do the same. During this Episode we are talking about mindset shifts, changes to the industry, how she made her business social media optional, mental health, & $1M with less than 500 on her email list!! Connect with Kirsten: 5 reasons why millionaires write emails: Website: Podcast:  ------------------------------------------------ Sustainable Sunday's Email Series: Join BWE Academy Waitlist: 
Links Molly Claire Coaching Website: Molly Claire Instagram: Molly Claire Coaching Facebook: Biography Molly Claire is CEO and Master Coach at Molly Claire Coaching, where she helps women to create their ideal life+biz.  She authored the best-selling book, The Happy Mom Mindset, and hosts the Masterful Coach Podcast.  Molly built her business from scratch, building it to multiple 6 figures, and scaled an online program to 7 figures.  She is passionate about helping women overcome their limiting beliefs to build a profitable and meaningful business that supports their ideal life.  Molly is also a Master Coach Instructor, guiding coaches to master the art of coaching so they can serve their clients at the highest level. The Masterful Coach Podcast Description As a coach building a business, you’re learning so many skills at once – improving your coaching, marketing, sales, running a business, serving your clients – it can be pretty overwhelming. The fears, doubts, and confusion that set in can stop you in your tracks if you let them.  Molly Claire has been in your shoes and she has helped hundreds of other coaches to move forward and create successful, meaningful, and profitable businesses that make a difference in the world.  In this podcast she will offer you insights on improving your coaching impact, learning the basics of running a business, how to move forward through doubt and fear as you step into belief, all while staying true to your values and the life you want to create.  Ready to up-level your coaching impact and make a difference in the world?  Let’s get started. -------------------------------- Connect with Tay on IG: Join the Academy Waitlist for Q2: 
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