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A resource for women who are planning to be mothers, new mothers and mothers in general.
Ana Maria Aguilar shares her experience as a new mom and interviews Midwives, Doulas, child psychologists and other experts in the field of parenting and motherhood.

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15 Episodes
Episode # 15On this episode Ana Maria is joined by Kimberly Vargas, Founder of Kim's Place Designs ( ). Kim runs a successful Etsy business that generates over six figures in sales. Kim is going to share 5 important tips she wished she knew before starting her business. Please make sure to join her Facebook group: Crafting with Kim's Place Designs.Send us your comments and suggestions: thecontemporarymother@gmail.comMake sure to follow Ana Maria on Instagram: @aguilarann
Episode #14Ana Maria is joined by Alexa Avlies, candidate for City Council in Brooklyn's 38th District. Alexa spoke with Ana Maria about what it was like for her growing up in Brooklyn and how her life experiences lead her to becoming an advocate for families in her community.Please send us your comments and suggestions: thecontemporarymother@gmmail.comStop by our Facebook page and give us a like: Ana Maria on Instagram: @aguilarann
Legal Lady EP #13

Legal Lady EP #13


Episode #13On this episode Ana Maria is joined by Carmen Sanchez, Carmen is very successful in the legal field and someone Ana Maria has always admired and looked up to. This is was a fun conversation you do not want to miss.Today's sponsor is: EEP Attorneys at Law, they are NYC's powerhouse of personal injury and civil rights firm. Please visit their website: or give them a call for a free consultation at: 212.532.1116Please send us your comments or suggestions:
On this episode Ana is joined by Author Brigit Young. Ana and Brigit had a great conversation about Brigit's latest book titled "The Prettiest" A must-read for young feminists, The Prettiest is an incisive, empowering novel about fighting back against sexism and objectificationBrigit writes middle grade books, her latest book The Prettiest is available at Good Reads, Macmillan and Amazon. Please stop by to learn more about Brigit. We want to hear from you, send us your comments or suggestions: thecontemporarymother@gmail.comMake sure to follow Ana on Instagram: @aguilarann
On today's episode Ana is joined by wine consultant Katie Portelli. Katie is part of the One Hope team who's mission is to change the world through philanthropy. Follow Katie on Instagram: @onehopebrooklynFollow Ana on Instagram: @aguilarannWant to be a guest on the podcast? Send us an email:
Mom Hustle - EP #10

Mom Hustle - EP #10


Episode #10Ana is joined by Soap Maker Christina Zepeda founder of Bubbles by Christina. They had a great conversation about what it takes to be a successful momprenuer.Make sure to check out Christina's Instagram @bkbubbles14If you have any comments or suggestions or would like to be a guest on the podcast send us an email at: thecontemporarymother@gmail.comFollow Ana on Instagram: @aguilarann
Episode #9.Ana has been receiving emails from listeners asking about how to start a podcast. On today's episode Ana's guest is Rob Aguilar who is going to give us tips on how to start a podcast.Please reach out to Rob if you would like help with starting your podcast. Send Rob an email:
On Today's episode Ana had a great conversation with Sharon May she is a Fashion Stylist at Trinity Styles. She shares her passion for fashion and the ability to transform her clients through it. This episode is full of fashion tips for all! Please make sure to follow Sharon on Instagram : @trinitystylesCTIf you have any comments or suggestions please send us an email : thecontemporarymother@gmail.comGive Ana a follow on Instagram : @aguilarann
On today's episode I had a conversation with Holistic Nutrition Coach and Doula Ibetliza Frias. We talked about the importance of self care and finding the time as a mom to do it. She shared tips on beginning the beautiful journey of self care. We spoke of her Easy Peasy Ten Day cleanse where she shares tips recipes and rituals for living a healthier more plentiful lifestyle. On this episode I concluded that motherhood should not impede you but should be the force that drives you to practice self care. If you would like to learn more about the ten day cleanse you can follow Ibetliza on Instagram @when_women_gather_nj Email address
Episode # 6.Ana Maria is joined by two friends, Jesse and Kristin. They talked about how the felt about the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Elections. This was a very heartfelt and emotional episode.Please make sure to stop by the Facebook page :
Ana talks about the benefits of prolonging your baby's first bath.Feel free to send in your questions, comments or topics you'd liked covered : anaaguilar@earthlink.netStop by the facebook page and give us a like for more tips and updates:
What is a Doula? - #4

What is a Doula? - #4


On this episode Ana shares her birth story.Doula Lindsey Mayo CD (DONA) of joins Ana and explains what a Doula is. They discuss the duties of a Doula and the benefits of having a Doula assist during child birth. For more information please visit: www.babybarriga.comYou can also send Lindsey Mayo an email at: lindsey@babybarriga.comYou can also send Ana your questions or comments to: anaaguilar@earthlink.netStop by the facebook page: and give us a like.
Ana Maria shares her journey to her weight loss as she prepared her body for pregnancy.She shares tips that have worked for her and these tips will also work for you!You can send in your questions or comments to: anaaguilar@earthlink.netStop by the facebook page: Ana will post a list of fruits and veggies you should always buy organic.Thank you for tuning in! If you enjoy this podcast please tell your friends about it.
Ana Maria gives breastfeeding moms tips on increasing milk supply.Please stop by our FaceBook page: and give us a like.Send in your questions to:
On the first episode of this podcast our host Ana Maria Aguilar will touch on the subjects that will be discussed every week.Everything from choosing the right doctor, midwife and doula to breastfeeding. Please tune every Monday!You can contact Ana Maria at:
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