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The Daily Mastery Podcast by Robin Sharma

Author: Robin Sharma

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Welcome to the Daily Mastery Podcast by Robin Sharma where you’ll receive the mental models, daily routines, and productivity tactics that Robin Sharma has taught to the titans of industry, sports superstars, and elite performers who he has served as a private mentor to for over 24 years. You'll learn how to live a truly world-class life while you accelerate your productivity, grow your leadership, build your business, and scale your impact on the world.
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According to the definition, "Meticulosity" means "an extreme attention to detail." Now I know we should do nothing to an extreme (Chinese wisdom tells us that "the bow too tightly strung is easily broken"). But I like the idea of having a masterful devotion around the details-both while we work and while we live. I’ve noticed that the best companies all have an OAD-obsessive attention to detail. OAD shows you care. That you are devoted to excellence. That you and your organization are striving for mastery. In all you do. In every way. And on every day.
Today's insight for A-Players: without relentless optimization you're on the path to irrelevance.If you’re in business, the groovy days are gone and only the fittest will survive.You absolutely need to shed excess expenses, seek out operational efficiencies and rework your shop so that you deliver astonishing value in a market where your competition is charging the same amount and giving customers less [just to survive].Use what life is sending us to build a better you, grow a business that serves more people and live a life that’s more creative, joy-filled and kind.
Most people in business are very superficial. Because we live in a world where everything seems easy, everything is so accessible, so the majority of society accepts taking a light-hearted approach in business, with the products they produce, the service they deliver, with their health, with their education, and with their relationships. But the best of the best are very different. They aren't superficial: they're granular. 
You can play with your phone all day, or you can change the world. You don’t get to do both. ⁣⁣I love technology. Many of my most adored clients are tech giants like Microsoft and Satyam Computers. But it must be our servant – not our master. We must apply technology to advance our dreams – not spoil our days. ⁣⁣Starting today - turn off all notifications on your phone, as the distraction and interruption they generate is costing you a fortune.⁣⁣⁣⁣And stop using your phone as an alarm clock. It’s just too easy to begin your day checking email or notifications this way, taking you down a digital rabbit hole of terrific distraction and toxic interruption.⁣⁣
I've been reading a fair amount of research on longevity and on the scientific quest for immortality. Here's one little-known fact that I wanted to share with you today, in the being helpful to your agelessness... Your social orbit matters. Be with people who inspire [and rejuvenate] you.  Your longevity depends on it. 
Often, we are our greatest abusers. And when we increase the caring of our selves, we begin to sense the secret glory that rests at our base. And come to know all that we truly are.As you love yourself more, you’ll grow intimacy with your natural genius, discover your truest powers and honor your highest self. 
Be deep vs. be light. World-class lives in a fanatical devotion to perfection on the tiny details. At a hotel I visited, they de-seeded the lemon wedges. Dial in your craft.
Part of my passionately-held and emotionally-charged personal mission is to share the mindsets, practices and behaviors that those playing at BIW (Best in World) run so you can do your finest work and carve out a life that truly matters.In today’s episode, I want to share 1 of the rituals I’ve personally used to do my best work and drive excellent results. 
You are born into genius, but have you resigned yourself to mediocrity?The instant we drop our excuses is the moment we enjoy freedom from pain, because potential unexpressed and dreams left undone are what cause the regret that powers all suffering. 
The greatest movement-makers all have one thing in common: they were masterful communicators. Through their words and ways of showing up, they have been able to persuade their people to follow them to the mountaintop.And by speaking your truth, even when your voice is trembling and your hands are sweating, you’ll multiply your dignity, credibility and advance beautifully in the resolve you bring to everything you do.
Read the Heroic Books

Read the Heroic Books


Given that we cannot go outside and travel as well as we could before March, I passionately encourage you to use this period to go within.Imagine taking the next 6 months to read transformational books, heal old wounds, upgrade your primary skills and plan out your next 20 years with ultra-clear intimacy. Reading a book is having a conversation with the author. Pick up the right one, and you put it down - forever changed. 
You CAN recode your Mindset so you win. In today's episode of The Daily Mastery Podcast, I share a daily tactic that will help you create The Elite-Performer's Blueprint. Once applied, this practice will change the game for you. 
Stop comparing yourself to others. It’s a great way to destroy confidence and diminish performance. The real game to play is to get better than yesterday’s self. Why dilute your energy comparing yourself to others when the real work is materializing the genius within you. There’s only one you on the planet today. You’ve been built to dazzle. And designed to inspire.
To triumph in these times you really must become a contrarian and process events through a completely different operating system than the majority uses. Tactically this means: "stick to your knitting” and stay ultra-concentrated only on those pursuits within your control (deepening personal mastery, forging even better family unity and making your masterpieces) versus worrying about things you cannot control (which is a recipe for dramatic misery).
Developing the skill of raising children who are authentic, loving, creative, ethical and excellent not only makes your future exponentially happier, you'll also make the world vastly better [as it's the next generation that will run the planet]. In this episode, I'll walk you through what recent research confirms is the #1 family ritual to guarantee the academic and life success of your children. 
In this world where so few of us are comfortable being alone, being in the wilderness, in this world where almost everywhere you go there’s technology and there’s noise and there’s complexity. Almost everywhere you go people want to talk, talk, talk, talk. Just imagine what your life would be like as a creative person, as a leader, as a productive person, as a producer, as a human being if you installed a weekly ritual of going for a walk in the woods. To me, it’s like a tonic from toxicity.
There can be no success without failure. It's just part of the process. The companies and people who have reached the heights of success are the same ones who have failed the most. You need to fail to win. And the faster you fail, the more quickly you’ll learn precisely what you need to do to win.  So Fail Fast. Outfail the competition. Outfail the person you once were.
How To Stop Being Used

How To Stop Being Used


When people feel appreciated, they shine.Although I see a positive shift as more people in business embrace the ideal of monomaniacal value creation and a career built on authentic contribution [business used to be only about money versus craft, community and acute service to humanity], some still feel that if they give a lot, they'll lose too much.And so I've recorded this podcast episode called How to Stop Being Used. It's pretty short but pretty valuable for you as a Leader Without a Title, A-Player and world-lifter.
The majority are stuck in scarcity. They don’t give much to their organizations nor to their customers. And so their people never fall in love with them—and their brands.⁣⁣Being a real leader is about what you GIVE versus what you get. In today's episode, I’ll invite you to play with a potent insight on shifting from scarcity to leadership.
Reading a book is having a conversation with the author. And as you know, we are transformed by our conversations. 
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Megha Bhattacharya

It was worth hearing this podcast👍

Sep 2nd

Mansoor Syed

Very glad to hear ur motivational stories.. Speech on podcast. It gives breakthrough motivation for worried soul.

Aug 28th

Yogesh Chitraa GireeshRaao Dhobale

Short but Valuable! Many thanks RobinJee. 😊🙏🏻

Aug 23rd

Zani Dalipi

Robin Sharma one of my favorite authors with beautiful and understandable books, books that teaches alot about finding our hidden genius, reacting to certain situations in our life and a lot of great leason. the podcast will be as a preface to the books, imagine having a mentor like Robin itsva dream come true 👍

Jul 21st


Thank you. I wake up n listen to Robin Sharma's podcast n it sets my mindset for the day. Carefully chosen words with an energetic delivery- that's mastery.

Jul 6th

Nadia Brmy

its good but not enough informing

Jul 6th

Abdossamad Deh

very helpful and graet

Jun 30th
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