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Zach Pogrob is an entrepreneur who’s building Peak Photo Booths. In the past five years, he’s gone from working the photo booth at weddings to starting his own company.    Since we recorded our first episode, Zach's become a great friend. First, he hired me as a photo booth attendant last summer. Then, we bonded over content, creators, and new media. But what’s interesting about Zach is as much as he loves business, he also loves to study the obsessed. While building his photo booth company, he also started an Instagram page – @behaviorhack – that has almost 200,000 followers. In addition, he’s deeply studied people like Christian Guzman, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Alex Hormozi to figure out how they’ve amassed massive followings. This conversation was a mix of all our interests. Timestamps: (0:00) Intro  (0:55) Social Media = Personal Growth?  (6:17) Peak Photo Booths  (14:34) Design  (19:00) Media  (26:14) Lack of growth  (30:37) Alex Hormozi  (36:00) Crypto rabbit hole  (40:02) Impose friction to reduce it  (44:00) We’re so small  (49:02) Creators  (55:49) Obsession  (59:00) The Voice  (1:05:59) Gift from Zach  (1:07:13) Making decisions  (1:10:11) Deciding where to live  (1:13:55) Painful vacations  (1:16:04) Reflection on birthday  (1:26:12) Speed  (1:35:52) Challenge   Recorded on July 13, 2022 Zach’s Links First episode with Zach –  Continue the conversation with me...    🎙 Podcast: 🐣 Twitter: 📸 Instagram: 🕺 TikTok: 🚨 Newsletter:
Sam Parr is the creator of The Hustle – a media company that has sold for tens of millions by the time he turned 32.    In this conversation, we spoke about why Sam was nervous to talk to Ariel Helwani, how he met his wife, some of his spiciest tweets, what he really thinks about psychedelics, how to get rich before your 32nd birthday, and why getting sober was the key that set him free. (0:00) Hasan Minhaj (3:45) Ted Turner (4:37) Sacrifices worth it? (5:44) Anti MBA (first blog) (8:32) Big cities (9:50) Individual sports (11:10) Ariel Helwani (13:13) Cross-country motorcycle trip (16:16) Seeking out new experiences (17:33) How to manifest (19:53) Quitting (20:24) Energy (21:03) Living in Austin/NYC (23:38) Sober (26:45) Almost hired Airbnb (29:03) Chip on shoulder (31:14) Early days of The Hustle (33:33) Copywork (35:28) Hypnotherapy (38:01) Ross Ulbricht (41:20) Crypto (42:50) $10,000,000 by 30 (46:31) Craigslist office (48:50) Manifestation of $20m by 30 (52:49) Online vs. offline balance (53:50) Getting jacked (58:22) Meeting Shaan Puri (1:00:50) Successful people (1:04:19) Sam’s weird habits (1:08:01) Psychedelics (1:11:10) Getting knocked out (1:12:29) Modern cigarettes (1:15:20) Big Restaurant Energy (1:16:30) How Sam met his wife (1:19:11) Successful people (1:23:45) Sam as a criminal (1:25:20) The right spouse (1:30:05) Asking questions (1:32:09) Less is more (1:38:36) USA (1:42:40) 80-year-old Sam’s advice to present-day Sam (1:45:45) Outro - Resources Mentioned American Kingpin by Nick Bilton – Instagram post – 30 Lessons For Living by Karl Pillemer – - Sam on Twitter – Sam's Podcast – -  Continue the conversation with me...   🎙 Podcast: 🐣 Twitter: 📸 Instagram: 🕺 TikTok: 🚨 Newsletter:
Timm Chiusano is a 44-year-old marketing executive at a Fortune 100 company by day. But at night he's a TikToker with over 486,000 followers.  His videos are often personal, creative, and filled with sound advice. His style reminds many viewers of Casey Neistat – for the way he's able to tell a tremendous story and make the viewer feel like they *really* know him. (0:00) Timm’s Creativity (6:41) Timm’s First Creative Acts (10:20) Pushback On Creativity (16:22) Curiosity (21:00) Childhood (24:21) Crazy Schedule (29:10) “There’s Nothing Special About Me, Just You” (31:57) Mental Health Days (35:01) Overcoming Childhood Trauma (37:45) Attitude Is A Skill (43:48) Kindness = Exciting (46:18) The Truman Show (50:21) Casey Neistat (56:17) Feeling Awkward (1:02:01) Girl Dad (1:05:01) Timm’s Wife (1:13:54) Learning From Everyone (1:18:20) Taking Nothing Personal (1:26:28) Pain & Loss (1:35:19) Lack of Judgment (1:42:01) “I Don’t Know What To Do” (1:46:25) Timm Appreciation - Resources Mentioned   • Sleeper (Amazon Prime Video) –  • Seth Godin's Blog –  • The Royal Tenenbaums (Disney Plus) –  • Rushmore (Disney Plus) –  • Andrew Murnane – - This episode was recorded on July 9, 2022. - Timm on TikTok – Timm on Instagram – Timm's Links – - Continue the conversation with me... 🎙 Podcast: 🐣 Twitter: 📸 Instagram: 🕺 TikTok: 🚨 Newsletter:
Seth Stephens-Davidowitz is the author of Don't Trust Your Gut and Everybody Lies. In this conversation, we spoke about how Bill Gates read Seth's first book, why you should flood the market, and the surprising data behind who's *really* rich in the United States.   (0:00) Coming up…  (0:40) Seth’s college paper  (4:10) “Moneyball for your life”  (8:13) Mappiness Project  (14:00) How to read studies  (18:18) What it takes to be rich  (25:33) James Altucher  (27:20) Flood the market  (33:54) Clever tactic for choosing what to write about  (35:07) Mona Lisa Test  (41:22) Music preference  (43:15) How does data hurt us?  (46:40) Nature  (48:22) Social media  (50:01) What’s Seth’s biggest addiction?  (53:35) Extroverts vs. introverts  (58:30) Seth’s hardest day  (1:00:50) “We’re living through an explosion of data that will transform the world”   Seth's Twitter – Don't Trust Your Gut –  Continue the conversation with me...    🎙 Podcast: 🐣 Twitter: 📸 Instagram: 🕺 TikTok: 🚨 Newsletter:
Elliot Choy is a YouTuber with more than 1 million subscribers. Over the past four years, his videos have been watched 91,000,000 times. He has recently moved into an apartment in NYC with his creator friends called Ur Moms House.    In this interview, we spoke about going viral, his favorite book, meeting Gary Vaynerchuk, and what life is really like as someone who has 1 million subscribers.    (0:00) Intro  (0:52) Elliot’s early career choices  (5:25) Gary V’s influence  (6:47) Feeling cool  (9:03) Colin & Samir video  (11:41) Viral videos  (15:23) First non-viral video  (17:51) “10,000 views would feel terrible”  (20:21) Grabbing attention  (26:00) Meetup  (28:03) Mission   (29:54) Principles by Ray Dalio  (32:05) Emotional maturity  (34:51) ur mom’s house  (44:25) Meeting Gary Vaynerchuk  (47:23) Reading people  (50:12) Mental exercise  (54:10) Thank you, Elliot   YouTube –  @Elliot Choy   Instagram –  Colin & Samir video on Ur Moms House – Continue the conversation with me...   🎙 Podcast: 🐣 Twitter: 📸 Instagram: 🕺 TikTok: 🚨 Newsletter:
Neema Naz is a comedian and content creator. In this interview, he spoke about his climb into comedy, how he's built discipline, why the quarantine turned into a massive success, and how his impressions of Gary Vaynerchuk and David Goggins came to be.  (0:00) Intro  (0:41) VeeCon  (13:23) Neema's climb  (31:36) Building discipline  (38:48) Social media  (46:04) Standup vs. content creation  (49:45) Increased attention  (57:10) Building team  (1:04:33) Nuances of standup comedy  (1:07:21) Comedy special  (1:10:31) 10k YouTube subscribers  (1:14:45) Burnout  (1:26:10) David Goggins & Kobe Bryant  (1:32:52) Fans showing love  (1:36:54) Keep going  Neema's Links  TikTok:  Instagram:  Twitter:  Continue the conversation with me...  🎙 Podcast:  🐣 Twitter:  📸 Instagram:  🕺 TikTok:  🚨 Newsletter:
Tiago Forte is the creator of Building a Second Brain. Originally an online cohort-based course on using digital notetaking to transform your life, it has now turned into a book.    Tiago himself called this "one of the deepest interviews he's done."    In this conversation, we spoke about where Tiago's background in teaching, his inspiration to dream big, why he's sought out danger in his own life, how to interview your family, tips for a Vipassana retreat, why it's important to help today, and much more.   (0:00) Intro  (0:36) The power of meetup  (3:00) Tiago’s first entrance into teaching  (5:31) Helping to your days  (7:02) Ukraine  (9:00) “We’re so comfortable here”  (12:10) Dangerous neighborhoods creating better communities  (18:55) Venkatesh Rao’s endorsement  (21:02) Endorsing other people  (24:08) Education vs. entertainment  (30:40) What inspires Tiago to dream big?  (32:32) Tiago adopting Neurolink?  (33:58) Documentary about Dad (I was 10 times more present)  (37:12) How to interview family?  (39:43) How much does raising a child teach you about yourself?  (41:30) Breaking down with tears on a plane  (46:55) The growth of more in touch with feelings  (51:02) Opening up your vagus nerve  (56:30) Tips for Vipassana retreat  (59:41) Tiago on Twitter vs. Tiago in real life  (1:02:11) “To have profound insights, you need a quiet mind”  (1:04:06) How do we get better at applying what we capture?  (1:05:39) “Don’t trust anyone over 35 who doesn’t have kids giving life advice”  (1:08:42) How does access to large datasets impact decisions?  (1:12:38) What is Lindy?  (1:13:08) Focus on quantity, not quality  (1:19:28) Why do we feel shame around sharing our work?  (1:21:10) We look down upon manufacturing for no reason  (1:27:13) “Email is the elephant in the room of modern productivity”  (1:30:15) “We’re internet people”  (1:33:01) Creators are being too strategic  (1:35:50) Learning patience  (1:38:01) Outro   Building a Second Brain (book): Tiago's Twitter: Tiago's Website:  Continue the conversation with me...        🎙 Podcast: 🐣 Twitter:      📸 Instagram:      🕺 TikTok:      🚨 Newsletter:
Tejas Hullur is a creator. Over the past two years, he's gone from no online presence to smoking with Mike Tyson. In this conversation, we spoke about how Colin & Samir became mentors, and the life of a creator in 2022.   Topics: (0:00) Intro  (1:05) “It’s been the craziest 2 years of my life”  (7:21) Nobody really concentrates on the quality of a follower  (9:14) “You’re an embarrassment to the fraternity”  (10:46) Why was Tejas so passionate about creating?  (13:18) “Being a content creator is living 4 years in 1”  (14:28) Dropping out of college  (17:31) Leverage  (20:50) How to make decisions?  (24:47) Colin & Samir as mentors  (30:41) The highs and lows of creators  (32:58) Impactful practices for creativity  (36:08) Smoking a blunt with Mike Tyson  (45:41) Tejas’ focus on the dark side  (49:11) Hiring an editor  (53:03) Peer vs. mentor  (55:38) Fortune Magazine calling Tejas the modern-day “Tony Robbins”   (58:00) Getting recognized  (1:00:06) Storytelling: “Build up tension and release it”  (1:05:38) 4 elements to be a successful creator  (1:07:30) Idea to creation  (1:10:55) The importance of family  (1:21:22) Record your conversations with friends/family  (1:23:10) Dylan Lemay’s ice cream shop  (1:28:18) Tejas’ self-awareness  (1:29:52) Challenge for creators  (1:31:33) Challenge for anyone   Resources Mentioned  Joe Rogan and Naval (JRE 1309) –  My Ajja. (There Is No Life Without Death) –  Tejas on TikTok: Tejas on Instagram:  Continue the conversation with me...      🎙 Podcast: 🐣 Twitter:     📸 Instagram:     🕺 TikTok:     🚨 Newsletter:
Nate O'Brien started putting out YouTube videos in January 2017. Since then, he has built a following of over 1.25 million people while maintaining internal peace. In this conversation, he spoke about his path toward meditation, how he's set up R&D projects, and how he's had to work around his natural introversion.   (0:00) Intro  (0:41) Nate’s firewood business  (1:55) Mowing lawns with grandpa  (3:16) Early days of growing YouTube channel  (6:41) Work smarter, not harder   (7:47) Living in the wild  (8:37) Meditation  (12:21) YouTube comments  (13:45) Fame  (19:45) R&D projects  (21:29) Impactful books  (22:37) Nate on NFTs  (25:31) Why Nate loves accounting (26:21) “Introverts have to teach themselves how to interact”  (28:31) $500 of Amazon gift cards  (30:33) How to set goals  (31:41) 1.25 million subscribers  (32:56) Lots of messages  (34:01) Who’s doing life the right way?  (35:03) Spending time alone  (37:08) Steve Jobs quote  (41:03) Nate becoming a billionaire?  (43:33) Do people treat Nate differently? (44:32) Commonalities between people who have achieved massive success?  (45:32) Getting into a flow state  (47:12) Nate’s good trades and bad trades  (50:01) Investing podcasts  (51:07) Nate’s content expansion  (52:13) Minimalism  (54:08) Connecting with Nate   Nate's YouTube: Nate's Instagram:  Continue the conversation with me...     🎙 Podcast: 🐣 Twitter:    📸 Instagram:    🕺 TikTok:    🚨 Newsletter:
Chris Van Vliet is a 4-time Emmy-winning TV Host and podcaster. In this conversation, we spoke about Chris's first broadcasting experience, what it's like when The Rock calls you out, and Tyler Perry's advice that changed his life.   The video version of this podcast is available on Spotify and YouTube. Topics: (0:00) Happy Birthday Chris  (0:48) How do you like consuming books?  (2:39) Chris’ early television experience  (8:33) Ask the obvious  (11:31) What’s it like to interview The Rock?  (14:13) Chris’ wrestling career as Chris Sharp  (17:11) Early access to internet  (19:17) Chris’ college band  (20:53) Connection between Chris’ passions (wrestling, music, interviews)  (27:00) What makes Chris great?  (29:23) How to get better at asking?  (33:03) What people don’t know about Hollywood  (34:26) What makes for a great team in Hollywood?  (37:28) How do you build a stronger intuition?  (40:01) How to bring up your energy?  (41:41) How does anyone getting to record themselves change society?  (44:49) What would Chris do if he was graduating college today?  (48:23) Tyler Perry’s advice to Chris  (53:29) Closing words  Chris' Links  Instagram / YouTube / TikTok / Twitter / Podcast Continue the conversation with me...   🎙 Podcast: 🐣 Twitter:   📸 Instagram:   🕺 TikTok:   🚨 Newsletter:
Nicolle Merrilyne is an energy healer and intuitive medium.  In this conversation, we spoke about my intuitive healing session with Nicolle, her spiritual team, how to protect your energy, and how intuition can guide you. (0:00) Nicolle’s mom's incredible intuition (3:59) Why Nicolle said no to her dream job (7:49) Family support (10:12) The right balance between surrender vs. taking action (14:08) What is an intuitive healer? (15:42) Spirit team (18:58) All religions point to the same truth (20:23) My intuitive healing session with Nicolle (27:41) Measuring energy frequency? (29:30) Guided meditation (31:41) Why Nicolle is drawn to nature (32:59) How to manifest (44:54) Nicolle's transformation (47:24) Shields up (49:25) How to protect energy (52:13) Intention (53:53) Spirituality when your physical environment doesn’t understand you (57:38) Synchronicities (1:04:02) Shower thoughts (1:06:31) Affirmations (1:09:49) Getting back in alignment (1:17:34) Moments of magic Nicolle's Links Instagram / Website
Jay Alderton is a fitness business coach. He has previously served in the military, competed in bodybuilding competitions, and been a fitness coach. In this conversation, we spoke about building self-awareness, the mistake of intellectualizing everything, why you should focus on impact over income, and much more.  The video version of this episode is available on Spotify and YouTube. (0:00) Happy Birthday Jay  (2:43) Building self-awareness  (5:02) What can we do to better love ourselves?  (7:41) The mistake of “intellectualization”  (10:15) Health, Wealth, Productivity, and Connectivity  (15:11) Thursday at the spa  (21:45) What to do when feeling miserable  (25:37) Running 2 marathons without training  (29:33) How to best be comfortable with discomfort  (34:30) Why don’t we learn?  (39:23) Day 29 of cold showers  (43:01) How to be a great speaker  (46:31) Impact over income  (50:51) Jay’s final closing words  Jay on Instagram –  Jay on TikTok –  Continue the conversation with me...  🎙Podcast:  🐣 Twitter:  📸 Instagram:  🕺 TikTok:  🚨 Newsletter:
Nick Maggiulli is the creator of Of Dollars And Data and the Chief Operating Officer at Ritholtz Wealth Management. He has published a post on his blog every week since 2017. Most recently, he published his first book (Just Keep Buying: Proven Ways To Save Money And Build Your Wealth), which has sold over 10,000 copies in the first month.  In this conversation, we speak about what it felt like to get mentioned on The Tim Ferriss Show, the power of books, how Morgan Housel has served as a mentor for Nick, and much more.  The video version of this podcast is available on Spotify and YouTube. Topics discussed: (0:00) Intro  (0:33) Tooth fairy  (2:23) How does skepticism impact you?  (5:08) Starting a blog (and the slow grind)  (8:35) Moments of quitting?  (10:48) How has motivation changed for Nick?  (13:21) Going on a book tour and repeating himself?  (15:25) Optimism toward future progress  (17:03) Does paying attention to the news impact Nick?  (18:08) The power of books  (19:21) How many hours to write Just Keep Buying?  (20:13) Most unexpected challenge when writing the book?  (22:03) Nick’s $500,000 goal by 30  (23:40) Is high expectations a new phenomenon?  (26:23) Dealing with existential dread in early 20s  (27:46) What would Nick recommend to young people who don’t know?  (29:36) “I’ll probably never write a book” –Nick, May 2020  (34:23) Do family and friends rely on Nick as a data scientist?  (35:49) Words matter  (37:54) Taleb’s Turkey Problem  (40:03) Winners keep winning true for nations as well?  (42:24) Morgan Housel as a mentor  (44:48) Shouted out on Tim Ferriss Show  (46:50) “No medals for prevention, only cures”   (49:07) Appreciation for Mark Zuckerberg  (51:23) Creating as a part of your being  (53:03) How to be kinder    Nick’s book (Just Keep Buying) – Nick's Twitter – Nick's Website – Resources Mentioned:   Escape From Freedom by Erich Fromm – How To Write Weekly and Accelerate Your Career (Nick Maggiulli + David Perell) – Continue the conversation with me... 🎙Podcast: 🐣 Twitter: 📸 Instagram: 🕺 TikTok: 🚨 Newsletter:
I have recorded around 250 interviews in the past two years. Here's a distillation of what I've learned about how to conduct a better interview, ask better questions, and how that leads to a more rich existence.   The backstory of this episode: Dan Go wanted to learn how to conduct a better interview. So he texted me, we hopped on a call, and now we're sharing it with the world.   Check out Dan's podcast (The Dan Go Podcast)...  Dan on Twitter –  Continue the conversation with me...   🎙Podcast:   🐣 Twitter:   📸 Instagram:   🕺 TikTok:   🚨 Newsletter:
David Perell is a writer and entrepreneur. He is the creator of the wildly successful Write of Passage – an online course that helps people accelerate their careers by writing online. He has amassed a following of over 300,000 people on Twitter alone. In this conversation, we spoke about David's college years, why introspection is overrated, David's interesting writing habits, and why epiphanies are felt.  You can access this video on Spotify. Topics: (0:00) Intro  (0:48) Probation  (5:01) The first time David started to take himself seriously  (6:11) Find the leverage  (8:12) Bill Morningstar  (11:20) How to get confidence when you’re not qualified?  (12:25) Coining terms as a creator  (15:00) Mimetic theory  (19:33) How do you make sure what you want is what you really want?  (21:33) Why does David spend time with people he disagrees with?  (25:01) Knowledge workers should treat themselves as athletes  (27:13) Changing the education system  (39:31) Who does David admire today?  (43:01) Surrendering to the art of conversation  (44:29) Overcoming insecurities  (47:20) Injecting more of himself into his work  (48:34) “Epiphanies are felt”  (50:40) “Introspection is overrated”  (53:08) Why David grades his dad A+++  (56:50) How do we live with more joy?  (1:00:23) How much did David turn to the internet as a kid?  (1:02:45) Annual Review  (1:03:41) Connection between plants vs. podcasts  (1:06:28) How to judge improvement on creative work on week-to-week  (1:07:41) The unexpected benefit of writing  (1:12:01) Does David have any trouble sleeping?  (1:13:39) David’s weird writing habits  (1:20:40) How has David gotten less self-loathing?  (1:22:51) Balaji NYT/BTC/CCP framing  (1:26:41) Why are we so attracted to the current?  (1:30:23) Why is David a long-term thinker?  (1:31:11) Web3 vs. Bitcoiners (1:32:51) Lessons from Robert Moses  (1:36:33) Any fiction?  (1:38:00) Book deal?  Resources Mentioned  • First David Perell appearance on The Danny Miranda Podcast 070 –  • Kevin Kelly’s 103 Bits of Advice –  • Austin Scholar –  • Jack Butcher days vs. decades –  David's Links Twitter – Write of Passage –  Continue the conversation with me... 🎙Podcast:  🐣 Twitter:  📸 Instagram:  🕺 TikTok:  🚨 Newsletter:
Carter Good is a fitness coach. He has lost over 100 pounds, kept it off, and now coaches other people on how to do it too. But this conversation wasn't centered around his 448,000-person Instagram following or losing the weight. Instead, we spoke about how his passions for fitness have lessened over the years, why Carter turned to therapy, and how he's building internal peace. Topics: (0:00) Intro (0:28) Carter’s tattoos (4:16) Carter’s journey toward internal peace (7:01) Replaying the same song over and over? (8:21) Mike Vacanti phone call (10:22) Framework for making decisions (13:31) Why did Carter choose to lose weight? (16:01) Fear in college (18:41) How Carter changed his physical environment (21:01) Moving to Austin, running into Tim Ferriss? (22:11) Struggling with passion for fitness (28:13) Passion for friends (30:13) Where does Carter’s vulnerability come from? (32:42) How journaling has helped Carter (33:55) Benefits of therapy (34:41) Why start therapy? (36:43) The importance of a morning routine (40:03) Going from 10,000 followers to 300,000 followers on Instagram (42:33) Why does Carter feel uncomfortable sharing himself? (44:46) Carter’s proudest moments creating content (51:49) The similarity between business + losing weight (55:41) How do we reframe what’s cool? (58:33) The importance of being on a journey (1:01:21) “All the best content is about you’re going to die“ (1:04:00) 80-year-old self regret test (1:05:02) Carter’s current mission Carter's Instagram – Carter's Twitter – 🎙Podcast: 🐣 Twitter: 📸 Instagram: 🕺 TikTok: 🚨 Newsletter:
Noah Kagan is the CEO of, a digital marketplace for software. NOTE: Audio gets better after 2:15. This convo got deep. Noah was willing to talk openly about his failings, insecurities, and strengths. And because of that... this conversation turned out incredible. Let me know what your favorite part was on Twitter – @heydannymiranda. Topics: (0:35) Gifting Noah (1:06) Crazy coincidence (2:15) Audio gets better (3:45) Biking across the country because of favorite book (5:30) “The hardest thing we do is the thing we’re most proud of” (7:44) Noah always knew he was going to be rich (9:50) Looking down upon followers to becoming fans (11:11) What has helped Noah live the life he wants to live? (13:54) Noah’s quest to find a wife (23:20) Noah’s phrase of the year: Be Nice To Noah (28:10) What are the hard things you’re avoiding? (29:08) How do you practice more peace? (36:02) How does Noah view his path toward a deeper, more meaningful life? (39:20) Does Noah feel an obligation to help every person now that he has money? (41:20) Why does Noah put down himself? (44:03) How has committing to growing his YouTube changed Noah? (49:18) How has Noah changed the narrative with himself? (52:20) What does it mean to love yourself? (54:13) How does Noah stay in touch with so many people? (56:21) Noah’s favorite memories alone (57:21) “You have an enviable life with a non-enviable psychology.” (59:39) “It’s all going to work out” (1:02:02) What is your movie title right now, five years, and ten years? Connect with Noah Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / Thank you to Noah, who was gracious enough to let me use his home recording studio. 🎙Podcast: 🐣 Twitter: 📸 Instagram: 🕺 TikTok: 🚨 Newsletter:
Rory Sutherland is the Vice Chairman of Ogilvy, an attractively vague job title that has allowed him to co-found a behavioral science practice within the agency. Sutherland is a brilliant copywriter and marketing mind, who has an uncanny ability to hold separate ideas simultaneously. (0:00) Once you see it, you can’t look at the world the same (0:54) Electric cars (2:02) Only obvious in retrospect (4:16) Second Life (7:10) Perspective of time (10:10) Too many choices in products (14:30) Typewriter (18:20) Video conferencing (19:43) Mobile phones (21:11) Rory as an early adopter (24:05) Electric bike (27:00) More electric cars (32:22) Derek Sivers (33:01) Wealth accumulation (36:10) The problem with blockchain (37:17) Elon Musk buying Twitter (39:41) Rory’s problem with Amazon Prime (43:51) Similarities between Elon Musk and Steve Jobs (46:23) James Watt invented the horsepower (48:11) Conservatism but open (51:23) How you present information to people has a bearing on how it’s acted upon (52:00) Rory’s color lesson (54:14) What makes for a good story? (57:03) Self-deception is an essential evolutionary function (58:55) Is creativity good for mental health? (1:01:49) Rory’s neuroticism (1:02:30) Nuance on Twitter (1:06:43) Nature vs. nurture (1:10:46) American belief “life is capable of continuous improvement” (1:15:40) Fame’s benefits (1:19:46) A case against niching down (1:22:00) Personal brand (1:27:54) Connecting with Rory (1:29:30) Meeting celebrities… “Was he/she nice?” (1:34:31) Trump the silverback gorilla? Connect with Rory – 🎙Podcast: 🐣 Twitter: 📸 Instagram: 🕺 TikTok: 🚨 Newsletter:
Pat Walls is an entrepreneur and writer. He is the creator of Starter Story and also my favorite personal blog on the Internet ( Connect with Pat on Twitter. Continue the conversation with me... 🎙Podcast: 🐣 Twitter: 📸 Instagram: 🕺 TikTok: 🚨 Newsletter:  
Andrew Murnane is a creator. He's built a following of more than 680,000 people in just two years. In this conversation, we spoke about how Eckhart Tolle impacted his journey, how the dualistic world, the reactions from his friends and family to his new version, his breaks from social media, and much more. (0:00) Welcome Andrew (0:34) Power of Now (3:23) What did Andrew change as a result of reading the book? (5:29) What’s been the reaction to this new version of Andrew? (8:10) Why Andrew starting putting out content (11:03) The recording that changed Andrew’s life (13:08) Where does the negative voice come from? (16:43) Breaks from social media (23:03) Who are Andrew’s heroes? (27:40) The Illusion of Duality (37:39) How beliefs take you away from the recognition that you are everything (43:45) Andrew’s experience with mushrooms (50:03) How mushrooms impacts identity (57:45) The movement of Awakening (1:00:41) Similarities between mushrooms and Bitcoin (1:02:13) What practices can help us get closer to ourselves? (1:05:43) Connecting with Andrew Murnane Andrew's Links TikTok / Twitter / YouTube Continue the conversation with me... 🎙Podcast: 🐣 Twitter: 📸 Instagram: 🕺 TikTok: 🚨 Newsletter:
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